True Martial World Chapter 1528

Chapter 1528: White Jade Phoenix Palace
Chapter 1528: White Jade Phoenix Palace
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The White Lunar Divine Empire had always enjoyed a supernatural existence in the Sinkhole because of Bai Yueyin!

But in fact, Bai Yueyin was not the only Godly Monarch in the Sinkhole. The other factions were also connected in innumerable ways to various Godly Monarchs; however, they could at best request the help of the Godly Monarch they paid tribute to. They also needed to pay a price for that help, but the White Lunar Divine Empire was different. The overlord of the White Lunar Divine Empire was a Godly Monarch herself.

Not only that, Bai Yueyin was also one of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs. She was unfathomably powerful.

Under such circumstances, the other Sinkhole factions had ultimately treated the White Lunar Divine Empire with fearful reverence. Even though Bai Yueyin had yet to appear for tens of millions of years, no one dared to provoke it.

But now, the famous Bai Yueyin had perished

The Sinkhole went into an uproar when the news spread. Although the White Lunar Divine Empire still remained as one of the most powerful factions in the Sinkhole, Lin Xintong's stunning talent was not enough to curb the doubts people had about her ability to rule over such a massive White Lunar Divine Empire. After all, Bai Yueyin had perished so suddenly and Lin Xintong was still very young.

Many guests came to the White Lunar Divine Empire for the coronation event, both as a way to celebrate her ascension to the throne as well as to see how impressive the young Lin Xintong was, considering how she was now in charge of the massive divine empire.

The White Lunar Divine Empire was made up of numerous floating immortal mountains. They made for excellent scenery and were rich in Yuan Qi. Many spirit beasts and avian creatures flew in between the mountains, making it look like an endearing picture.

Apart from the spirit beasts and avian creatures, there were several spirit boats floating near an immortal mountain right in the middle of the White Lunar Divine Empire. Each of these spirit boats produced a powerful Yuan Qi fluctuation and the materials they were made of were the best.

From the spirit boats' totems or emblems, one could identify that nearly every powerful faction in the Sinkhole had sent envoys.

And apart from those spirit boats, there were also many warriors that came on board spirit boats. However, these spirit boats were moored at the periphery. They maintained a distance from the spirit boats of the powerful factions.

At that moment, a spirit boat here to witness the coronation arrived at the immortal mountain. It circled around for a while before finally finding a spot to park itself in mid-air.

"Everyone, you may disembark. A warning for all of you. Do not fly around heedlessly here. Do you see the light bands floating around the immortal mountains? Follow them down before descending the Thousand Li Cloud Staircase to enter the immortal mountain," exhorted the boatman.

"Thousand Li Cloud Staircase? The decorations are quite grand, but I do remember several years ago that at the top of the Thousand Li Cloud Staircase were the hundred thousand pavilion palace of the White Lunar Divine Empire. Above the imperial palace complex was where the White Jade Phoenix Palace floated high above as it shone down with millions of beams of divine light. From afar, it makes one apprehensively reverent towards it. Nearly everyone would kowtow at the sight of it, but now, all I see is the hundred thousand pavilion palace at the top of the Thousand Li Cloud Staircase. That awe-inspiring White Jade Phoenix Palace has already vanished," a warrior said suddenly.

What he said instantly stirred the interest of many. Many of them were here in the White Lunar Divine Empire for the first time. They had never witnessed the grandeur of the White Jade Phoenix Palace before.

Upon seeing the interest his story was garnering, the warrior from before began to brag about what he saw in high spirits. From time to time, he would mention what a pity it was that those beautiful scenes were no longer present.

A blue-shirted man was listening quietly in the crowd. He looked like a youth and, while in the crowd, he gave one the urge to focus their gaze on him if their eyes swept past him. But on careful inspection, he did not seem to appear special in any way.

This youthful-looking man was none other than Yi Yun, who was here to participate in Lin Xintong's coronation event!

"White Jade Phoenix Palace Could it be one of the twelve Fey God divine artifacts that Bai Yueyin had?"

Yi Yun previously knew that as one of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs, the Fey God corresponding to Bai Yueyin was the Seven-colored Phoenix.

Just like how Old Snake possessed the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, while the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner possessed the Pure Yang broken sword, Bai Yueyin naturally had her own Fey God divine artifact. Furthermore, the White Jade Phoenix Palace had the word 'phoenix' in it. It definitely gave Yi Yun ideas.

Yi Yun had refused to believe that Bai Yueyin was dead, but if her intrinsic divine artifact had fallen, it likely meant that Bai Yueyin's situation was not hopeful

"Having not seen her for so many years, I wonder how strong Xintong is. But even if her master was Bai Yueyin, it is unlikely she was able to cultivate to a stage that allows her to rule over the entirety of the White Lunar Divine Empire. Her counterparts are all Sinkhole powerhouses"

Yi Yun frowned. One thing had always baffled him. Why would Bai Yueyin take Lin Xintong in as her disciple? Although Lin Xintong had excellent talent, there were countless geniuses in the Sinkhole with excellent talent. Why did Bai Yueyin only choose Lin Xintong? Furthermore, even with Bai Yueyin's fate unknown, Lin Xintong was able to successfully acquire the position as Great Empress. That meant that Lin Xintong's status in the White Lunar Divine Empire was extremely high. Furthermore, with Bai Yueyin making the arrangements, no one dared to protest against her wishes considering her means and prestige.

Yi Yun did not know what situation Lin Xintong was presently in. He was worried for her, so he immediately phased away, transforming into a shadow as he followed straight up the Thousand Li Cloud Staircase. No one on the staircase noticed Yi Yun pass them by.

At the top of the Thousand Li Cloud Staircase was the hundred thousand pavilion palaces

Although the White Jade Phoenix Palace had plummeted, causing a great loss in the White Lunar Divine Empire's majesty, just the hundred thousand pavilion palaces was astounding enough.

Bai Yueyin had personally set up an array formation within these palaces in-person. There were also a few Divine Lords on the mountain that took turns manning it. It could be said to be impregnable!

At that moment, Yi Yun had arrived outside the palaces' entrance. He stood there while being inundated by a spiritual might emanated by the immortal mountain in front of him. He even saw countless nomological chains dancing faintly. Yi Yun could sense the terrifying might of the array even without touching it.

Bai Yueyin's intrinsic divine artifact was spiritually linked to her, so when something happened to her, the artifact was severely damaged. However, the array formation she set up remained fine.

Even with Yi Yun's present strength, it would not be easy for him to crack the array. Besides, he was unwilling to damage what Bai Yueyin had left behind.

"Who is it? If you are a guest here to congratulate Fairy Lin on her coronation, please show your invitation letter." A few guards were clearly shocked seeing Yi Yun's sudden appearance. They had not sensed his arrival prior to that.

"I do not have one!"

"Sorry then, if you do not have a invitation, you are just a general member of the public. Although our White Lunar Divine Empire welcomes you nonetheless, general members of the public are not to stay in the pavilion palaces. The coronation will begin tomorrow. When the time comes, you will be able to attend the banquet in the periphery as a general member of the public."

"I'm not a guest," said Yi Yun slowly.

"Then who are?"

"I'm here to find my wife."

"Oh?" The guard was taken aback. Was he a family member of a particular female disciple of the White Lunar Divine Empire?

"Might I know who your wife is?" asked the guard baffled.

Yi Yun paused for a moment before he said"Lin Xintong!"


Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, the guards widened their eyes, believing that they had heard wrong.