True Martial World Chapter 1492

Chapter 1492: Primordial Grounds
Chapter 1492: Primordial Grounds
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Was this a world left behind from the birth of the Universe? Why was the Spear of Primordial Chaos sealing such a place?

Yi Yun felt that this world seemed to hide something.

As Yi Yun was pondering over such matters, a gray mist suddenly flashed across his vision.

"Oh? This nebulous Primordial Chaos seems somewhat different?"

Yi Yun did not hesitate to pursue the nebulous Primordial Chaos.

He didn't chase it for long before he suddenly discovered several tiny sparkling crystals floating around the nebulous Primordial Chaos.

As the crystals produced mesmerizing colors, their aura was extremely magnificent. Despite being the size of beans, they contained the splendor of a world.

"These are Chaos Gems!"

Yi Yun revealed a look of pleasant surprise. During a Great World's birth, the primeval laws that remained inside the star would condense into a huge mineral vein, known as World Stones!

World Stones were the currency of the 12 Empyrean Heavens but the Sinkhole did not use them. It had a better replacement. At the birth of the Sinkhole, the Sinkhole World Stones that were condensed from the worldly laws were even more perfect. When mined, they had the quality of natural jade; thus, they were named Spirit Jade. Similarly, Spirit Jade was used as currency in the Sinkhole.

Spirit Jade with excellent quality were mined from the core Spirit Jade mineral vein and were deemed Jade Marrow, or were also given the name Godly Monarch Immortal Annulus. Their prices were extremely high and even a Divine Lord would typically only have dozens of them. Only Godly Monarchs would have them in excessive amounts, thus giving Godly Monarch Immortal Annulus its name.

But above Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli, there were even more precious kinds of World Stones.

Legend had it that at the birth of the entire Universe, the worldly laws fused with the nebulous Primordial Chaos, forming the most primeval World Stone. They were born together with space-time, Yin and Yang, preceding the five elements and all things.

Such World Stones were called Chaos Gems!

It was possible for World Stones to be produced again. The Universe was vast and ever-changing. Over billions of years, new Great Worlds would form all the time.

However, Chaos Gems would never form again. Unless the Universe came to an end, giving birth to a new Universe, there would be no opportunity for new Chaos Gems to form.

Chaos Gems were rare to begin with. Furthermore, since much time had passed since the ancient age, these rare Chaos Gems had been found by people and depleted. They were nearly extinct.

Prior to this, Yi Yun had only heard the legends of Chaos Gems but now, he was actually seeing real Chaos Gems!

Even if the Chaos Gems were the size of beans, they were sufficient to make Yi Yun's heart race.

These gems were formed from the most primeval laws under the heaven and earth. They were born from the birth of the Universe and were the foundational rocks of the Universe!

He never expected the space he was in would have traces of such things. This world was clearly extremely old and had not been stepped into for hundreds of millions of years!

Yi Yun flew towards the Chaos Gems but the moment he approached one, it would shoot into the cosmos rapidly like a meteor.

"This" Yi Yun was completely taken aback. Had these Chaos Gems gained sentience after so much time? It was hard to imagine Chaos Gems producing living spirits.

It was very fast!

Yi Yun furrowed his brows. Here, his movement was restricted by the laws present but the Chaos Gems were completely unaffected. They streaked out as resplendent beams across the sky and flew deep into the starry cosmos.

Yi Yun was obviously not going to let the Chaos Gems slip away from him. He targeted the smallest Chaos Gem and chased after it. The smaller the Chaos Gem, the slower it was, making it easier for him to grasp it.

The Chaos Gem seemed to possess a basic level of intelligence. It came to a stop after it pulled a certain distance away from Yi Yun. This time, Yi Yun powered his Dragon Emperor Technique and accelerated to maximum speed. He extended his hand to grab the Chaos Gem!


The Chaos Gem reacted extremely quickly, perfectly flashing to dodge Yi Yun's snatch.


Yi Yun gave a clear cry as massive amounts of Yuan Qi erupted from him. Primordial Chaos and decimation aura began condensing around Yi Yun, forming a Primordial Destruction domain!


The boundless Primordial Chaos powers radiated outwards and, although Yi Yun's movement was hindered, the Primordial Destruction domain did not seem to face any obstacles. After all, the Primordial Chaos laws were almost perfectly congruent with the world he was in.

As such, even though the Chaos Gem was escaping at full speed, it eventually became enveloped by the Primordial Destruction domain.


Yi Yun focused his mind, instantly binding the Chaos Gem. It began slamming in every direction with terrifying strength.

Yi Yun frowned. He never expected the Chaos Gem to possess such strength. It had nearly charged out of its confines.

