True Martial World Chapter 1482

Chapter 1482: The Massive Lifeform That Lays Slumber
Chapter 1482: The Massive Lifeform That Lays Slumber

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This Fey bone was extremely massive. It had fused with a mountain, and the terrifying power contained within was something Yi Yun knew would be difficult to claim as his own. However, after having come so far, he had to at least attempt to draw out some of the Blood Fey Bone's powers. Success was an entirely different matter. But it did not make sense to return empty handed after entering a treasure mountain.

Under the Heretical God Fire's illumination, the Fey bone turned transparent. There was a redness in it that seemed like flowing blood.

Instantly, Yi Yun seemed to hear thumping heartbeats that sounded like morning bells and evening drums. It made his heart palpitate!

The Blood Fey Bone that had been dead for an excessive period of time still had heartbeats and even the gurgling sound of flowing blood?

As Yi Yun listened to the heartbeats, he unknowingly seem to immerse himself in the sound. It was like he was transported to an ancient era while flowing upstream against the river of time. He saw a massive lifeform soar over a majestic world

This is

Yi Yun's heart jolted suddenly. This powerful lifeform gave him a baffling sense of intrigue

"It's best you do not attempt it." Bai Yueyin's voice suddenly sounded.

Yi Yun's heart quivered as the seemingly real mirage in front of him immediately vanished. He turned back to look at Bai Yueyin and saw that the color in her face had returned.

However, Yi Yun could tell that she had only temporarily repressed the poison within her. She had yet to fully purge it out. The poison laws the mysterious existence wielded were just too powerful. Even Bai Yueyin found it extremely difficult to defend against them.

"It lays in slumber here, what remains of its body reduced to blood. It has fused as one with the divine mountain here. Its powers are also sealed here but, with your cultivation level, it's impossible for you to obtain that power."

Bai Yueyin silently walked to the blood bone's side. She looked at the traces of gigantic bone buried within the mountain as her eyes shimmered, her thoughts a mystery.

The body had fused with the divine mountain, its blood bone buried within it?

Yi Yun was slightly alarmed hearing that. In that case, the cave he was in was partially formed by the ancient divine beast itself.

"Senior, based on how you speak of it, it seems you know the origins of this Fey bone," said Yi Yun.

Bai Yueyin nodded. "It's the mount of a past enemy of mine."

"Enemy?" Yi Yun's heart stirred.

Bai Yueyin nodded slightly. "We had fought for hundreds of thousands of years but for particular reasons, we had no choice but to form a temporary alliance. Later, he perished in the ancient battlefield. His mount also died and landed here in the Fey God Tomb"

"So that's how it is!"

Yi Yun took a deep breath. He had heard the rumors that depicted the Fey God Tomb as the burial ground of an ancient Fey God. From the looks of it, the rumors were not complete rubbish. It was indeed the tomb of an ancient divine beast, so the name "Fey God Tomb" did had some truth to it.

"So the so-called Fey God is this massive blood bone skeleton."

"That's right. The ancient battlefield has existed for a very long period of time. There are numerous geniuses in history that have probed the Fey God Tomb, with most of them returning fruitless. However, there were indeed some who discovered this Fey God Bone. One of them had even fused three Divine Lord Royal Seals, he was an expert that neared the level of a Godly Monarch. However, everyone that has attempted to obtain the Blood Fey Bone's powers has failed! Compared to the Blood Fey Bone, their strength is insufficient. Some have even resorted to using force but ended up being absorbed into the Fey bone, losing their lives. If you aren't careful, there might be disastrous consequences."

"Senior, have you not attempted to obtain its powers yourself?" asked Yi Yun.

"The creature had animosity towards me in life." Bai Yueyin shook her head. "I did once think of refining this Fey bone but it still has remnant bits of consciousness. If I were to forcibly refine it, it could release its sealed powers and self-destruct. It's not worth the risk."

So that was the reason.

Yi Yun nodded. Someone that could be Bai Yueyin's match was obviously powerful. Furthermore, this Fey bone was the combat partner of that person. It was definitely not something an average person could connect with.

However, back when Yi Yun saw the illusions, he had a baffling feeling. It felt like something that was at his fingertips but just barely unreachable.

