True Martial World Chapter 1505

Chapter 1505: Ancient Voice
Chapter 1505: Ancient Voice
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Yi Yun walked to the side of the stone platform. He saw many words engraved on it but the depth of the engravings were disparate. They appeared to have been written casually. However, there was a concept embedded in the engravings, one hardly describable. Even after such a long period of time, the concept appeared intact. Yi Yun could not help but engross himself in it.

What was exactly written here?

Yi Yun could be considered proficient in a few languages, among them were the ancient languages of the Sinkhole and 12 Empyrean Heavens. But no matter how hard he tried to identify the language used, he failed to figure out what was written. The text was just too esoteric.

"Oh? These are"

Yi Yun saw that there was a side area to the chamber that held a study. In that study was a bookshelf.

It was unknown what materials the bookshelf was made of. Despite such an extended period of time, it had yet to rot. On the bookshelf were a few gray rock slabs, and a very eye-catching black jade slip.

The jade slip was much bigger than the typical jade slip. It looked extremely heavy. Its jade-like characteristics made it look crystalline, its quality unparalleled. Over all his years of martial practice, Yi Yun had seen countless beautiful jade, but none of it could compare with this black jade slip. All of them paled in comparison, putting this on a completely different level.

When Yi Yun walked towards the black jade slip, he suddenly sensed something odd. When he probed it carefully, Yi Yun was stunned. He sensed an immensely heavy force of Chaos coming from the black jade slip.

Oh!? This was not an ordinary jade slip, but a Chaos Gem!

The black Chaos Gem was crystalline and polished, giving it the appearance of jade.

The Chaos Gems that Yi Yun had previously seen were all grayish. Some were even crude in shape. A Chaos Gem in such a shape was something Yi Yun was seeing for the first time.

A jade slip made using a Chaos Gem?

Yi Yun's breathing turned stagnant. It was not only the black jade slip, the other gray rock slabs were also Chaos Gems. But of course, the most valuable one was still the black jade slip. The quality of this Chaos Gem had far exceeded Yi Yun's imagination. It could even be the Chaos Jade Marrow of legend.

Be it mineral veins of Chaos Gems or Spirit Jade, they had Jade Marrow at its core. This was the essence of the entire mineral vein.

This Chaos Jade Marrow compared to ordinary Chaos Gems was like Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli compared to ordinary Spirit Jade. The quality was completely incomparable. They were the Chaos Gems of Chaos Gems!

Furthermore, Yi Yun could sense that although the Chaos Jade Marrow had been made into a jade slip, it similarly gained sentience over the long rivers of time. The other stone slips also had lives of their own.

It could even be said that the concepts engraved on the Chaos Gem slips had a different psyche nature than ordinary Chaos Gems, as though they had been enlightened before.

Could it be

A thought came to Yi Yun. Could the thing that beckoned him be the black Chaos Jade Marrow? But when Yi Yun probed his psyche perception into it, he did not receive a response.

He could sense that the vibrant vital energy contained inside the black Chaos jade slip was in a slumber-like state

"Don't bother searching. The person who beckoned you here is me"

Suddenly, a voice resounded in Yi Yun's ears. He was alarmed as he shouted, "Who is it!?"

The voice did not respond, but the beckoning force appeared once again. This time, Yi Yun felt it acutely. Although it felt distant and far, it was not very strong. In fact, it felt rather frail.

"Who are you?"

Yi Yun walked out the study and back into the hall of the chamber. He vaguely sensed that the entity that summoned him had an spiritual aura similar to his. It was the aura of a human, completely different from the Chaos Gems psyche that he sensed.

Could it be that the person who summoned him was a real human being?

Before coming here, he had never imagined that there would be someone in this chamber! He originally believed that the beckoning he heard stemmed from a spirit that was a manifestation of the Chaos mineral vein.

How could a human, even in a spiritual form, appear in this chamber?

This world had likely been separated from the exterior world for hundreds of millions of years. Could it be that over such a long span of time, this person had been in this chamber all this while?

After all this time, he had actually survived

"My body is fused with the Chaos Gem mineral vein" After a long moment of silence, the voice sounded again.


Yi Yun held his breath as he looked at the wall in front of him. The person who summoned him was likely inside the wall. The person had a body and was not a simple soul, but someone who was actually still alive!

"Senior? Who are you"

"Me? My name is something of the ancient past Probably no one knows of it anymore. People address me as Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness!"

Godly Monarch!?

Yi Yun drew a cold gasp.

There was a Godly Monarch in this chamber!

Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness!

This title sent a jolt through Yi Yun's heart. Could it be that he was an ancient Godly Monarch!?

When looking back at the long river of history, one would find that the Godly Monarchs that had been born over hundreds of millions of years since ancient times were few in number. If one spoke specifically of the Sinkhole, there were new Godly Monarchs that came to being in the past seventy to eighty million years, but to speak of the strongest and most illustrious Godly Monarchs in history, there were still only the eight ancient Godly Monarchs!

And these eight ancient Godly Monarchs cultivated in laws that stemmed from the twelve Fey Gods, or twelve Dao Ancestors.

These twelve Fey Gods were: Extreme Yang Illumination! Extreme Yin Nether Glow! Empress Earth Dao Tree! Dragon Emperor! Seven-colored Phoenix! Kun Peng! Heavenly Man! River of Forgetfulness! Solitary Nothingness! There were also the three universe seeds that included the Purple Crystal Origins.

To have the title Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness, this man had to be one of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs.

"Senior, are you Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs?"

Yi Yun asked in shock. It caught him by surprise that one of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs was inside this chamber, and had been there for such a long period of time

The voice did not reply as though silently acknowledging the title.

"Senior, why did you summon me?" asked Yi Yun perplexed.

After a long while, the voice sounded once again. "Perhaps it's because we are fated. I sense the auras of five of my partners on you. It's like you are someone chosen by the heavens"


Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness's words left Yi Yun stunned.

Someone chosen by the heavens? Five partners?

People who could be deemed companions of Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness had to be the other eight ancient Godly Monarchs.

He sensed the auras of five of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs on him? Were there that many?

Yi Yun could not comprehend it at all. He knew of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs he had come into contact with before.

They were Pure Yang Sword Palace's owner, Bai Yueyin, and Huan Chenxue.

If he was not wrong, Pure Yang Sword Palace's owner corresponded to the first Fey God, Extreme Yang Illumination, while Huan Chenxue corresponded to the second Fey God, Extreme Yin Nether Glow!