True Martial World Chapter 1472

Chapter 1472: Blood Bone Obtained
Chapter 1472: Blood Bone Obtained

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The hand was condensed out of thick, coagulated blood. Beneath the bloody hand one could see shocking white bone that effused a rotting toxin. It slowly reached out towards Yi Yun, who appeared not to have noticed it. It was like a ghostly claw that reached out from hell, attempting to drag Yi Yun down into the abyss of death.

But at that moment, Yi Yun suddenly extended his finger. He did not attack the hand but instead attacked another spot in the ground.


A sharp, tragic cry emitted from underground. The hand also instantly splattered, returning to a more liquid blood form.

A black shadow shot out from underground and charged towards the exterior.


The shadow collided into the array formation's border, producing a loud crash.

"Are you still trying to flee after I have forced you out?" With that, Yi Yun spoke an array incantation, causing the array formation to instantly contract. Soon, the shadow was trapped in a tiny space.

Yi Yun stabbed out with his swords. With a sharp scream, the shadow dissipated, causing the sanguine vortex to vanish.

And at the spot where the shadow vanished, a tiny blood-red bone appeared. Even then it still attempted to transform into a red beam of light and escape, but Yi Yun grabbed hold of it with a swipe of his hand. The bone was then contained within a Primordial Destruction domain.

"Blood Fey Bone" Although the domain was encapsulating it, Yi Yun could sense the lifeblood contained within the bone. It was constantly throbbing like a mighty heart.

Yi Yun had went through quite a lot of trouble to get the the Blood Fey Bone. If not for the array formation and Primordial Destruction domain, it would truly not have been easy to capture the Blood Fey Bone.

Just as Yi Yun was about to augment the seals, he suddenly felt something tug at his psyche.

"Aren't you planning on cooperating with me?"

Yi Yun's mind stirred as he immediately understood that the sensation came from the Blood Fey Bone.

Since the Blood Fey Bone had cooperated with Nameless Sword, it naturally possessed intelligence.

"Oh? How do you want to cooperate with me?" asked Yi Yun with a teasing smile.

"Just as I cooperated with Nameless Sword, I can fuse my body with you and become a part of your skeleton. Your talent will experience extremely great changes as a result. You will gain immense achievements in the aspect of body tempering." The Blood Fey Bone's thoughts, which contained very seductive offers, were communicated to Yi Yun.

"Like Nameless Sword? His outcome wasn't that great. So it's best I directly refine you into a pill. Wouldn't that be better? Then I can have peace of mind," said Yi Yun with a sneer.

"Wait! You are also an alchemist?" said the Blood Fey Bone in astonishment. It had communicated with Nameless Sword often and knew much about martial arts. It was already rare for Yi Yun to be an array master but he also happened to be an alchemist?

If the bone were refined to a pill, its intelligence would be completely pulverized. It took eons for the Blood Fey Bone to gain intelligence, so it naturally could not accept such an outcome.

"If I were refined into a pill, the effects would be greatly diluted. Only by fusing the blood bone directly into your body will you see a complete metamorphosis."

"The deal I had with Nameless Sword was to leave this piece of bone with him. He would help me find a body to possess. He wished to become stronger while I wanted to leave this place. He was a smart man and if I aimed to bamboozle him, would he have cooperated with me so wholeheartedly? If not for your appearance and scrambling of his plans, Nameless Sword and I would have each obtained what we wanted. Therefore, there's no need to worry that I have any ulterior motives in cooperating with you," said the Blood Fey Bone.

"I don't mind if the effects are lessened. I picked this bone up, after all. Besides, I have no interest in the transaction between you and Nameless Sword. To me, you are better off as a pill," said Yi Yun as he prepared to augment the seals.

"Wait!" said the Blood Fey Bone hurriedly. "I'm very familiar with this area. Aren't all of you here in the Fey God Tomb to seek opportunities? I can lead the way! No one is a better guide than me in this area. I can help you avoid many dangers. It has been many years since the Fey God Tomb's abyss was last visited. Don't you wish to explore the area thoroughly?"

"Although I'm very interested in opportunities, I will not let you guide the way. Who knows if you will lead me into a trap?" Yi Yun shook his head and continued producing more seals. Even if what the Blood Fey Bone said was true, Yi Yun would not heed the guidance of the shady bone in this godforsaken place. He would have to have a death wish to do that.

"Wait a moment!" The Blood Fey Bone was extremely depressed. Back then, Nameless Sword had many doubts as well but he finally submitted as a result of his obsession and aspirations. Yet Yi Yun was completely impervious to his enticement and was ridiculously strong.

If the seals were completed, it would no longer have a chance of speaking again. Its mental processes would also turn turbid and it would eventually be refined into herbal dregs while stuck in its muddled state.

"What is it with all this nonsense? I'll give you one last chance to speak," said Yi Yun.

The Blood Fey Bone originally wished to convince Yi Yun through reason and emotion but it was completely stopped in its tracks by Yi Yun's comment.

"You have nothing else to say? Then we shall meet again during the refinement," said Yi Yun.

With that said, Yi Yun had produced a seal. The potency of the seal left the Blood Fey Bone trembling.

