True Martial World Chapter 1502

Chapter 1502: Armor Of Chaos
Chapter 1502: Armor of Chaos
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Apart from the stellar winds in the beginning, the group did not encounter any dangers on the landmass. This was actually unexpected since they believed that the primeval landmass might hold unimaginable dangers at every turn. But now, it appeared to be a simply primeval and desolate piece of land.

"Although there are divine rocks contaminated by nebulous Primordial Chaos, we have not found any divine treasures after searching for so long"

Fire Cloud Divine Lord frowned. He was obviously excited at the prospect of being able to reap those divine rocks, but he was also naturally not satisfied finding just that after going through so much trouble to find this mysterious universe. He wished to discover greater opportunities.

"That person is starting to distance himself from us," a female Divine Lord dressed in a purple dress commented. She saw that Yi Yun's figure had shrunk into a tiny dot in the distance, as though he was hidden amid the blurry mist.

"He's not strong enough. Following us won't benefit him in any way. He keeps watching us gather the divine rocks, but he does not dare to vie for them. Obviously, he's not foolish enough to follow us closely." Fire Cloud Divine Lord narrowed his eyes to give Yi Yun a glance. He did not mind Yi Yun getting away from them. The entrance to the space had been sealed by Primordial Chaos Daolord. If Yi Yun wanted to attempt an escape, he would have to crack the seal. Primordial Chaos Daolord would naturally sense that and, when the time came, they could still capture Yi Yun.

As for Primordial Chaos Daolord, he yearned for Yi Yun to leave so that he could be out of sight and out of mind.

However, for some nagging reason, Primordial Chaos Daolord had an ominous premonition. He had suffered under Yi Yun just too much, so he couldn't shake the feeling that there was a ploy behind Yi Yun's every action.

Although he was suspicious, Primordial Chaos Daolord did not plan to follow Yi Yun alone. He had suffered enough already. This place was desolate and creepy, and even if Yi Yun had several means at his disposal, they were unlikely to be useful here.

Yi Yun naturally did not care what these people thought about him. He proceeded further into the mist, and soon, he was completely separated from the Divine Lords.

Fire Cloud Divine Lord was right. Yi Yun would not foolishly follow them and watch them gather the divine rocks. Furthermore, he thought nothing of those divine rocks.

Yi Yun sped up his departure before taking out a Chaos Gem from the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

He spread open his palm as the Chaos Gem trembled slightly in his palm as though it was somewhat excited.

In fact, it wasn't just this Chaos Gem. The other Chaos Gems in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron had similar reactions. And it was precisely because Yi Yun had sensed the abnormality of the Chaos Gems that he chose to silently separate from the Divine Lords.

The Chaos Gems possessed intelligence. There was definitely a reason for the sudden state the Chaos Gems was in.

In addition, the Chaos Gems had transmitted a faint sensation that guided him in a particular direction.

As he followed that direction, he slowly saw a short hill.

The hill was completely black in color as though it was made of metal. The hill did not have any protruding rocks so that it was very level, making it quite intriguing.

Such a tiny hill that stood perfectly-shaped appeared rather out of place on this desolate land.

And when Yi Yun approached the hill's peak, he suddenly sensed an obstructive force that prevented him for progressing forward, and it grew stronger at a rapid rate. The surrounding air was like a thick quagmire, making it feel difficult to progress even an inch.

"Why are the Primordial Chaos laws here so strong?" Yi Yun revealed a look of surprise. Apart from the less than hundred-meter tall hill, there was nothing around him. However, this terrifying obstructive force implied that something was odd about the area.

The place that triggered the Chaos Gems had to be here.

Yi Yun only managed to continue progressing forward by releasing his Primordial Chaos space. Although it was only a few hundred meters from where he was to the foot of the hill, it took Yi Yun about an hour to traverse the distance.

When Yi Yun finally reached the hill, he felt that all his energy was being triggered by the hill's body as though it was about spew out.

This is

Yi Yun focused his eyes, and saw that there were black crystals buried inside the black hill.

They were Chaos Gems!

Yi Yun held his breath. He could sense the tremendous Chaos energies emitting out of the hill's body. Similarly, the Chaos Gems in the cauldron were reacting as though they felt it as well.

Yi Yun closed his eyes and carefully sensed the scale of the Chaos energies. Finally, his heart came to a stop for he finally determined that deep in the black hill lay a Chaos Gems mineral vein!

The powers of the world would condense to form World Stones during the birth of a world, as well as World Stone mineral veins. Back when the Sinkhole appeared, the Sinkhole's powers of the world had also condensed Spirit Jade and Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli.

Then, the formation of a primeval universe would naturally form a Chaos Gems mineral vein where the Primordial Chaos energies were the richest!

However, this kind of mineral vein was no different from a legend. In fact, it was not even mentioned in legends. It was already a huge opportunity for one to encounter a single Chaos Gem. Therefore a Chaos Gem mineral vein was completely unimaginable!

"Could it be that this universe's Chaos Gems are produced from this mineral vein?"

