True Martial World Chapter 1532

Chapter 1532: Divine Lord Bluefeather
Chapter 1532: Divine Lord Bluefeather
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"Young Master Shanhe, I'll visit another day." As Imperial Preceptor Kunxu spoke, he looked at Yi Yun as the corner of his lips slightly curled up to reveal a sinister smile. He looked at Yi Yun as though he was his prey.

Kunxu had not forgotten the supreme treasures Yi Yun had received on the ancient battlefield. Such rare items prompted many Sinkhole mighty figures to head to the ancient battlefield. However, Primordial Chaos Daolord had scoured the Fey God Tomb for twelve years, to the point of losing his life without reaping a single benefit.

How could Primordial Chaos Daolord have imagined that the Yi Yun he had been searching for would come to him and that he would eventually succumb to Yi Yun?

Primordial Chaos Daolord was likely unable to rest in peace due to this infuriating revelation.

"You dare trespass in the White Lunar Divine Empire and lie, saying you're the husband of the newly-appointed empress. You have stained her reputation. I had originally given you quite a nice residence, but rather than stay obediently in place you left without permission. From the looks of it, you were quite uncomfortable staying there. That's fine too. The Blood Moon Sky Dungeon still has a few vacancies. Why don't you spend your time in there!" said Kunxu before he stepped out the door of Bai Shanhe's yard. He did not care if Bai Shanhe heard him.

In fact, he had deliberately said it loudly for Bai Shanhe to hear.

Bai Shanhe remained unperturbed. Beside Bai Shanhe, the azure-clothed girl's expression turned a lot nastier. Death was almost certain once one entered the Blood Moon Sky Dungeon. Furthermore, Kunxu was becoming utterly audacious!

The azure-clothed girl even suspected that with the White Lunar Goddess Empress's disappearance, a number of people inside the White Lunar Divine Empire were beginning to rouse. Back when the White Lunar Goddess Empress had designated Lin Xintong to be her successor, they had still obeyed her instructions in the first few centuries. However, how could anyone say anything about the future with certainty? After all, Lin Xintong was so young.

"Young Master, we" Just as the azure-clothed girl was about to say something, two more people suddenly appeared by the entrance to the yard.

Leading them was a beautiful woman dressed in blue. There was a blue ice flower at her glabella, and there were fine scales by the corners of her eyes. Beneath the scales were some serpentine patterns that stretched down her sideburns and into her clothes.

And standing beside the woman was a girl with an otherworldly bearing.

Upon seeing these two, Kunxu was taken aback. The blue-dressed woman was none other than the one who helmed the Nethersky Divine WorldDivine Lord Bluefeather!

As for the girl beside Divine Lord Bluefeather, it was the Young Goddess who had shown illustrious results at the ancient battlefield and left her name on the World MonolithFairy Yourou.

"Exalted Bluefeather? Fairy Yourou? Why are you two here"

Kunxu smiled as he welcomed them. He was slightly apprehensive when it came to Bluefeather. Just her strength alone made her one of the top existences among Divine Lords, one far stronger than him. This was not even including the rumored master of Bluefeather, the Grand Elder of the Nethersky Divine World who had ties with a reclusive Godly Monarch!

Many Sinkhole factions would choose to acquaint themselves with a Godly Monarch. This was the hidden card in their hand, one they could play to ensure that they did not suffer the fate of having their factions wiped out.

The White Lunar Divine Empire had Bai Yueyin from the beginning, a trump card that no one could compare with. But ever since Bai Yueyin vanished, the White Lunar Divine Empire had become the weakest.

Now, the White Lunar Divine Empire was in a precarious position. Kunxu naturally felt uncertain facing Bluefeather.

"It was Young Master Shanhe who invited us here as guests. I never expected to see Imperial Preceptor Kunxu here as well," Bluefeather said indifferently. She had sharp senses and she had clearly sensed some nomological stirrings a moment ago. The yard was likely not in a harmonious situation.

"Haha, I only came here to handle a trivial person who managed to sneak into the White Lunar Divine Empire. I'm worried he might mislead the public at the critical moment of the new empress's coronation. I never expected to meet you here, Exalted Bluefeather. I have disturbed the both of you from a pleasant reminiscence."

