True Martial World Chapter 1522

Chapter 1522: Divine Lord Breakthrough
Chapter 1522: Divine Lord Breakthrough
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In the Chaos wilderness, gray mist gathered high in the sky. One could only seen an endless expanse devoid of life, one that had been constant since time immemorial.

Two months had passed since Primordial Chaos Daolord and Fire Cloud Divine Lord entered the Chaos mineral vein.

Sacred Horizon Divine Lord was silently meditating, having been motionless for the past couple of days. A thin layer of dust had formed on his body.

"I can't wait any longer. I keep feeling as though something has happened! There is no reason for them to take so long. Who knows if they obtained some impressive cultivation resources in there and decided to simply cultivate inside, refusing to exit." West River Divine Lord had lost his patience. Typically, two months was nothing to Divine Lords with extraordinary long lives. A simple meditation to gain Dao enlightenment could easily last for centuries, but when such an important opportunity was involved, West River was unable to rest easy.

"There's a huge array condensed out of the worldly laws around the Chaos Gem mineral vein. Our perceptions are completely screened from the area, so there's no way to know what's happening inside. If you can't wait any longer, go seek out more Chaos Gems to make another Chaos Gem armor and enter," said Sacred Horizon Divine Lord slowly. "However, I have a ominous feeling. I'm bringing it to your attention because it might not be that the complete silence of Primordial Chaos Daolord and Fire Cloud Divine Lord is a result of them holing up in there with the treasure. It is also possible that they have encountered danger. Either they have been trapped, or they encountered something unexpected"

"Oh? Are you implying that"

Upon hearing Sacred Horizon Divine Lord's opinion, West River felt a jolt. If that were truly the case, it was unlikely he could come out alive even if he sought out Chaos Gems to create an armor for entry. In terms of strength, either one of Primordial Chaos Daolord or Fire Cloud Divine Lord was someone he was no match against.

However, he felt disgruntled at the thought of abandoning an opportunity that had presented itself to him. After all, it was a possible resource to help boost him to a Godly Monarch.

As West River Divine Lord was caught in a dilemma, the gray mist in the sky was stirred by an unknown force. All the gray mist in a radius of more than five thousand kilometers began to spin around the Chaos Gem mineral vein.

"Oh? This is?"

West River Divine Lord's pupils constricted slightly. He knew that the gray mist was the essence of nebulous Primordial Chaos. The weight of such nebulous Primordial Chaos was beyond imagination. What sort of power could have stirred it?

The gray mist was swirling at a slow pace, but it had a terrifying power like a ferocious gray maelstrom in the sea. Although it was slow, it was unstoppable. Gradually, the nebulous Primordial Chaos above the Chaos Gem mineral vein increased in density, forming a vortex Primordial Chaos cloud!

As the nebulous Primordial Chaos increased, the color of the Primordial Chaos cloud deepened, turning from gray to black. Finally, it was as black as ink, enough to swallow all light that fell on it. It seemed to connect to another world.

And in the middle of this black Primordial Chaos cloud was a funnel that spun slowly as it extended down towards the Chaos Gem mineral vein!

The worldly array that formed around the Chaos Gem mineral vein gave the black vortex easy passage.

"What's happening? Is it the appearance of a rare treasure? Or has this got to do with Primordial Chaos and Fire Cloud?" West River Divine Lord's pupils constricted. The treasure had to be extremely precious for it to result in such a phenomenon.

Eclipse Arhat gave a Buddhist proclamation as he shook his head slowly. "This phenomenon probably has nothing to do with Primordial Chaos or Fire Cloud."

As Eclipse Arhat said so, sparkling lights appeared in the pitch-black sky without them realizing it. They twinkled like the stars in the sky, but there were far more than even the starriest of nights!

These lights were also all sorts of colors. On closer inspection, they were actually countless Dao patterns floating in the sky!

These Dao patterns were extremely abstruse and profound as they coruscated. Without exception, they contained an extremely pure Heaven Earth Spirit Qi that made them extremely beautiful.

