True Martial World Chapter 1470

Chapter 1470: Cracking The Sword Domain
Chapter 1470: Cracking the Sword Domain

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"God Vanquishing Myriad Swords!" Nameless Sword's angry voice boomed as a hazy sanguine aura emanated from his body, dying the entire sword domain red.

Hum! Hum! Hum!

The sound of countless sword hums immediately came out of the sword domain. Then it spawned more than ten thousand blood-colored swords! They resonated together before tearing through the clouds with a shrill whistle as they shot towards the same targetYi Yun!


The tumultuous bang sounded like the world itself had raptured. The entire ground quaked vigorously as large swaths of land caved in. Deep ravines cracked open across the ground.

One poor warrior that got too close to the battle saw his protective Yuan Qi get immediately torn apart as dozens of bloody, gaping holes appeared on his body. He was sent flying backward as he tragically shouted. He immediately took out a bottle of pills and poured the whole thing into his mouth. He looked at the area that the sword domain had blanketed with an extremely pale expression.

If he had been just a bit closer, he would have been instantly killed even as a Supremacy!

The attack was just too terrifying!

Fairy Yourou's divine light also dissipated amid the ensuing force. She let out a light grunt as blood seeped out of the corner of her mouth, dripping onto her fair skin. Her arms drooped down, showing that she had lost all of her fighting strength.

This attack had drained Nameless Sword greatly as well. He had expended a great deal of blood essence to use it, causing his skin to turn a bruised blue. There were dark blue circles under his eyes.

"Yi Yun should be dead with that!" Nameless Sword looked with a sunken gaze at the sword domain.

He had previously planned on defeating or restraining Yi Yun because he needed all of the essence in Yi Yun's flesh and blood. It would be a waste to kill him directly.

But just moments before, he suddenly felt an immense threat. He was a ruthless person to begin with or he would not have executed such a cruel plan. Therefore, he did not hesitate to use his strongest attack.

Even if Yi Yun died without leaving even anything behind, it was better than having Yi Yun spoil his plans. At worst, he could leave and find even more geniuses with rich blood essence to absorb and make up for his present losses.

All he knew is that now, Yi Yun had to die!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Powerful sword Qi nearly tore apart the land as the sword domain enveloped an area, sending mud and rock flying. A massive crater had appeared.

Upon seeing this scene, Huang Xuanyan's heart chilled. He still believed that he possessed the strength of a Supremacy, but now he realized the gap that separated him from true Supremacy experts.

Nanxuan Luoyue was feeling extremely worried. If she had been inside the sword domain, she would probably have been pulverized, not even leaving behind a strand of hair. Even if Yi Yun was still alive, he was likely gravely injured, right?

By the side, the Blood Fey Bone was eyeing the battle hungrily. If Yi Yun was injured, she did not even dare imagine the outcome.

Fairy Yourou stabilized her body as her bright eyes looked into the sword domain. "I never expected him to grasp that move. Just that alone makes him a top genius yet he wants even more."

God Vanquishing Myriad Swords was the last and most powerful attack of the Nethersky Sword Domain. It was difficult to grasp with the strength of a Supremacy, but Nameless Sword had managed to do it.

This strike had far exceeded the strength of Supremacies, reaching that of the Divine Lord level.

At that moment, a loud roar was suddenly heard from within the sword Qi.

A figure charged out of the sword Qi with astounding might, like a dragon splashing into a river!

His body was circled by countless wheels that formed the Primordial Destruction domain. As he flew through the sword Qi he was stabbed, but the wheels also destroyed all sword Qi the moment it made contact.

Nameless Sword widened his eyes. Yi Yun had actually managed to tear out of his God Vanquishing Myriad Swords!?

While enveloped by Nameless Sword's sword domain, Yi Yun experienced an epiphany that made him think of other uses for the Primordial Destruction domain. There were myriad uses and infinite permutations for every technique in martial arts. The Primordial Destruction domain had already formed a pocket world of its own and in this world, he was the absolute ruler. How difficult was it for him to make the world change according to his wishes?

"I've received thousands of your sword Qi. Try receiving one strike of mine! This strike's name is Annihilation!" Yi Yun's roar sounded like rumbling thunder as it boomed in Nameless Sword's ears.


Unlike thin-bladed sword Qi, Yi Yun's strike was like a mountain that came crashing down like a meteor!

This strike even had a dragon phantom coiled within it, giving it a majestic draconic aura. It also contained the Primordial Destruction domain that fused with the draconic aura!


Nameless Sword was only nearing the strength of a Divine Lord, and it was not like Yi Yun had never killed one of those before!

Terrifying killing intent enveloped the blue sword beam and, like a sharp flash that could penetrate anything, it tore through the barricade of sword flashes with a sharp whistle, stabbing straight at Nameless Sword!

Nameless Sword's expression changed drastically. He immediately conjured his protective Yuan Qi and at the same time threw out several disk arrays, triggering defensive array formations in the process.

Yi Yun's strike had arrived!

Defensive array formation, cracked!

Disk array, cracked!

Protective Yuan Qi, cracked!


Nameless Sword's pupils constricted. He sensed an indescribably horrifying force strike him. All his bones produced cracking sounds as his organs took the heavy blow.


Under everyone's incredulous gazes, Yi Yun's sword beam struck Nameless Sword, sending him flying a distance of more than a thousand feet before crashing heavily into the ground.


