True Martial World Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Changes into a dragon upon facing a storm
Chapter 151: Changes into a dragon upon facing a storm

The Jing state young masters could not accept it and were in disbelief.

This light-looking shirt had the weight of ten cauldrons? And Yi Yun was wearing that and handled fifteen levels of difficulty in the array so easily?

This must be a joke!

“The shirt… Can I see it…?” Song Zijun reached out his hand as he looked at Yi Yun with obvious respect. It was the respect given to the strong.

Yi Yun handed over the Flowing Mercury Gown.

Song Zijun held it with both hands and gently felt the softness of the Flowing Mercury Gown as his eyes looked on it with mesmerization.

“Fine workmanship, superior quality. It’s indeed an excellent Flowing Mercury Gown…” Song Zijun reluctantly handed back the Flowing Mercury Gown to Yi Yun. There were heavy clothing that were sold on the market, but those had fixed weights and were similar to armor, making the wearer clumsy and affecting their movement.

But the Flowing Mercury Gown could not only adjust its weight freely, it was also soft and thin. If one ignored the weight, it did not affect the wearer’s movement.

The difference in quality was too big.

Song Zijun had previously worn similar clothes, but the quality was nothing like the one in Yi Yun’s hands.

Seeing Song Zijun’s solemn expression, the Jing state young masters had no choice but to believe it. The Flowing Mercury Gown, as Song Zijun had said, was at least ten cauldrons heavy when worn.

Yi Yun wore a ten cauldron shirt and used Minute Subtlety while doing so. What sort of concept was this?

The Jing state young masters could no longer imagine it.

Suddenly, Yi Yun’s body flashed into the Frost Metal Blood Balls array.

Taking off the Flowing Mercury Gown made Yi Yun’s body light as a swallow.

Previously, he had grown accustomed to the Flowing Mercury Gown’s weight. With it suddenly removed, it was as if his body was weightless.

He had grown accustomed to the restrictions by the Flowing Mercury Gown where he had to overcome the strong binding force of the Flowing Mercury Gown with every move. Now with the restraint gone, Yi Yun’s control of his body was even more accurate and precise. It was as he pleased!

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!”

Yi Yun easily dodged all the frost metal blood balls. Sixteen levels of difficulty could not push Yi Yun to his limits any longer!

“Haha. Delightful!” Yi Yun was delighted. To suddenly lose that restraint and being able to move as he pleased, allowing him to complete extreme moves, it made him feel happy and delighted!

But, the blood pearls’ speed was not fast enough. It made Yi Yun feel that there was something lacking!

“Add one more difficulty!” Yi Yun shouted.

The Jing state young masters did not know what to say when they heard him shout.

When Song Zijun previously introduced the Flowing Mercury Gown, they were mentally prepared that Yi Yun’s capability had reached crazy standards.

But when they saw Yi Yun easily dodge all the Frost Metal Blood Balls, and wanted to add another level of difficulty, their hearts sank.

Seventeen levels of difficulty!

This increase in difficulty was not just a tiny amount!

The Jing state young master controlling the array opened his dry mouth as he pressed down on the seventeenth crystal with a trembling finger.


The moment the difficulty was cranked up, the entire array roared and quaked.

Every Frost Metal Blood Ball was screaming through the air, and moved like meteors hurtling around. Wind patterns that could be seen with the naked eye created winds that were like blades.

A soldier had a brush with a wind blade and felt his face hurt.

Just the force wind was terrifying! The power of the array could no longer be compared to the previous levels.

After taking off the Flowing Mercury Gown, Yi Yun’s eyes burned with fighting spirit going against such an array.

The force wind made Yi Yun feel like he was caught in a swamp. Every pore of his body felt restrained by immense pressure.

When the seventeen levels of difficulty initiated, the seventeen blood pearls no longer simply attacked. They could feel each other and were connected.

They could now cooperate!

The seventeen Frost Metal Blood Balls continued to smash into each other, creating thousands of permutations. Each collision was with a different strength, leading to a subtle change. This made the array unpredictable, with no traces of a solution to be found.

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!”

Three blood pearls flew towards Yi Yun in a triforce pattern, and at the same time, ten blood pearls gathered behind Yi Yun, sealing off his retreat!

Yi Yun constricted his pupils and twisted his body in a magical angle, dodging all the blood pearls!

At seventeen levels of difficulty, Yi Yun had to consume several times more mental power to calculate, and did thousands of tiny adjustments just to be able to barely cope with the crisis again and again.

In his trance-like movements, Yi Yun felt he had perfectly coordinated his body and mind within the array.

Under the high level of concentration, it made him experience a mysterious realm.

