True Martial World Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Young master Zijun
Chapter 148: Young master Zijun

Seeing Jichang become seriously injured by the Frost Metal Blood Balls, the Jing State Young Masters Faction were dumbfounded.

A pretty boy that came out of the vast wilderness had actually defeated Young master Jichang!

Although they ridiculed Yi Yun as a pretty boy, weren’t they worse than a pretty boy? They ridiculed the people of the vast wilderness for not knowing any techniques and for only having brute force. But Yi Yun’s Minute Subtlety smacked their faces swollen.

“Stop the array!” the Jing State Young Masters Faction shouted. One of the young masters hurriedly stopped the array. Yi Yun who was completely immersed in his own world only realized after the array had stopped. Opening his eyes, he saw that Jichang had already flown out.

It ended?

Such a pity… I just had some insight, and then it was gone…

Although Yi Yun was not angry that he had been interrupted, he found that the Frost Metal Blood Balls array was extremely suitable for training his movement techniques. Together with the Flowing Mercury Gown, Yi Yun believed that it would not take long for him to reach the large success stage of Minute Subtlety.

“With the Flowing Mercury Gown, I’ll push myself to the limit. Whether my movement technique or other aspects will increase extremely quickly…” As Yi Yun thought about this, he saw a few Jing state young masters rushing to Jichang.

“Young master Jichang! Are you alright?” Jichang was covered in blood. There was a large hole in his abdomen. Although he originally had appealing looks, he was now white as paper and looked horrendous.

Being hurt like this, especially in the arms, it would take at least half a month to recover.

“This kid…” Jichang had not fainted. He was flustered having been defeated by Yi Yun. He no longer used honorifics while referring to Yi Yun. He did not understand why although Yi Yun looked like he was unable to endure further and was having a tougher time than him; yet, he had lost to Yi Yun in the end!

It was not worth being this seriously injured. To not be able to train for half a month, and coupled with the proper care for his wounds to prevent future problems, this injury could even affect Jichang’s future breakthroughs.

Jichang was depressed. He had lost the match and his face. He had been stepped on by a kid from the vast wilderness!


Yan Menglong laughed, “Well done! Yi Yun, you are deserving of the title of Kingdom Knight! You men of the vast wilderness are also great men!”

Yan Menglong praised the sons of the vast wilderness.

Receiving this compliment, the sons of the vast wilderness were nearly moved to tears.

They had come from backward places and needed the approval of others, especially from General Yan, the leader of the Divine Capital’s Jin Long Wei!

Although this approval was won by Yi Yun, they too felt proud and elated!

“Brother Yi. Good for you!”

“Brother Yi. In the future, we will all follow you! Although we don’t have many abilities, we have some strength, please accept it.”

A few sons of the vast wilderness said to Yi Yun. Yi Yun could see genuineness within their eyes.

Yan Menglong carried on, “Yi Yun! It’s pretty good that you won this match. But… to receive the weapons and the bone relics, you still need to do more. What I want is the number one among everyone!”

While saying this, Yan Menglong looked towards Zijun. He knew that even without incentives, Zijun would still compete with Yi Yun on stage.

This was Zijun’s character. He would burn with fighting spirit when he faced an expert, especially an expert at his own age. He was unable to suppress his urge.

It was a great pleasure of life to fight someone who was your match!

Sure enough, Zijun walked out.

Many people had noticed his flying fish robe earlier.

“I’m Song Zijun and come from the Song family from the Jing state! I did not go through the Kingdom’s selection. I was sent directly to the Jin Long Wei for training, so… I am still not familiar with most of you. This is our first time meeting.” Song Zijun introduced himself humbly. Yi Yun understood that he was parachuted in by his family.

Those whose strength had not been acknowledged had to take the exam, but those were strong could be directly parachuted in.

Even some sons of the large family clans did not need to enter the Jin Long Wei. They actually had many choices. Some entered the Jin Long Wei due to the military environment.

In the military, there was plenty of strict training and life-and-death battles. These were greatly valued by the family clans’ leaders.

“So he is Song Zijun. The Song family’s Young master Zijun. He is a famous young master in the Sunan city. He is also the top expert among the younger generation in the Song family. So he has been conferred the title of Kingdom Knight!”

“There are two Kingdom Knights in the recruit training camp in the Divine Capital. It would not be surprising that the two of them will be made Thousand Households soon.”

“The competition between two Kingdom Knights is greatly anticipated! Brother Yi, we’re counting on you!” The sons of the vast wilderness constantly cheered on Yi Yun, hoping Yi Yun would win his next match.

As for the Jing State Young Masters Faction, they naturally biased towards Song Zijun.

Song Zijun’s fame was far beyond Jichang’s.

As for Yi Yun, to the Jing State Young Masters Faction, he had narrowly defeated Jichang. Although he was stronger by a tiny amount, compared to Song Zijun, there was a huge gap.

“This bunch of bumpkins from the vast wilderness actually think it will be an exciting match between Yi Yun and Young master Zijun? Although I don’t really want to admit it, Young master Zijun’s strength is much higher than us! Nobody here is his match!”

One’s fame could not be from a virtual scholar. The Jing State Young Masters Faction were full of anticipation with Song Zijun’s outcome. They could show the vast wilderness warriors the true strength of the Jing state young masters this time.

Song Zijun walked into the array and faced Yi Yun.

Both of them were dressed in flying fish robe. Both them had great heroic bearing. It was a battle between dragons!

“Yi Yun, right? I’m Song Zijun. My life’s greatest wish is to face all experts in the world and compete for the top! I’m older than you, so it’s actually unfair to compete with you.” Song Zijun’s words were friendly and elegant. He indeed exuded the feeling of a refined young master. “But, since General Yan has promised a reward, I have to beat you under such circumstances.”

“Oh? You think you are going to win?” Yi Yun calmed his breathing as the sweatdrops on his forehead evaporated.

“I will win!” Song Zijun said firmly. “I will enter the array first and won’t compete with you on the same stage, to prevent you from feeling uncomfortable with my rhythm, and getting hit by the Frost Metal Blood Balls! And… you exerted yourself a lot a while ago, so you can take the chance to rest…”

“So imposing…” The sons of the vast wilderness looked at each other. But then, although Song Zijun was imposing, he did not give off an irritating feeling.

Song Zijun stood at the center of the array. Yi Yun did not insist and stepped out of the array. He had tried to gain an understanding of the large success stage of Minute Subtlety previously and had really consumed a lot of energy.

“Let’s begin with difficulty level fourteen!” Song Zijun lightly said. To challenge difficulty level fourteen immediately with complete confidence showed that he did not think highly of this difficulty.

These words made those sons of the vast wilderness supporting Yi Yun thump in the heart. Yi Yun was having difficulty at difficulty level fourteen previously. But it seemed like difficulty level fourteen was just a beginning step for Song Zijun.

Song Zijun undid his Yanchi saber and placed it outside the array. He calmly said, “Start the array!”

“Alright!” The young master controlling the array smiled excitedly and pressed the fourteenth crystal.