True Martial World Chapter 1503

Chapter 1503: The Differences Between People
Chapter 1503: The Differences Between People
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As Yi Yun continued venturing deeper, he clearly sensed that the Yuan Qi energy that spewed out from underground was turning more horrific. It was like a mighty torrent. He could tell that the torrent would automatically divert upon approaching the Chaos armor. But even so, he still felt an immense impact acting on him. Amid the torrent, he felt like a lone boat in the middle of the massive ocean.

If he took off his Chaos armor, Yi Yun guessed that he would be instantly pulverized.

"The laws at the universe's birth sure are fascinating. The Primordial Chaos produces such terrifying Yuan Qi jets, but it knows to automatically avoid Chaos Gems that were born here."

As Yi Yun sighed, he had already come to a spot just mere feet away from the hill. There, the density of the Primordial Chaos energies had reached an unimaginable state. They gathered together, fusing all the laws in that space, making them indistinguishable.

This sort of pure, chaotic state was Chaos.

"Chaos the state before the Universe was born. Primordial Chaos. Just splitting off a wisp is known as Primordial, but at its uppermost limits, it is Chaos"

Yi Yun knew that in the Universe where Earth resided in before his transmigration, there was a similar birth process of the Universe. Scientists said that at the instant of the Big Bang, all the matter, space, and time in the world was compressed into a point. Even the four fundamental forces were unified.

And such a chaotic state was the beginning of all matter.

Yi Yun did not advance any further. He sat down cross-legged and slowly inched his perception into the Chaos Gem mineral vein.


At the instant he made contact with the Chaos Gem mineral vein, the entire mineral vein trembled, as though a divine dragon that had been sleeping for billions of years was awakening.


Yi Yun was alarmed as he sensed the energies of the mineral vein turn increasingly violent. It appeared as if he had stirred a massive spirit.

Could it be that the mineral vein had also gained sentience over the billions of years?

Yi Yun held his breath. If that were the case, how powerful would such a being be!?

But ultimately, this feeling abated. The mineral vein calmed down, and no ancient spirit awoke.

But beneath the ground, the spewing energy flows became more concentrated. Soon they merged into an energy net that enveloped the entire hill!

Yi Yun felt an upheaval of emotions. When he was certain that the Chaos Gem mineral vein would no longer act abnormally, he began absorbing the nebulous Primordial Chaos to cultivate.

However, the Chaos Gem mineral vein's quaking reached far out

Hundreds of kilometers away, Primordial Chaos Daolord and company felt their hearts jolt.

"There's a massive energy fluctuation over there!" Primordial Chaos Daolord had a very thorough understanding of the Primordial Chaos laws. He was the first to sense it.

"Oh?" Sacred Horizon Divine Lord's eyes lit up as well. "Could it be the birth of some treasure?"

"Let's take a look!" Primordial Chaos Daolord said as the group of people rapidly flew over. Even in this distant universe, a few hundred kilometers could be traversed in five minutes.

Soon, Primordial Chaos Daolord and company had rushed over from afar. They were anxious and also filled with anticipation. They had obtained nothing apart from the divine rocks. Now, they had finally discovered something promising.

Upon arrival, they immediately experienced the same feelings that Yi Yun had felt.

"The Primordial Chaos laws here are very potent!"

"This hill is far from ordinary. It probably hides some supreme treasure within!" Primordial Chaos Daolord looked at the hill with eyes full of excitement.

These Divine Lords were powerful and they used various means to safely venture deeper.

Soon, they arrived in front of the spewing energy jet.

At that moment, the energy flows had finished forming an energy net that enveloped the hill's peak.

"Hold on," said a Divine Lord with a frown.

Sacred Horizon Divine Lord also wore a ruminative look on his face. He gently swiped with his finger as a beam of Yuan Qi shot forward like a sword.

And when the Yuan Qi finger beam came into contact with the energy net, it exploded. Following that, the beam was instantly devoured.

"This is a natural array formation. There must be an impressive divine treasure sealed within!" Fire Cloud Divine Lord said in pleasant surprise.

The other Divine Lords turned fervent as well. A massive array formed by natural processes was either formed by the special geological features, a natural wonder land, or it was because of a birth of a treasure. Furthermore, such treasures were always extremely precious.

Apart from the worldly array, even the laws had changed. It was definitely due to the existence of a supreme treasure.

"Don't rush to rejoice. We might not be able to enter," Primordial Chaos Daolord suddenly said coldly. He knew Primordial Chaos laws and he deeply understood how terrifying the worldly array was.

