True Martial World Chapter 1525

Chapter 1525: Destruction Storm
Chapter 1525: Destruction Storm
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Time passed and without realizing it, it had been nearly fifty years since the opening of the Ancient Ruins world's ancient battlefield.

Typically, each opening of the ancient battlefield would last about thirty years, but for some unknown reasons, it dragged on so much longer this time.

The event that symbolized the closing of the ancient battlefield was when the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith emitted a nomological glow, one that could be seen anywhere in the Ancient Ruins world. It was the charm of the Great Dao!

In time, all the warriors in the Ancient Ruins world would rush over to the World Monolith to leave their names on it.

This was an opportunity for geniuses from the various major factions to leave their names on the World Monolith. Doing so would propel them to stardom, making their name famous throughout the Sinkhole. They would become the idols of countless people, winning the hearts of countless girls. It could be said to be one's defining moment in life!

Numerous young warriors would dream of carving their names on the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith.

"That's it No one can leave their name on the World Monolith anymore." In the corner of the World Monolith's main city, Nanxuan Luoyue looked at the World Monolith. She saw people who left their names on the World Monolith hovering in front of it as they enjoyed the envy and worship of others. As long as they left their names, even if it was only the size of a palm, or extremely shallow and blurry, an entry that was so inconspicuous on the gigantic World Monolith that it would vanish in a few millennia

People would still go forward to congratulate them.

"Young Master Wang, you are truly a utterly talented individual. For the Wind Cloud Sect to produce a genius like you, you are bound to soar in the future. Hahaha!"

"Young Master Zhou, you also succeeded in leaving your name. Congratulations as well!"

People exchanged pleasantries without concealing their beaming smiles. They were naturally feeling highly spirited after doing such a thing.

"Hahaha! However, we still have to work hard. There are some people who have carved their names at spots higher than ours. Theirs are larger as well"

Young Master Wang looked up and saw an extremely clear word writtenYourou!

"Fairy Yourou of the Nethersky Divine World's Young Goddess has a well-deserved reputation!"

Not just that, but when others left their names, they would shout out in joy. Yet, Fairy Yourou had silently left her name on it. She did not even stop in front of the monolith to admire her work, instead leaving instantly. It left people puzzled.

It was said that Fairy Yourou had a mild disposition, but even so, that was simply too tranquil.

And in the next moment, a white-dressed Fairy Yourou appeared beside Nanxuan Luoyue in the form of an azure smoke. She glanced at the Recognition Monument and said softly, "Young Master Yi's name isn't there He probably perished in the Fey God Tomb"

Nanxuan Luoyue bit her lips and remained silent.

She refused to believe that Yi Yun would die so simply; however, there was no sign of Yi Yun after he entered the Fey God Tomb. Later, Primordial Chaos Daolord scoured the Fey God Tomb en masse and sought him out for twelve years. Later, it was said that something happened in the Fey God Tomb which resulted in countless deaths. Later, there was still zero news of Yi Yun. After all this time, the ancient battlefield finally came to an end. Nanxuan Luoyue still held hopes that she would see Yi Yun appear in the main World Monolith city to carve his name on the Recognition Monument at the last moment.

But she was disappointed.

"Fairy Yourou, thank you for taking care of me over the years. I have been a burden on you all this time" Nanxuan Luoyue said somewhat sheepishly.

In fact, ever since her bloodline was stimulated by Yi Yun, she had experienced a rapid growth in strength, one so fast that it left Fairy Yourou astounded. But as Nanxuan Luoyue had too weak a foundation, she did not manage to leave her name on the World Monolith.

"We have gone through thick and thin together. Years ago, Young Master Yi saved me twice. Compared to his talent, this bit of achievement of mine is nothing. What a pity"

Fairy Yourou gave the Recognition Monument a deep, meaningful look. When the final Great Dao charm on the Recognition Monument vanished under the setting sun, she finally sighed and shook her head.

Yi Yun really wasn't coming. If he was, how could he miss the opportunity to leave his name on the Recognition Monument? When one left their name, they would experience a baptism of the Heavenly Dao. They would experience a qualitative leap in their nomological insights.

"Sister Luoyue, let's go. My sect is waiting outside for me. I'll be here for the next ancient battlefield. Will you?"

"I shall!" Nanxuan Luoyue nodded solemnly. Although she refused to believe that Yi Yun was dead, chances were slim for him at present. She arranged to come to the Ancient Ruins world with Fairy Yourou again, in hope of a miracle. Perhaps, she could find Yi Yun the second time she came to the ancient battlefield

Perhaps Fairy Yourou also had the same thoughts

At that moment, tens of millions of miles away in the Frost Ice Sandsea of the Nethersky Divine World!

The Frost Ice Sandsea spanned millions of miles. It would not take long for warriors to cover this distance, but the Frost Ice Sandsea was a forbidden zone for life.

The Frost Qi here was extremely strange. It could freeze a warrior's soul and internal Yuan Qi. The deeper one ventured in, the more apparent the effects. Many warriors who accidentally stumbled into the Frost Ice Sandsea would have their psyche frozen; after that, they would lose their sense of direction before freezing to death, becoming part of the icy sand in the Frost Ice Sandsea!

