True Martial World Chapter 1527

Chapter 1527: Great Empresss Throne
Chapter 1527: Great Empress's Throne
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Although he was in the Nethersky Divine World, Yi Yun had no intention of visiting Fairy Yourou. He just wanted to be certain that she was fine.

"Was Fairy Yourou injured during the expedition to the ancient battlefield?" Yi Yun asked casually.

The middle-aged scholar felt his heart palpitate slightly when he heard the question. He immediately came to the realization that Yi Yun might know her! Although to people like him, Fairy Yourou was a lofty existence, it was not odd that someone as powerful as Yi Yun knew her!

"Senior, Fairy Yourou returned safe and sound. Furthermore, she is about to break through to the late stages of the Supremacy realm. Now, Lord Bluefeather is planning on refining a Divine Breakage Pill for her. That is a pill that even Divine Lords who have fused a second Divine Lord Royal Seal might not have a chance to enjoy. But now, she plans on giving it to Fairy Yourou for her breakthrough to the late stages of the Supremacy realm. We disciples of the Frost Ice Sandsea are here in search of a Black Heart Lotus. The Divine Hall is currently purchasing a batch of divine medicine for refining and one of the needed items is the Black Heart Lotus"

"So that's how it is."

Yi Yun nodded. He knew the herbs required for the refinement of a Divine Breakage Pill. He also had Black Heart Lotuses, for it was not considered an extremely precious herb. Yi Yun guessed that it was not true that Divine Lord Bluefeather did not have one. She was likely thinking of purchasing more and choosing the one with the best quality.

The Black Heart Lotus was really nothing spectacular. Yi Yun even had a few of the more extremely rare and precious herbs needed for the Divine Breakage Pill. Yi Yun guessed that it was unlikely for Divine Lord Bluefeather to possess those.

The reason why Yi Yun had them was because Primordial Chaos Daolord had kept them in his collection. Yi Yun was pleasantly surprised to find them.

Yi Yun did not mind providing these herbs to Divine Lord Bluefeather but, of course, he would only exchange for something he needed. After all, these herbs were practically nonexistent on the market. By being able to supply them to Divine Lord Bluefeather, he was already greatly helping her.

Yi Yun asked, "Where's the Divine Hall? I happen to have some things that can aid in Divine Lord Bluefeather's refinement of the Divine Breakage Pill."

Upon hearing Yi Yun, the middle-aged scholar was taken aback. Didn't he know Fairy Yourou?

How could he not know where the Divine Hall, where she lived, was? In the Nethersky Divine World, the Divine Hall had absolute power. It was practically known by all.

Although he was puzzled, Yi Yun was their benefactor. He naturally did not hide anything from him as he said, "Lord Bluefeather is not in the Divine Hall at the moment. Senior, if you wish to meet her, you can head to the White Lunar Divine Empire. I heard that Fairy Lin of the White Lunar Divine Empire has inherited the throne of Great Empress. Now, many factions in the Sinkhole are heading there to congratulate her. Lord Bluefeather has headed there with Fairy Yourou. She will only begin refining the Divine Breakage Pill after she returns."


Yi Yun's heart jolted when he heard the middle-aged scholar. The so-called Fairy Lin was naturally Lin Xintong. She was about to inherit the throne of Great Empress?

"The White Lunar Goddess Empress is planning to abdicate the throne to Lin Xintong?"

"Yes yes. In truth, I heard it's not abdicating, but supposedly" The middle-aged scholar's voice softened, as though it was taboo.

"Supposedly what? Just say it!" Yi Yun saw something amiss in the middle-aged scholar's expression.

"It's only hearsay, and not confirmed news. Rumor has it that the White Lunar Goddess Empress has already perished. Without a leader, Fairy Lin has no choice but to inherit her throne."


Yi Yun was stunned!


How was that possible?!

Upon noticing Yi Yun's nasty expression, the middle-aged scholar explained carefully, "I do not dare shoot my mouth off about such matters, but I heard that the White Lunar Divine Empire's immortal palace suddenly fell from the nine firmaments, and crashed into the ground. It was as though it had lost all its spirituality."

"As everyone knows, that immortal palace is the White Lunar Goddess Empress's intrinsic treasure, the White Jade Phoenix Palace. It's used to secure the light which providence shines on the White Lunar Divine Empire. If the White Lunar Goddess Empress had gotten into trouble, it would cause her intrinsic treasure to plummet from the sky"

Yi Yun took a deep breath when he heard the middle-aged scholar's words. An intrinsic treasure was tied closely to its owner in body and soul. This implied that something had really happened to Bai Yueyin!