"Primordial Chaos, the treasure is right in front of us. Why are you saying such disheartening words before you even make an attempt? The path to becoming a Godly Monarch is fraught with difficulties. All we need to do is overcome them and forge ahead diligently. If this is the sum of your character, I believe you will stay a Divine Lord for the rest of your life," said Fire Cloud Divine Lord sarcastically.

"Hehe" Primordial Chaos Daolord sneered. "In that case, I won't stop you. Go on in."

Fire Cloud Divine Lord harrumphed coldly and turned to head towards the energy jets.

Naturally, he could tell that the energy net was not that easy to pass through. Such worldly array formations might be difficult to crack, but there was still chance of forcibly gaining entry.

"West River Divine Lord, why don't you join forces with me?" asked Fire Cloud Divine Lord.

There was more certainty if two Divine Lords took action together.

"Haha, I will respectfully accept your invitation, Brother Fire Cloud," said West River Divine Lord with a smile.

Fire Cloud Divine Lord nodded. A fire blob instantly appeared in his palm.


The flame flew out and exploded with a boom. Immediately, there were hot waves surging outwards as flames blotted out the sky. It was though space itself was warping from the burning heat.

If Li Fire Divine Lord were there, he would be made aware that his grasp of the fire-elemental laws was far inferior to Fire Cloud Divine Lord's.

At that moment, West River Divine Lord had taken action as well. He conjured a spatial mirror before reaching out his hand to guide it. A beam of spatial dimension laws slashed out from the mirror. Like a sword that could split open the skies, it tore through the ground ahead of him. These energy jets came from underground, after all. The land had formed a natural array in and of itself. As long as they destroyed a corner of that array, they could step into it.

The two Divine Lord's combined attacks was tumultuous. Even if a planet was there, it would be shattered.

But what followed left Fire Cloud Divine Lord and West River Divine Lord astounded.

Before their attacks reached the ground, they were devoured by the energy jets that filled the area. They vanished as if they had sunk into the bottomless ocean.

This was the attack of two hegemons. Even if they failed to crack open the array, they should have at least caused a boom, right? But now, their attacks did not even touch the array's body.

Primordial Chaos Daolord sneered and said, "What an embarrassing spectacle."

Fire Cloud Divine Lord's eyes burned with anger. "Primordial Chaos, why don't you try since you are so smug?"

Primordial Chaos Daolord ignored Fire Cloud Divine Lord. As for the other Divine Lords, they abandoned all thoughts of attempting after seeing how Fire Cloud Divine Lord's and West River Divine Lord's combined attack had failed to stir the light barrier one bit.

"This natural array is extremely robust. Even I might not be able to enter. Daoist Primordial Chaos, do you have a solution?" asked Sacred Horizon Divine Lord.

"I said earlier that we might not be able to enter. I'll just try my best. This array is related to the nebulous Primordial Chaos. Perhaps using it might give me a chance," said Primordial Chaos Daolord. It was true that he did not have confidence in his ability to crack the worldly array; if he did, he would not have said such words that only undermined himself.

"In that case, it looks like none of us will be entering any time soon." the purple-dressed female Divine Lord from before said.

"That's right. That is exactly the case," said Primordial Chaos Daolord lightly.

"Perhaps all of us can do one collective attack as an attempt. If anyone makes a great contribution to the opening of the array, they can receive an additional portion of the treasures inside!" said Sacred Horizon Divine Lord. But at that moment, Eclipse Arhat, who was a man of few words, suddenly exclaimed lightly.

"It appears there is the fluctuation of a vital aura over there?"

Eclipse Arhat had very sharp senses for vital auras. Even if the energy jets screened off everything, he could still faintly sense it.

Everyone felt a jolt through their hearts. The spot where Eclipse Arhat pointed at was within the energy jets. There was someone there? How was it possible?

Although they felt disbelief, they still walked in the direction of the spot. After taking a hundred steps forward and circling a tiny area of the hill, they faintly saw a figure within the energy jets. The figure was blocked by the hill's peak previously, preventing them from seeing him.

Upon seeing the figure sitting there cross-legged, Primordial Chaos Daolord's heart thumped. He felt an extremely ominous premonition rise up in him. He focused his Yuan Qi to his eyes as the figure immediately turned clear.

"It It's that little bastard!" Primordial Chaos Daolord had an ugly expression. Back then, he had a forbidding premonition that Yi Yun was up to something when he left the group. So he had discovered and arrived at this treasure land before him!