"There's one thing I did not tell Nameless Sword." The Blood Fey Bone seemed to steel its proverbial heart and spoke out.

Yi Yun stopped and said with a faint smile, "Oh? What is it?"

The Blood Fey Bone still held out hope until it was faced with the grim reality of death. Yi Yun never believed that the Blood Fey Bone would abandon its body and accept mere possession. Even Nameless Sword probably didn't believe it, but he was just too tempted by the Blood Fey Bone's offers.

The Blood Fey Bone also knew that if it did not offer a secret that was enticing enough to Yi Yun, it would be doomed.

"In fact, this piece of bone is not my entire body," said the Blood Fey Bone.

Yi Yun was taken aback. Could it be that the Blood Fey Bone was in fact another spirit that had possessed the bone?

However, Yi Yun rejected the thought as quickly as it came. The Blood Fey Bone's heretical aura would have devoured any spirit that attempted to possess it.

"You should already realize that this is only a portion of my main body. This piece of bone is part of a massive skeleton. Since you know the value of this Blood Fey Bone, you naturally know what a bigger skeleton would get you. Besides, the skeleton's sanguine aura is extremely rich. It might even be the source of the sanguine aura that fills the entire Fey God Tomb," said the Blood Fey Bone.

"If your main body is that powerful, why would you stay in this tiny piece of bone?" asked Yi Yun with a sneer.

"It's because that skeleton has been sealed in the Fey God Tomb," said the Blood Fey Bone helplessly. "After a long period of time, a tiny bone dropped off from the skeleton, and the seals on that tiny piece of bone were a lot more relaxed. Gradually, the bone gained sentience and that's where I came from. But due to the seal, I have no way of entering the skeleton. I could only think of a way to leave the Fey God Tomb first and return to crack the seal after I gained strength."

The Blood Fey Bone might not have been telling the complete truth, but Yi Yun sensed that the skeleton that the Blood Fey Bone mentioned really existed.

The source of the sanguine aura in the Fey God Tomb was probably the legendary skeleton of a Fey God!

As the name implied, legend said that the Fey God Tomb was the burial ground of a Fey God.

Regardless if the skeleton was the bones of the Fey God or not, its rarity was a unquestionable.

"You shouldn't place your sights on the skeleton. The seal's potency makes it very difficult for you to approach it. Even I planned on returning hundreds of thousands of years later to make an attempt. But if you agree to spare me, I can bring you to the region where the skeleton is sealed. The sanguine aura condenses into a river there, and if you were to cultivate in that place, you would benefit tremendously. The effects are ten times better than refining me. And in that blood river, you will find a special kind of Blood Spirit Jade. It's similarly very beneficial for you." The Blood Fey Bone began speaking enticingly once more.

Just as its voice faded, a tiny crystal appeared in Yi Yun's hand. It resembled Spirit Jade but was blood-red in color.

Things like Blood Spirit Jade were probably only produced in places with rich sanguine auras like in the Fey God Tomb.

"It's does indeed look good, but how do I know you will not deceive me?" asked Yi Yun nonchalantly.

"I believe that with your intelligence, you should be able to tell. As for me, how do I know if you'll spare me if I were to lead you there?" countered the Blood Fey Bone.

"Reasonable. In that case, lead the way. But if I sense any problems in your guidance, I'll immediately refine you," said Yi Yun.

"Hehe, I would not do something so pointless. What danger can hide from you if you can force me out?" sneered the Blood Fey Bone.

Yi Yun did not speak. He did not trust the Blood Fey Bone but he was extremely interested in the Fey God bones that the Blood Fey Bone mentioned.

The Fey God Tomb was massive, and even if he knew the existence of the Fey God's bones, finding them was another story. It would, however, be different with the Blood Fey Bone.

But with the Blood Fey Bone being extremely crafty, it had to be concealing some sinister goals. This point made Yi Yun more wary against it.

With this thought in mind, Yi Yun suddenly produced a restrainment seal and placed it on the Blood Fey Bone.

The Blood Fey Bone immediately exclaimed, "What are you doing?"

"There's no need to worry. It's just a restraint used to take precautions against you. If you were to do anything untoward to me, this seal will activate," said Yi Yun.

The Blood Fey Bone was doubtful but it seemed to sense the seal momentarily and, after confirming the restrainment seal's usage, it said unhappily, "I'm not your match so why would I try to harm you? You are being overly suspicious."

It stopped speaking after that.

And at that moment, the others were standing in particular spots in the array formation, watching the array formation's center intently.

When Yi Yun charged into the sanguine vortex, everyone heaved before massive ghost shadows appeared and constantly let out shrill cries outside. And their vision was blocked by the sanguine vortex and the shadows. They could only vaguely make out Yi Yun's figure and his sword flashes. However, they had no idea what was happening within.

Abruptly, the sanguine vortex dissipated as Yi Yun walked out unharmed.

"Brother Yi, have you caught the Blood Fey Bone?" Nanxuan Luoyue went forward and asked out of concern.

Yi Yun smiled, stretched out his hand and flipped it. There was a blood-red bone in his palm and it suffused a heretical aura. It was none other than the Blood Fey Bone.

The rest stood awkwardly to the side and remained silent. No matter the aspect, Yi Yun was on a completely different level than then.