True Martial World Chapter 1517

Chapter 1517: Heavily Injured
Chapter 1517: Heavily Injured
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With the branch grabbed and the Fire God Chains sealing off his surroundings, Yi Yun no longer had any means of avoiding the impending saber slash!

Primordial Chaos Daolord's saber not only contained the terrifying power of a Sinkhole powerhouse, it also had a devouring force which formed a devouring vortex in the void, one that pulled Yi Yun's body straight towards it!


Primordial Chaos Daolord roared as his voice reverberated like heavenly thunder. Just as his saber was about to slash across Yi Yun's head, Yi Yun extended his right index and middle finger towards the blade that was sure to do him in!

Shura FingerDual Shot!

Yi Yun had learned the Shura Finger from the Divine Perish Hall. Back then, even one shot would seem to drain him of nearly all his energy, but now against Primordial Chaos Daolord, Yi Yun was shooting out with both his index and middle finger!


The heavy nebulous Primordial Chaos bore down on the void. Even the force in Primordial Chaos Daolord's hand that devoured everything like a black hole could not act fully unimpeded when facing this wisp of nebulous Primordial Chaos that was as heavy as a star.


When the black beam shot out, Primordial Chaos Daolord felt his blade's edge turn suddenly heavy, as though thousands of mountains were holding it down. It was difficult for him to continue slashing forward! He could see with his naked eyes the heavy nebulous Primordial Chaos binding his blade like chains! As for Yi Yun's Shura Finger, it was still shooting straight for his eyes!

"Break it for me!"

Primordial Chaos Daolord bit the tip of his tongue and burned his blood essence at that moment. As a Sinkhole powerhouse, it had been years since he was forced into such a state. The burning of his blood essence gave him terrifying strength!

Cha! Cha! Cha!

Wisps of nebulous Primordial Chaos were shattered by Primordial Chaos Daolord one after another! His saber clashed with Yi Yun's fingers without any gaudy display!

The Primordial Chaos forces at his fingertip had blasted out before making contact. With a crisp ping, a crack formed in Primordial Chaos Daolord's saber!

Primordial Chaos Daolord's expression changed drastically when he saw the crack appear and multiply. This was his intrinsic artifact, one he had been nurturing inside his body for nearly ten thousand years. Augmented by his own laws and strength, it should have been indestructible, but it was cracked by Yi Yun's shot!?


The damage to his intrinsic artifact made Primordial Chaos Daolord vomit a mouthful of blood. He looked extremely pale.

"Punk! You have exchanged your hand for my saber!"

A glint flashed in Primordial Chaos Daolord's eyes. He could see that Yi Yun's right index and middle finger had fractured. His palm had been sliced open by the blade. It was pretty much crippled!

Although his heart winced in pain, Yi Yun suffered even heavier losses. Against two Sinkhole powerhouses, the loss of a hand was no different from death.

"It's truly most stupid to exchange your hand for a saber!"

Fire Cloud Divine Lord laughed sinisterly. He took this opportunity to attack from the side, lashing his whip straight at Yi Yun's throat!


The whip cracked in the void as Yi Yun grunted. He flew backwards and slammed heavily into the ground!

His one hand had been left bloodied by Fire Cloud Divine Lord's lash. It was almost completely severed from his arm!

"Oh? You sacrificed your red arm to block my whip while your life was on the line. You prevented yourself from being decapitated. Making minor sacrifices to safeguard your major interests is truly a wise choice. However, I would like to know how plan to continue dodging this whip of mine. Are you going to use your left arm? You are always welcome to try. Haha!"

Fire Cloud Divine Lord smiled gleefully. He had a baffling sense of happiness knowing that a peerless genius that had an extremely high chance of becoming a Godly Monarch would die under his hand.

As Fire Cloud Divine Lord spoke, his whip ignited. The flames that sparked to life and ran down it were unlike ordinary flames. Instead, they were in the form of rainbow streams of light. Even though the flames were burning in a sealed region, no heat could be felt from them. This was because the energies had reached an extremely high concentration!


Fire Cloud Divine Lord delivered his second lash. The whip contained a nomological force, making it more terrifying than the first strike!

"Shura Finger!"

