True Martial World Chapter 1489

Chapter 1489: Successfully Escaping
Chapter 1489: Successfully Escaping
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Primordial Chaos Daolord charged out of the spatial rift. The moment he appeared, he immediately swept the Fey God Tomb with his psyche.

Yi Yun sensed the psyche sweep pass over where he was hiding but it did not pause. Clearly, Primordial Chaos Daolord had failed to detect him. He continued converging his aura until Primordial Chaos Daolord was gone, then he felt he could leave with poise.

Primordial Chaos Daolord failed to find Yi Yun but he saw the massive array in shambles, his disciple's corpse, and the corpses of Great Cosmic State disciples strewn across the ground.

He had failed to catch the culprit despite rushing over so quickly.

Primordial Chaos Daolord was fuming. He had killed anyone that had dared offend him ever since he made a name for himself. Even Divine Lords had learned not to provoke him, yet in this tiny Fey God Tomb, someone had dared overturn his plans.

He was above the disciples of the Great Cosmic State. He could tell at a glance that nothing otherworldly had happened in the Fey God Tomb. The destruction of his massive array had to be a result of human interference.

"Who's there!? Get out here now!" Primordial Chaos Daolord suddenly drew a long saber. As it produced a sharp whistle, it instantly cleaved apart space and struck the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As though the world was quaking, a massive chasm split open in the land. Space was vibrating vigorously in the wake of the saber flash as it produced lethal spatial rifts.

Yi Yun was alarmed. He never expected Primordial Chaos Daolord to have such an irascible temper. Despite not seeing even a shadow, he had unleashed hellfire on his surroundings. Worst of all, one of the spatial rifts was sweeping towards the very spot where Yi Yun hid.

If Yi Yun remained motionless, he would likely be sliced up by the spatial rift.

Despite having struck out in fury, Primordial Chaos Daolord found it impossible to calm the raging fires in him. Just as he was about to cleave a second time to level the entire Fey God Tomb, his psyche suddenly noticed a figure flash by like a ghost.

"Let's see you escape this!" Primordial Chaos Daolord immediately locked onto the figure as he roared angrily.

The person, who somehow evaded his detection, was truly audacious to hide under his nose!

The moment Yi Yun moved, he felt as though the surrounding space had turned into a quagmire. Above him came Primordial Chaos Daolord's angry bellow.

Primordial Chaos Daolord's psyche was astounding. Unless Yi Yun remained completely still, he would stir the surrounding Yuan Qi. Even the slightest motion made it so he couldn't evade Primordial Chaos Daolord's detection.

Therefore, Yi Yun did not panic when he was discovered by Primordial Chaos Daolord. He had long expected this.

Yi Yun's build and looks instantly changed as he drew a sword.

At that moment, Primordial Chaos Daolord's second saber flash had arrived!

However, this strike was by no means intended to directly kill Yi Yun. Primordial Chaos Daolord only wanted to lop off Yi Yun's limbs. Death was too simple for a person that had dared to foil his plans.

Yi Yun's eyes were calm. As he watched the incoming saber flash that could cleave open the world, he suddenly retaliated.

His sword flashes were like water as they instantly enveloped the saber flashes of his enemy.

The corner of Primordial Chaos Daolord's mouth suffused a cold smile. He could sense that the person before him was a mere Supremacy junior. To attempt to parry his attack was utter foolishness. Labeling him as courting death was an understatement.

However, he was also perplexed. How did a Supremacy destroy his massive array? Even if his concealment technique was somewhat unique, the massive array was not something that could be easily destroyed through such tricks.

Perhaps this person had nothing to do with the array but Primordial Chaos Daolord had no intention of stopping. Lopping off the person's limbs and searching his soul was enough to get his answer.

At that moment, the sword flashes broke apart but did not dissipate. They transformed into thousands of sword raindrops, with each raindrop emitting the powers of Destruction. As the rain pelted the saber flashes, they eroded them clean.

But Yi Yun did not remain idle as he struck out again. More sword flashes instantly tore open a huge chasm in the ground as a powerful sword Qi surged at Primordial Chaos Daolord.

Primordial Chaos Daolord's expression changed. This person was no simple Supremacy!

He blocked the sword Qi with his saber but his psyche lock on Yi Yun revealed that he was already rapidly escaping.

