True Martial World Chapter 1488

Chapter 1488: Primordial Chaos Daolord
Chapter 1488: Primordial Chaos Daolord
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Yi Yun watched silently from within the void rift as the blood-colored Ancient Fey reigned over the Fey God Tomb like a god. Its massive body reached straight to the skies as its head peaked through the Massive Chaos Godfiend Array and completely tore it.


The Ancient Fey let out a terrifying roar as it burst forward, sweeping through the area. Many warriors in the Ancient Fey God Tomb saw a surging blood aura bearing down on them from afar. Even the gray clouds of the ancient battlefield's sky that remained perennially unchanged were dyed red.

"What happened? What happened to the Fey God Tomb?"

People were alarmed. They were aware that Primordial Chaos Daolord had come to the ancient battlefield. He was one of the few that left his name on the ancient battlefield's World Monolith a hundred thousand years ago. To this day, his name could still be clearly seen. He naturally had no need for a teleportation jade slip to enter and exit the ancient battlefield. The only reason he was even there were the changes in the Divine Perish Hall. He decided to stop his seclusion just to come to the ancient battlefield. Then he set up the Massive Chaos Godfiend Array in the Fey God Tomb to repress the Ancient Fey's aura.

They had all heard that the Fey God Tomb had become calmer over the years. It was as though the Massive Chaos Godfiend Array had been very effective, so they never expected an anomaly to happen today.

Could it be that the repressed Ancient Fey powers had suddenly gone berserk and destroyed the array as a result?

A Divine Lord probed the Fey God Tomb with his psyche from afar but only saw the tragic deaths of the Great Cosmic State disciples. The blood-colored Ancient Fey was indomitable. A casual swipe of its claws tore apart a portion of the world. Just the spatial storms that surged out of the rifts had ground the disciples from the younger generations to bits!

"Wow, the Great Cosmic State has suffered massive losses today."

People began retreating even if they were already far away, afraid that they would attract the blood-colored Ancient Fey's attention and be the next ones to perish.

Fifteen minutes later, after the blood-colored Ancient Fey left the Massive Chaos Godfiend Array in a wake of destruction, and nearly all the Great Cosmic State disciples were killed, its massive body began to shrink suddenly. Its form phased away into an invisible point and had completely vanished in mere seconds.

"That Ancient Fey blood figure has vanished!"

People shuddered in fear. It seemed they had underestimated the Fey God Tomb. From the looks of it, it was indeed still a perilous land. It was no wonder that Yi Yun, who had been basking in the limelight twelve years ago, had perished in there.

Of course, Yi Yun was alive and well, enveloped by the dense Ancient Fey powers as he flew in midair. The sanguine mist-like aura conformed to his flawless body, the product of twelve years of Marrow Cleansing. He looked like a sinister god that had been reborn after bathing in blood.


All the sanguine aura vanished as Yi Yun was restored to his original looks. He had bestowed the bound Ancient Fey powers with the energy he had received from the massive lifeform's consciousness. After it exacted its revenge, it automatically and successfully fused back into Yi Yun's body.

The energy had not been depleted, but instead increased after fusing with the Ancient Fey powers that the Massive Chaos Godfiend Array had been absorbing for twelve years.

Now, Yi Yun felt as though he had gained a new lease on life. He had never been this strong before.

"Primordial Chaos Daolord, is it? To set up such a massive array and send parties to seek out my corpse?" thought Yi Yun. There was no corpse, of course, but he had given him a surprise. He was unsure what Primordial Chaos Daolord's expression would be like when he saw all of this.

Meanwhile, at the Divine Perish Hall more than five hundred thousand kilometers away from the Fey God Tomb.

The Divine Perish Hall had already changed tremendously since Yi Yun entered. The hall's exterior was covered in dense fog and the interior was dark. The Divine Perish Hall was not a place anyone could enter. Rumor has it that ever since the Divine Perish Hall was opened and the Spear of Primordial Chaos awakened, the area became a perilous land. Weaker warriors would perish just because they approached it.

But in this perilous land, there were dozens of Divine Lords, trying their best to collectively unseal a seal.

The Spear of Primordial Chaos's awakening had attracted all these Divine Lords. They were all rather famous, with the strongest few being reclusive experts from the various divine empires. Some of them were even monarchs of their empire. There were a few who were original residents of the ancient battlefield, figures who had left their names on the ancient monolith!

When the ancient battlefield opened twelve years ago, the warriors that came learned that the original residents were cultivating here. Simply by having the qualification to stay in the ancient battlefield, these people were mysterious and formidable to the younger generation. They were elusive beings.

But now, with the Divine Perish Hall fully opened, people were finally able to see their true faces.

Their strength far exceeded the likes of Li Fire Divine Lord and company.

These people were acting to obtain the Spear of Primordial Chaos. Ordinary Divine Lords that had not fused a Divine Lord Royal Seal had to stay away.

But as these Divine Lords pursued the Spear of Primordial Chaos vehemently, it tunneled into space and left behind a spatial seal.

They never expected another space to be hidden within the Divine Perish Hall. This left everyone intrigued. It was not easy to unseal the sealed space but after the collective forces of dozens of Divine Lords was applied, about eighty percent of the seal had been destroyed.

With success at hand, a man right in the middle who was immersed in gray fog suddenly revealed an infuriated look.

"Who is it!? How dare they destroy my Massive Chaos Godfiend Array and kill my disciple!"

