True Martial World Chapter 1533

Chapter 1533: Lunar Maple Pavilion
Chapter 1533: Lunar Maple Pavilion
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Yi Yun spent the day listening to music at Bai Shanhe's compound with Fairy Yourou, who was proficient in music theory. The music she played was unlike Bai Shanhe's which had carefree vibes that brought mountains and rivers to mind. Instead, hers was a little more tranquil, like an insect chirping when dusk fell or the morning tide when swished by the breeze.

Only when the sun set did Yi Yun and Fairy Yourou bid Bai Shanhe farewell. Yi Yun naturally accompanied Fairy Yourou and headed for their residence.

Legends said that the hundred thousand pavilion palaces were a brand new world every ten steps. It was no doubt an exaggeration, but it also symbolized the tremendous number of pocket worlds there were.

When Yi Yun stepped through the door of a palace with Fairy Yourou, the scene before his eyes seemed uplifted. Yi Yun saw a mountain more than two hundred thousand feet in front of him that spanned an area of hundreds of kilometers. It was a like a god that stood erect on the land. There was all sorts of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi lingering around the summit like an unending tidal wave surge.

At the foot of the mountain was a vast grassy plain. The variety of precious and rare plants were innumerable. There were all sorts of spirit beasts galloping across the plains. They were either gallivanting like halos or stopping to leisurely eat the immortal grass.

Yi Yun had stepped into a spot higher than the godly mountain's peak, at a height three hundred thousand feet high. He got the full view of the land, seeing the snow-capped mountain peak, the blue skies and green grass. It was picturesque!

Such scenery really left one refreshed in spirit and in mind.

Even Yi Yun could not help but marvel at the White Lunar Divine Empire's heritage. Just the immortal grass used to rear the spirit beasts could be used as a natural treasure for the refinement of pills in several smaller sects. But in the White Lunar Divine Empire, this immortal grass was left to grow into a grassy plain.

"You live here?" asked Yi Yun.

"Yes. This is the Lunar Maple Pavilion. All the guests who are visiting the White Lunar Divine Empire are staying here."

Here for the coronation, the guests from the various major factions had entourages that numbered in the thousands at the very least, but they could all live in one pocket world. Furthermore, there was still plenty of space.

Yi Yun could see that there was a ward array formation on the snowy mountain. It made the place enjoy spring-like weather all year round. There were numerous immortal palaces and pavilions hidden in the fog, all hardly discernible from this distance.

The ones that were allowed to live on the snowy peak were some of the most illustrious figures that hailed from the major factions in the Sinkhole.

There was a sea of pine trees in between the palaces at the mountaintop. In the middle, there was a spirit fountain with a pavilion platform to its side. Several Sinkhole experts were gathered there. The tables were filled with priceless spirit wine and fruit.

Supremacies and Divine Lords had their own respective circles. People of different levels of strength interacted with different kinds of people. However, as the Sinkhole was too huge, these people seldom had the opportunity to gather together. Now, at the White Lunar Divine Empress's coronation, these experts were gathered together, naturally giving them an opportunity to interact and have exchanges.

There were some Divine Lords who were stuck at particular realms. They would have Dao or martial exchanges with each other in a bid to seek out inspiration that would lead to a breakthrough. There were also those lacking in natural treasures who wanted to trade with others. After all, everyone in this residential area was wealthy. It was very likely that they had certain items that could hardly be found on the market.

The light that descended when Fairy Yourou and Divine Lord Bluefeather appeared immediately attracted the attention of many.

After all, Fairy Yourou was an illustrious figure, a new hot shot in the Sinkhole. Although she was only a Supremacy, rumors had already spread that the day she broke through to become a Divine Lord, the Grand Elder of the Nethersky Divine World would invite her old friend, who was none other than the mysterious reclusive Godly Monarch to help Fairy Yourou in cleansing her body to aid her breakthrough to the Divine Lord realm!

A Divine Lord Royal Seal had even been prepared for Fairy Yourou. That was part of the Nethersky Divine World's treasured collection, a Godly Monarch Royal Seal which had been passed down since ancient times!