"You will not escape after daring to destroy my array!" Primordial Chaos Daolord's cold voice echoed throughout the Fey God Tomb. He tore open a spatial rift with one hand and began his pursuit of Yi Yun.

How dare someone with the strength of an ordinary Divine Lord dare to flee under his nose!? He was certain that Yi Yun was the person who had destroyed the array! His attacks effused the power of an Ancient Fey and this only infuriated Primordial Chaos Daolord even more.

When Yi Yun bought himself some time with his strike, he immediately flew away at full speed.

Primordial Chaos Daolord had not used his full strength in the previous attack, which was why Yi Yun had managed to fully parry it. However, he entertained no illusions of how powerful Primordial Chaos Daolord was.

If a typical late-stage Supremacy were standing there, they would probably have been dismembered with one strike.

As for Yi Yun, he had not only fused with the Blood Fey Bone's powers, he had also fused with the Ancient Fey powers that Primordial Chaos Daolord had been gathering for more than ten years. This allowed him to parry the saber strike unscathed.

However, this was not enough to make Yi Yun believe that he could clash with Primordial Chaos Daolord head-on. At the very least, he was still not Primordial Chaos Daolord's match.

He hadn't even fled more than five thousand kilometers when a spatial rift tore open behind Yi Yun suddenly. Primordial Chaos Daolord stepped out. "Where do you think you can flee to?"

However, just as Primordial Chaos Daolord finished his sentence, he saw Yi Yun's body flare with a sanguine aura. He then transformed into a sanguine beam as he sped up greatly.

"Burning your blood essence? I want to see how long you can keep this up." Primordial Chaos Daolord's gray eyes flashed with a hint of blood-red as he spoke coldly.

He reached out his hand and tore open another spatial rift immediately.

Yi Yun and Primordial Chaos Daolord continued this game of flee and pursuit across the ancient battlefield. Soon, they were out of the Fey God Tomb's confines.

As for Primordial Chaos Daolord, who believed that it would be an easy task to apprehend Yi Yun, he gradually sulked.

With their speed and Yi Yun's burning of his blood essence, he should have long been enervated or even injured. Yet, Yi Yun's momentum never once faltered.

What was going on?

Primordial Chaos Daolord was perplexed. He had given chase by tearing open space itself. Although he was very fast, he was still slightly lacking compared to Yi Yun who was burning his blood essence.

Primordial Chaos Daolord still needed to tend to matters at the Divine Perish Hall. He could not continue wasting time with Yi Yun; therefore, he decided to tear open space once more. The moment he stepped in, he immediately tore open another spatial rift.

Repeated tearing open of space demanded extremely high attainments in spatial dimension laws. Only someone with Primordial Chaos Daolord's strength could do it.

Yi Yun immediately sensed the erratic spatial fluctuations behind him. Spatial rifts appeared successively, which greatly increased Primordial Chaos Daolord's speed. If this continued, he would soon be caught.


Primordial Chaos Daolord walked out of the final spatial rift and appeared in front of Yi Yun.

But at that moment, Yi Yun's body emanated an even richer sanguine aura as his speed increased even more!

Burning blood essence was very damaging to ordinary warriors, but it was nothing to Yi Yun. After cultivating in the Dragon Emperor Technique, Yi Yun could burn up to thirty percent of his blood essence and still easily replenish it.

"He can still burn even more blood essence!?" Primordial Chaos Daolord's expression sank. This person was too good at fleeing!

He also needed to expend a great deal of Yuan Qi to tear open the void. This was the ancient battlefield after all. Its space was extremely stable and was not something one could tear through so easily.

If this continued, he would truly lose sight of his target!

Upon coming to this conclusion, Primordial Chaos Daolord was hopping mad. He was actually watching helplessly as his target fled successfully.

Primordial Chaos Daolord gritted his teeth and tore open the void once more. But this time, he could sense that he had expended too much Yuan Qi. Although he could continue the pursuit, it would require him to give up on the Divine Perish Hall. The sudden appearance of the black divine spear seemed to hide an enticing secret.

Although he was bent on capturing the person who had destroyed his array, he still wanted to probe the Divine Perish Hall's mystery. This left him apprehensive about expending all his Yuan Qi. If he used too much, he wouldn't have enough to deal with people like Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and Eclipse Arhat when the time came.