Against this lash, Yi Yun used his left index finger!

"You have decided to give up your left hand as well? Fine! I'll fulfill your wishes!"

Fire Cloud Divine Lord lashed out heavily with his whip!


Energy blasted out as the sealed Fire God Chains array stirred chaotically. Like a hurricane sweeping through, Yi Yun's energy blast shot out and struck the boundary of the Fire God Chains' array!


Yi Yun spat out a mouthful of blood as his organs suffered powerful convulsions. Not a single part of his body was free from the excruciating pain!

He slid down the boundary. His right hand and arm had been crippled, and his left hand was trembling slightly. However, his left index finger remained unscathed!

The reason for this was that Fire Cloud Divine Lord had seen the cracking of Primordial Chaos Daolord's intrinsic artifact which led to severe injury. He did not wish to commit the same error; therefore, he had held back while delivering the attack.

Since Yi Yun had been maimed of one arm, and he was trapped in the array, his death was destined. There was no reason for him to enter an internecine struggle with Yi Yun.

"Oh, your hand is trembling"

The corner of Fire Cloud Divine Lord's mouth suffused a sinister grin. He could see that there was blood dripping down Yi Yun's left hand. It coursed down his index finger, drop after drop, splattering onto the ground.

Although victory was at hand, Fire Cloud Divine Lord did not let down his guard. Yi Yun was not a simple person; if he was, he would not have forced Primordial Chaos Daolord into such a predicament.

"You sure are patient. I get the feeling that you are waiting for an opportunity. Are you waiting for me to reveal a weakness when I'm attacking you with all my strength? You can forget about it. I will reserve a portion of my strength while I slowly enervate you of your strength. I will not give you another chance!"

As Fire Cloud Divine Lord spoke, the whip in his hand ignited with a five-colored flame.

"Primordial Chaos! Are you watching a show?"

Fire Cloud Divine Lord looked at Primordial Chaos Daolord. Ever since his intrinsic artifact was damaged, the latter no longer did a thing.

"Hmph! I endured this little bastard's strongest attack. I have already suffered enough losses. Aren't you more than capable of finishing him off?" Primordial Chaos Daolord said coldly.

Although he did not plan on delivering another attack, his perception was locked onto Yi Yun. As long as Yi Yun showed any chance of turning the tide, or if he revealed a real weakness, he would grab the opportunity to smite him down!

"Hehe! In the end, it's all because you are afraid of using up too much of your strength and that I will stab you in the back. Primordial Chaos, you are overthinking things!"

Fire Cloud Divine Lord did not use any other move. With a crisp shout, he lashed out a third time. He had estimated that Yi Yun's left hand had yet to recover. There was no way he could withstand this lash!

But just as Fire Cloud Divine Lord raised his whip, a something strange happened. The rainbow flames on his whip rapidly turned black. It turned into a shimmering black fire that spread to the end of of the whip.


Fire Cloud Divine Lord's expression changed. What was happening!? This black flame was not his!

His whip was his intrinsic artifact, and it had been injected with his fire laws that had reached the crest of perfection. Why did a heretic fire suddenly intrude into it?


The black fire reached Fire Cloud Divine Lord's hand and he instantly felt the searing pain of the burning flame! However, he continued to clench the whip in his hand.

He had no idea how long it would be before he no longer felt the agony of the burning flame. Ever since he had cultivated his fire laws to the peak, no one in the Sinkhole had fire laws that were comparable to his. All flames that he encountered would be like subjects meeting their king. They would only prostrate before him.

But today, he was suffering the pain of a burning black flame.

"What is this fire!? It actually managed to devour my Rainbow Plume Fire!"

Fire Cloud Divine Lord suddenly looked towards Yi Yun, his eyes burning with fervent passion. "To think you have had such an opportunity. Where did you refine such a divine fire? Leaving it in your possession would be such a waste! I never expected the heavens to favor me so well. Just as I reach a bottleneck in my Martial Dao, the heavens have bestowed me with an encounter with such a flame. With it in hand, I will be able to achieve a truly dominant power. There's even a slim possibility that I can use this divine fire to become a Godly Monarch. You are practically a gift from the heavens! Hahaha!"