True Martial World Chapter 1473

Chapter 1473: Blood River
Chapter 1473: Blood River

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Yi Yun looked at the people around him with a cold, indifferent expression. He knew that although these people had survived because of him, they were also selfish people, solely concerned about their survival. If they had not been the least bit obedient, Yi Yun would have long chased them away.

"Fairy Yourou, Luoyue, I'll be handing the array flags to you. Wait for me here. With the array formation working as it is, it can conceal your auras, preventing monsters from noticing you," said Yi Yun.

"Brother Yi, do you plan to venture deeper into the Fey God Tomb?" asked Nanxuan Luoyue in alarm.

The Fey God Tomb was so dangerous, yet Yi Yun was not planning on leaving despite having obtained the Blood Fey Bone?

"Yes, I have other matters to tend to," said Yi Yun with a nod.

"In that case, rest assured and tend to your matters, Young Master Yi. There's no need to consider us," said Fairy Yourou as she took the array flags from him.

She had some guesses about what Yi Yun wanted to do, believing that it was related to the Blood Fey Bone. But since it was something personal to Yi Yun, she did not plan on probing any further.

The others were disappointed when they heard that they were still unable to leave but none of them dared to speak their feelings. They had already witnessed the potency of Yi Yun's array formation. If Yi Yun chased them out of the array formation, it would be too late for tears.

"Maintain the array formation well and listen to Fairy Yourou and Luoyue's instructions," said Yi Yun as he swept his gaze coldly at them.

"Yes, yes. Rest assured Young Master Yi."

"We will definitely work hard. We will not tire the two fairies."

These people hastened to answer him.

Yi Yun left once he felt that everything was in place.

Everyone watched as Yi Yun vanished into the Fey God Tomb, all of them having different expressions and mixed feelings.

It had been years since anyone dared venture into the Fey God Tomb. It definitely hid opportunities but they did not have the strength to take them. All they could do was watch Yi Yun go forth to seek out more opportunities.

The Fey God Tomb had lifeblood emanating from it, and danger lurking in it. The deeper he went, the richer the lifeblood became, so rich and thick that it was utterly pitch-black.

"Wu! Wu!" Crying sounds could be heard amid the sanguine aura as well as conversations between people.

Some voices even appeared to come from behind Yi Yun.

"Save me! Fellow Daoist, save me!"

Yi Yun ignored the plea for help as he continued walking forward.

A gentle and graceful girl let out sobs as she gradually approached from behind, spreading out her frail arms in a bid to embrace Yi Yun.


A gray fog immediately appeared over Yi Yun's body. The instant the girl collided with the fog, she immediately let out a shrill shriek that resembled an owl's. She revealed a face of bone beneath her black hair. She retreated in alarm, not daring to approach Yi Yun again.

"These are warriors who died in the Fey God Tomb. They have been contaminated by the sanguine aura, turning into vengeful spirits. Some of them were even born naturally. They have gained bewitchment abilities, and warriors who embrace them meet a tragic end. However, their tricks appear to be useless on you,'" said the Blood Fey Bone.

It gained a deeper understanding of Yi Yun's strength as they proceeded. It was increasingly intrigued and astonished. Nameless Sword was already someone with extremely high talent but compared to Yi Yun, it was like night and day. Yi Yun's bone age definitely did not look like it was more than a thousand years but be it his combat strength or willpower, they were extremely powerful.

"Do you wish for me to be harmed by those things? The next time we encounter such things, it's best you warn me ahead of time instead of acting wise after the fact. If not, I'll refine you directly," said Yi Yun with a faint smile.

"No, you are being oversensitive. I just felt that these things would not be able to even touch you, and I was right," said the Blood Fey Bone.

Yi Yun sneered while the Blood Fey Bone ceased its nonsense and continued guiding Yi Yun forward.

Walking in the sanguine aura made it nearly impossible to sense any temporal and spatial changes. Even Yi Yun himself failed to determine how far he had walked after some time.

If a warrior were to wander in this place, they would probably lose themselves to the endless solitude, eventually turning into a vengeful spirit in the sanguine aura.

At that moment, Yi Yun suddenly caught a whiff of the strong smell of blood ahead. He even felt like he had walked into a mountain of corpses or a sea of blood.

Yi Yun was alarmed as he proceeded forward a few steps before his heart leaped. He halted immediately.

He looked beneath his feet and as the sanguine air was dissipated by the Primordial Destruction domain, Yi Yun was able to clearly identify where he was.

He was on a lofty cliff, and beneath him was an extremely wide river.

The river was flowing with thick blood, and large amounts of bones were bobbing in it. They belonged to humans and Fey beasts. And despite the fact that he was standing beside the billowing river of blood, he did not hear a single sound. He felt like he was immersed in a silent world as a sense of solitude and boundlessness inundated him immediately.

Yi Yun stood there quietly, sensing something pertaining to time in the blood river.

