True Martial World Chapter 1506

Chapter 1506: Sealed For Hundreds Of Millions Of Years
Chapter 1506: Sealed for Hundreds of Millions of Years
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Yi Yun had gained the legacy of the Pure Yang Sword Palace's owner, and possessed Huan Chenxue's companion sword. As for Bai Yueyin, he had spent twelve years in the same cavern with her. Furthermore, he had shared the same Divine Stalactite Marrow pool with her, and even absorbed half of it. In that case, it was not a surprise that Yi Yun had a sliver of Bai Yueyin's aura.

However, Yi Yun was unsure which Fey God Bai Yueyin corresponded to.

Apart from the three, he still had the auras of two other ancient Godly Monarchs?

Yi Yun verbalized his curiousness and after nearly half a minute of silence, the voice said weakly, "Your body has a legacy left behind by Azure Wood"

Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness's words left Yi Yun perturbed.

A legacy left behind by Azure Wood?

Who was Azure Wood? Could it be the Azure Wood Divine Tree's seed? If that was the case was the Azure Wood Divine Tree itself one of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs?

Yi Yun took a deep breath. That's right. Who said that the eight ancient Godly Monarchs were all human? If the Azure Wood Divine Tree gained sentience, it was a sentient life of its own. It could create manifestations, and naturally become a Godly Monarch.

Its main body was that of a tree before it manifested as a humanoid being. And the laws the Azure Wood Divine Tree cultivated naturally stemmed from the third Fey God, Empress Earth Dao Tree!

Furthermore, back when Yi Yun first entered the Azure Wood Great World, he saw a bronze giant sealed beneath the Azure Wood Divine Tree's roots. And this bronze giant was related to the Ancestor God.

Upon coming to this realization, many things that left Yi Yun perplexed were resolved.

It was reasonable that the Azure Wood Divine Tree was one of the eight Godly Monarchs.

"And apart from the Azure Wood Divine Tree?" asked Yi Yun again.

"I previously saw you use a cauldron in this world. You should have met the owner of this cauldron before"

Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness spoke again. It sent quakes through Yi Yun's heart. The cauldron was none other than the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

Yi Yun long knew that the Ascending Dragon Cauldron stemmed from Dragon Emperor of the twelve Fey Gods.

But who was the owner of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron? When did he ever meet him?

Could it be

The image of a unctuous old man surfaced in his mind suddenly. It couldn't be him, right

Old Snake!?

That guy is actually a Godly Monarch as well!?

Yi Yun's expression instantly turned odd. It was impossible, right

Upon careful thought, Old Snake Snakes and dragons were of the same form. Snakes which survived the Heavenly Tribulations could manifest themselves as dragons!

Old Snake's name had long hinted of his identity. Besides, he had a dragon bloodline to begin with.

The guy was actually Godly Monarch Dragon Emperor of the eight Godly Monarchs!?

This was seriously

Yi Yun was at a loss for words. Which one of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs wasn't famous and illustrious? They were either like the Pure Yang Sword Palace's owner, making him feel deep reverence for him, or he was like Bai Yueyin, making him apprehensive and fearful.

Even for Huan Chenxue, who had been severely injured and reduced to a mortal, she still had a bearing like a fairy from heaven and beauty that left one ashamed

Only Old Snake was like an old scammer. He was wretched and filthy, as though he had no lack of clandestine acts to his name. He was even quite a coward. All he wanted was to seek worldly medicine to extend the pathetic amount of life he had left in him.

Yi Yun really found it difficult to connect the old man with a Godly Monarch.

But on careful thought, the person who got him to seek out Old Snake in the Sinkhole was Huan Chenxue.

Huan Chenxue was indeed one of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs. Then, it was reasonable that her old friend was a Godly Monarch.

"When I received the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, I had indeed encountered a person. He gave me great help and his name is Old Snake. I'm guessing that he might be the person you speak of, Senior. However, I do not understand why this Senior Old Snake was also similarly seeking the Dragon Emperor Technique inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. If he was the owner of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, shouldn't he have already known the Dragon Emperor Technique? Why did he need to seek it out?"

Yi Yun thought of a problem that left him baffled.

"Is that so"

A gently sigh sounded in Yi Yun's ears. The sigh seemed to contain the sadness accumulated over hundreds of millions of years. Yi Yun could not help but feel a hint of heaviness.

"If that's the case, he must have had a portion of his soul destroyed in that final battle. Some of his memories were lost, so he is in need to seek out his complete self" Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness said faintly.

His words sank Yi Yun's heart. It was no wonder Old Snake had to seek out the Dragon Emperor Technique again if a portion of his soul had been destroyed.

A typical warrior would find it extremely difficult to mend a damaged soul, much less when a portion was lost. If it were any ordinary warrior, they would immediately be reduced to a retard.

But Old Snake led a happy-go-lucky life. He started from scratch and had cultivated his cultivation technique right from the beginning.

Thinking back to the cheerful smile which Old Snake always hung on his face, Yi Yun felt a baffling sense of bitterness.

Yi Yun knew that in the battle with the Ancestor God, the eight ancient Godly Monarchs either perished or were heavily injured. Old Snake had been heavily injured; if not, he would not have appeared so old and beat. Furthermore, he was stingy at using any strength. He had previously mentioned that every use of his strength would deplete a portion of his lifespan.

But even so, he was able to pinpoint his location across countless barriers in the form of Great Worlds despite Myriad God Patriarch's casting of a cosmic Void Transference array. He even beat Myriad God Patriarch to a pulp. This strength was indeed not something a Divine Lord should possess.

Upon coming to this realization, Yi Yun felt a sense of warmth rise up in him. If not for Old Snake's rescue at the cost his life, he would have long perished at Myriad God Patriarch's hands.

In comparison, Yi Yun honored the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner whom he had never met. For Huan Chenxue, who appeared untainted by worldly conflict, Yi Yun respected her and maintained a polite distance. As for Old Snake, he thought of him as family. He was truly like a kind and lovable elder. Although he was frivolous, he did not hold back anything when it came to Yi Yun. He had even given Yi Yun the Ascending Dragon Cauldron

If it was possible, Yi Yun wanted to find a way to extend Old Snake's lifespan

Yi Yun made up his mind. It was not necessarily an impossibility if he could become a Godly Monarch in the future.

"Senior, what about you? Why are you so weak? And why are you inside this chamber?"

Yi Yun asked the questions on his mind. He felt that Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness was nearly at the end of his life.

The only reason why he was in such a state had likely to do with the massive battle in ancient times. Could it be that Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness had suffered a heavy blow that threatened his life in that battle, forcing him to stay in this chamber all this time until now? Wouldn't that be an immensely long period of time!?

Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness sighed heavily. "In my battle with the Ancestor God, I suffered a lethal blow. At the final moment of my life, I chose to enter slumber in here, sealing the passage of time in my body. Although hundreds of millions of years have passed, it is like an instant to me"

"Then, Senior" Yi Yun's heart tightened when he heard that. Being sealed for hundreds of millions of years sounded astounding, but in comparison, what worried Yi Yun was the implication Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness made. He had not much time left in him