True Martial World Chapter 1495

Chapter 1495: Perfect Congruence
Chapter 1495: Perfect Congruence
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Each of the gray Chaos Gems seemed like a dense and contracted pocket world. They were likely the group of Chaos Gems that Yi Yun encountered when he first entered this spatial plane.

"Oh? This is"

Yi Yun's eyes narrowed, for he discovered a pure black gem the size of a finger close to the few Chaos Gems. The surrounding Chaos Gems appeared to revolve around the black Chaos Gem like planets around a sun.

This scene made Yi Yun draw a deep breath. Just like the way Spirit Jade had different grades, Chaos Gems had grades too. The finger-sized black Chaos Gem had to be of a higher grade than its surrounding Chaos Gems.

Chaos Gems which were condensed at the birth of the Universe had very different energy levels as well.

Back when Yi Yun transmigrated, the Universe in which his Earth existed began from a Big Bang. Yi Yun did not know what the birth of the universe he was in was like, but it was likely phenomenal. As such, the closer to the origin of the primordial bang, the more compressed the Chaos was. The quality of the resulting Chaos Gem would also be higher.

This was truly a gift from the heavens. Who could have imagined that the ancient battlefield was hiding such a primeval universe, one with so many Chaos Gems?

However, over the billions of years, the Chaos Gems had gained some basic sentience. If he recklessly approached them, they would scatter and flee. Yi Yun could only carefully expand his Primordial Chaos space, enveloping them completely before slowly pulling in the net.

In the extremely turbulent nebulous Primordial Chaos cyclone, expanding such a wide Primordial Chaos space was a huge challenge for Yi Yun. He felt that his Yuan Qi was being drained like an open flood gate, but he gritted his teeth and endured it.

Time slowly passed. Yi Yun spent a full thirty minutes, draining forty percent of his Yuan Qi, before pulling the Chaos Gems into a region about ten feet across. Finally, Yi Yun carefully brought over the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and directly swallowed the few Chaos Gems into it. If not for the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, Yi Yun would never have dared to do this. Draining forty percent of his Yuan Qi in such a space was just too dangerous. If Primordial Chaos had came charging in again, Yi Yun might have died terribly.

"Oh? The Primordial Chaos turbulence has intensified inside this cyclone"

The Primordial Chaos cyclone formed a space in and of itself. Yi Yun suddenly realized that the laws of the space were turning more chaotic; furthermore, this new energy was not like the Great Dao the space originally had. Instead, it seemed to be injected by human means.

Yi Yun instantly realized that Primordial Chaos Daolord was up to his tricks. The old bastard was trying to make the Primordial Chaos cyclone turn more violent and chaotic, forcing him to leave it.

If this continued, the Primordial Chaos cyclone could even undergo successive explosions. That would be enough to give most people a tragic death.

After understanding Primordial Chaos Daolord's motive, Yi Yun sneered. Unfortunately, the old bastard had underestimated the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. How could he have guessed that the Ascending Dragon Cauldron he was sitting in was a weapon left behind by the ancient twelve Ancestor Gods? Furthermore, it was one that was infused with the Dragon Emperor's soul.

The typical warrior would need to expend copious amounts of Yuan Qi to control a defensive artifact, making it difficult for them to continue resisting later on. However, Yi Yun was different. The Ascending Dragon Cauldron had an absolute defense. All Yi Yun needed was to expend an extremely minute amount of Yuan Qi to keep it going. No matter how powerful the Primordial Chaos cyclone became, he was confident he could persist inside for a long time.

Yi Yun sealed the cauldron's lid and ignored the turbulent Primordial Chaos outside. He turned his gaze on the few Chaos Gems he had brought inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

There were a total of five Chaos Gems. Four smaller ones were slowly revolving around the big Chaos Gem. The space around them was being influenced by them, making it look darker and more profound. From afar, it truly looked like a mysterious solar system floating in the universe. The blurry gray halo emitted what seemed like eternal nomological beauty.

Upon seeing this scene, Yi Yun hesitated momentarily. He could not bear to destroy such gorgeous Chaos Gems.

