True Martial World Chapter 1534

Chapter 1534: Power Rules Supreme
Chapter 1534: Power Rules Supreme
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"You have a death wish!" The glint in Hong Feiyu's eyes sank as his killing intent was revealed.

"Yi Yun! What did you just call my master? How dare you insult my master!" More people stood up beside Hong Feiyu. They were still wallowing in the tragedy of Primordial Chaos Daolord's demise, for this was terrible news for them. It was equivalent to them losing their greatest backer. They never imagined that a junior like Yi Yun would mock their deceased master.

"I called him an old tool. Didn't you hear that clearly? I might as well repeat myself again and explain it to you as well. Tool actually describes a coffin plank, and now, come to think of it, it's quite appropriate. Well, did you hear it clearly this time? The old tool entered the ancient battlefield, hoping to kill me and rob me of my treasures. Why? From what you are implying, I should have obediently walked over to get killed by the old tool? Only then would I really know what's good for me. Is the reason why you are looking at me with such enmity because I'm not dead, but the old tool is dead!?"

Yi Yun poured himself a cup of Lunar Songflower. As he drank, he delivered his sarcastic remark leisurely. Such indifference left everyone stunned. Everyone knew Primordial Chaos Daolord's motive, but in the martial world, power ruled supreme. When the strong aimed to kill the weak, the weak would either have to flee or prepare themselves to be slaughtered. This was the law of the jungle. Taking Primordial Chaos Daolord as an example, a junior had offended him a hundred years ago. With a swat of his hand, he had destroyed the entire family clan of the junior. Hundreds of people died along with him, but the main family line of the junior did not dare utter a word. Instead, they offered Primordial Chaos Daolord compensation.

No one felt that there was anything wrong with Primordial Chaos Daolord's intention to kill Yi Yun for his treasure. If it were the average person, they would only live an ignoble life with their tails in between their legs if they were even lucky enough to escape. No one would act like Yi Yun, engaging in mockery. Even though Primordial Chaos Daolord was dead, the Great Cosmic State was still in existence. How could the Great Cosmic State with its numerous experts be something Yi Yun was able to stand against?

Besides, Yi Yun still had the treasures on him. For him to appear so ostentatiously at the exchange while blatantly inviting attention in front of so many experts, his arrogance was truly extreme.


Hong Feiyu flipped his hand and immediately pulled out a black saber from his interspatial ring!

"Brother Feiyu, what are you doing? This is a peaceful exchange. Don't tell me you plan on taking action here? Don't forget that this is the White Lunar Divine Empire's hundred thousand pavilion palaces. We are guests and it would be rather disrespectful to begin fighting here."

A slightly older looking man came out to reconcile the situation.

"I will not let the matter rest even in the hundred thousand pavilion palaces! This person insulted my deceased master. He shall not be spared!"

Upon seeing Hong Feiyu's insistent attitude, Bai Yanzhuo said to him, "Brother Feiyu, you are a person who left your name on the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith. Why stoop to his level!? However, Primordial Chaos Daolord was once the person in control of the Great Cosmic State, and he does not deserve to be insulted by a junior. Why don't we do this: I suggest that Yi Yun kowtow to Brother Bai to admit his fault and we can let this matter rest."

Bai Yanzhuo looked at Yi Yun with a smile, his desire to watch a good show play out before him evident. A person who had encountered huge opportunities in a mystic realm was definitely a person to invoke envy from others. Furthermore, Yi Yun had such a close relationship with Fairy Yourou.

"Young friend, it's not a bad idea to admit your mistake," the older man who had just spoken said after some thought.

He could tell that Bai Yanzhuo was clearly bent on embarrassing Yi Yun utterly. If Yi Yun were to kowtow and admit his fault today, he would likely not be able to lift his head high among the younger generation in the future. Furthermore, he could not honestly claim that the Great Cosmic State would spare Yi Yun after his public insult of Primordial Chaos Daolord. If one moment of giving in could be exchanged for peace, it was worth it.

"Impossible! He was a deserter at the ancient battlefield, a figure no different from an ant. For him to dare insult my master, what use is his kowtowing? I can spare his life today since we are at the hundred thousand pavilion palaces, but I want his hands crippled at the very least!" Hong Feiyu said fiercely.

Being a disciple of Primordial Chaos Daolord, his character was similar to his master's since the apple didn't fall far from the tree. He was ruthless in his dealings, destroying anyone who offended him.

"Hong Feiyu, what did you just say? Do you really think that this is the Great Cosmic State?"