These resources truly left one envious. But the martial world was always as such. Nations would invest massive amounts of resources on one person. As long as the person's talent was good, it was entirely possible to nurture that person to become an overlord.

Besides, Fairy Yourou was the cream of the crop when it came to the younger generation. It could be imagined that her results at the next ancient battlefield trials would only be better. Although it was basically impossible for her to match Lin Xintong's, it was still possible that she could engrave her name above the clouds one day.

Under such circumstances, all young elites from the Sinkhole's major factions admired her. If one lucked out greatly enough to become her Dao partner and dual cultivate with her, their cultivation level would improve by leaps and bounds.

"Fairy Yourou, try this pot of Lunar Songflower. I brewed it with Heavenly Springwater for six hours. It's the perfect time to have a taste of it."

A white-dressed man called out to Fairy Yourou from afar. He was the inheritor of the Bai family of the Great Cosmic StateBai Yanzhuo. The Bai family was a family clan that had been in existence since ancient times. Their ancestor had once reached the realm of half-step Godly Monarch.

As the white-dressed man spoke, he shot a glance at the man beside Fairy Yourou, Yi Yun.

"Oh? This is"

He knew that the entourage from the Nethersky Divine World was comprised solely of females. Why, then, would a young man suddenly appear? Furthermore, he was talking and laughing with Fairy Yourou in a rather intimate and familiar manner.

Fairy Yourou was a quiet and mild person by nature. She seldom interacted with members of the opposite sex, so what was up with this young man?

Before Fairy Yourou even replied, Bluefeather said, "Rou'er, have a look around here with Yi Yun. I'll be heading elsewhere to meet some old friends." After Bluefeather said that, she took off in another direction where many of the Sinkhole's important figures were gathered. That could be considered the area where Divine Lords mingled, while the spot where Yi Yun was was where Supremacies mingled.

"This is Yi Yun, my friend." Fairy Yourou was, in fact, not interested in such exchanges. However, she was being nurtured as someone who could one day helm the Nethersky Divine World. She needed to acquaint herself with the elites from the major factions of the Sinkhole. It was also something Bluefeather had instructed her to do.

"Yi Yun? Which Yi Yun? Don't tell me" A female Supremacy with excellent looks suddenly said in surprise.

"What do you mean?" Bai Yanzhuo asked with knitted brows. He had just exited seclusion recently and had not heard of Yi Yun. Could the name Yi Yun belong to some famous elite youth? It would be a problem for him if that were the case.

"Senior Brother Bai, didn't I mention this to you a few days ago? There was an itinerant cultivator from the White Lunar Divine Empire who obtained treasures from the Divine Perish Hall at the ancient battlefield. Primordial Chaos Daolord even went to the ancient battlefield, but the person had gone missing. Everyone believed him to be dead, but from the looks of it, Young Master Yi had managed to fool the world." The beautiful Supremacy's voice was charming. She looked at Yi Yun with a coquettish smile, as though she was praising him with no ill intentions in what she said.

But immediately, someone struck a table. "What!? You are Yi Yun!?"

A black-dressed man with a scar across his face glared at Yi Yun like a leopard.

Yi Yun was taken aback. He did not know him at all. Who was he? Why did he look at him like he had a blood feud?

"He is Hong Feiyu, Primordial Chaos Daolord's personal disciple. He is also an illustrious figure of the Great Cosmic State. He participated in the ancient battlefield trials 120 years ago. He even left his name on the ancient battlefield's World Monolith after slaying Crimson Demons in the Crimson Demon Abyss mystic realm!"

Fairy Yourou informed Yi Yun while frowning slightly at the beautiful woman who had introduced Yi Yun. Her name was Fairy Butterfly who had a vicious personality. It was obvious she had ill intentions from the way she introduced Yi Yun.

"Disciple of Primordial Chaos Daolord?" Yi Yun looked enlightened. The fellow did not conceal his hatred at all.

"Why? Do you plan on doing something? Oh! I get it. I believe that old tool entered the ancient battlefield because of me. But who knows how he ended up dying inside? What a tragedy," Yi Yun quipped.

He did not have a good impression of Primordial Chaos Daolord's disciple.