True Martial World Chapter 1529

Chapter 1529: Imperial Preceptor Lingluo
Chapter 1529: Imperial Preceptor Lingluo
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"Who were you referring to again?"

"I was referring to your future empress. She's my wife," said Yi Yun very calmly. All the guards were completely flabbergasted, having never imagined that someone would dare say such words in front of their White Lunar Divine Empire's entrance to the hundred thousand pavilion palaces. Since Lin Xintong was about to ascend to the throne, her name was something only few extremely well-respected Imperial Preceptors or generals were qualified to speak, much less this man's crazy talk claiming that Lin Xintong was his wife.

The guards found no humor in the shocking words. To them, Lin Xintong was pure and forthright, a sanctified and lofty existence. How could anyone disparage her!?

"What audacity! What nonsense do you speak!?"

"Just those foolish words alone are enough for us to lock you up in our White Lunar Divine Empire's dungeons for good!" As the guards spoke, they instantly set up a battle formation, pointing the spears in their hands at Yi Yun's throat.

Upon seeing this scene, Yi Yun remained unperturbed. These guards were acting on their responsibility to protect Lin Xintong, so he had no plans of injuring them. He said, "All you need to do is report the matter! Leave it to your empress to decide on the veracity of the matter."

Upon thinking of Lin Xintong, Yi Yun looked up at the towering palace. A glint of anticipation flashed in his eyes. Having been separated from Lin Xintong for centuries, he hadn't had the opportunity to reunite with her despite wanting to the moment he arrived in the Sinkhole, due to his limited strength. Now, he was finally equipped to do so.

The guards exchanged looks. The man before them was speaking calmly and confidently. It implied that he was either sick of living or utterly insane.

At that moment, three figures who emanated powerful Yuan Qi suddenly appeared at the mountain entrance. Their clothes were embroidered with the emblem of the White Lunar Divine Empire.

"What happened?" a white-dressed male asked with a frown.

The coronation was about to happen, and no one in the White Lunar Divine Empire wished for any problems to arise and soil the occasion.

"Steward," the guards immediately bowed and said with a reverent attitude. "This mad man actually claims that the newly-appointed empress is his wife. He insists we report the matter."

"What?" The three men were astounded as they looked at Yi Yun as though he was a retard.

This man was not only crazy, he was insanely crazy!

"Stewards, should we report this?" asked a guard softly.

"Report? Do you want to anger our superiors?" said the white-dressed man coldly.

He looked at Yi Yun and sneered. "There's no need to speak further with this crazy person. Take him down! Send him to the dungeons! For him to act out here in our White Lunar Divine Empire, I guess he's sick of living"

But at that moment, the white-dressed man's expression changed.

He felt the scene before his very eyes turn to a blur as a terrifying might suddenly inundated him.

He mustered all his Yuan Qi immediately, but the force seemed to pierce through his Yuan Qi barrier before impacting his chest.


The white-robed man flew back like a sandbag before crashing into the mountain gates.

He looked at Yi Yun, who remained motionless in his spot, in horror. This person's strength

At that moment, the two other stewards raged, "What audacity!"

"Don't" The white-robed man attempted to stop them, but he was too late.

The two stewards attacked simultaneously as extremely sharp sword flashes cleaved down at Yi Yun.

The sword flashes were enough to instantly rip a warrior to shreds.

But against the spate of sword flashes, Yi Yun did not flinch. All he did was raise his hand and gently flick them, like he was swatting a fly.

"Courting death!" One of the stewards wore a cold expression. The sword flashes followed the laws of a sword array, allowing it infinite variations. Even a Sword Dao expert would find it difficult to parry such an attack. There had been many people like Yi Yun who were overconfident only to suffer terribly when facing his strike.

But the next moment saw the barrage of sword flashes distort under Yi Yun's palm. Following that, he slapped them in the faces, quite literally.

The steward still wore a sneer on his face when he felt the terrifying might strike his cheek. He acutely felt the distortion of his facial muscles as they tore, splattering blood out. He was sent involuntarily flying before crashing heavily into the ground.

In a blink of an eye, the white-robed steward had been smashed into the gates, while the two other stewards had faces as swollen as pigs as they lie on the ground.

Yi Yun did not really injure them seriously. All he did was let them suffer some physical pain. A warrior would be able to recover from that much in a day.

The guards were stunned. The three stewards were more than ten times stronger than they were, but in front of Yi Yun, they were no different from toddlers.

The way they looked at Yi Yun changed. They could tell very clearly that Yi Yun had only stood there and gently waved his hand yet left the three people lying on the ground.

This was only because Yi Yun had no intent to kill. If he had any murderous intent, the trio would have been dead.

The white-robed steward crushed a voice transmission talisman as he looked at Yi Yun in shock.

Yi Yun had long noticed the white-robed steward's tiny action, but he did not stop him. If the white-robed steward was directly informing the higher echelons of the White Lunar Divine Empire, it would only save him time and effort.

