True Martial World Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Half Foot Steps
Chapter 149: Half Foot Steps

The heptagon array beneath Song Zijun’s feet began to light up. Fourteen blood pearls began to softly buzz.


The blood pearls headed straight for Song Zijun with an ear-piercing sound!

Song Zijun looked at those blood pearls and his body moved, creating a series of shadows.

These shadows were layered. Under protection of those shadows, Song Zijun stood with his feet apart and did not move one step. He was dodging on the same spot.

All the blood pearls were easily dodged by Song Zijun.

“Minute Subtlety!” The Jing State Young Masters Faction could not help but cheer when they saw Song Zijun’s movements!

“With his fame, how could Young master Zijun not know Minute Subtlety? It’s so easy dodging fourteen levels of difficulty in the Frost Metal Blood Balls array.”

And they could tell that Song Zijun’s speed was even faster, much faster than even Heisha’s.

With his speed exceeding Heisha’s, and his technique overshadowing Yi Yun’s, Song Zijun could only be described as perfect.

With the support of both technique and speed, Song Zijun moved fluidly within the Frost Metal Blood Balls array.

The Jing state young masters bemoaned their inadequacy upon seeing Song Zijun’s movements.

There was no limit in the universe. Jichang was strong, but compared to Song Zijun, he was too far off.

“Add one more difficulty!”

Fourteen levels of difficulty was just a warm up to Song Zijun. After he got used to the Frost Metal Blood Balls array, Song Zijun wanted the fifteenth difficulty level.

And this difficulty still failed to trouble Song Zijun.

Fifteen levels of difficulty was no simple matter. The fast-moving Frost Metal Blood Balls had created a small whirlwind in the air.

Under the immense pressure, Song Zijun finally had to move his feet. Even Song Zijun could not stay on the spot to avoid the Frost Metal Blood Balls at fifteen levels of difficulty.

Song Zijun’s steps were very particular. Every step he made never exceeded one and a half feet.

Such a short step was no different than a toddler learning to walk. With such footsteps chained together, it made it hard to tell where Song Zijun’s feet were landing.

“It’s the Song family’s secret technique, Half Foot Steps!” Said a Jing state young master. The advantages of the Jing state’s family clans were not only resources, but included heritage. This Half Foot Steps technique was not spread outside the Song family.

Old family clans tended to have more or less some family heirloom or cornerstone technique. This was their heritage.

“Add one more level!” Song Zijun said from within the array.

Add another? If another was added, it would be sixteen levels of difficulty!

Whether it was the Jing state young masters or the sons of the vast wilderness, they were full of admiration for Song Zijun.

The young master in charge of the array controls took a deep breath and pressed the sixteenth crystal!


The Frost Metal Blood Balls thundered. Sharp air bursts sent tremors to causing numbness in people’s ears. Lines of fire formed into a fire web!

At this point, Song Zijun finally felt some pressure.

His movements were still refined, but slowly, he was unable to maintain the harmony.

The Half Foot Steps was the Song family’s secret technique, but Song Zijun had not completely grasped it. With his standard, it was tough for him to demonstrate it. It greatly depleted his mental strength and Yuan Qi.

“Minute Subtlety nearing the small success stage…and his speed is fast. To reach the small success stage of the Half Foot Steps at his age, Song Zijun can be considered the cream of the crop in the Jing state.” Yan Menglong gave an accurate evaluation.

At this point, Song Zijun reached his limits.

He withdrew from the array. He had ultimately maintained within the array at sixteen levels of difficulty for fifteen minutes.

As for the seventeenth difficulty level, he did not challenge it. There was a sharp change between the sixteenth and seventeenth difficulty level. For Purple Blood realm warriors, even if they had great accomplishments with Minute Subtlety, they would not dare to rashly try it.

After Song Zijun stepped off the stage, there was silence throughout the square.

A youth with Minute Subtlety demonstrating his movement techniques made many warrior burn with agitation.

Especially among the Jing state young masters. Their faces were glowing. Song Zijun was their idol. Whatever Yi Yun had managed to suppress, had been regained to its maximum level.

This was the heritage the Jing state family clans had. As the sons of the Jing state family clans, their hearts were filled with pride. They could one day achieve such results!

After Song Zijun was Yi Yun!

Everyone’s eyes gathered on Yi Yun.

Sixteen levels of difficulty for fifteen minutes! The pressure from such a result was too great.

After all, fourteen levels of difficulty seemed to be Yi Yun’s limit when he was competing with Jichang.

Yi Yun adjusted his breathing and flowed the Yuan Qi within his body to reach his optimum state.

“It’s your turn.” Song Zijun brushed shoulders with Yi Yun when he came down. He looked at Yi Yun with a trace of smile on his lips.

Yi Yun calmly looked at Song Zijun and nodded. His eyes were clear like the stars in the night sky. There was a sharp blade within his serenity.

Their glances clashed as if there were the sound of clashing swords.

“Yi Yun do you still plan to struggle up there? The result is already clear.”

