True Martial World Chapter 152

Chapter 152: The Heart for Martial Arts
Chapter 152: The Heart for Martial Arts

Yi Yun, who was in the Frost Metal Blood Balls array, had now completely immersed himself in his own world.

Yi Yun did not hear any of the comments coming from General Yan or the Jing state young masters.

All he felt was the one foot area around his body that was his own territory. The ability to have complete control over this small space made Yi Yun obsessed!

Ever since coming to this alternate world, as Yi Yun’s knowledge of the martial world grew deeper, the greater his interest in the exploration of martial arts became.

Martial arts was like a beautiful treasure vault. Within it, there were numerous mysteries and truths waiting for a warrior to explore them.

And every time he sought after a higher goal, he would gain a deeper understanding, which delighted him.

Yi Yun still remembered the time when he flew across the endless mountains and canyons with Lin Xintong. It was intoxicating.

And there was also the thrill his strength gave him while battling fierce beasts in the Desolate Human Valley.

Also, with power, he could obtain stature, position, respect and happiness for his family and friends. By settling vengeances quickly, he could be in charge of the world, and could mete out justice to the good and wicked.

All of this gave Yi Yun a thirst. An endless thirst to climb higher, to explore the high levels of martial arts.

Human life is so short and passes so quickly.

By obtaining the Purple Crystal Origins, a bizarre item that might have caused the Purple Clouds’ Birth in the vast wilderness, it allowed Yi Yun to lead a heaven-defying and satisfying life, creating his own legend. He was not to covet a moment’s pleasure. Even though he could have a harem, but after a few hundred years, the outcome would be him turning back to soil.

Vegetables and rice took a year to grow, but they still ended up in the stomachs of mortals. But a black iron stone had to experience thousands of years of polish. Their brightness allowed them to last for millions of years…

Yi Yun knew that he was still in the polishing stage. He had to have the patience, perseverance and courage to accomplish all of it.

By entering the Frost Metal Blood Balls array, Yi Yun had reached the threshold of the Minute Subtlety’s large success stage. It also reinforced his wish to practice martial arts.

Seconds changed to minutes and after thirty minutes, only when Yi Yun was completely drained did he gradually leave that mysterious feeling.

Upon exiting the Frost Metal Blood Balls array, all Yi Yun saw were the Jing state young masters and the sons of the vast wilderness watching at him as if he was a monster.

Their eyes were filled with awe, envy, jealousy and worship…

“Brother Yi, you’re awesome…” The sons of the vast wilderness said it from the bottom of their hearts.

Yi Yun said, “I’m only better at movement techniques, as for other aspects, I’m not that good.”

Yi Yun was saying the truth. His Minute Subtlety was thanks to his perceptivity. This realm was unreachable by many people his own age.

As for other aspects, Yi Yun was good at them, but he was not at an abnormal level.

The Jing state young masters’ eyes dodged Yi Yun. Song Zijun was at his limit with sixteen levels of difficulty, and could only last thirty minutes. But Yi Yun had managed to last with flair in seventeen levels of difficulty for thirty minutes.

This strength made their faces swollen.

“Is anyone else challenging?” Yan Menglong’s question was met with total silence. What a joke! Who could win against Yi Yun?

Seeing this, Yan Menglong laughed heartily and said, “My Jin Long Wei is least afraid of competition and challenge! To aim high and never giving up! As long as you have the ability, you can pull down your superiors and me in the training field! Today, Yi Yun’s agility is number one.”

“According to my promise, I have two weapons and two bone relics awaiting you! Come, follow me!” Yan Menglong said as he beckoned Yi Yun over.

Zhang Tan patted Yi Yun’s shoulder and said with envy, “Kid, you are good. General Yan seldom gives such great praise. Two weapons from the top grade armory makes me envious too!”

Yi Yun smiled with mixed thoughts.


Choosing a weapon was a serious matter.

The Divine Capital’s Jin Long Wei top-grade armory was also known as the Divine Capital Armory. It was situated at the back of the Divine Capital’s Jin Long Wei’s camp. The armory was made of large slabs of obsidian rock. It looked majestic from the outside.

