True Martial World Chapter 1490

Chapter 1490: Snatching Food From The Tigers Proverbial Jaws
Chapter 1490: Snatching Food From The Tiger's Proverbial Jaws
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After tearing open space again, Primordial Chaos Daolord stepped through the spatial rift and found that Yi Yun's back was covered in sanguine aura. His speed had not decreased in any way.

Was he really still burning his blood essence?

At that moment, the space suddenly trembled gently. Primordial Chaos Daolord's expression shifted slightly as he turned to look.

He saw the clouds begin to move in the direction of the spatial quake as though a major anomaly had occured. However, that scene was fleeting. The sky quickly returned to normal.

"Oh? It's the Divine Perish Hall!" Primordial Chaos Daolord's heart jolted. The phenomenon moved precisely in the direction of the Divine Perish Hall. Some anomaly in the Divine Perish Hall had caused a fluctuation in the spatial dimension laws.

He angrily glanced at Yi Yun's fleeing back as he sent his cold voice into Yi Yun's ears. "You won't escape!"

With that said, he ripped space apart again and stepped into the spatial rift. In a blink of an eye, he vanished along with the spatial rift.

"Oh? He isn't chasing me anymore?" Yi Yun stopped after Primordial Chaos Daolord disappeared but was still wary.

Following that, he looked in the direction of the spatial quake he had just sensed. He did not know what had happened there to cause a quake that would reach him.

Furthermore, the fact that Primordial Chaos Daolord was willing to immediately abandon his pursuit to rush over meant that the anomaly was no trifling matter.

Yi Yun gently frowned. Should he head over to take a look?

Logically speaking, he ought to flee as soon as possible. But Yi Yun knew that the ancient battlefield was all about seeking opportunities. If he was going to be apprehensive about everything, he might as well dig a hole in the ground and hide. There was no point to being in the ancient battlefield if one wasn't bold.

"I shall conceal my aura using the Purple Crystal. It shouldn't be risky to just take a look. I will immediately retreat if things go awry." Yi Yun quickly made up his mind.

With that, not only did he give up the opportunity to flee, he ended up changing directions and quickly followed Primordial Chaos Daolord.


A stream of light shot towards two Divine Lords who were standing outside the Divine Perish Hall's entrance and looking inside. The domineering force sent the two Divine Lords flying away as they let out painful and shocked grunts.

"You" One of the Divine Lords widened his eyes and was about to say something.

"Shut up." The other black-robed Divine Lord immediately stopped him.

They watched the stream of light surge into the Divine Perish Hall.

"Dao Brother, why did you stop me? I was only standing outside the hall to look. He attacked us without even saying anything" The tall Divine Lord that had glared said in a peeved tone.

"That's Primordial Chaos Daolord. He's not the type to be reasonable with you. If you offend him, he will not even think about the faction that backs you. I have already heard that this place disallows most people from entering. Only important figures like Primordial Chaos Daolord, Sacred Horizon Divine Lord, and Eclipse Arhat, as well as Royal Sealed Divine Lords have the right to stay in there. It's best we leave. Even if there are great advantages in there, it's not for the likes of us unless you're willing to risk death," said the other black-robed Divine Lord.

Upon hearing Primordial Chaos Daolord's name, the tall Divine Lord's expression changed. He was only an ordinary Divine Lord and was completely no match for him.

At that moment, another stream of light flew over from afar.

These two Divine Perish Halls watched the stream of light circle the Divine Perish Hall's entrance a few times in shock before it silently flew in.

There was really someone who was so sick of living.

The stream of light was naturally Yi Yun. He never imagined that the anomaly would stem from the Divine Perish Hall.

Furthermore, he had learned from the two Divine Lords' conversation that this place had long been sealed. In addition, Primordial Chaos Daolord and others had been plotting something in here all this while.

Yi Yun had visited the Divine Perish Hall once and reaped tremendous benefits from it. He had left upon claiming his prize. If not for Primordial Chaos Daolord, he would not have come here again. Could it be that the group of people inside were conspiring for that black spear?

The black spear was protected by the field of nebulous Primordial Chaos around it. Furthermore, it was in a sealed state. Even though Yi Yun had obtained the Shura mark back then, he had not been able to approach it. Instead, he had been thrown into a spatial rift and directly transported to the Fey God Tomb.

Could it be that an anomaly was affecting the black spear, enticing all these people to conspire for it?

Yi Yun would not sit idly by while Primordial Chaos Daolord obtained the black spear. He and Primordial Chaos Daolord were already in a situation where they were at each other's throats.

Coming to this conclusion, Yi Yun concealed himself as he slowly approached the spot where the black spear was.

And in a perilous land of the Divine Perish Hall, a spatial door suddenly opened. However, the spatial storms it revealed raged wantonly, preventing one from approaching it.

Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and company stood in front of the spatial door when, suddenly, a stream of light flew over and stopped. It was Primordial Chaos Daolord.

"Fellow Daoist Primordial Chaos is back." Sacred Horizon Divine Lord nodded at Primordial Chaos Daolord.

"Fellow Daoist Primordial Chaos, did something happen at the Fey God Tomb? You have sealed that place with a massive array. Did the Ancient Fey powers sealed within rebel against you or something?" asked a Divine Lord.

