True Martial World Chapter 1481

Chapter 1481: Questions
Chapter 1481: Questions

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Four hours later, Yi Yun was already greatly enervated from the continuous powering of the Heretical God Fire Seed. As for Poison Demon, not only was he still feeling energetic, he was becoming stronger as he absorbed large amounts of World Decay Poison. His body had expanded greatly in size and his eyes turned deeply profound as though he was connected to another world.

Yi Yun could sense that his strength had increased by more than ten times, with plenty of room to grow further.

Thankfully, Yi Yun had planted a slave mark in Poison Demon, guaranteeing his loyalty. If not, he would have cause to worry if any thoughts of betrayal surfaced in him.

Poison Demon was absorbing the World Decay Poison at a speed far greater than Yi Yun was burning it away, so Yi Yun took some time to stop powering the Heretical God Fire, consume a pill, and began meditating.

"Senior, I have something I wish to ask you about" Yi Yun asked Bai Yueyin after recovering some of his Yuan Qi.

Bai Yueyin gave Yi Yun a glance. "I know what your question is."

Yi Yun had no doubt been pulled into the struggle after the battle. He naturally wished to know the identity of the person behind all of this.

However, Bai Yueyin did not immediately give him an answer. Instead she looked away, far into the distance, as though her gaze was penetrating the rivers of time and falling onto an ancient era.

The rivers of time had washed away too much history, that it became a question of where to begin.

"What do you already know?" asked Bai Yueyin suddenly.

Yi Yun was taken aback. "What do I know?"

"That tree in your body reminds me of a divine tree. Your tree should be related to it in some way. You seem to have gained the recognition of that divine tree?" Bai Yueyin speculated.

Back when Yi Yun first summoned the Azure Wood Divine Tree, Bai Yueyin was alarmed and did not immediately identify it. After all, the Azure Wood Divine Tree was holding down a Great World while Yi Yun only had a tiny sapling in him. The difference in strength was just too disparate.

But as the tree showcased its aura, Bai Yueyin began suspecting that the tiny tree in Yi Yun's body was a manifestation of a part of the Azure Wood Divine Tree or even its seed!

The Azure Wood Divine Tree was almost equivalent to a god. If its seed had sprouted in Yi Yun's body, it meant that it had acknowledged Yi Yun. Who was this man? How did he obtain the Azure Wood Divine Tree's acknowledgment? Especially with Yi Yun's bone age looking extremely young, how could Bai Yueyin not be astonished?

Yi Yun hesitated for a moment before saying, "I have been to the Azure Wood Great World before and indeed saw the Azure Wood Divine Tree. Beneath it, an ancient bronze giant was suppressed by its roots. Back when I visited the Azure Wood Great World, the ancient bronze giant happened to awaken. It was eventually suppressed by the Azure Wood Divine Tree again at the cost of a large amount of Yuan Qi. I managed to barely escape with my life while the Azure Wood Divine Tree's seed was planted in my body."

"Later, in the Yang God Empyrean Heaven, I encountered demonic servants. They dug in like parasites in the bodies of warriors, causing their hosts to slowly lose their vitality. However, the Azure Wood Divine Tree turned out to be their natural weakness. It seems these demonic servants are related to the bronze giant?"

Bai Yueyin listened silently and did not say a word. At that moment, Yi Yun was already silently making his guesses.

According to Huan Chenxue, Bai Yueyin was one of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs!

And the eight Godly Monarchs had combined forces to fight the Ancestor God back then. Some died in combat, others were heavily injured or went into reclusion! After that battle, the number of Godly Monarchs that remained were few in number.

As the person who was least injured, Bai Yueyin was able to declare herself a monarch by establishing the White Lunar Divine Empire tens of millions of years ago.

The Ancestor God did not seem to have died but was instead sealed. But over the hundreds of millions of years that passed, the seals seemed to have weakened constantly. How could Bai Yueyin and the Ancestor God live in peace harmoniously?

Was it possible that the person that fought Bai Yueyin through the spatial passageway was the Ancestor God itself!?

Upon coming to this thought, Yi Yun took a deep breath.

If that was the case, wouldn't that mean that he was now a target of the Ancestor God!?

He was not even at the Divine Lord realm yet.

"You do not need to be overly worried. It is not able to easily leave that place It has left an auric mark on you but I can help you wipe it away," Bai Yueyin said nonchalantly.

Yi Yun felt a chill run down his back when he heard that. An auric mark? He did not sense it being placed or its presence in him at all.

"The demonic servants that wreaked havoc in the Yang God Empyrean Heaven seemed to have a leader. Aren't you going to do something about that?"

Yi Yun tried getting her to talk with a seemingly vague question. Without a doubt, Bai Yueyin had a deep grudge with the Ancestor God of the ancient era.

Bai Yueyin shook her head. "There are countless demonic servants. What you encountered in the Yang God Empyrean Heaven is only the tip of the iceberg. Long before that, demonic servants have appeared several times in various worlds"

Yi Yun nodded. It was indeed the case. Such matters did not warrant Bai Yueyin's direct attention.

From the looks of it, over the past tens of millions of years, Bai Yueyin was not fully in seclusion. Legend had it that she had vanished after she established the White Lunar Divine Empire. She likely had important things to do.

"There are many things that you are currently incapable of doing. Perhaps you will come to learn more in the future"

Bai Yueyin said that sentence before floating up. She landed inside the Divine Stalactite Marrow pool and began her recuperation.

She was heavily injured. Just the lethal poison in her was enough to reduce a Royal Sealed Divine Lord to bone.

Bai Yueyin flicked her finger, making twelve silver needles to appear in her palm. The silver needles pricked at her Baihui, Jiquan, and Guanyuan acupuncture points. They left one shuddering in fear since each needle was a foot long.

Soon, blue blood was purged by Bai Yueyin.

The blood had a pleasant fragrance which Poison Demon coveted but he did not dare consume it. He could sense that the woman was terrifying. It was safer for him to focus on consuming the World Decay Poison without a fuss.

And at that moment, Yi Yun had already left the Divine Stalactite Marrow pool. He was observing the divine bone sealed in the mountain walls.

Blood Fey Bone!

A gigantic skeleton was being sealed in the mountain, and the Blood Fey Bone that Yi Yun had encountered outside was only a tiny part of the massive skeleton.

Just that tiny part was enough to produce a lifeblood force that left one's heart palpitating. What would happen if it was the entire Blood Fey Bone?

Yi Yun cultivated in the Dragon Emperor Technique. He was in great need of lifeblood. How could he not covet such a supreme-grade treasure?

However, he did not aim to take away the entire Blood Fey Bone. All he needed to do was absorb a tiny portion and it would benefit him greatly.

And Bai Yueyin probably would not mind if he only took a tiny portion of the Blood Fey Bone. Yi Yun had helped her greatly and although he did not understand her as a person, he thought it unlikely she would fuss over such trifling matters.

Yi Yun placed his hand on some exposed Blood Fey Bone and powered his Yuan Qi. He attempted to absorb the lifeblood forces in the Blood Fey Bone but when he did so, he immediately felt a repulsive force that jerked his hand back.

Yi Yun frowned as he stared at the Blood Fey Bone for a long while before extending his hand again.

But this time, Yi Yun had a tiny blob of fire in his hand.