True Martial World Chapter 1518

Chapter 1518: Genesis
Chapter 1518: Genesis
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As Fire Cloud Divine Lord laughed maniacally, the Heretical God Fire Seed burned more intensely. All the Rainbow Plume Fire was devoured and transformed into a black flame that burned through everything.

"You need to be alive to actually own this fire!" Yi Yun wiped the blood from the corner of his lips as he sneered.

"Still trying to win a battle of words even at death's doorstep, I see!" Fire Cloud Divine Lord grunted coldly. He ignored the scorching black flame on his right hand as he suddenly beckoned with his left hand. A fiery-red hex seal appeared in the middle of his left palm, distorting space immediately. Yi Yun even felt that his soul was about to be sucked in as he looked at the hex seal.

Could this be

A Divine Lord Royal Seal!?

Ordinary Divine Lords could fuse with a Divine Lord Royal Seal to become a Royal Sealed Divine Lord, greatly enhancing their strength as a result.

Most Divine Lord Royal Seals directly increased a Divine Lord's strength or nomological insight, but an extremely small number of Divine Lord Royal Seals could be directly summoned and used for combat.

These Divine Lord Royal Seals were powerful weapons to begin with. The Royal Seal in Fire Cloud Divine Lord's hand was no doubt of this type!

"I scoured the Sinkhole in my younger days and found a place where phoenixes get reborn from the ashes. A fire phoenix had splattered its phoenix blood on the ground, and despite tens of millions of years, the blood continued burning like fire. This Divine Lord Royal Seal was condensed out of that phoenix blood! It is the origin of all fires. With it, I was able to gain unique insights and attain the pinnacle of fire-elemental laws!"

As Fire Cloud Divine Lord spoke, he flicked his finger.


The Divine Lord Royal Seal flew straight into the Heretical God Fire Seed!

"Wu Wu Wu!"

The black fire sputtered like water entering a wok of burning hot oil. It began to bubble!

The Phoenix Royal Seal gave birth to a red vortex that constantly sucked in the black flame, completely sealing it within.


Yi Yun furrowed his brows. The Heretical God Fire Seed was indeed the strongest fire he had ever encountered, but when it came to understanding fire-elemental laws, he was inferior to Fire Cloud Divine Lord. Furthermore, Ling Xie'er was not around, which allowed his connection with the Heretical God Fire Seed to be severed by the Phoenix Royal Seal!

Although the flame that was burning the whip was only a tiny portion of the Heretical God Fire Seed's strength, having it sealed by the Phoenix Royal Seal still meant Yi Yun losing a portion of the fire. If he used the Heretical God Fire Seed again, and it was sealed, the fire would gradually be depleted until all his Heretical God Fire Seed was taken away by Fire Cloud Divine Lord!

However, Yi Yun was not the only one in a state of alarm. Fire Cloud Divine Lord was in utter disbelief. The black flame had indeed been sealed by the Phoenix Royal Seal, but even so, the Phoenix Royal Seal could not refine it. The fire seemed to have a life of its own that was burning away at the Phoenix Royal Seal. No matter how much Yuan Qi he used to repress it, it raged on like an eternal flame that could never be extinguished!

There was such a fire in this world?

Fire Cloud Divine Lord was both alarmed and excited. The more powerful the black flame was, the greater his desire to claim it became. As long as he killed Yi Yun, the black flame would lose its owner. Then, he could definitely refine it as his own!

"Go to hell!"

Fire Cloud Divine Lord flicked his finger as the Phoenix Royal Seal transformed into a red stream of light that shot towards Yi Yun's heart!

The powerful impulse, together with the Phoenix Royal Seal's temperature that matched the sun's, could even tear through stars. There was definitely no way for Yi Yun's body to withstand such a strike!

But just as the Phoenix Royal Seal was about to strike Yi Yun, a bronze cauldron appeared out of thin air, heavily plummeting downwards!


The Phoenix Royal Seal collided with the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, letting out a loud dragon roar!

The cauldron was sent flying away as Yi Yun charged out from behind the cauldron. His left index finger and middle finger were held together as beams came out of both fingers!

Shura Finger!

"The same move again. Are you at the end of your rope? I have already seen through this move!"

Although the Shura Finger was powerful, it could not withstand the two powerhouses who stood atop the Sinkhole. Yi Yun had used the Shura Finger numerous times. Although Fire Cloud Divine Lord would not dare claim that he was impervious to it, the threat the Shura Finger posed to him had drastically decreased!

"Eighteen Burning Hells!"

Fire Cloud Divine Lord's body transformed into a sea of fire. They were situated inside the Fire God Chains' sealed space. It made the Fire God Chains array akin to a burning furnace. Even ordinary Divine Lords would be refined into pills immediately.

But at that moment, Yi Yun's body burned with the Heretical God Fire. He was darting through the burning hell! Back when Yi Yun's cultivation level was not even at the Supremacy realm, he had been placed inside a cauldron by Myriad God Patriarch and refined for days without being harmed.

"My flames might be ineffective against you, but your fire hell poses no threat to me. Watch this!"

Yi Yun pointed his finger straight at Fire Cloud Divine Lord's glabella!

"Do you think I'm only good at controlling fire!? What naivety!"

Fire Cloud Divine Lord roared and, at that moment, a blue beam of light shot out of the inferno. Immediately, there was a loud and sharp phoenix cry that shot into the sky!