Death was a rule of time. The blood river's flow also followed the rules of time.

"How fascinating." Yi Yun originally believed that the blood river would make one feel horrified but he felt a placid calm instead.

At that moment, a wave suddenly surged out of the blood river. An extremely dangerous and chilling feeling immediately swamped him.

Yi Yun instantly converged his aura as he heard a low and ancient roar. The waves in the blood river rolled, continuing far into the distance.

When the wave passed by the cliff where Yi Yun was on, he sensed a gaze lock on to him. A pair of extremely cold eyes appeared within the wave as it swept across the cliff.

Yi Yun felt his body turn ice-cold when the gaze swept past him. It was as though he had been frozen in an ice cavern. He was prepared to summon the Ascending Dragon Cauldron at any moment.

However, the gaze continued to sweep past Yi Yun before it slunk back into the blood river. Following that, the wave continued into the distance and soon, the blood river was restored to its placid state.

Only then did Yi Yun heave a sigh of relief. However, when he looked at the blood river again, his feeling of peace was gone. It was too dangerous.

"What was that?" asked Yi Yun.

"The river god of the blood river. I know no more than that," said the Blood Fey Bone.

Yi Yun snorted coldly. He felt that the Blood Fey Bone had to know but was unwilling to tell him.

But against such a terrifying existence, he only wished they would stay out of each other's way. Yi Yun did not plan on investigating it.

"It's now the best opportunity to search for Blood Spirit Jade and cultivate by the blood river. The river god will not appear for another twenty hours at least," reminded the Blood Fey Bone.

Yi Yun circled around the cliff and, after walking a distance, arrived by the blood river's side. The blood river similarly emanated a blood-red fog. The closer one was, the more the river's surface became indistinct, impossible to make it out.

White rocks plastered the two banks of the river. But on closer inspection, they were actually bones. Due to the waves of the river water, they had mostly been weathered, looking no different from rocks.

Yi Yun gradually approached the blood river and soon, discovered Blood Spirit Jade on the riverbanks.

The closer he was to the blood river, the more Blood Spirit Jade he found and the better their quality.

One could imagine that the entire riverbed was lined with Blood Spirit Jade.

Yi Yun constantly searched through the Blood Spirit Jade but quickly discovered that he had reached the end of the blood river. In front of him was a towering mountain. It had a massive cave on it and it was where the blood river's source was.

Before Yi Yun arrived at the cave's entrance, he smelled the noxious smell of blood. The sanguine aura was dozens of times thicker than the blood river.

"This mountain cave is the source of the blood river. Even I have not been in there before. If the Fey God Tomb has any opportunities, they have to be in there," said the Blood Fey Bone.

Yi Yun sneered. The Blood Fey Bone would not be so kind as to alert him of opportunities. It was clearly plotting something, but if Yi Yun abandoned opportunities because he was afraid of the schemes of a piece of bone, his practice of martial arts would be for nothing.

Sanguine aura emanated out the cave's entrance and had nomological fluctuations as well. It happened to be a naturally formed array formation.

If one did not know these laws, it would be impossible to enter despite coming this far. Furthermore, the naturally formed array formation was fused with its surroundings, making it very difficult to crack.

Yi Yun slowly studied the cave's entrance.

After quite some time, Yi Yun finally figured out the laws that it followed. He began conjuring seals to crack the array and gain entry.

At that moment, he felt something ominous. He immediately stopped moving and carefully observed his surroundings.

Yi Yun's back immediately broke out into a cold sweat from what he saw.

The natural array formation was an array within an array. The first layer was nomologically formed while the second later was condensed with lifeblood.

Once the first layer was cracked, it would trigger a killing array that would crush a person to a bloody mush, making them a part of the blood river, doomed forever more. Only the dead could pass through the natural array formation.

The blood in the blood river, as well as the bones and Blood Spirit Jade, could safely pass through the array formation but Yi Yun could not.

Thankfully, Yi Yun had noticed it at the final moment or the consequences would be unthinkable.

Yi Yun carefully studied it a few times, and only after he was certain that there were no more problems did he attempt to crack the array.

Four hours later, Yi Yun dispersed the laws and stepped into the cave.

The cave was extremely expansive, as though it was a world in and of itself. Countless stalactites hung overhead, all made of blood. They dripped blood as well.

Yi Yun followed the blood river into the cave's depths. He would occasionally hear the sounds of blood dripping from the stalactites but apart from that, it was silent.

After walking a distance, countless massive shadows appeared ahead of him.

Yi Yun was alarmed but he soon realized that they were massive skeletons.

These skeletons were all from various Fey beasts. They were very large in size and had to have been horrifying behemoths in life. Even after being dead for eons, their skeletons continued to effuse a mighty aura that left one reeling in alarm.

It was unknown what had happened here years ago. Why would so many behemoths die in here, and be gathered in a cave after their deaths?

Yi Yun began having doubts about the legend that described the area as the burial ground of a Fey God.