He controlled the Primordial Destruction domain and gradually contracted it.

The Chaos Gem was finally suppressed. Yi Yun relaxed slightly and held the Chaos Gems in his palm.

The Chaos Gem was just too small, slightly bigger than a rice grain. But even so, Yi Yun felt a nearly unbearable weight in his palm.

"How heavy!"

Holding the Chaos Gem in hand, Yi Yun felt like he was holding onto a star.

He took a few deep breaths, calming the turbulent Yuan Qi inside of him before he slowly wrapped the Chaos Gem with Primordial Chaos laws.

Just holding the grain-sized Chaos Gem was already so difficult. If it were any other Supremacy, they would have to watch helplessly and do nothing.

As the Primordial Chaos laws enveloped the Chaos Gem, the connection of the laws allowed Yi Yun to feel wisps of energy surge into his body.

His Dragon Emperor Technique automatically circulated itself to absorb the energy.

The energy was extremely abnormal. It could not be called Yuan Qi, but would be more appropriately labeled "Chaos Qi." They were the first wisps of Qi in the heaven and earth at their birth. Back then, they did not belong to any laws; thus giving them the name of Chaos.

Yi Yun was absorbing the Qi left behind from the primeval Universe. It perfectly harmonized with the Great Dao of the heaven and earth, or it could be said that it itself was a Great Dao. Just absorbing a wisp of it was equivalent to merging with the primeval Universe's laws. It was indeed a rare opportunity.

Yi Yun hid inside the stellar fragment with the Chaos Gem. The stellar fragment was the size of a tiny mountain and after expending a great deal of strength, Yi Yun bore open a cave in it. Hiding inside it after placing a concealment array at the entrance, Yi Yun sat cross-legged deep inside the stellar fragment. He held the Chaos Gem in hand as thin, smoky wisps of Chaos Qi constantly surged into his body.

Every wisp was something he deeply cherished.

The Dragon Emperor Technique's circulation immediately sped up. The blood essence that Yi Yun had lost previously was completely replenished quickly as his lifeblood even seemed to turn more exuberant.

Constantly maintaining a highly concentrated Primordial Chaos domain expended a great deal of Yi Yun's energy but the vacuum that was left behind was replenished with Chaos Qi.

If Yi Yun's body was described as a reservoir, with energy being the water, then he was now expelling all the ordinary water that was originally in him and replacing it with Chaos water. Not only was the reservoir expanding greatly as result, the water itself was experiencing in a qualitative improvement.

With that, Yi Yun entered a trance like state for cultivation.

He did not know how much time had passed before he finally finished absorbing all the Chaos Qi inside the Chaos Gem. He had already reached the pinnacle of the Supremacy realm but he had gained a tiny sliver of improvement, coming increasingly close to the Divine Lord realm.

Ever since he stepped into the ancient battlefield, Yi Yun's cultivation level increased rapidly. It would be easy to get an unstable foundation as a result.

"River of Forgetfulness's water!"

Yi Yun flipped his hand and took out a tiny bottle from his interspatial ring. This was the River of Forgetfulness's water he received from the Nine Li Magus Empire. He had a tiny amount left and although the effects were far poorer than before, they could still prove useful.

With the water, Yi Yun experienced time at a much slower speed than the outside world. It gave him plenty of time to solidify his foundation.

As the final wisp of Chaos Qi was digested by Yi Yun, he gradually felt the world in front of him seem to change.

Chains seemed to appear in the starry cosmos out of nowhere. Some were thick and others thin. These chains were interlinked, forming ordered chains that seemed to prop up the cosmos.

What seemed like messy and disorderly stellar fragments or stellar dust that drifted in the cosmos were in fact laws that resided on these chains.

These nomological chains could not be clearly seen usually but could only be vaguely sensed. People with astounding talent had a high affinity with the worldly laws, allowing them to sense the laws at a deeper level, giving them deeper insights.

There were others that would never sense the Great Dao laws their entire lives.

But now, through the Chaos Qi, Yi Yun was able to see the Great Dao laws that connected the world. They coruscated with resplendent light like a bridge across the heaven and earth.

Despite seeing the laws through the Chaos Qi, it did not mean he could necessarily figure them out. For many warriors, however, seeing it gave them hope. Of course, how much of the laws one could figure out through the Chaos Qi depended on a warrior's talent.

The nomological chains that Yi Yun could see nearly spread across all of the cosmos. Through these laws, he seemed to be able to take in everything he saw.

On the stellar fragment, Yi Yun silently meditated over it. The Chaos Qi constantly circulated him as an ancient aura emitted from him