At that moment, Fairy Yourou walked in front of Yi Yun. Her aura was like a chilly wind from the deep abyss of the netherworld. Wherever she passed, the itinerant laws in the area would freeze.

Hong Feiyu narrowed his eyes. "Nethersky Goddess, do you plan on taking this person's side? It appears your relationship with him isn't ordinary! Be honest, if someone were to insult your master, Bluefeather, what would you do?"

Hong Feiyu was unlike the Bai Yanzhuo who admired Fairy Yourou. He did not mince his words while speaking with her.

"Hahaha! If someone were to insult Senior Bluefeather, they naturally shall be killed!" Yi Yun finished the tea in his hand and stood up. "But that old bastard, Primordial Chaos, was different from Senior Bluefeather. That old bastard wanted to extract my soul and destroy my body in the ancient battlefield. So, you believe it is only right that the old bastard wanted to wipe me out of existence and you make a huge fuss when I call him an old tool. It's like your daddy has died. Why don't you take my suggestion? Curse at me as many times as you like, then I'll kill you with one strike. How about that?"

Yi Yun was in no way afraid of the Great Cosmic State. In fact, just hearing its name irritated him. When dealing with the White Lunar Divine Empire, it was not appropriate for Yi Yun to attack the White Lunar Divine Empire since Lin Xintong was about to have her coronation soon. But against the Great Cosmic State, he yearned to find a reason to teach it a lesson.

"Hahaha! Good! Good! All of you heard that! It's not that I'm not giving this little bastard face, it's that he is bent on courting death. It's fine if he insults and curses me, but to insult my deceased master, I will definitely want his life! No one can stop me, no matter if it's the White Lunar Divine Empire!"

When the crowd saw this scene, they secretly shook their heads. Yi Yun was just too arrogant. Even though everyone knew that Primordial Chaos Daolord would definitely kill Yi Yun if he found him on the ancient battlefield, Primordial Chaos Daolord was not someone a junior like him could insult. Fairy Yourou had forcefully taken Yi Yun's side, giving Yi Yun an out. However, Yi Yun did not know better and even turned from bad to worse. He went from old tool to old bastard. If the Great Cosmic State were to tolerate this, how were they to continue establishing themselves in the Sinkhole?

Besides, Yi Yun still had treasures related to the Primordial Chaos laws. Hong Feiyu also cultivated in those laws, so he probably had his eyes on those treasures to begin with. Yi Yun had given him the perfect excuse.


Hong Feiyu unsheathed his black saber!

Upon seeing the raven-black light from the black saber, Fairy Yourou's heart leaped. Unlike the others present, she had entered deep into the Fey God Tomb with Yi Yun. She knew that Yi Yun's strength was extraordinary, but she was still uncertain how strong Yi Yun was. Although Hong Feiyu's talent was definitely inferior to Yi Yun's, he had cultivated several centuries more than them.

Yi Yun looked at Hong Feiyu with a sneer. "An ant-like existence like you who has only cultivated for nearly a thousand years has no right to fight me."

Before Yi Yun broke through to become a Divine Lord, he had already engaged in a life-and-death battle with Primordial Chaos Daolord. Now, he was not only a Divine Lord, but one who had traveled the hell-like primeval univere's spatial rift for decades. He was already a brand new person, one that saw a stark difference in life's natural order when compared to someone like Hong Feiyu. Even the eight ancient Godly Monarchs would pale in comparison to Yi Yun at this age!

Under such circumstances, the height Yi Yun had reached made any fights with people like Hong Feiyu an insult to his status.

However, what Yi Yun said as a matter of fact left everyone dumbfounded, much less people like Bai Yanzhuo. Even Fairy Yourou was stunned. They were elites, and were all proud people, but compared to the present Yi Yun, they appeared excessively humble.

"Hahaha!" Hong Feiyu laughed maniacally as though he had heard the funniest joke in the world. "Good! Good! I want to see how I don't have the right to fight you!"

Hong Feiyu suddenly roared as his aura rose incessantly. At that instant, he felt like a towering mountain whose peak was indiscernible. Just looking at him would leave one stifled.

"This is the Great Cosmic State's formidable artCosmic Infinite, a supreme saber art!" someone exclaimed in shock. Many people knew all the formidable arts of the various major factions in the Sinkhole as they knew the back of their hand, but few had seen them demonstrated in person.

"Not only that, it even fuses the Primordial Chaos laws taught by Primordial Chaos Daolord. I never imagined that Yi Yun, who had not left his name on the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith, would force Hong Feiyu to use his full strength."

Everyone widened their eyes, afraid to miss Hong Feiyu's attack. This was top-level strength by a member of the younger generation.