On careful thought, these Chaos Gems had traveled across the endless river of time before slowly gaining a rudimentary sentience. From a particular point of view, they could even be considered as a form of life.

This was a life born out of the Universe's Great Dao, beings from its very beginnings. Once it was destroyed, it would not appear again until the birth of the next Universe.

In contrast, lives of flesh and blood, including humans, could continue on for generations as long as food was provided.

If he were to destroy these Chaos Gems, it would be equivalent to destroying something that took the primordial Universe billions of years to accumulate. That would be too much of a pity.

With this thought in mind, Yi Yun decided not to destroy them.

Primordial Chaos Daolord was outside and he was in desperate need of strength. He could not give up these Chaos Gems, but he could reach a compromise. He could absorb half of the Chaos Gems' powers, leaving the rest of the energy with them. As such, he would not destroy these Chaos Gems.

After all, time had no meaning for these Chaos Gems. In this space that was filled with nebulous Primordial Chaos, these Chaos Gems would slowly absorb the essence of the Universe over lengthy periods of time to recover.

After Yi Yun had this thought, he cast his Primordial Chaos laws, imperceptibly transmitting his benevolence.

After some time, the five Chaos Gems seemed to sense his benevolence. They stopped resisting Yi Yun and no longer fled. Instead, they slowly floated over and lightly revolved around Yi Yun.

Yi Yun cultivated in Primordial Chaos laws, something that stemmed from the same origin as the Chaos Gems. The scene of the five Chaos Gems revolving around Yi Yun appeared extremely harmonious. At that instant, Yi Yun felt as though he had transformed into a Universe, perfectly fusing with this primordial Universe.

As the Chaos Gems revolved around him, the Primordial Chaos forces constantly gathered inside Yi Yun's body. Mixed with it were the blessings of the Chaos Gems.

The Primordial Chaos energy was perfectly congruent with the energy within Yi Yun's body. He did not encounter any obstruction while absorbing it. There was not even a need to refine it. They would automatically fuse into his body's meridians.

If not, the process of refinement and absorption would result in a lot of wasted energy.

This discovery gave Yi Yun a pleasant surprise.

He had done so with the thought of having to miss out on half the available energy. In order to not destroy these Chaos Gems, he realized that the perfect congruency of the energy made it seem like he was getting the full benefits despite giving up half of the energy. Instead, it saved him the refinement process, allowing his absorption of the Chaos Gems to go a lot faster.

According to his current speed, all he needed was a few days to complete his cultivation.

The essence of Primordial Chaos forces that contained the blessings of the Chaos Gems rapidly accumulated in Yi Yun's body, raising his strength at a constant pace.

Previously, Yi Yun had only taken twelve years to go from a mid-stage Supremacy to a peak Supremacy. However, due to the effects of the River of Forgetfulness's water, this process had been actually been closer to nearly a century. But regardless, Yi Yun had cultivated in one fell swoop. There would definitely be some instabilities in his foundation.

Yet now, through the baptism of the Primordial Chaos forces, these instabilities were gradually leveled and compacted.

The nebulous Primordial Chaos was as heavy as a star. It sank into Yi Yun's dantian, giving it the most stable foundation.

And Yi Yun was hiding inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. While he peacefully cultivated, Primordial Chaos Daolord had been using his massive array outside the Primordial Chaos cyclone for five days.

He had expended a great deal of strength over those five days.

Now that the massive array was working stably, it no longer needed Primordial Chaos Daolord to inject his Yuan Qi. As time passed, the laws in the Primordial Chaos cyclone would only turn more chaotic.

At that moment Primordial Chaos Daolord looked at the entrance to the Primordial Chaos cyclone. His psyche perception could not probe inside, nor was he aware of what was happening inside.

However, the thought of an utterly chaotic Primordial Chaos cyclone gave him the impression that the punk would ultimately fail to last long even if he had a top-grade defensive artifact.

Primordial Chaos Daolord coveted the opportunities Yi Yun had. As long as he obtained them, he could attempt the Godly Monarch realm.

"I'll wait another ten hours. I'll push my body and mind to their optimal state before entering to finish that punk!"