The others strengthened their eyesight and also identified the person.

Apart from themselves, the only other person in this cosmic space was Yi Yun

And at that moment, Yi Yun was sitting amid the energy jets, allowing the surging streams to strike him. Yet, he stood there stable as a mountain, absorbing the Primordial Yuan Qi in greedy cultivation!

This scene left everyone dumbfounded. They exchanged looks. They had failed to pass through the energy jets at the periphery, but Yi Yun was sitting there safe and sound despite having a cultivation level lower than theirs?

Could it be that his comprehension of the Primordial Chaos laws had reached a level that allowed him to crack the worldly array?

"Primordial Chaos, what's the meaning of this? Don't you call yourself Primordial Chaos Daolord? Why is the punk sitting safe and sound inside, while we are outside feeling helpless?" Even Sacred Horizon Divine Lord could not help but question Primordial Chaos Daolord. The difference was just too great.

Primordial Chaos Daolord's face was as black as a wok's bottom. "Impossible! Although that punk has some capabilities, he absolutely has not reached such a level. This worldly array destroys everything. There's no way he can withstand it with that bit of skill of his! He must have used some trick!"

As Primordial Chaos Daolord spoke, he tried his best to look at Yi Yun. "Oh? There's a mist around his body. It looks like there's something?"

The crowd looked carefully and indeed, they discovered that Yi Yun's body was covered in a gray layer. It looked like crudely created armor.

The armor's surface was very odd, as though it was formed of tiny rock particles. There were holes in between the rocks, making it look very crude in construction. It could not have any significant defensive abilities.

But the terrifying energy jet would divert itself upon encountering the crude armor. It did not harm Yi Yun in any way.

What armor was this?

Hold on! Why do those tiny rock particles appear familiar?

"Could those be Chaos Gems!?" someone finally exclaimed.

The lustrous gems that formed the armor were none other than Chaos Gems!

A Divine Lord found it unbelievable as he took out a tiny Chaos Gem out. After he made the comparison, he widened his eyes as he stared at Yi Yun's figure. It took him some time to force his words out. "They really are Chaos Gems But, how did he get so many Chaos Gems?"

The Divine Lord immediately felt that the Chaos Gem he had was truly the most sorry thing. He had treated the tiny Chaos Gem as a treasure, but as for Yi Yun? He was wearing them!

Not only that, each and every Chaos Gem that formed the armor was bigger and more precious than the one in his hand!

This Divine Lord felt as though he had suffered an incredible blow. He was not the only one because the other Divine Lords were feeling the same way!

They were hegemons of their dominions outside this world, extremely famous figures. They had always been lofty. When had they ever have the chance to experience such a huge disparity in wealth?

From the looks of it, Yi Yun had used the Chaos Gem armor to step into the screen of light. If not, there was no other explanation for why he could sit there peacefully. But even if they knew the solution, they needed that many Chaos Gems!

Fire Cloud Divine Lord felt that he had eaten a fly. He had previously mocked Yi Yun for being gutless as he had not vied for the gray rocks contaminated with nebulous Primordial Chaos. He thought Yi Yun's mention of him being 'not interested' was just a front. Now, he realized that Yi Yun actually had that many Chaos Gems. Obviously, he would not be interested in those gray rocks. It was as though he had picked up a bunch of trash and flaunted it to a magnate who had chests of gold hidden at home.

"Primordial Chaos, how does this person have so many Chaos Gems? You fought with him for so long and had been following him all this while. Did you not see that he has so many Chaos Gems? Why didn't you snatch them all?"

"Why do you keep spouting nonsense?" Primordial Chaos Daolord's expression was already pitch-black. When he saw Yi Yun wearing the Chaos Gem armor and sitting in there cultivating, he already felt like vomiting blood. And at that moment, Fire Cloud was rubbing his nose in the matter.

If he had the means to snatch Yi Yun's Chaos Gems, would he have fled from Yi Yun in such a wretched manner, so peeved that he nearly vomited blood?

Fire Cloud Divine Lord gained a general understanding from Primordial Chaos Daolord's expression. Apart from being pursued by Yi Yun, Primordial Chaos Daolord must have suffered greatly at his hand.

These Chaos Gems could very likely be discovered by both Primordial Chaos Daolord and Yi Yun, but all of them ended up in Yi Yun's hands!

Although Fire Cloud Divine Lord often mocked Primordial Chaos Daolord, he knew very well that Primordial Chaos Daolord was not someone to be trifled with. How did this person do it and win?