True Martial World Chapter 1515

Chapter 1515: Fire God Chains
Chapter 1515: Fire God Chains
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At that moment, Yi Yun, who was walking out of the wall, was covered in a thick grayish aura. The gray aura was slowly flowing like a snake. It was extremely heavy, so heavy that the surrounding space was trembling from its weight.

Yi Yun walked forward one step at a time, seeming as though he was one with the world. The laws around him seemed to be resonating in response to his presence.

Yi Yun completely ignored Fire Cloud Divine Lord. Instead, he looked respectfully at Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness. "Senior River of Forgetfulness, are you alright?"

He could tell that Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness had been weakened again. If not for Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness helping him stall for time, he would not have been reduced to this state.

Yi Yun took another look at Fire Cloud Divine Lord, his eyes turning focused as a hint of anger surfaced in them.

He saw that Fire Cloud Divine Lord and Primordial Chaos were wearing Chaos Gem armors.

Those Chaos Gems that traveled the cosmos had gained sentience over a long period of time. They were definitely unwilling subordinates of Fire Cloud Divine Lord and Primordial Chaos; therefore, it was impossible for them to be made into Chaos Gem armors. The moment they entered the Chaos Gem mineral vein, the Chaos Gems could have easily scattered.

In order to secure control over these Chaos Gems, Fire Cloud Divine Lord and Primordial Chaos had wiped out any trace of sentience within them!

Their Chaos Gem armors were each made of hundreds of Chaos Gems. All of these Chaos Gems were now lusterless, a swath of deadly gray!

They had killed the sentience that took form after hundreds of millions of years.

"To think all of you wiped away the sentience of so many Chaos Gems" Yi Yun's expression turned grim. He was bent on killing them now.

"Hahaha! Speaking of which, it's all thanks to you. If not for you, we wouldn't have known how to enter the Chaos Gem mineral vein. These Chaos Gems don't know better, so we could only wipe them of their sentience. And indeed, they could then be weaved into Chaos Gem armor. What? Are you pitying them? Isn't it all because of you that these Chaos Gems were harmed?"

Primordial Chaos Daolord sneered as he said this, his eyes flickering with a delighted glee.

"Very well" Yi Yun's eyes turned cold, as though his gaze could freeze the soul of others. Ever since he entered this world, the Chaos Gems had helped him greatly. If not, he would not have survived under the hands of Primordial Chaos Daolord. He never expected that Primordial Chaos Daolord would destroy so many Chaos Gems!

"Punk, you really do not know the meaning of death. That old fool risked his life to protect you, but you just walked right out while trying to parade your capabilities. I know that you have many secrets and you have gained numerous benefits. I will slowly search your soul and discover every one of those secrets!"

Fire Cloud Divine Lord closed in on Yi Yun. He could sense that Yi Yun's aura was somewhat different.

Yi Yun had spent the past few months inside the hill, and must have obtained an extraordinary opportunity. But even so, the huge gap in strength between them was not something a few months could bridge.

"Senior, enter the cauldron!"

Yi Yun beckoned his hand as the Ascending Dragon Cauldron spun in front of him.

The moment the Ascending Dragon Cauldron appeared, Primordial Chaos Daolord's and Fire Cloud Divine Lord's eyes lit up. As long as they killed Yi Yun, that treasure was theirs!

Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness looked Yi Yun deeply in the eye. "You came out ahead of time after all. It seems you have come into contact with the Divine Lord realm"

Through the Azure Lamp of Time, four months meant twenty years. Back when Yi Yun entered the mineral vein, he was already at the pinnacle of the Supremacy realm.

It was a huge step, going from Supremacy to Divine Lord. Even the most talented warriors had to spend centuries, if not more than a millennium, to go from the perfected Supremacy realm to the realm of Divine Lord.

But after Yi Yun entered the Chaos Gem mineral vein and obtained the heritage left behind by the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch, the cultivation resources available to him, be it the heritage or the cultivation ground he was in, were probably the best in this universe!

Added to the Purple Crystal Origins and Yi Yun's honed foundations, he had taken less than twenty years to go from being a Supremacy to touching the Divine Lord realm.

Now, Yi Yun could be considered to have one foot through the door of being a Divine Lord. He was just short by one step. If not for Fire Cloud Divine Lord and Primordial Chaos Daolord arriving, Yi Yun could have broken through to become a Divine Lord in one fell swoop.

"What? Come into contact with the Divine Lord realm?"

Upon hearing Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness's words, Primordial Chaos Daolord was stunned. Yi Yun's aura gave one the feeling of that he was already a Divine Lord, but according to what the old fool said, the punk was still not a Divine Lord?

Did this mean that he had been made a fool of all these months by a mere Supremacy!?

Primordial Chaos Daolord found it unbelievable. Beside him, Fire Cloud Divine Lord was similarly stunned. If that was the case, this person

Fire Cloud Divine Lord held his breath while looking at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun stood there calmly, but he sent chills down the hearts of the two. Fire Cloud Divine Lord had cultivated for so long, but he had never heard of any peerless genius who could have such strength at the Supremacy realm. Even ancient Godly Monarchs of the past paled in comparison!

"Old fool, what nonsense are you speaking?"

Fire Cloud Divine Lord refused to believe it. He too was a peerless genius, and he had encountered huge opportunities. If not, he would not have become a hegemon of the Sinkhole.

But even so, he was like trash when his former Supremacy self was compared to the present Yi Yun. How could he accept this?

However, Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness ignored Fire Cloud Divine Lord's words. He said to Yi Yun, "Since you chose to come out, go ahead and face them."

As he spoke, he went inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

The situation today would only end in life or death. Coming out to meet them in battle was Yi Yun's choice. Perhaps, Yi Yun could help him come out of this alive.

As for Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness himself, life and death did not matter much to him.

"Fire Cloud, let's attack together. We can ignore our statuses!" Primordial Chaos Daolord said suddenly.

It didn't matter if what Godly Monarch River of Forgetfulness said was true, Yi Yun possessed incomparable potential. If he were to escape today, there would be no end to their troubles.

"Hehe, of course!"

Fire Cloud Divine Lord laughed sinisterly. Red chains silently appeared under his feet. These chains seemed to have a life of their own. The moment they touched the ground they spread out, instantly covering the area and filling the space around them.

"Oh? These chains"

Yi Yun's eyes focused. He could tell that these were not real chains, but a manifestation of flames.

Flames are not corporeal, but in Fire Cloud Divine Lord's hands, the flames turned corporeal and became chains.

A total of thirty-six fire chains spread out in every direction, sealing off the entire area!

"Punk, it's impossible for you to flee now. As long as my God Fire Chains seal this space, even that old fool, Sacred Horizon, would not be able to easily escape. This place will become your tomb today!"

And at that moment, Primordial Chaos Daolord attacked!

"Little bastard, go to hell!"

His saber brought with it a boundless and horrifying tearing force. It rendered the world asunder as it aimed straight for Yi Yun!

Before the saber beam reached him, his terrifying killing intent had already frozen the surrounding air. The gray saber beam seemed to carve an aura of despair out of a silent world. It tore through space noiselessly and came before Yi Yun.

Primordial Chaos Daolord had immediately used a killing blow the moment he took action!

He did not wish to give Yi Yun even the slightest chance, for he had really been repulsed by Yi Yun.