This thought flashed across Yi Yun's mind. This universe was filled with an excessive number of Chaos Gems. They were born from the mineral vein and scattered across the universe. They floated for eons and absorbed the universe's essence before gaining sentience.

And this was their original birth place. This was also why the Chaos Gems in the cauldron resonated in response.

This place was a treasure in and of itself!

Although Yi Yun had encountered many natural treasures in his time, his breathing could not help but hasten. This would enhance his Primordial Chaos laws greatly!

Yi Yun knew deep down that what he was seeing was only the exterior periphery of the Chaos Gems mineral vein. It was also where the density of the Chaos energy was weakest. And deep in the mineral vein, there were definitely supreme-grade Chaos Gems just like Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli for Spirit Jade!

Yi Yun eagerly headed towards the Chaos Gems mineral vein, but at that moment, he suddenly sensed a sharp killing intent!


Yi Yun came to an abrupt halt. He saw an unfathomable hole dug into the ground in front of him. Pure wisps of Yuan Qi shot out of its depths like sharp Sword Qi.

The pure Yuan Qi was not pure Primordial Chaos powers but contained all sorts of nomological forces. There was Yin-Yang, the five elements, space-time, and many more!

In the history of the universe, there was first Primordial Chaos, before Yin-Yang and space-time. Finally, the five elements appeared, forming all matter.

A Chaos Gem mineral vein had sufficient energy to produce all sorts of laws.

The Chaos laws was the beginning of all laws and matter, while the Destruction laws was the ending of all laws and matter!

Yi Yun wore a heavy expression. He saw more holes like the one in front of him, and could sense that the holes were connected together, forming a massive array formation map. It was not artificial, but naturally formed by the the world's processes.

An array formation of such a grand scale far exceeded any array master's imagination.

Yi Yun picked up a rock and threw it over.


The rock slammed into an invisible energy jet, and the rock was immediately sliced into countless smaller pieces amid the jet. The small fragments were then crushed to powder before completely vanishing.

The glint in Yi Yun's eyes changed. He thought for a moment and took out a long saber that emitted a ghastly aura from his interspatial ring. He could not remember when he had obtained the saber from. It was of pretty good quality, but was useless to him. Besides, items that emitted such ghastly auras were not things he wanted to keep by his side. This was an opportune time to use it.


The saber cleaved at the energy jet under Yi Yun's Yuan Qi envelopment.

Yuan Qi blasted out suddenly as it struck the energy jet.

However, at the instant the saber entered the energy jet, there was a sharp howl from the saber. Following that, a wisp of black smoke billowed from it. The saber melted under Yi Yun's watch, leaving nothing behind from either the ghostly soul or the saber.

As for the Yuan Qi, it was absorbed clean by the energy jet. It did not even cause so much as a stir.


Yi Yun could tell that the energy jet was a worldly array formed naturally. It would be difficult to crack. Even a mighty figure would be reduced to nothingness if they tried to forcibly crack it.

He came to this conclusion. Unless he could crack the laws within, he could not enter. However, this was the most primeval Great Dao of the universe. How could it be easy to fully comprehend?

Although Yi Yun understood this, he absolutely refused to give up. Such a massive opportunity would definitely be worth it even if he had to study the array formation for centuries or even millennia!

Yi Yun sat on the ground in an attempt to comprehend the laws. At that moment, he suddenly discovered that the Chaos Gem that he had taken out but not put back into the cauldron emitted a faint glow as the Yuan Qi energy spewed once more.

Could it be

Yi Yun connected psychically to the Chaos Gem.


The Chaos Gem suddenly flew out of Yi Yun's hand and towards the screen of light.


Yi Yun was alarmed. Although he had a guess, seeing the Chaos Gem shoot forward tightened his heart. These Chaos Gems were intelligent. He did not wish to see them destroyed.

However, Yi Yun was able to heave a sigh of relief because he saw the Chaos Gem pass through the energy jet safely and quietly before it floated in mid-air.

As he looked at the floating Chaos Gem, Yi Yun was certain of his guess.

This was where the Chaos Gem mineral vein was. The Chaos Gems he had obtained all stemmed from this mineral vein, and since it was their birth place, the worldly array naturally wouldn't harm them!

This was within reason.

After coming to this realization, Yi Yun immediately thought of a way to proceed.

After five minutes, Yi Yun had donned a simple armor emitted a gray aura. Upon a more careful look, one would see that the armor was made out of Chaos Gems.

Yi Yun was probably the only person who could be so extravagant as to use Chaos Gems as an armor.

These Chaos Gems released nebulous Primordial Chaos, enveloping Yi Yun within. Yi Yun then strode forward as he carefully approached the energy jet.

As he passed through the energy jet, Yi Yun held his breath. He felt the terrifying powers sweep across his body, but they did not injure him. The next moment, he had already successfully appeared on the other side of the energy jet wall.

He had succeeded. Yi Yun was delighted. With the Chaos Gems armor, he realized that not only did the energy jet fail to hurt him, even the Primordial Chaos laws that restricted his movement had been weakened greatly. He should have thought of this idea a long time ago.