True Martial World Chapter 1523

Chapter 1523: Astounding Turn Of Events
Chapter 1523: Astounding Turn of Events
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Sacred Horizon Divine Lord looked towards the Chaos Gem hill and said slowly, "West River, what you say sounds incredulous, but it is indeed the best explanation. This breakthrough cannot be Primordial Chaos's or Fire Cloud's. Then, it's likely that person's. The only other possibility is that there's another person inside the mineral vein cave, but that is highly unlikely. After all, no person has stepped onto this desolate landmass for hundreds and millions of years. A person that can live that long would probably already be a Godly Monarch."

West River Divine Lord fell silent. He still found it unbelievable. The punk's pursuit had left Primordial Chaos Daolord wretched even before he broke though. And now, his breakthrough was causing such a stir. Had all of them lived and cultivated in vain all these years when compared to this punk?

"If that person is really the one breaking through, he is bound to cause tumultuous waves across the Sinkhole," said Sacred Horizon Divine Lord, his words carrying deep implications. "However, it's a question if this is a blessing or a tragedy for Sinkhole warriors."

"That will depend on if he can leave here alive! Sacred Horizon Divine Lord, Eclipse Arhat, and fellow Daoists, we are the ones who found and opened this primeval universe. How can we let that punk reap all the benefits it holds? Besides, we have already offended him. We must not leave this ticking time bomb behind. Even if his breakthrough is grand in scale, he has only just broken through. If we join forces, we will definitely be able to kill him. Furthermore, we can set up a massive array ahead of time and make him step into a trap!" said West River Divine Lord.

His words was clearly instigating everyone to take action and ambush Yi Yun. It was quite an embarrassing thing for so many Sinkhole hegemons to jointly surround and attack a junior, but the idea did not bother him at this point. With Yi Yun's unfathomable strength at present, only a collective ambush could ensure zero mishaps!

Aqua Waters Divine Lord hesitated for a moment, but ultimately, she did not speak out in protest.

"In that case, we will leave a number of people waiting here to set up the array. Another group will continue searching for Chaos Gems to weave more Chaos Gem armor. We must ensure that the punk doesn't stay in there forever." West River Divine Lord said with a sneer when he saw everyone acquiescing to his suggestion.

He looked at the Chaos Gem hill with eyes that were burning with undisguised flames. This was probably the biggest opportunity he had come across all his life!

"It seems that's the only thing we can do," said a lanky Divine Lord. "I will search for the Chaos Gems. After the last search, I have a better idea of how it should be done. It shouldn't take me more than a month to gather enough for one set of Chaos Gem armor."

As he spoke, the ground suddenly quaked as though the entire landmass was shaking.

West River and the other Divine Lords were taken aback. Could it be that the punk could not stay put and was already coming out!?

Regardless of what methods they used, there was no escaping their combined assault.

Sacred Horizon Divine Lord also slowly looked up in silence. Everyone waited, fully prepared. They focused intently on the Chaos Gem hill, awaiting the appearance of Yi Yun.

The tumultuous sounds reached a crescendo as the sky changed colors. It left everyone reeling in horror from the sheer power

At that moment, two gigantic black rifts appeared in the sky. In the middle of the two rifts was a circular black hole that seemed to devour all light.

It did not resemble a spatial rift, but more like a cold and ruthless pair of eyes!

This pair of eyes looked over the land like a god, coldly gazing at whatever was happening on the ground.

West River Divine Lord and company felt their bodies turn stiff when the eyes locked onto them. They shuddered all over.

"What's that thing?" A Divine Lord barely managed to utter. He felt extremely uneasy in front of the eyes!

"It's not from that punk! It's from someone else!"

West River Divine Lord came to the sudden realization, but by then, the pair of eyes were turning increasingly clear. Even a face had appeared. It was a gigantic face that shimmered with a metallic glow. His appearance seemed to make everything turn heavy!

He reached out his gigantic hand and slowly tore apart the sky!

At that moment, inside the Chaos Gem mineral vein, the meditating Yi Yun suddenly opened his eyes!

Ancestor God!?

Yi Yun's heart skipped a beat. There was no need to guess. The Ancestor God was here for him!

However, the tracing mark that the Ancestor God had placed on him had clearly been wiped away by Bai Yueyin! Why was He still able to pursue him here? Could it be that his breakthrough had stirred an energy fluctuation so great that He could sense it across vast space?

Yi Yun felt his life was in extreme peril. Without Bai Yueyin protecting him, the present him was in no way the Ancestor God's match!

He jumped out of the Azure Lamp of Time. At that moment, the Azure Lamp of Time had torn apart more than half the sky, revealing half of His body.

His body obstructed the gray misty sky. His cold eyes scanned the world beneath him and he soon spotted the Chaos Gem mineral vein where Yi Yun was cultivating. He saw the worldly array protecting the mineral vein, as well as the Divine Lords looking back at Him in awe.

To the Ancestor God, there was nothing in the world that was indestructible. He did not need to consider the relationship between Yi Yun and the Divine Lords. He just needed to annihilate everything before Him.

The Ancestor God began gathering energy, stirring all the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in this world. Upon seeing this scene, Sacred Horizon Divine Lord's expression changed drastically.

"Watch out!"


The giant let out a tumultuous roar, one that tore the land apart!

"Ka Ka Ka!"

Countless spiderweb-like cracks appeared on the land that had stood dormant for hundreds of millions of years. The Divine Lords were the first to bear the brunt of His attack. The loud bellow contained a terrifying energy blast. It felt like a star would explode if that shout was delivered to it!

"Let's join forces!"

Sacred Horizon Divine Lord yelled sharply. Their lives were on the line and he could sense extreme danger from the giant.

The Divine Lords present were all Sinkhole hegemons. Even if they met enemies that far exceeded them in strength, they did not turn flustered even if they were slightly afraid. They gathered all their energy together and injected it all into Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and Eclipse Arhat, the two strongest ones present. Both of them threw out their hands, producing a huge shield of light from their four hands!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The loud bellow manifested itself as a visible shock wave that slammed heavily into the barrier!

"Ka Ka Ka!"

The barrier began cracking as Sacred Horizon Divine Lord's nostrils began bleeding. He endured with great difficulty as Eclipse Arhat took action. He began producing Sanskrit tonal runes, forming a wheel filled with Buddhas. Together with Sacred Horizon Divine Lord, they pushed through even as they bled.

As for the giant in the sky, He thought nothing of them. It was as if He had no emotion in Him. All he did was look at everything in the world coldly. He raised his gigantic hand and struck down at Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and company!

Sacred Horizon Divine Lord was blanketed in the gigantic hand's shadow. His forehead broke out in sweat as his breathing turned heavy. He knew that there was no way he could withstand that blow!