"Oh? These are the Dao patterns of the laws. Pure Yang, Pure Yin, Time, Space and Primordial Chaos, as well as"

Sacred Horizon Divine Lord looked at the black patterns. The fear-invoking aura was clearly that of

"Dao of Destruction?"

"These nomological patterns are not being condensed naturally, but appear to be the result of a person's cultivation. Why does it feel like someone is making a breakthrough" Sacred Horizon Divine Lord suddenly said.

His words left everyone drawing a cold gasp.

"How can this be possible!?"

West River Divine Lord refused to believe it.

"I find it quite impossible as well. However, these nomological patterns that are appearing in the sky resemble those of a peerless elite's breakthrough. The Dao patterns condensed in their dantians rush out and fuse with the Great Dao of the world before fusing back with the body."

When Sacred Horizon Divine Lord said that, it left everyone shuddering in their hearts. Indeed, they had all experienced a similar situation when they broke through to the Divine Lord realm. However, it was far from the spectacle before their very eyes. There was an uncountable number of nomological patterns that seemed to reach out to the ends of one's visions.

West River Divine Lord shook his head. "Impossible! Even if a person's cultivation level is impressive, no one has the strength to stir patterns that cover the entire sky. The strength to stir that much nebulous Primordial Chaos is something beyond even our combined efforts."

Just as West River Divine Lord said that, the boundless nomological patterns in the sky suddenly moved as if summoned. They swept like a raging wind before surging towards the Chaos Gem mineral vein. Instantly, it was like rivers plunging into a massive ocean! Colorful nomological patterns began to twinkle resplendently like infinite shooting stars.

The gathering of the nomological patterns lasted for nearly an hour. Every second, there would be thousands of patterns entering the mineral vein as though they were all being absorbed for something.

And the scene that followed made all the Divine Lords present feel as though time had stopped. They saw a gigantic human figure appear in the middle of the black vortex. They could not make out his face, but he stood ramrod straight, emanating the might of the Great Dao. His figure was like that of a god!

As he looked down at the world beneath him, the eyes that looked like a lustrous galaxy made everyone feel like they were facing the entire universe.

This scene lasted for several seconds before the figure shattered. Unending starlight fused into the Chaos Gem hill and vanished.

West River Divine Lord wore a look of shock. "This Don't tell me that someone is breaking through to the Godly Monarch realm!?"

Perhaps only a Godly Monarch breakthrough would produce such a grand spectacle!

However, Sacred Horizon Divine Lord shook his head. "I have had the good luck of coming into contact with two Godly Monarchs. That phantom should be the dantian's aspect. Although it has a powerful aura, it is not like the World of a God inside a Godly Monarch's dantian, the sensation that makes it feel like a person creating a universe. It doesn't resemble a Godly Monarch's breakthrough."

"If it's not a Godly Monarch breakthrough, could it be a Divine Lord breakthrough?" West River Divine Lord found it ludicrous. All of them present had broken through to the Divine Lord realm in the past. They knew it was naturally impossible for the Divine Lord realm to produce such an astounding worldly force.

"I can't be sure" Sacred Horizon Divine Lord shook his head. Although he was sharp, just the Dantian Aspect alone was incapable of judging the person's cultivation level.

Eclipse Arhat said, "It's naturally impossible for this huge Primordial Chaos cloud to be a result of a single person. This is already beyond the strength of a person. But if it's due to a breakthrough, the stirring of the Great Dao's forces might result in the gathering of a Primordial Chaos cloud"

The corners of West River Divine Lord's mouth twitched when Eclipse Arhat stopped mid sentence. In fact, he had thought of one possibility, but found it unbelievable.

Perhaps, Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and Eclipse Arhat had come up with preposterous ideas, but they found the notions too ridiculous and kept their theories to themselves.

West River Divine Lord took a deep breath as he enunciated each word, "Old Monk, you keep talking about the Primordial Chaos cloud. Are you telling me that the person who is breaking through is that punk who entered the Chaos mineral vein!? And Sacred Horizon, you mentioned that it's possible for Primordial Chaos and Fire Cloud to have met with harm. Don't tell me you're entertaining the thought that Fire Cloud and Primordial Chaos have been killed by that punk!?"