Back when he met the White Lunar Goddess Empress, she was fighting the Ancestor God! Bai Yueyin was still heavily injured the last he saw her.

The Ancestor God was omnipotent, so it was not impossible for Him to track down and do something untoward to Bai Yueyin!

Upon coming to this realization, Yi Yun's heart turned heavy. He had already been targeted by the Ancestor God. With Bai Yueyin holding Him back, Yi Yun was given some breathing room. Now, the situation had worsened.

Yi Yun suddenly thought of something as he infused his perception into the Purple Crystal. He did a thorough check of his entire body and only fifteen minutes later did he break out into a cold sweat. He clearly sensed, deep within his dantian, there lurked an energy that did not belong to him.

The strange and mysterious energy condensed a gigantic mark that resembled an eye totem.

Was this the mark the Ancestor God left behind!?

Yi Yun knew that the Ancestor God had left a mark on him, but Bai Yueyin had mentioned that she removed it for him.

But in the primeval universe, the Ancestor God came after him while he was inside the Chaos Gem mineral vein. This made Yi Yun suspicious. Even if the Ancestor God was powerful, was he powerful enough to spread his perception across the entire universe?

Could it be that Bai Yueyin lacked the power to wipe away the mark left behind by the Ancestor God? Instead, perhaps she had used a particular means to mask it, disconnecting the mark from the Ancestor God.

But with Bai Yueyin falling into trouble, the seal she left behind had lost its effect. The tracing mark was naturally sensed by the Ancestor God. Therefore, the Ancestor God traveled across space and found him in the primeval universe!

How could Yi Yun not be afraid of a mark that could rob him of his life at any moment?

But upon careful thought, he remembered he had been inside the spatial turbulence for decades, but the Ancestor God did not pursue him. He had suffered grievous injuries inside the primeval universe, so he still had time. Although cultivating to the point of killing the Ancestor God was almost impossible, he was still able to sever the connection between him and the Ancestor God just like Bai Yueyin had done. After all, he had the Purple Crystal Origins with him.

Regardless, raising his strength was definitely the right thing to do.

Now, Yi Yun planned on heading right to the White Lunar Divine Empire. He was obviously not missing the coronation of Lin Xintong as Great Empress. He could also meet Divine Lord Bluefeather on the way and exchange for certain things. It would only make his cultivation path run smoother.

As Yi Yun was thinking about this, he suddenly heard a weak girl's voice. "Se Senior"

Yi Yun looked over and saw a girl dressed in a pale yellow dress. She stopped mid-sentence as her face blushed red like a peach.

And beside her, the middle-aged scholar was still maintaining his reverent stance, but his forehead was dripping in cold sweat. Clearly, he was extremely weak.


When the girl saw Yi Yun look over, she bit her lips and said, "Senior, I beg of you to save us. Our Martial Uncle has burned a great deal of his blood essence in order to save us juniors. Now, his lifeblood is depleted and his strength had reduced drastically. He probably will not reach his original cultivation realm again. And the murderous black winds of the Frost Ice Sandsea are everywhere. Our present situation won't allow us to return to the Frost Sand Valley safely."

As she spoke, the tears in her eyes shimmered. She was the picture of a weeping beauty, enough to make one feel pity over her.

She had long planned on speaking out, but did not do so right away. After all, Yi Yun had just saved them. They were greatly indebted to him. They would be going overboard if they insisted such a mighty figure send them back to the Frost Sand Valley.

She even thought of pleading for Yi Yun to help heal her martial uncle. It was unlikely to be a difficult thing for Yi Yun. But to their Frost Sand Valley, he was their lifeblood! However, this only made it harder for her to say it out loud.

After undergoing an internal struggle, the pale yellow-dressed girl knelt down to the ground and said, "Senior, might I ask you to save my martial uncle? He is the person who has the highest hope of breaking through to the Supremacy realm in our Frost Sand Valley. In the past few centuries, my Frost Sand Valley has been waning. We can't suffer such an additional loss. Senior, if you are willing to help, I have nothing I can do to repay you, but I will do anything to thank you!"

Upon hearing the girl's request, the Frost Sand Valley disciples turned anxious. This was practically selling herself as a slave. Yi Yun felt extremely embarrassed hearing that. These people still were unaware that his tearing out of the primeval universe was the reason for their present predicament. Even if the girl had not spoken, he would have saved them. He had been too shocked having heard about Lin Xintong and Bai Yueyin, as well as realizing that the Ancestor God's mark was still in him; thus resulting in his neglect.