Primordial Chaos Daolord replied with a livid expression. "Some punk who's sick of living came to cause trouble. As I was in a rush to tend to the matters here, I temporarily spared his life. I will definitely kill him in good time. The sect backing him will also be annihilated. If he has a family clan, I'll exterminate them too."

The Divine Lords wore a mix of emotions on their faces. Primordial Chaos Daolord was always like this. The person he was chasing likely knew that the massive array was set up by Primordial Chaos Daolord but he had still dared caused trouble. They were truly curious about how anyone could have such courage.

They knew that Primordial Chaos Daolord had a Divine Lord disciple presiding over the situation. For Primordial Chaos Daolord to rush there personally, the massive array was probably in utter ruins. In such a situation, the culprit wouldn't live for long. Even people that were connected to him would be killed by Primordial Chaos Daolord one after another.

Fire Cloud Divine Lord had a derisive look on his face. Primordial Chaos Daolord had left like he had everything under control but returned with his face ashen.

"Has the spatial node opened?" Primordial Chaos Daolord asked, clearly having no intention to discuss the Fey God Tomb.

"Only halfway. However, with you back, your spatial dimension laws will allow us to quickly enter," said Sacred Horizon Divine Lord.

"Let's do it together," said Primordial Chaos Daolord.

As he spoke, he immediately released his spatial dimension laws as he removed the spatial storms within the spatial door.

The others acted in accordance. Although these Divine Lords were not famously adept in spatial dimension laws, they were only slightly below Primordial Chaos Daolord.

With so many people working together, the spatial door's storms were quickly attenuated. Immediately following that, a passageway the size of a person began to appear. Through it, one could see the extensive starry cosmos.

At that moment, a spear's hum was heard. The Spear of Primordial Chaos flashed across the starry cosmos and, immediately following that, another gray nebulous stream flew across the starry cosmos.

"It's the nebulous Primordial Chaos!"

For nebulous Primordial Chaos to actually exist in the starry cosmos left everyone pleasantly surprised, especially Primordial Chaos Daolord. He could not even contain his excitement.

He had scoured the Fey God Tomb in search of Yi Yun's corpse for nebulous Primordial Chaos. He had failed to find it all this time and even lost his massive array for it.

He never expected to discover what had evaded him in the Fey God Tomb in this spatial plane.

The starry cosmos was obviously an independent world and it was extremely extensive. Its interior exuded a nomological aura that was different from an ordinary world's. Meditating over the nebulous Primordial Chaos in such a place would be much more effective than in the ordinary world.

More than ten Divine Lords had combined forces to open the entrance to this spatial plane. Yet even if these people were the strongest in the Sinkhole, or were elites that had left their names on the ancient battlefield, they found the potent nomological sealing forces in the spatial plane unbearable.

They had gotten just short of opening it!

Primordial Chaos Daolord was reeling with excitement. He never expected that the black spear was acting as a seal to a world!

What world was this? Why was a divine artifact used to seal it?

And at that moment, Primordial Chaos Daolord suddenly felt a nomological fluctuation in the periphery of the Divine Perish Hall.


Primordial Chaos Daolord knitted his brows. They were gathered in the Divine Perish Hall and had set up an array formation outside. There were also disciples protecting it, but now a spatial fluctuation had suddenly happened. What just happened?

But at that moment, Primordial Chaos Daolord was injecting all his Yuan Qi into the spatial node to open it. He had nothing to spare for a probe.

Just as Primordial Chaos Daolord was about to say something, a stream of light abruptly flashed across them as a figure appeared. Lifeblood burned over him as he shot straight into the spatial passageway that had just been opened slightly.

"Who is it!?" Sacred Horizon Divine Lord bellowed.

Even as he said that, Primordial Chaos Daolord was already raging mad.

"It's you!" Primordial Chaos Daolord saw the familiar blur of burning blood essence and guessed the person's identity.

He immediately felt blood rush to his head. This person was truly arrogant to dare follow him here and even snatch the fruits of his labor from under his nose!

But the spatial passageway had just opened and was still unstable. If they stopped, the spatial passageway would close again, preventing them from entering.

All of Primordial Chaos Daolord's powers had to be used in maintaining the spatial passageway and so he was unable to spare anything to deal with Yi Yun. Therefore, despite his rage, he could only helplessly watch as Yi Yun charged into the spatial passageway!

"That's fine too. By entering that sealed world, you are courting your death!" Primordial Chaos Daolord said through clenched teeth.

But at the instant Yi Yun entered the spatial passageway, he suddenly extended a finger


A black stream of light shot out from Yi Yun's finger as it went straight for Primordial Chaos Daolord's chest!

This was a move he had learned from the Divine Perish HallShura Finger. By condensing his decimation aura and the nebulous Primordial Chaos at his fingertip, he shot out a beam that could tear through the world!

As Yi Yun had burned his blood essence more than ten times, his Yuan Qi was lacking. The shot was only at half might but that was more than enough. Primordial Chaos Daolord was completely unable to parry the attack!

"Ahhh! You are courting death!"

Primordial Chaos Daolord raged, helpless as the beam shot at him!