True Martial World Chapter 1471

Chapter 1471: Surrounding The Blood Bone
Chapter 1471: Surrounding the Blood Bone

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No one protested Yi Yun's claim to the ring. Regardless what it held, he deserved to take all of its possessions.

"Young Master Yi, Yue Wangjian is already dead," said a warrior.

Yi Yun looked over and saw that Yue Wangjian, who had had his dantian crippled, failed to escape. During the intense battle between Yi Yun, Nameless Sword, and the Blood Fey Bone, Yue Wangjian had been silently killed by a stray blast. The pathetic death of a genius disciple of the First Beginnings Immortal Gate made people sigh.

"Young Master Yi." Lie Rikong gritted his teeth and approached Yi Yun. "I came to apologize for any transgressions Jiaojiao and I committed against you."

Yi Yun swept his gaze and saw that Lie Rikong had lost one leg. Even if he grew another one, it would greatly affect his future. He definitely had to give up on this expedition into the ancient battlefield. As for Lie Jiaojiao, she looked utterly tragic and it seemed as though her days were numbered. Not just that, but those last few days would probably be spent in suffering.

"There is no need to apologize to me but I do not wish to see either of you appear before me ever again," said Yi Yun indifferently.

Lie Rikong walked away with his head down, picked up Lie Jiaojiao, and slowly retraced the path they had taken. As for Lie Jiaojiao, her head was drooped. She did not look at anyone, and no one could imagine much hate and regret filled her heart. They also had no idea if they could leave the place alive.

"Brother Yi, should we quickly leave this godforsaken place?" asked Nanxuan Luoyue as she approached him.

"No, I want to find the Blood Fey Bone," said Yi Yun.

Although the Blood Fey Bone was sinister and strange, it was still an extremely rare item. Otherwise, Nameless Sword would not have went through such great lengths and effort to claim it. Yi Yun was a great supplement to it but Yi Yun viewed it likewise.

If he were to leave now, it would be equivalent to leaving empty handed after entering a treasure mountain.

"Find the Blood Fey Bone? This Fey God Tomb is huge. How are we to find it?" asked Fairy Yourou in astonishment.

The Fey God Tomb was fraught with danger. If one searched aimlessly, it would definitely end in tragedy.

However, Fairy Yourou knew Yi Yun was not an impetuous person. She was more interested to know what stratagem Yi Yun had cooked up to get the bone safely.

"If there's anything I can do to help Young Master Yi, I will not hesitate to help," said Fairy Yourou.

"We can help too."

"Please feel free to tell us if we may be useful in any way."

The others echoed. Although they only wished to leave this godforsaken place as soon as possible, the danger of trying to chart out a course alone was far greater than seeking the Blood Fey Bone with Yi Yun.

"In fact, I do need your help," said Yi Yun.

He looked at the region, the corners of his mouth revealing a sneer. "Let's see where you can run."

Soon, these people stood in different spots in accordance with Yi Yun's instruction.

These people faced each other and, after Yi Yun threw out a bunch of array flags, invisible chains appeared between them, forming an array formation that spanned five thousand feet in circumference.

Nameless Sword had used an array formation to help the Blood Fey Bone absorb the warriors' essence but Yi Yun was using one to force it out.

Everyone stood motionless at the spots Yi Yun had specified. They looked at the empty region the array formation enveloped.

In fact, these warriors had scanned the area several times with their perception but failed to discover anything.

There were no changes to the region at all despite the passage of time. Yet Yi Yun continued injecting array seals ceaselessly.

Gradually, the warriors began having doubts in what Yi Yun was doing. They were worried they were wasting time. And in this godforsaken place, it was more likely they would encounter something deadly the longer they stayed.

A few warriors could not help but send voice transmissions to Fairy Yourou and Nanxuan Luoyue. "Fairies, should we ask Young Master Yi"

They knew themselves. Their words bore no weight in front of Yi Yun, but Fairy Yourou and Yi Yun did not have any conflicts while Nanxuan Luoyue was apparently quite familiar with Yi Yun.

"Young Master Yi definitely has his reasons for what he's doing," said Fairy Yourou after some thought.

Nanxuan Luoyue spoke out frankly, "You can leave if you are unwilling. But you all did offer Brother Yi your help."

These people smiled passively and shut up. Since Fairy Yourou and Nanxuan Luoyue thought nothing of the matter, they could only wait. They would naturally leave if Yi Yun's actions ended up fruitless.

And after Yi Yun injected nearly twenty seals, a huge radiance emitted from the array formation, as though a burning sun was scorching the entire region.

The array formation's might left everyone shuddering in fear. If they were not part of the array formation, just standing there would probably cook them alive.

At that moment, they suddenly heard a sharp scream as a terrifying sanguine aura surged out from underground like lava spewing out from a volcano. It instantly filled the entire array formation.

People felt the hair stand on the back of their necks. The sanguine air was filled with a heretical power. It formed a vortex in the middle of the array formation as though it was attempting to suck everyone inside.

Ka Ka Ka!

The array formation was constantly being inundated by the sanguine aura and looked like it was about to crumble instantly.

As for the warriors standing on the array formation nodes, they immediately felt immense pressure. Their lifeblood began to boil over as though it was going to cook them from the inside.

Clearly, the Blood Fey Bone had appeared and released horrifying heretical powers!

People did not have the luxury of time or mental strength to consider how Yi Yun knew that the Blood Fey Bone was located here. They only felt that although Yi Yun had trapped the Blood Fey Bone, they were definitely unable to put up a fight against it with their combined strength. Yi Yun's array formation would have to do something more.

And at that moment, Yi Yun suddenly charged into the array formation.

Everyone was stunned. Yi Yun had given up presiding over the array formation and charged in directly?

Furthermore, he was charging straight for the sanguine vortex!?

The moment he entered the sanguine vortex, Yi Yun immediately felt all his lifeblood boil. But in immediate response, the gray Primordial Destruction domain immediately enveloped him. The instant it appeared, the effects the sanguine vortex had on him decreased drastically.

Amid the sanguine vortex, the Blood Fey Bone seemed to fuse with the surrounding lifeblood as one, until they were hardly distinguishable.

Yi Yun stood within the sanguine vortex and took in the wailing sounds that constantly sounded. Suddenly, a shadow flitted beside him.

Yi Yun abruptly turned around, cleaving with his sword. There was a sharp howl as the ghostly shadow was split into two, instantly dissipating into nothingness.

At that moment, another shadow appeared behind him. With another strike, it too was vanquished.

Ghostly shadows appeared constantly as Yi Yun slowly moved amid the vortex, his ears resounding with the sharp howls of the shadows.

And at that moment, a hand silently extended from beneath Yi Yun's feet. At the instant Yi Yun slew a shadow, it grabbed at his ankle.