Kunxu smiled and was just about to take Yi Yun away when he was surprised to realize that beside Bluefeather, Fairy Yourou looked completely stunned. Her beautiful eyes were staring unblinkingly at someone beside him. Her gaze was one of surprise and joy.

What just happened?

Kunxu was still unsure what had happened when Fairy Yourou spoke out. "Yi Yun, it's really you!? You are still alive?"

"Fairy Yourou, we meet again. When I exited the ancient battlefield, I found I had arrived in the Nethersky Divine World. I heard that both you and Senior Bluefeather came to participate in the Empress's coronation, but I never expected to bump into you here of all places." Yi Yun smiled. He had quite a good impression of Fairy Yourou.

"It's good that you are well. Back when we were leaving our names on the World Monolith at the end of the ancient battlefield, I thought something untoward had happened to you since you didn't show up." As Fairy Yourou spoke, she turned to Bluefeather. "Master, this is the Yi Yun I have always been mentioning to you. He once saved my life on the ancient battlefield."

"Greetings Senior, I am Yi Yun." Yi Yun bowed.

Bluefeather nodded with a smile. "Rou'er has spoken of you several times and felt wistful whenever she did. It's good that you returned alive."

When Bluefeather said that, she noticed that the spatial dimension laws around Yi Yun had been changed. It was a spatial cage and, without a doubt, the person behind it was Kunxu.

Bluefeather turned to Kunxu and feigned bafflement. "Imperial Preceptor Kunxu, don't tell me that the trivial figure you mentioned who sneaked into the White Lunar Divine Empire is Yi Yun?"

Kunxu was taken aback. Yi Yun knew Fairy Yourou? And from the looks of it, they had a deep relationship.

"That's right. He speaks impertinently and has sullied the reputation of my White Lunar Divine Empire's newly-appointed empress. I naturally have to take him down."

"Is that so? Was there a misunderstanding in all of this?" asked Bluefeather with a faint smile. She did not believe Kunxu's words. From her point of view, it was very likely that Kunxu was conspiring for the treasures Yi Yun carried.

It was no longer a secret that Yi Yun had obtained immense treasures in the Divine Perish Hall.

When he saw Bluefeather appearing to speak up for Yi Yun, Kunxu's expression turned nasty. "Exalted Bluefeather, don't tell me you plan on interfering with internal matters of my White Lunar Divine Empire?"

Kunxu emphasized the words 'internal matters,' but Bluefeather laughed. "According to what I know, Yi Yun is not considered someone from your White Lunar Divine Empire. Since my disciple is indebted to Yi Yun, it is only right that I should take the responsibility of clearing up this misunderstanding."

Although Bluefeather kept her smile constant, her attitude was uncompromising. Kunxu and Bluefeather faced each other. Although they did not move, they were already clashing with the imposing might they automatically released. It was clear that Kunxu was inferior from just this alone. Kunxu was after all only one of the three Imperial Preceptors of the White Lunar Divine Empire. As for Bluefeather, she was the actual person in charge of the Nethersky Divine World.

A few seconds later, Kunxu finally said through clenched teeth, "Then, Exalted Bluefeather, I shall not disturb your get together with this person. Goodbye!"

Kunxu snorted coldly before flicking his sleeve and leaving.

He knew very well that he was weaker than her. Staying behind only added insult to injury.

Imperial Preceptor Lingluo did not say a word from beginning to end. She followed Kunxu once he left.

As Yi Yun watched the two Imperial Preceptors leave, he looked at Bai Shanhe with a deep, meaningful look. Since Divine Lord Bluefeather and Fairy Yourou had been invited by him, could it be that he had already anticipated such a situation?

Everyone knew that Yi Yun had obtained huge opportunities in the Divine Perish Hall, but few people in the ancient battlefield knew of his relationship with Fairy Yourou. Bai Shanhe was truly quite an enigma.

Of course, Yi Yun had not needed Bai Shanhe and Divine Lord Bluefeather's help. He was only curious as to why Bai Shanhe would help him.

"Yi Yun, why don't you stay with Master and I for the next few days? It will prevent others from doing any harm to you," said Fairy Yourou. With Yi Yun returning safely, it was one less burden off her chest.

"Senior, thank you for helping me out of my predicament. Fairy, I will have to impose on you then." Yi Yun naturally did not object to the suggestion. Being with Fairy Yourou would save him quite a bit of trouble.