A deep crater appeared where Nameless Sword had landed. He lay in the crater, his expression filled with shock. Blood seeped out of him from a gaping stomach wound.

"Cough" Nameless Sword spewed a few mouthfuls of blood.

He could not believe that while they had both smashed open craters, the differences between them were so drastic!

Nameless Sword was considered an extremely strong Supremacy. He believed that honing himself in the ancient battlefield for a thousand years and cooperating with the Blood Fey Bone made it so that there was no one beneath the level of Divine Lord that was his match. He could even defeat an ordinary Divine Lord.

But what was with Yi Yun's strength? Was he some kind of freak?

If Nameless Sword was not certain that Yi Yun was human, he would even believe that Yi Yun was actually an unknown biological creature from the Fey God Tomb's depths, a terrifying monster.

If he knew ahead of time that Yi Yun had killed two Royal Sealed Divine Lords the moment he came to the ancient battlefield, he would have absolutely avoided bringing Yi Yun into the Fey God Tomb.

Nameless Sword watched Yi Yun walk towards him. He hurriedly shouted, "Blood Fey Bone, why are you still in a daze? Quick, do something!"

The Blood Fey Bone was floating in its spot, still a shadowy mass of faces. It suddenly turned and vanished into the land.

"Darn it!" Multiple blood strands appeared in Nameless Sword's eyes, making it look like they were cracking. The Blood Fey Bone had abandoned him at such a critical juncture. If it had held back Yi Yun for even a small while, he could've still recovered from his injuries.

Yi Yun walked over with a sneer. He stood by the crater's periphery and looked down, watching Nameless Sword struggle to get up. "I long told you that your cooperation with the Blood Fey Bone is like taking favors from a tiger. Of course it wouldn't hesitate to flee at a critical juncture."

Nameless Sword stood up, his eyes staring coldly at Yi Yun.

"Yi Yun, if you spare me, I can give you the formulations to the God Vanquishing Myriad Swords. It is a core cultivation technique of the Nethersky Divine World. I only managed to produce a hundredth of its prowess," said Nameless Sword, unwilling to die without putting up a fight.

"Nameless Sword, you!" Fairy Yourou was infuriated. In order to live, he was actually giving away the Nethersky Divine World's cultivation technique.

"Heh!" Yi Yun smiled faintly. He possessed the Major Destruction laws. He had zero interest in the God Vanquishing Myriad Swords whatsoever. He could not be bothered listening to Nameless Sword's nonsense, and so slashed down!

The sword beam he produced cleaved down diagonally. With no strength to resist, Nameless Sword's neck was instantly pierced through, causing blood to spray out of it.

Nameless Sword had an extremely resentful look. "You you will die a horrible death"

He let out the last bellow of his life before crashing down to the ground headfirst. Blood quickly pooled beneath him, quickly submerging his body.

Nameless Sword was dead just like that.

The remaining people found it unbelievable. Only when they circled around and saw the corpse at the bottom of the crater were they certain that Nameless Sword was truly dead.

"It has ended"

They had mixed feelings. What should have been an opportunity ended up being a nightmare. Now, people were dead or injured. Not a single one of them could stand properly.

"Young Master Yi, thank you for saving my life." Fairy Yourou suddenly bowed at Yi Yun.

She was even more serious than before. Not only had Yi Yun saved her life, he had also washed away the scum of the Nethersky Divine World. And as Yi Yun had not accepted Nameless Sword's offer of the formulation, he prevented the core heritage of the Nethersky Divine World from being leaked.

The rest expressed their gratitude towards Yi Yun. Although he was not deliberately fighting to save them, they would have died tragically if not for him. Therefore, they had a great admiration for him. The misunderstandings they had of Yi Yun earlier left them embarrassed.

Yi Yun waved his hands. They immediately stopped talking, knowing that Yi Yun did not care what they thought.

Yi Yun extended his hand and swiped, taking off Nameless Sword's ring.

He took a look at its interior and found all the disk arrays that Nameless Sword had used. All that was left beside those were some talismans and pills, as well as some jade slips and Spirit Jade. He did not see any of the remuneration that Nameless Sword had promised the warriors.

Yi Yun guessed that Nameless Sword had spent all his resources on his cultivation. He put everything into his plan, leaving him with almost nothing. As for the few jade slips he saw, they emanated special energy fluctuations. Yi Yun gave them a cursory look and knew that they were likely related to the Nethersky Divine World's heritage. He directly threw them to Fairy Yourou.

"That's yours."

The cultivation technique was useless to Yi Yun. Besides, taking it might result in him being pursued by the Nethersky Divine World.

"Thank you, Young Master Yi. I will report what happened to the sect. It will definitely reward you!"

"It was all done in passing," said Yi Yun indifferently. He then looked at the pills in Nameless Sword's interspatial ring. They took him by surprise. Nameless Sword had entered the Fey God Tomb several times and he had harvested quite a number of valuable herbs.

These pills were refined from supreme-grade herbs. They released potent lifeblood powers, and although they were incomparable to the Dragon Emperor Relic, they would be very beneficial to Yi Yun's cultivation.

Yi Yun had previously guessed that since there were fake herbs in the area, it also meant that there were real ones. From the looks of it, Nameless Sword had plucked them.