“If not for Young master Jichang’s accident stopping the array, Yi Yun would most likely have been terribly defeated by fourteen levels of difficulty… Now Young master Zijun has completed sixteen levels of difficulty. If Yi Yun were to carry on with his fourteen levels, would it be interesting?”

The Jing state young masters’ faces were full of gloating expressions.

To them, Song Zijun had already won. The difference was great. Yi Yun had to go up the stage to protect his pride out of helplessness.

The people from the vast wilderness did not speak. They looked at Yi Yun with worry in their eyes.

As for Yan Menglong, he rubbed his stubble. His eyes flashed as he looked at Yi Yun with interest. It seems like he had saw something interesting.

Yi Yun leaped and shot out like an arrow. In an instant, he had landed within the Frost Metal Blood Balls array. He said to the controller of the array, “Fourteen levels of difficulty!”

“Fourteen levels again. That’s so boring. This is his limit. If he had any guts, he would go to level fifteen in a while.”

“Hehe, you want to see Yi Yun suffer right? Do not worry, there’s no need for fifteen levels, fourteen levels is enough for him to be hit by the Frost Metal Blood Balls.”

The Jing state young masters were waiting to watch the show. They were not waiting to watch Yi Yun’s performance, but for him to be hit by the Frost Metal Blood Balls, vomiting blood from his injuries and being bedridden for half a month.

The array lit up and blood beams shot up. The fourteen Frost Metal Blood Balls emitted a fierce roar and weaved around in the air with tricky trajectories before shooting towards Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was familiar with fourteen levels of difficulty, but he still wanted to begin there. He wanted to carry on his understandings while his body was at its peak. He steadied his breath as he closed his eyes.

By feeling the ‘force’ to feel the attacks, he pushed himself closer to his limits. Only then could he dig out his full potential.

In a split second, Yi Yun had reached his maximum concentration. It was as if he was the only person left in the world and the force wind around his body. It was the air pushed from the Frost Metal Blood Balls through their trajectories!

These trajectories slowly became clear within his mind.

Yi Yun moved as each blood pearl brushed past his body.

Every attack of a Frost Metal Blood Ball was barely dodged by Yi Yun. It was his limit and extremely frightening. A few times, he could feel the pain the force wind caused to his skin. After every brush, it was as if his skin would rupture at any time, giving him goosebumps.

When the sons of the vast wilderness saw this scene, their hearts nearly stopped. Yi Yun was barely handling it at fourteen levels of difficulty. It seemed like likely he would be injured if it went on.

Yi Yun’s breathing became heavy as he adjusted the Flowing Mercury Gown’s weight. It made him go closer to his limit so that the physical exertion would be greater.

Drops of sweat rolled down Yi Yun’s forehead.

Second after second passed by.

Very soon, fifteen minutes had passed. The Jing State Young Masters Faction had waited till their necks ached. They were waiting to see Yi Yun get trounced by the blood pearls.

But, every time Yi Yun was about to be hit by the Frost Metal Blood Balls, he would always avoid it at the critical juncture.

This situation had happened numerous times. As such, Yi Yun had slowly spent fifteen minutes in the array!

Following that, thirty minutes…

The Jing State Young Masters Faction waited to the point of disbelief.

What’s wrong?

“Hey, at least challenge fifteen levels of difficulty!”

The Jing State Young Masters Faction had to admit that Yi Yun could handle fourteen levels of difficulty. But even if he could, was he going to stay in there for two hours?

They were hoping that Yi Yun’s stamina would decline, and slowly he would be unable to handle it.

But at this time, as a beam shot pass, Yi Yun took out something and put it into his mouth.

Fierce beast relic?

The Jing state young masters were dumbfounded.

“Eating bone relics. He’s even eating bone relics?”

Yi Yun was not a god. Although the Purple Crystal could absorb Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to replenish his energy, but due to the extreme weight from the Flowing Mercury Gown, it constantly pushed him to his limits, hence depleting him of his energy. As such, he needed to replenish his energy.

“Isn’t this cheating!?” A few young masters protested, but upon further thinking, there was no rules against eating bone relics.

“F**k, if he carries on, he can play in that for two hours and maybe all the way to dinner…” The Jing state young masters were speechless.

Yi Yun simply turned a deaf ear to the surrounding chatter. He had already immersed himself in his own world.

He felt like he could perfectly control every inch of his body muscles and could precisely complete any tiny movement. He felt that the heavy Flowing Mercury Gown’s pressure on his body made him expend large amounts of energy with every move. He also had to tax his mind about calculating the trajectories of the Frost Metal Blood Balls.

Under such conditions, Yi Yun was physically and mentally exhausted.

But a sense of joy arose even while he remained exhausted.

“Minute Subtlety… Minute Subtlety… Is this the large success stage of Minute Subtlety…?”

Immersed in extreme pain and pleasure, Yi Yun became more adept at handling the Frost Metal Blood Balls’ trajectories around him.