True Martial World Chapter 1478

Chapter 1478: World Decay Poison
Chapter 1478: World Decay Poison

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"Oh!?" Upon seeing this scene, Bai Yueyin's expression changed as well! Her present situation was dire and she was in urgent need of the Divine Stalactite Marrow pool to treat her injuries. The demonic servants were unable to inflict any damage on her directly, but this attack's purpose seemed to be to contaminate her Divine Stalactite Marrow pool.

"It's World Decay Poison!?"

Yi Yun drew a cold gasp. When she heard Yi Yun's exclaimation, Bai Yueyin gave him a surprised glance. She clearly did not expect Yi Yun to be so knowledgeable at his young age. He was actually capable of recognizing the World Decay Poison.

In this world, poisons were a form of laws as well. The average poison could hardly damage extraordinary experts but there were always those who pushed their poison laws to the limits.

This World Decay Poison was produced during the rotting of a Great World. Nothing in the universe truly lasted forever. Great Worlds were no exception to this rule. The Azure Wood Great World that Yi Yun previously visited was a dying world, one that was on the brink of destruction with Apocalyptic Fumes erupting everywhere. And World Decay Poison could be extracted from all the rotting elements of a Great World, including the Apocalyptic Fumes. If it could even cause decay to a Great World, the potency of it on humans was obvious.

Furthermore, Yi Yun could sense that the person who had employed the World Decay Poison was extremely powerful. If not, it would have been impossible for them to injure Bai Yueyin, much less tear open a spatial passageway in the ancient battlefield's cave.

In that case, the potency of the poison was naturally horrifying. In this circumstance, the person who had extracted the World Decay Poison had bound the poison inside the demonic servants' bodies. Once they died, the World Decay Poison would explode out from them.

With the demonic servants swarming incessantly into the cave like a school of carps moving down a stream and the cave was beginning to fill with the World Decay Poison, the dense rotting stench of a world's decay began filling the air. Even Yi Yun was affected by it.

He was a victim of disaster because of another person's doing!

What better time to leave than now? Yi Yun had no intention of saving Bai Yueyin. Besides, did she need his saving considering her cultivation level?

Upon coming this conclusion, Yi Yun phased away and made plans to escape the Blood Fey Bone cave. But the moment he moved to act on his thoughts, he felt his scalp tingle. He was appalled to discover that the decaying stench that was produced after massive numbers of demonic servants died had formed a barrier that completely enveloped the cave!

It was a barrier of deadly poison!

The enemy probably meant to prevent Bai Yueyin from escaping but had trapped Yi Yun in the process.

What crappy luck!

Yi Yun was feeling extremely depressed. Bai Yueyin's opponent was definitely someone of great origin. Such an existence would not care about the life of a trivial figure with a Supremacy cultivation level like himself. He was being destroyed in passing while Bai Yueyin was being pursued.

How down on his luck was he!? He had made a trip to the Fey bone cave, and before he managed to take much benefit from it, he encountered a battle between supernatural existences and was about to be reduced to cannon fodder.

Upon seeing that the poisonous gases were trapping them within, the airborne Bai Yueyin tapped her fingers gently.


A spatial vortex appeared out of thin air because Bai Yueyin had forcibly split open an alternate space in the extremely stable ancient battlefield continuum.


Bai Yueyin shouted sharply as the interdimensional hole produced a powerful suction storm, sucking away massive amounts of the World Decay Poison, as well as many of the demonic servants. They were sucked into the spatial storms and ground into fragments, losing their lives instantly!

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

At that moment, all the demonic servants began convulsing vigorously. They charged at Bai Yueyin and, once they were just dozens of feet away from her, their bodies began to rapidly expand.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The large number of demonic servants self-destructed! The terrifying explosion together with the World Decay Poison permeated the surroundings. The explosion left Yi Yun's lifeblood in chaos. He could hardly withstand the blasts from this conflict.

Furthermore, he could sense that Bai Yueyin was in a dire situation as well. Situated in the middle of the explosion, she had suffered 99% of the blast and, most critically, she was already heavily injured.

"Block that spatial passageway! If not, we will die when this becomes a battle of attrition!" Yi Yun shouted, his voice distorted by the explosive storms.

Bai Yueyin frowned, completely ignoring Yi Yun. She obviously knew that the calamity she was facing was a result of some unknown method that had been employed to trace her location. Furthermore, a spatial passageway had been opened to drain what little strength she had in a battle of attrition. To the enemy, the demonic servants were endless in number and not something to wince about no matter how many died.

But since that person had opened a spatial passageway, there was definitely an array formation protecting it. In Bai Yueyin's present condition, she would need time to seal the spatial passageway!

However, the demonic servants were pouring in like a tidal wave. She also needed to suck away the World Decay Poison and had no time to block the entrance.

"You block the entrance! I'll help you ward them off for a while!" shouted Yi Yun.


Bai Yueyin finally spoke. She naturally could tell that Yi Yun's foundation was extremely robust. He had basically proved his talent by coming this far, but unfortunately the demonic servants were just too powerful and numerous. There was also the World Decay Poison!

What could Yi Yun use to ward them off?

"Quickly make way and go block the entrance!"

As Yi Yun spoke, he rushed towards Bai Yueyin!

At this moment in time, he was going all out. He had offended an unknown existence and he was bound to be in danger in the future. But if the enemy was trying to squash ants to death, taking him down in the process, how could he not resist?

In a blink of an eye, Yi Yun had rushed to Bai Yueyin. He was just three steps away from her!

As he was so close to the divine woman known from legends, Yi Yun could clearly sense the might and sacredness from her. Even in an absolutely adverse situation, she was still Bai Yueyin!

Upon seeing Yi Yun rush in front of her, Bai Yueyin's brows pricked up. It was unknown how many years it had been since someone dared order her around or come so close to her. She was naturally displeased with Yi Yun's rashness.

Just as she was about to shout for Yi Yun to stop and get him to leave the area quickly, a vibrant green beam erupted from Yi Yun's body. Instantly, a tremendous vibrant lifeform was awaken from inside Yi Yun's body. The lifeform was unlike powerful Ancient Fey that left people in awe; instead, it was filled with an indiscriminate love and vital strength.

Azure Wood Divine Tree!

Yi Yun had obtained the Azure Wood Divine Tree's seed from the Azure Wood Great World. Back in the Yang God Empyrean Heaven, Yi Yun had slain the demonic servants by relying on the Azure Wood Divine Tree, and now he had conjured it once again!

After so many years, Yi Yun had grown a lot more stronger than he was in the Yang God Empyrean Heaven. The might of the Azure Wood Divine Tree was already beyond its former self!

Instantly, the atmosphere in that region of space changed. It went from a perilous land of death with lingering poisonous gases to one of paradise.

Yi Yun stood imposingly in mid-air as the gigantic Azure Wood Divine Tree spread out its leaves behind him. The leaves fluttered in the wind as the shimmered.

"Puah Puah Puah!"

The Azure Wood Divine Tree's leaves bore through the demonic servants that charged over! Green blood shot out like arrows!