The reason why they were reduced to icy sand was because of the unique laws in the Frost Ice Sandsea. Strange black winds swept through it perennially. When these winds hit bodies, they would blow away flesh and blood, turning them to frozen skeletons.

When the winds struck glaciers, it would shatter them, reducing them to icy sand!

Therefore, the Frost Ice Sandsea was nothing but a desert. However, the desert was not one of sand but of countless minute ice crystal fragments!

Even though the Nethersky Divine World was home to all sorts of odd places, the Frost Ice Sandsea was definitely one of the more extraordinary sights.

However, there was a sect established nearby despite the perils of the Frost Ice Sandsea. The sect was named the Frost Sand Valley. Every year, the sect would organize a trial for its younger generation disciples inside the Frost Ice Sandsea. The trial was extremely harsh. The risk of death was there if one wasn't strong enough.

The reason why the Frost Ice Sandsea established its sect here was not without reason. The Frost Ice Sandsea would often produce many rare natural treasures. Searching for these divine treasures annually was the source of the Frost Sand Valley's income!

But in the recent thousand years, the natural treasures on the Frost Ice Sandsea's periphery had been swept clean. As entering the interior was difficult, the Frost Sand Valley was already finding it harder to continue on. The present generation was beginning to suffer.

At this moment, fierce winds raged in the Sandsea. When these winds swept up the icy sand, they would hit a person's body like blades. Many younger Frost Sand Valley disciples would gather their Yuan Qi together and produce a collective barrier to barely advance through the storms.

"We have spent twelve days searching during this expedition, but we have yet to find the Black Heart Lotus. It's likely we might return empty-handed," grumbled a young disciple.

"How could finding the Black Heart Lotus be easy? Be patient. We will return if another two years of searching proves fruitless," said a middle-aged scholar dressed in azure clothes with a shake of his head.

"Eh? It seems like there's sometime up ahead?"

The young disciple who had just spoken was feeling excited having suddenly made a discovery. Just as he was planning to get everyone to check if it was a rare treasure, the ground beneath them suddenly quaked violently!

"Oh?" The young disciple's heart palpitated.

And at that moment, the black winds in the desert seemed to be stirred by an unknown force. They began howling fiercely.

"What's the matter!?"

Many of the Frost Sand Valley disciples were alarmed. As they saw the black winds surge towards them, they felt like all the black winds in the Frost Ice Sandsea were being stirred. Against such a phenomenon, they deeply felt how minute their strength was.

"Our barrier won't hold on much longer!"

A girl screamed. Her face was already pale and she was severely drained of her Yuan Qi. To come even this far, she had expended a great deal of Yuan Qi, and now, with the black winds intensifying severalfold, how could her strength withstand it!?

"Hide behind me!"

A man who resembled a middle-aged scholar took a step forward and came in front of the girl.

"Martial Uncle, you"

The girl bit her lips, but she was out of options at present. Even if she put up a front, there was no way she could support the Yuan Qi barrier. If the barrier were to shatter on her side, the smallest breach would allow the black winds to sweep in. They would all be finished.

The middle-aged scholar bit the tip of his tongue and did not hesitate to burn his blood essence!

Using the energy gained from burning his blood essence, he took on nearly half the pressure!

"Martial Uncle!"

Many people were worried. Sinkhole warriors were not like Yi Yun who had the Dragon Emperor Technique. They could not burn their blood essence so simply, for every bit burned would be one bit gone!

"Look up in the sky! What's that!?"

A young man suddenly looked up into the sky and was astonished to discover that a gigantic hole had torn open in the blurry Frost Qi-filled sky! The hole was spewing tumultuous spatial storms! The black winds in the Frost Ice Sandsea had been agitated by the forces that emanated from the terrifying spatial storms.

"This storm" The middle-aged scholar's face was as white as a sheet. "This storm is probably more than five hundred kilometers away"

He cultivated in spatial dimension laws, and had even attempted traveling through space. There were powerful spatial storms within spatial rifts. When warriors tore through space, these spatial storms would pose the greatest threat to them. The middle-aged scholar was able to barely cross space to nearby areas on his own, but for all the spatial storms he had ever encountered, none of them compared to the one before his eyes!

The spatial storm more than five hundred kilometers away were leaks from the spatial rift; yet, it was able to stir up the Frost Ice Sandsea so violently? Heavens, what sort of space was it!?

"Hold on! All of you hold on!"

The middle-aged scholar shouted as he saw the spatial storm in front of him escalate in strength. He showed no concern for his body as he burned his blood essence again!

Upon seeing this scene, all the disciples present felt their hearts ache for him. All of them knew that their martial uncle was on the brink of a breakthrough. If he continued burning his blood essence, he might fail to break through. And at his age, if he failed to break through, he would probably be stuck at his present realm for life.


At that moment, everyone was shocked to see the gigantic spatial black hole shoot out a black beam of light. It was like a flying star that traveled at an incredulous speed towards the Frost Ice Sandsea!

After a moment of silence, a blinding divine light lit up into the distance, like millions of divine swords stabbing into the sky.