The weapons that were stored in the Divine Capital Armory were the best of the best treasures.

Yi Yun came to the Divine Capital Armory’s entrance and felt a deathly aura!

This aura came from the exquisite weapons within the armory.

The weapons were not all new. Some of them had been out in the field and tasted fresh blood. Some of those weapons had even slain human experts or strong primordial desolate beasts!

Only weapons that have killed had such a murderous intent spreading out.

“How is it?” Yan Menglong asked Yi Yun with a smile after seeing his reaction.

“My blood is boiling!” Yi Yun answered tersely.

“Haha, good! Let’s go in and take a look!”

With Yan Menglong in front, he led Yi Yun in to the Divine Capital Armory. After seeing the inside, it was unlike what Yi Yun expected. The weapons were not placed on racks, but stuck within large rocks!

On every three-foot black stone platform, there was a weapon embedded within it!

There were sabers, swords, spears and halberds!

Just after Yi Yun walked into the armory, he saw a spear, which was three meters long. It was shaped in a savage way, like a twisted serpent spear. It was embedded in a rough stone foundation. This long spear was mottled brown, as if it was dyed in blood.

Seeing the spear, Yi Yun felt something. He stepped forward to touch it. The spear was cold and hard. It was like frozen cold iron.

Yan Menglong laughed saying, “Kid, this spear is known as Breaking General. Why it’s named that is because many generals from ancient times use spears. With a long spear in hand, they can charge in and kill many enemies in one go. Extremely delightful! If you were to use this spear, it would be too long for you!”

Yi Yun’s body was still not grown up, so this spear was about twice Yi Yun’s height.

Yi Yun nodded. He knew he had just began. There were plenty of weapons within the armory.

Yi Yun glanced over and the various kinds of weapons dazed him. He did not know where to begin.

He slowly walked and touched each weapon gently. Sometimes, Yi Yun would climb up the stone platform and grab the weapon’s handle, hoping to find a special feeling, so that he knew that that was the right one.

Although they were all exquisite and had an extraordinary past, Yi Yun found that there wasn’t a big difference among the weapons after several tries.

This made Yi Yun lost.

Yan Menglong gave Yi Yun a meaningful glance. He could guess his thoughts and asked, “You can’t decide which to choose?”

Yi Yun thought and said, “It should be… I can’t decide what type to choose!”

Many warriors would only use one weapon type in their entire life. Those who used swords would carry on using swords, and those who used spears would carry on using spears!

It was a great deal to choose a weapon that was appropriate for himself.

Yan Menglong stroked his chin and said, “Yi Yun, some warriors are naturally attuned with a type of weapon. For example, I have seen natural swordsman. They seem to be born for the sword. Such people have to choose the most compatible weapon.”

“But there are people who are not sensitive to any weapon type. Any weapon suits them. Such people do not need to have an exclusive weapon, and is left up to their own desires!”

“Weapons are an extension of a warrior’s body. Some weapons are even a warrior’s life. For instance, I have seen natural swordsmen who wished they could change their bodies into a sword.”

“These kinds of people have excellent swordplay. But the moment they are separated from their swords, their battle power will be reduced! It is an extreme, and it has its advantages and disadvantages!”

“For people like them, they adapt to the weapon, but others would choose to make the weapon adapt to themselves. These people are strong, so it wouldn’t matter which weapon they chose!”

“For example, even in cultivation techniques, the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” may be a top-level cultivation technique, but it is not the be-all end-all of cultivation techniques. You can choose to practice the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” to an extreme level, but you can also choose other cultivation techniques, merging all the cultivation techniques into one for yourself!”

“There are two paths. It’s difficult to say which is better. One is narrow, but pushes you to the peak, while the other is wide, and might make you go through many detours. You take your pick.”

Yan Menglong’s words inspired Yi Yun. This was insight gained from real experience, enlightening Yi Yun.

“I understand.” Yi Yun nodded his head. He had already made up his mind.