True Martial World Chapter 1531

Chapter 1531: Bai Shanhe
Chapter 1531: Bai Shanhe
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Yi Yun always found Bai Shanhe a rather mysterious person. He was, in fact, a little baffled as to why Bai Yueyin would adopt a son.

Regardless, he was definitely extraordinary in particular aspects for him to be thought of highly by Bai Yueyin. Yi Yun had no plans of underestimating him. Besides, Bai Shanhe had been cultivating for millennia. Ignoring him, just the azure-clothed girl beside him was no ordinary person.

"Young Master Bai, might I know what you summoned me for?"

Yi Yun looked at Bai Shanhe and felt like he was a pool of limpid water. His sharpness was all hidden under the water's surface. He looked calm and warm, and his every action and sentence felt like a gentle spring breeze.

Bai Shanhe smiled. "I just like befriending people. I heard that Young Master Yi's performance in the Divine Perish Hall was extraordinary, so I was interested in acquainting myself with you."

Yi Yun cupped his fists. "I have also long heard of Brother Shanhe's name. I have also witnessed your glory on the ancient battlefield's World Monolith!"

"Haha, Young Master Yi, you flatter me. I'm simply considered someone who does miscellaneous things in the White Lunar Divine Empire. Typically, I tend to the vegetation or play music. As for stuff like the military or politics, they are handled by the three Imperial Preceptors and the generals. Of course, many of the matters will be left to your wife, Lin Xintong, in the future"

Bai Shanhe paused when he said that and gave Yi Yun a faint smile. "I know you are here to find Junior Sister Lin, but you might find that the present Lin Xintong is somewhat different from what you remember her to be"

"Oh?" Yi Yun frowned slightly. "Please explain."

Bai Shanhe beckoned his hand gently as a disk array appeared in his hand. He injected it with a little energy as the phantom of a woman appeared.

Although it had to be described as a phantom, it looked lifelike. It was as though a real girl was standing in front of Yi Yun.

"This girl"

Yi Yun was stunned when he saw this. The girl looked about sixteen years old. She was ruminating quietly by a lotus flower pond, looking elegant with a tiny, curvaceous waist. She was tall and slender, and her fair face suffused a ruddy complexion. She looked like a bright moon amid fog. Her looks neared perfection, and most attractive of all, her body effused an ethereal bearing. She looked like a blade of immortal grass that had rolling dew in the early morning, giving one the impression that she was otherworldly.

"She is"

Yi Yun could clearly identify a shadow of Lin Xintong from the girl's looks, but it was not completely the same. In fact, just her age felt different even without mentioning her looks. Lin Xintong was supposed to appear in her twenties, but the phantom seemed to have a faint adolescent feeling to her. She seemed to be fifteen or sixteen.

And most obvious of all was the red lotus mark with two petals at her glabella. It had a striking appearance, like a gecko cinnabar.

"This mark" Yi Yun's heart jolt. He naturally could not forget the mark. He had once seen it on another personEmpress Sheng Mei!

She was the woman that the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch was seeking. It was because of that woman that he came to the universe where the Sinkhole was.

Why did this girl have the red lotus mark at her glabella? Could it be

"How do you feel?"

"Xintong" Yi Yun closed his eyes slightly as he took a deep breath before saying, "She is my wife."

"Oh?" Bai Shanhe was clearly somewhat surprised. Although he had expected Yi Yun to guess that the girl was Lin Xintong when he produced the phantom, he found it strange that Yi Yun was able to not hesitate and say it with such certainty.

Bai Shanhe smiled. "I never expected you to be this calm. You didn't even ask me why she would be in such a state"

Yi Yun fell silent. Just the red lotus mark alone was enough for Yi Yun to guess what had happened.

Back when Yi Yun entered the Chaos Gem mineral vein and found the stone chamber's heritage left behind by the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch, one of the Chaos jade slips recorded the cultivation techniques of the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch, as well as a recollection of his life.

From what the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch left behind, Yi Yun had come to understand that the red lotus mark was in fact a symbol of a particular cultivation technique.

This cultivation technique was known as the Grand Reincarnation Technique!

The Grand Reincarnation Technique reached perfection after nine reincarnations. Every reincarnation would allow one to accumulate talent and nomological insight, as well as gain new life. The benefits of such a cultivation technique were heaven-defying.

And every completion of a reincarnation would lead to an additional petal on the red lotus mark on the cultivator's glabella.

The Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had also cultivated in the Grand Reincarnation Technique. The greatest crisis in his life was overcome through the Grand Reincarnation Technique. He finally broke free from all his shackles and became the strongest person in the 33 Skies. It could be described as him rising from the ashes.