The man looked extremely young. His eyes had a gray color to them but it constantly flashed with wisps of red light. It was an extremely odd thing to look into.

"Oh? Fellow Daoist Primordial Chaos, why have you stopped acting on the seal?"

Primordial Chaos Daolord's sudden halt left the other Divine Lords perplexed. One of the Divine Lords questioned him immediately.

"I have something immediate to tend to. I must make a move first," said Primordial Chaos Daolord with a heavy voice.

Another Divine Lord immediately frowned. "Fellow Daoist Primordial Chaos, we had agreed to destroy this seal together. How can you leave just like that?"

Primordial Chaos Daolord's gaze turned cold. "I will leave as and when I wish to leave. Fire Cloud, are you trying to stop me?"

"You" Fire Cloud Divine Lord was exasperated. Primordial Chaos Daolord was a testy person but he was extremely strong. He was not someone to cross.

Upon seeing the mood turn stiff, a scholarly-looking Divine Lord suddenly smiled faintly. Extending out his arm, he flicked it, immediately destroying the frozen space between Fire Cloud Divine Lord and Primordial Chaos Daolord without a trace.

"Primordial Chaos Daolord, Brother Fire Cloud had no such intention. However, we did make an agreement. If you truly must leave now, you should at least give us a reason," said the scholarly Divine Lord with a smile.

Upon hearing the more reasonable scholarly Divine Lord's words, Primordial Chaos Daolord's cold expression calmed down.

"Sacred Horizon Divine Lord. I have some things to tend to. I should return in two hours," said Primordial Chaos Daolord.

"If it's only that short a time, go ahead and tend to your matters. I believe anything that requires your sudden attention can't be trivial," said Sacred Horizon Divine Lord.

"It's nothing so grave, either. I will resolve it quickly and return." As Primordial Chaos Daolord spoke, his body instantly transformed into a stream of light as he charged into a rift ahead of him. The rift vanished instantly, along with Primordial Chaos Daolord's body.

"He tore open space? From the looks of it, Primordial Chaos Daolord is very concerned over this matter. He did set up that massive array in the Fey God Tomb. Perhaps, it has something to do with the Fey God Tomb," said Sacred Horizon Divine Lord.

"Hmph, Sacred Horizon Daolord is right. What else can he be involved with apart from the Fey God Tomb in this ancient battlefield? Probably something serious has happened in the Fey God Tomb."

Fire Cloud Divine Lord looked peeved seeing Primordial Chaos Daolord leave. At the same time, he was gloating over any misfortune that might have happened to him.

"Everyone knows about the Fey God Tomb and how Yi Yun, who had vanished there twelve years ago, is laden with treasure. Primordial Chaos Daolord is trying to monopolize it all for himself and has gotten the Great Cosmic State disciples to seal off the area. He acts like it's his own back garden," another Divine Lord sneered as he said.

When it came to this matter, the other Divine Lords were obviously unhappy. Despite being residents, they had missed out on the emergence of great treasures in the Divine Perish Hall and now, Primordial Chaos Daolord had rushed back outside. By capitalizing on his powerful strength, he had monopolized the Fey God Tomb. Who would be happy with that?

"This Primordial Chaos Daolord really thinks nothing of us. Not only does he refuse to share the Fey God Tomb with everyone, he was already ready to come to blows with us over a simple question. He doesn't even show much respect to Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and Eclipse Arhat," said Fire Cloud Divine Lord.

Eclipse Arhat was a monk. He wielded a demon-felling pestle and his eyes were tightly closed. Even when he heard Fire Cloud Divine Lord mention him, he only raised his eyelids a little. His aura was powerful and majestic but if one did not take a careful look at him, one would not even notice his existence.

"Primordial Chaos Daolord has had a stunning cultivation level from a young age, after all. He has a high chance of becoming a Godly Monarch. Despite my cultivation level, I'm too advanced in my years. I have no hope of becoming a Godly Monarch, nor do I wish to embroil myself in this contest. It is normal for such a genius to have some arrogance. Everyone, let's just continue breaking the seal. For this hidden space to be so concealed, no one has ever heard of it. We might very well be the first to step into it," said Sacred Horizon Divine Lord.

Sacred Horizon Divine Lord clearly had a high standing in this group. He was the sect master of the First Beginnings Immortal Gate. He had come to the ancient battlefield only because the Divine Perish Hall had fully opened. Although he sounded humble, no one would truly brush him off for being advanced in his years. His strength was unfathomable and some people guessed that he was only a step shy of reaching Godly Monarch.

With him saying that, everyone immediately nodded in agreement and continued destroying the seal.

At that moment in the Fey God Tomb, Yi Yun and the Ancient Fey powers had completely fused together. Just as he was about to leave, a spatial rift suddenly appeared high above the Fey God Tomb. Cold killing intent emanated out of it.

Yi Yun's expression changed slightly. He could sense potent strength coming from the aura. The person who had torn open space was very likely the Primordial Chaos Daolord who had been previously mentioned!

He never expected Primordial Chaos Daolord to come so quickly. The spatial rift had been opened up from an extremely distant spot. Such a thing required an extremely profound grasp of spatial dimension laws.

In this situation, if Yi Yun were to immediately flee, he would immediately attract the attention of the incomer. Therefore, he immediately converged all his aura and stood motionless in his spot.

Yi Yun's Primordial Chaos laws were very powerful at present. Just by standing there, he seemed to melt into the world, as though he were just another wisp of air in the sky. No one could notice him.