"Ling'er, what nonsense is that. If I were to lose you when out on this expedition, how am I to answer to Sect Master!?" The middle-aged scholar immediately stopped the girl. He was really afraid that Yi Yun would have thoughts on her. After all, Ling'er was beautiful and very attractive to men. And in front of Yi Yun, there was no way for him to put up a resistance. Ling'er was the sect master's only personal disciple. His duty was to ensure her safety while bringing her out on an experiential expedition.

Yi Yun coughed dryly. He could have easily explained that there was a misunderstanding, but he could not mention the primeval universe. The spatial storms had likely been witnessed by many, so it was definitely possible for those with broad horizons to notice that something was out of the ordinary with those storms.

All he could say was, "It's considered fate that we met. Then"

Yi Yun took out a few pill bottles, and after some thought, took out another jade box.

"This is for you. These pills will save you some time cultivating. It shouldn't be a problem to heal your martial uncle of his injuries. As for serving me, there's no need to do so. Cultivate well. You still have a long road ahead. Do not give up your life so easily."

Upon hearing Yi Yun's last sentence, the girl blushed. She bit her lips and did not say a word. She felt that Yi Yun was treating her as a hussy.

"Senior, I"

"Take it."

Yi Yun handed the items to the girl as she received it in a fluster. Upon seeing all the pills, she was instantly dumbfounded. In fact, she did not recognize the various pills, but when she saw the jade box that had a corner opened, she realized that it was holding the Black Heart Lotus they had been seeking for more than ten days!

"This is a supreme-grade Black Heart Lotus which is more than ten thousand years old!?"

The girl's martial uncle had good discernment. He immediately recognized the Black Heart Lotus's grade. It was something that Supremacies would fight for without any regard for their lives.

As for the pills, although they were stored in jade bottles, the surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was unknowingly being stirred by the pills within the bottles, forming tiny eddies. Perhaps these pills were several times more precious than the supreme-grade Black Heart Lotus!

"This is too precious. We can't take it!" said the middle-aged scholar immediately. These could not only heal him of his injuries, they could even help him break through to the Supremacy realm. It was even enough for them to produce several Supremacies from a selected pool of excellent disciples.

"Ahem. Don't worry about it. Since we are fated, just treat it as your good fortune. The information you provided me has helped me quite a bit."

Since there was no other way about it, Yi Yun decided on accepting their gratitude. After all, he had no use for those pills, nor was he lacking when it came to supreme-grade Black Heart Lotus. He might as well get them to send it to the Divine Hall for more resources.

"Since you are injured and are unable to walk out of this desert, let me send you."

As Yi Yun spoke, his perception radiated out in every direction like the sun's rays. In seconds, he found a hidden valley in the Frost Ice Sandsea's vicinity. Written on a stone monolith in front of the valley were the words 'Frost Sand Valley.'

Following that, Yi Yun casually ripped open space and produced a spatial passageway.

This scene widened the eyes of all the Frost Sand Valley disciples. They felt as though Yi Yun's simple hand wave moved like he was like ripping apart a piece of drawing, but it was enough to tear open space!

Before they could even marvel in shock, they felt a massive and irrepressible Yuan Qi sweep towards them before they were thrown into the spatial passageway!

To Yi Yun, who had traveled through the primeval universe's spatial turbulence for decades, conjuring spatial dimension laws at this level was child's play.

Everyone felt the world spin around them and seconds later, their eyes lit up. They were shocked, for right in front of them was the 'Frost Sand Valley' engraving. They looked up and realized the sect was right in front of them!

They were back just like that!?

In just a few blinks of an eye, they had gone from the deep depths of the Frost Ice Sandsea to inside the Frost Sand Valley. It was difficult to traverse through space individually, much less teleport such a huge group of people. Furthermore, Yi Yun likely did not know where Frost Sand Valley was unless he could radiate his perception instantly and find it. Such a powerful and impressive perception was completely unheard of.

"We are back just like this" said the yellow-dressed girl in a daze. If not for the jade bottle's warmth which came from Yi Yun's palm, she would have imagined that she had been dreaming.

"That's right. We are back." The middle-aged scholar felt mixed emotions. There was no hope for him to even dream or understand such a realm his entire life, much less talk of reaching it.

"Where's that senior?" asked the girl subconsciously.

"He must have left. He only sent us back."

"Oh" The girl nodded. For some baffling reason, she fell into a despondent mood. She suddenly realized becoming the personal slave of a mighty figure like Yi Yun was perhaps the dream of numerous girls. It would have been an immense opportunity