Could it be that Lin Xintong had inherited Empress Sheng Mei's heritage and come to practice the Grand Reincarnation Technique!?

If that was the case, it would certainly explain why one of the strongest experts in the Sinkhole, Bai Yueyin, would choose Lin Xintong to be her personal disciple.

After all, even though Lin Xintong was considered to have excellent talent in Yi Yun's opinion, it was not sufficient for her to be thought of so highly by Bai Yueyin.

However, if Lin Xintong was also the inheritor of Empress Sheng Mei's heritage, things would be completely different.

Yi Yun instantly thought through many things. For Lin Xintong to have two petals at her glabella, it proved that she had reincarnated twice. This was also why Lin Xintong looked different from the age he knew her to be.

But Lin Xintong was still Lin Xintong, no matter how many times she reincarnated. Her soul and her vital source were immutable. She was ultimately the wife Yi Yun recognized.

"Young Master Yi, you are indeed different from most ordinary people," said Bai Shanhe with a smile when he saw Yi Yun's calm reaction.

"Brother Shanhe, I have a question I would like to know. Is Xintong a willing party in her coronation as empress?" Confirming this point was of critical importance. If not, Yi Yun planned on taking Lin Xintong away with him.

Bai Shanhe replied, "This was all arranged by Master. Junior Sister Lin naturally obeys Master's wishes. After all, she is greatly indebted to Master."

"I get it." Yi Yun did not care if Lin Xintong became the White Lunar Divine Empire's empress. Now that it was without Bai Yueyin, Yi Yun was no longer afraid of the entire White Lunar Divine Empire. If Lin Xintong was bent on becoming empress, he could very well not take her away and even live in the hundred thousand pavilion palaces. Who could do a thing about him?

"Why are you telling me all of this?" asked Yi Yun. What Bai Shanhe had informed him was indeed very helpful.

"I told you. All I want to do is acquaint myself with you, Young Master Yi. I have some idea that you have been put under house arrest. If you continue staying here, only harm will come your way, nevermind your slim chance of meeting Junior Sister Lin. If you wish to leave the White Lunar Divine Empire, I can help you. Of course, it's impossible for me to help you take Junior Sister Lin away, but there's no problem in letting you leave alone unscathed."

Bai Shanhe had said the last sentence via voice transmission. Yi Yun looked at Bai Shanhe with a surprised look. He could not get a read on Bai Shanhe. Nor was there a reason why Bai Shanhe would help him.

"You do not need to be apprehensive. I do not seek fame or wealth by nature, and enjoy living a free, unshackled life. I do not like to have my life arranged for me, nor do I wish for Junior Sister Lin to have hers arranged. However, the White Lunar Divine Empire is currently in the hands of the three Imperial Preceptors"

As Bai Shanhe said that via voice transmission, a loud laughter was heard.

"Hahaha, Young Master Shanhe, why are you in the uplifted mood to meet guests today?"

Yi Yun turned his head and saw a man and woman walk into the yard.

The man was tall and he donned a red robe. The woman was a coquettish beauty with an excellent figure.

"Ah, it's Imperial Preceptor Kunxu and Imperial Preceptor Lingluo. I never expected both of you would come to my humble yard. What rare guests."

Bai Shanhe spoke calmly, unsurprised by the arrival of the two Imperial Preceptors.

Yi Yun took in this scene, for he could acutely sense that Bai Shanhe did not have a harmonious relationship with the Imperial Preceptors that controlled the White Lunar Divine Empire.

Bai Shanhe's maidservant had taken him away with a token. The guards did not dare stop her, but they had immediately informed their superiors. Clearly, the arrival of the two Imperial Preceptors was to put Bai Shanhe in his place.

"Young Master Shanhe, it's not that Lingluo and I do not wish to visit, but that you so often recluse yourself in your yard to indulge in the arts. It's truly difficult to meet you even once. If there's nothing further you need from this person, why don't I take this person away?"

The red-robed man said as he conjured a space that enveloped Yi Yun. He did not even glance at Yi Yun throughout this entire process, as though he treated Yi Yun as an object.

Bai Shanhe shook his head and did not speak further. He could tell that Yi Yun had no intention of accepting his help. He did not wish to leave and was bent on meeting Lin Xintong.

Yi Yun sneered when he was enveloped by the spatial forces. He did not resist. Currently, there were many visitors from various major factions residing in the hundred thousand pavilion palaces. It could be said to be filled with elites. Since Lin Xintong wished to inherit the throne, he did not wish to hinder her coronation. This Kunxu and Lingluo were also considered overlords. If he fought them, it would definitely cause a stir.