His body turned soft, as if he did not have any bones. Every joint and every muscle in his body could be moved according to his wishes. They could make the most minute of changes, attaining a perfect combination.

Such high levels of concentration and physical change made him reach a point where he could control his body to an extreme level.

Gradually over time, Yi Yun began to feel severe physical exhaustion. Slowly, the sweat on his body began to turn into a mist.

This was an indication of a body being pushed to its limits. It was where the body became so hot that even the sweat boiled off.

“This feeling… is really delightful. I should be able… to go one step further!” Yi Yun was experiencing both pain and pleasure. But the huge amount of pain made him understand every detailed change of his body.

Minute Subtlety was originally an observation of everything, pushed to its limits.

Yi Yun was fully immersed in an indescribable happiness. Little by little, the ripples made by his body spread out slowly…

It was unknown when Yi Yun’s facial expression disappeared. He entered a trance-like mystic state.

He had the illusion that every inch of his body had been extended by a foot.

Within this one foot, it was as if it was his own world, his own territory.

When his feeling occurred, his posture within the array eased up.

Whenever a blood pearl entered a one foot distance from him, he would immediately have a reaction. With a slight move, he would avoid the attack before the blood pearl could have any change in direction.

To the people outside the array, Yi Yun seemed to have gained the ability of foresight.


Suddenly, the array underwent a strange change. Seven Frost Metal Blood Balls simultaneously bumped into each other, and changed directions in the air. It suddenly flew in all directions, sealing Yi Yun’s maneuvering space!

“Chain of seven pearls!” The people exclaimed. There were too many bizarre changed at seventeen levels of difficulty. At this difficulty, not only were they simply fast, but the blood pearls had a charm associated with their attacks!

When the sons of the vast wilderness saw this scene, their hearts tightened.

Seeing the Frost Metal Blood Balls almost hitting Yi Yun, although he was covered in sweat and steam, his mind was still.

Yi Yun closed his eyes. When the seven blood pearls flew within the one foot radius, it was like the blood pearls’ “force” created invisible waves within his territory that allowed Yi Yun to fully perceive them!

In an instant, Yi Yun circulated his Yuan Qi to its limits. Every inch of his muscles were agitated at high speeds. He could detect the metallic smell of the pearls flying towards him at neck-breaking speed with each breath he took. Yi Yun’s concentration was focused on the pearls. The image of the Seven Frost Metal Blood Balls flying towards him was reflected within his mind.

Yi Yun’s movement and footwork miraculously made a hundred minor changes. To others, it was as if Yi Yun was stepping on a formless water surface, and each step created a wonderful ripple.


The seven Frost Metal Blood Balls passed through Yi Yun’s figure. It gave people the impression that they had pierced through Yi Yun’s body!


Many people exclaimed aloud. But the next moment, they clearly realized that none of the blood pearls had hit Yi Yun!

Yi Yun’s movements remained smooth and fluid. The line of shadows he left behind lingered on.

Yi Yun had dodged the chain of seven pearls in a way they could not understand!

“This… How did he… do that?”

Whether it was the sons of the vast wilderness or the Jing state young masters, they were all completely shocked.

Yi Yun’s movement was like magic. His figure seemed to have lost its rigidness, leaving behind a mass of air. So no matter how the Frost Metal Blood Balls attacked, they were shuttling through empty air, not even once hitting Yi Yun!

“Minute Subtlety… large success stage! Yi Yun has already reached the threshold of the large success stage of Minute Subtlety…” General Yan eyes were radiant. It was amazing to reach this realm!

“Minute Subtlety… large success stage?” Outside the array, Song Zijun’s expression was complex.

As for the Jing state young masters, their faces twitched. They could no longer make any other expression. They had been shocked numb by Yi Yun.

The introductory stage of Minute Subtlety was to have precise control of one’s body. Using the smallest movement to avoid an attack. The efficiency of the movements is above 90%.

The small success stage of Minute Subtlety was to feel the attacker’s “force”, using the attacker’s “force” to power one’s movements. It was to use one’s opponent’s strength back at the opponent.

As for the large success stage of Minute Subtlety, it was to feel the Heaven and Earth’s “force”, merging oneself with the surrounding space, making it one’s “absolute territory”!

Currently, Yi Yun had made an area a foot around himself his own. As long as Yi Yun focused, his every move could be done with perfect harmony and flawlessly.

Yi Yun had only barely reached the threshold of the large success stage of Minute Subtlety and had not fully understood it. But this was a realm that the Jing state young masters were already unable to comprehend!

“Amazing! A Jinlin is in no case a common creature living in the pool, but it will change into a dragon upon facing a storm!” Yan Menglong had a premonition that Yi Yun would one day skyrocket, becoming a rising new star in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!