However, Yi Yun just held his teacup at that moment, as though it had nothing to do with him.

As Yi Yun spoke, he gently flicked his finger as a green beam of light flew out of his interspatial ring. It appeared like an artifact, but no one could manage to identify it. They only saw a shadow shoot out.

The thing appeared green, about the size of a fist. It was like the kind of evil spirit that roamed cemeteries, an unsettling presence.

"What was that?"

Everyone was stunned.

The moment the evil spirit appeared, it widened its green eyes as it looked around. It was none other than Poison Demon who Yi Yun had subdued in the Myriad God Ridge!

In the Fey God Tomb, Yi Yun's meeting with Bai Yueyin allowed him to learn of Poison Demon's origins. Back when the demonic servants invaded, Bai Yueyin's Divine Stalactite Marrow pool had been polluted by the World Decay Poison. It was Poison Demon who absorbed all the World Decay Poison into its body. Not only did this resolve Bai Yueyin's problems, it also strengthened Poison Demon by more than ten times!

All these years, Poison Demon had been with Yi Yun, entering places like the Chaos Gem mineral vein and the primeval universe's space. It benefited when Yi Yun gained benefits. With its present strength, it was already extremely formidable. It could be said that just Poison Demon alone would be an illustrious figure if placed in any faction in the Sinkhole!

Having not seen blood for decades, Poison Demon drooled when he saw Hong Feiyu's surging aura.

"Little bastard, how dare you offend my master. Go to hell!"

As Poison Demon spoke, its tiny body expanded crazily. It had instantly went from an evil spirit the size of a fist to a huge tiger the size of a mountain! It was pitch black and it had green tiger stripes on its back which seemed to burn. Its four limbs were very thick, to the point where it would take a hundred people to wrap around it. It seemed to cause the land to collapse beneath it with its every step.


Poison Demon let out a tumultuous roar as terrifying Yuan Qi manifested itself as a tornado, sweeping straight towards the pine forest and uprooting the trees, liquefying them into what appeared like green waves. The waterfalls and rivers in the forest had their flows interrupted by that roar.

"This is!?"

Upon seeing the tiger appear, everyone's expression changed. Hong Feiyu, who was standing right in front of this pandemonium, only felt a massive force press down on him. He nearly knelt down to the ground.

It was as though he was facing a real ancient Fey. The might he had just gathered within his saber appeared as brittle as glass in front of the tiger as it exploded into smithereens.

"Stop it!"

At that moment, a loud voice sounded from afar. It came from the Divine Lord exchange. A Divine Lord who came from the Great Cosmic State had sensed the danger Hong Feiyu was in. He let out a bellow and simultaneously phased away, flying over like a bolt of lightning.

However, the tiger ignored the Divine Lord. It swiped its claw at Hong Feiyu, a strike that seemed to crash down like a mountain, one that could flip a galaxy on its head!


Hong Feiyu let out a frantic howl. With his life on the line, he slashed forward with black saber in hand, producing a saber flash that appeared like a hundred-thousand-foot tall waterfall!

Cosmic Infinite!


The saber beam clashed with the tiger's claw, but instantly shattered. The extremely formidable saber beam was unable to damage the tiger in any way as the claw hurled down!


The land collapsed as mountains crumbled. Hong Feiyu sank deep into the ground as he was smacked straight in by the black tiger. This heavy strike shattered his meridians and bones. His organs, including his dantian, were reduced to mush!


Blood splattered as Hong Feiyu still clutched his black saber. However, the blade had already broken. He was half buried in the earth, his body covered in blood.

Yi Yun looked coldly at Hong Feiyu, having no tinge of pity for a person who took the lives of others wantonly. Hong Feiyu was a person who could wipe out a person's entire family, but would not stand to be insulted at all. "I said that you have no right to fight me, but you were insistent on courting death. Then, I can only satisfy you."

At that moment, the entire area fell silent, with only Yi Yun's voice resounding. Everyone else stood there dumbfounded like statues.

Hong Feiyu was finished, just like that? The disciple who Primordial Chaos Daolord was proud of, an elite who had left his name on the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith had been smacked to mush with one swat of the behemoth.

What the heck was that!?

Everyone looked at the tiger-shaped Poison Demon and felt extreme fear. Many of them were inferior to Hong Feiyu. There was no way they could survive the tiger's attack.

But such a terrifying behemoth had seemed to address Yi Yun as Master? Why? Why would Yi Yun have such a servant?


A black-robed elder flew over like a flash of lightning. Upon seeing Hong Feiyu's wretched state, his heart convulsed in pain.