It did not take long before an extremely powerful repressive force descended.

The guards looked at the whizzing flash and were instantly delighted. They immediately bowed towards the light. "Elder Tianyi."

A lean middle-aged man's figure appeared out of the light. He had a thin face with protruding cheek bones. His cheeks sank in and he had cold, sinister-looking eyes.

"Divine Lord Tianyi, he" The white-robed steward struggled to get up.

"There's no need to speak further." Divine Lord Tianyi did not even spare a glance at the three stewards for his eyes were trained straight on Yi Yun. He said coldly, "I'm the Divine Lord stationed here. Who are you? Do you have any wish to leave after causing trouble here today?"

"I had no plans on leaving ever since I came. I'm Yi Yun, Lin Xintong's husband. Please pass the message. If not, I will have to storm my way in." As Yi Yun spoke, his eyes flashed with killing intent.

If these people kept sending people to stop him and were not open to reason, he could only storm his way up. Who could stop him from meeting his wife?

The look in Divine Lord Tianyi's eyes changed. This was the first time he encountered someone standing at the entrance of his charge and declaring they would storm mountain.

"He's truly insane to say such words. How can Elder Tianyi tolerate such threats" The white-robed steward sneered inwardly. Yi Yun should have thought about where he was before acting so arrogantly.

He was waiting for Divine Lord Tianyi to rage, but Divine Lord Tianyi was taken aback when he heard Yi Yun. He fell silent for a moment before sizing Yi Yun up. "Your name is Yi Yun?"


"This name" Divine Lord Tianyi frowned. "Are you the Yi Yun who entered the ancient battlefield from my White Lunar Divine Empire?"

"That's right!" Yi Yun had no plans on hiding the truth.

Divine Lord Tianyi was slightly alarmed. He had once heard that a junior named Yi Yun in their White Lunar Divine Empire had received numerous benefits in the Divine Perish Hall. But ultimately, he perished in the Fey God Tomb. Many people attempted to find his corpse but failed. It was as though Yi Yun's corpse had disappeared, making everyone believe that Yi Yun was dead.

Divine Lord Tianyi had only asked in passing since he had not linked the youth in front of him to that particular Yi Yun. Yet, it turned out to be the same person. He never expected Yi Yun to return alive.

"Wait here," said Divine Lord Tianyi after some thought.

Yi Yun looked at Divine Lord Tianyi. He had thought of the various ways it might turn out before coming. Backed by his tremendous strength, there was now no need for him to hide the secrets of his treasures. Regardless if Divine Lord Tianyi called for backup to capture him, he thought nothing of it.

Yi Yun waited indifferently by the side as Divine Lord Tianyi phased away.

Divine Lord Tianyi's figure appeared in front of a gigantic pavilion palace within the hundred thousand pavilion palaces. He stepped forward and said to an austere-looking guard who had suddenly appeared. "Please inform Imperial Preceptor Lingluo that Tianyi seeks an audience."

The austere-looking guard's eyes glazed over before he said, "Imperial Preceptor Lingluo grants you entry."

Divine Lord Tianyi nodded and immediately entered the building.

The building had a unique fragrance wafting in it. There were incense cauldrons burning everywhere as slim and elegant girls shuttled in between the incense while holding all sorts of flowers and spirit fruits.

In the middle of a building, a beautiful woman dressed in a palace gown was leaning on a jade stone. The girls surrounded her as she enjoyed the spirit fruits they offered.

This scene was considered quite a delightful sight, but when Divine Lord Tianyi saw the woman, his eyes turned stern as his expression effused solemnity.

"Tianyi, I sensed an energy fluctuation from the mountain gates. I thought it was something trivial, but who knew you would come all the way here to me. Speak. What happened?" said Imperial Preceptor Lingluo without turning her head.

Divine Lord Tianyi immediately bowed respectfully and said, "Lord Imperial Preceptor, I'm unaware if you have heard of a junior named Yi Yun from decades ago. He received one of our White Lunar Divine Empire's jade transmission tokens and entered the ancient battlefield"

"Yes, I have" Lingluo ate a grape and said nonchalantly, "It's not a big deal when certain people without any faction backing them joins our White Lunar Divine Empire camp to enter the ancient battlefield. I heard that this junior had quite good luck and received many benefits, but he perished in the ancient battlefield. Why? Is he not dead?"

Lingluo held the grape in her mouth without swallowing it as she ruminated over the matter. For Yi Yun to appear here, he must have either given his valuable treasures to someone else or he was mad.

"Yes! Furthermore, he has appeared at our entrance and claimed that he is our new empress's husband! Furthermore, I have once heard stories about our new empress. It's said that back when Her Majesty first entered the White Lunar Goddess Empress, Her Majesty often had a melancholic look and rumors had it that someone was always on Her Majesty's mind"

"Oh!?" Upon hearing Divine Lord Tianyi say that, the woman's eyes turned cold as she said, displeased, "What rubbish have you been listening to!?"