At that moment, a blue phoenix flew out of Fire Cloud Divine Lord's glabella!

The phoenix's feathers were covered in frost, but its tails were burning with blue flames!

An ice phoenix!?

Yi Yun's heart skipped a beat. An ice phoenix had flown out among such a terrifying inferno!? Could it be that Fire Cloud Divine Lord cultivated in both ice and fire!?

Yi Yun knew the principle of opposites. There were many paired laws that existed in the worldfire-ice, space-time, yin-yang, creation-destruction They were polar opposites of each other, but none could do without the other. Without Yin, there was no Yang. If there was no creation, there was no destruction!

By cultivating in the contrasting law, one could attain an even higher realm. Yi Yun had done the same, but Fire Cloud Divine Lord, be it his name or the moves he had used until that point, made it hard to imagine that he had cultivated in both ice and fire. Furthermore, his frost-ice laws were in no way weaker than his fire-elemental laws!

He had hidden his strength well!

"Hahaha! You probably never guessed it! Back in the land where the fire phoenix rose from the ashes, it was not one, but two! Phoenixes have genders. Male phoenixes align with the ice element while female phoenixes align with the fire element!"

"Male and female phoenixes are one to begin with. They spend their entire lives together and die together. The Phoenix Royal Seal I obtained was not one, but a pair! However, the ones who learned of this secret have all died. You will not be an exception!"

When the ice phoenix screeched, a fire phoenix phantom manifested in the inferno, fusing together with the ice phoenix. It was a combined attack of ice and fire!

Yi Yun could withstand the flames, but he could not withstand the ice!

"Primordial Chaos, what are you standing there for? I have already used the full extent of my power. Are you still trying to hold back?" Fire Cloud Divine Lord roared fiercely.

He knew that Primordial Chaos Daolord was still capable of more. He just didn't trust him and had not used his most desperate attack.

Primordial Chaos Daolord frowned. Although he had wanted to reap the spoils of an internecine outcome, he kept having a feeling of unease when facing Yi Yun for some unknown reason. Although it looked like everything was a certainty, he felt that if he did not use all his strength to kill Yi Yun, it was possible for Yi Yun to escape. That would only lead to endless repercussions!

Upon coming to this thought, he focused his mind. He wiped his palm across his saber and as his blood spurted onto the ice-cold blade, the blade's cracks were enveloped in a sanguine mist before being restored to normal automatically!

Soon, the cracks that Yi Yun caused had vanished.

"Primordial Chaos is the power of creation. With the Primordial Chaos laws in hand, I similarly possess the ability of creation. I'll let you witness this strike of mine! Genesis!"

Legend had it that before the ancient Chaos came into being, a primordial god cleaved apart the Chaos with a gigantic act. That was the so-called genesis of the universe.

And this primordial god was later said to be the seventh Fey God of the twelve Fey GodsHeavenly Man.

Now, Primordial Chaos Daolord was issuing a strike that resembled Heavenly Man's cleave of genesis!

Fire Cloud Divine Lord had fused both ice and fire while Primordial Chaos Daolord was delivering Genesis. The two Sinkhole powerhouses had used their strongest attacks.

However, Yi Yun still stubbornly shot out with his Shura Finger!

This strike was an amalgamation of all his lifeblood. He had already burned his blood essence prior to this, and now, it was burning at its greatest intensity like a cauldron of divine fire!


The trio's most powerful attacks clashed against one another without any gaudy display!

A terrifying energy blast tore apart the Fire God Chains array immediately! From afar, one could see that the array had been riddled with holes by the terrifying beams of light. The columns of light that radiated out were like countless sharp swords.

In this sealed array, even the caster of the array, Fire Cloud Divine Lord had suffered heavy injuries. He felt as though he had been struck by a mountain. His organs were not in their correct places and were damaged. His blood was flowing backwards!

As for Primordial Chaos Daolord, he was not any better. Although he had the power of creation after gaining insights into the Primordial Chaos laws, he was far from godlike. After his clash with Yi Yun, he was no longer at his peak. Now that he had forcefully cast Genesis, he had drained sixty percent of his Yuan Qi!

However, Fire Cloud Divine Lord was in the same situation, so he was not worried. Now, all he needed to ascertain was that Yi Yun was dead. Everything would be alright if that were the case.

"Oh? That little bastard is still there. He isn't dead!"

Primordial Chaos Daolord looked at the blood-soaked Yi Yun. He had suffered numerous fractures and many of his meridians had cracked. He still wielded Mirage Snow as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

The fingers on both his hands had been maimed, yet he raised his trembling hand in an attempt to deliver another shot.

What was he doing?

Primordial Chaos Daolord was taken aback. Although Yi Yun was not dead, he was not far from it. Such a grievously injured Yi Yun was not their match.

"You should be proud that you forced both Primordial Chaos and I to this state by your powers alone. Unfortunately You will still die. You are destined to never fully develop yourself," said Fire Cloud Divine Lord with a sinister smile. He got the chaotic lifeblood in him under control as he strode towards Yi Yun.

He saw the Ascending Dragon Cauldron beside Yi Yun and revealed a look of enlightenment. "So that's how it was. After you endured our combined attack, you hid in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron to withstand the remnant explosive blasts, didn't you? If not, you would have long been dead! If that's the case, you should be happy. Now, you will lead a life worse than death."