Although Bai Yueyin had warned him, Yi Yun could not resist his urge to figure out what it was.

He thanked Bai Yueyin but still walked in front of the Blood Fey Bone.

Upon seeing this, Bai Yueyin frowned. She had already warned Yi Yun. Since time immemorial, geniuses, even Divine Lords that were nearing the Godly Monarch realm, had failed. But since Yi Yun remained adamant about it, she did not care. After all, life and death were decreed by fate.

She closed her eyes and continued her meditation.

Yi Yun, meanwhile, stood in front of the Blood Fey Bone. His psyche was completely immersed into the Blood Fey Bone.

According to Bai Yueyin, this was an extremely dangerous act! If he was not careful, he might very well lose his consciousness inside the Blood Fey Bone, and be consumed by the remnant consciousness of the skeleton.

However, Yi Yun still dove right in. He believed in what he felt.


Yi Yun saw the scene before him suddenly turn black. He sensed a powerful suction force emit out of the Blood Fey Bone as his entire being was pulled towards the bone.

At that instant, Yi Yun's eyes were filled with a blood-red color. He looked around but could not see anything specific. It was red throughout, including the ground beneath his feet. Even the Divine Stalactite Marrow pool and Bai Yueyin had vanished.

Yi Yun immediately realized that he had likely been sucked into the Blood Fey Bone. And at that very moment, he was very likely in the depths of the Blood Fey Bone, deep inside the mountain walls.


Bai Yueyin, who was meditating, suddenly opened her eyes. She furrowed her brows even tighter when she discovered that Yi Yun was sucked away by the Blood Fey Bone. She was a cold and distant person, and so did not care about the fates of random mortal beings. However, she suddenly recalled that Yi Yun had fused with the Azure Wood Divine Tree seed. If he could continue developing his strength, he would be a mighty combat force. It would be a pity if anything accidentally befell him.

She split off some of her psyche in a bid to infiltrate the Blood Fey Bone and pursue Yi Yun, but there was a blurry layer of blood mist on the surface of the Blood Fey Bone that prevented her psyche from going any further. She was seriously injured, and any forceful attempts to penetrate the mist would be too taxing on her soul sea.

At that moment, in the dark red mountain walls, Yi Yun's consciousness had already entered another world.

He saw that extensive world once again, and the massive lifeform that soared majestically. But this time, his gaze was fixated on a person standing on the back of the massive lifeform.

He slung a sword on his back, his body standing straight up in between the Heaven and Earth like a javelin.

Yi Yun felt his heart jolt when he saw the person. A strong sense of familiarity surged into his heart. He recalled the Seven Kills Pillar and the gigantic sword scar he had seen back at the Pure Yang Sword Palace so many years ago. He recalled the powerful figure that had cleaved off the bronze giant's head and a corner of a world.

The person riding on the massive lifeform was clearly the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner! He was also one of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs!

It turned out that the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner was the 'enemy' that Bai Yueyin fought long ago and was also the person she had no choice but to ally with.

The Pure Yang Sword Palace owner perished on the ancient battlefield, and the corner of the world he cleaved off was likely part of the ancient battlefield!

His mount had perished here as well.

Yi Yun's pure Yang broken sword had been obtained from the Pure Yang Sword Palace. As for the pure Yang sword tip, it had been obtained by Azure Yang Lord but later landed in Bai Yueyin's hands

Upon coming to this realization, Yi Yun was enlightened. It was no wonder Bai Yueyin had placed the pure Yang sword tip in the cave for nourishment. The remnant skeleton that laid in slumber in the cave was the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner's mount, and Bai Yueyin had failed to obtain the ancient Fey beast's recognition. But the pure Yang sword tip could. Being placed where it was, it could be nourished by the Blood Fey Bone and slowly regain its powers. This was also why Bai Yueyin chose this place to cultivate.

However, there was one point that continued eluding Yi Yun. Why did Bai Yueyin stay with Azure Yang Lord for so long? Azure Yang Lord was only a Royal Sealed Divine Lord. He was far weaker than figures like the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner or Bai Yueyin. All she needed to do was snatch it away from Azure Yang Lord since he was not her match. If Bai Yueyin was only interested in obtaining the pure Yang broken sword, why did she need to go through so much trouble?