True Martial World Chapter 1535

Chapter 1535: Soul Of An Ancient Fey
Chapter 1535: Soul of an Ancient Fey
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The black-robed elder was acutely aware that Hong Feiyu was finished. Although he was still alive, his fate was no longer tied with the Martial Dao no matter how many natural treasures were invested in him. It could be said that he was living a life worse than death!

The black-robed elder suddenly looked towards Yi Yun and the ferocious tiger standing behind him like a towering mountain.

Upon seeing the tiger, the elder turned apprehensive. What the heck was that? Was it really an ancient great Fey?

"Little bastard, well done. You beat Feiyu into this state just because of a few spiteful words! For you to be so ruthless now, you will only get worse in the future!"

"Just a few spiteful words?" Yi Yun laughed when he heard the black-robed elder. "Your Great Cosmic State produced an old bastard named Primordial Chaos who wanted to obliterate me, and next comes a little bastard who keeps insisting on crippling me. From your point of view, everything you do is only right, but when I fight back in self-defense, I deserve to die horribly and be skinned alive by you."

"Since all of you believe that the strong reign supreme in this martial world, why is such a weakling like Hong Feiyu here to invite insult upon himself? Isn't it only right he end up crippled?"

"What did you say!?"

The black-robed elder's eyes turned deeply cold.

Yi Yun completely ignored him. With a beckon of his hand, the towering tiger rapidly shrank. Soon, it became a green shadow the size of a fist. It rested on Yi Yun's shoulder like an obedient pet.

And by this point, people also noticed that the tiger Fey had come out from a jar. The jar effused a sinister aura that left them unsettled.

Due to the existence of the tiger, everyone looked at Yi Yun differently. They originally believed that Yi Yun was someone who did not know his place, but now, they realized Yi Yun had dared to act so arrogantly because of this trump card. As for Hong Feiyu, he had always been arrogant and domineering. People he usually met were far from his match, so he could easily crush them. Today, he ended up hitting a wall, and the outcome was him being reduced to pulp.

Although Yi Yun had likely enjoyed himself in the process, he was now a sworn enemy of the entire Great Cosmic State. Although the tiger had combat strength nearing that of a Sinkhole powerhouse, it was still somewhat weak compared to the entire Great Cosmic State.

At that moment, a few people flew over from the Great Cosmic State residence. They were of all ages, but when they saw Hong Feiyu's tragic state, all of their expressions turned grim.

The Great Cosmic State entourage that was visiting the White Lunar Divine Empire mainly came from one family clan. And Hong Feiyu was this family clan's most outstanding son of the younger generation. They had placed their hopes on Hong Feiyu, to the point of making plans for the future Hong Feiyu to inherit the position of helming the Great Cosmic State. For this, the family clan had invested countless resources on him, but it was all turned to naught in today's exchange.

If it was only Yi Yun, they would have long crushed him, bone by bone, to appease their hatred for him. But now, there was this terrifying tiger. None of them dared to act wantonly.

"So you obtained such a soul slave in the ancient battlefield. It's no wonder you are so arrogant and can't wait to show it off," said the black-robed elder sinisterly. Based on his impression of Yi Yun's strength, it was impossible for him to subdue such a terrifying tiger.

It could only happen if the tiger was the soul of an Ancient Fey reared by an ancient Godly Monarch.

There were ancient mighty figures who would seal the souls of powerful lifeforms into soul gonfalons before establishing a contract. They would refine them into loyal slaves. After the mighty figure perished, these slaves would remain in existence, lying in slumber inside the soul gonfalon to wait for their next master.

If Yi Yun had inherited everything from an ancient mighty figure, it was not strange that he had received such slave!

"I see"

Everyone was enlightened. They were previously astonished. After all, being able to subdue such a powerful slave implied one had the cultivation level of a half-step Godly Monarch. It appeared impossible for Yi Yun to have such capabilities.

If he had instead obtained the heritage of a mighty figure, it was understandable. All he would have needed to do was refine the soul contract that bound the Ancient Fey's soul for themselves. Anyone present could control the tiger Fey given such an opportunity.

Upon coming to this thought, many people felt jealous. Why did this punk have such good luck? He had already benefited immensely at the Divine Perish Hall. Now, he had even subdued the soul of an Ancient Fey. Although it was hard to claim that Yi Yun could do anything he wished in the future, anyone who wanted to touch him had to consider the price needed to do so.

"The soul of an Ancient Fey is ultimately something external. Relying on it will make one's cultivation level stop advancing." Bai Yanzhuo was so jealous that his intestines were twisted together.

"Brother Yanzhuo is right. The martial path requires one to experience countless life-and-death situations before breaking through bottlenecks. What this Yi Yun possesses is not his own strength. By acting so flagrantly despite having such weak strength, he might very well be sneaked up on and killed in one strike. When that happens, he might not even be able to summon the gigantic tiger in a timely fashion."

Numerous people were coveting the opportunity that Yi Yun had obtained, but while feeling jealous, they also despised him. In the martial world, true strength would gain the respect of others. But external strength was ultimately external.

"Let's go!"

The people from the Great Cosmic State snorted coldly as they flicked their sleeves and departed.

They were confident they could take down the huge tiger if they joined forces, but they were in the hundred thousand pavilion palaces after all. It could be ignored if juniors fought as it was unlikely to stir up anything serious. If they were to fight the tiger, it was very possible to destroy the pocket world. With the White Lunar Divine Empire's coronation at hand and them having just lost Primordial Chaos Daolord, their situation was in no way better than how the White Lunar Divine Empire had lost its White Lunar Goddess Empress. Taking this into account, they did not wish to be at odds with the White Lunar Divine Empire.

"Senior Brother, are we just going to let this matter rest?" someone said in disgruntlement.

A ferocious glint flashed in the black-robed elder's eyes. He said in a deep voice, "Of course not. That little bastard's trump card is the soul of an Ancient Fey. That green jar is the vessel that holds it! Once such an Ancient Fey soul is refined, its strength will not increase. It's even possible for it to weaken with every use. Besides, this soul of an Ancient Fey must have been in existence for a very long time, so it might only appear strong on the surface. Wait and see. With him having so much treasure on him, someone will definitely target him. That Ancient Fey will be enervated slowly!"

"Senior Brother, what you said makes sense!"

Everyone found it reasonable. It would have been fine if Yi Yun had been arrogant because of his own strength, but it was silly for him to act so arrogantly when he was relying on an Ancient Fey's soul.

In fact, many people at the exchange had similar thoughts as the Great Cosmic State. This was even more apparent when they saw how Yi Yun had no scruples eating and drinking at the exchange. In order to get into Fairy Yourou's good books, Bai Yanzhuo had specially prepared Lunar Songflower tea, but Yi Yun was drinking it like plain water. He would chomp down on spirit fruits worth millions of Spirit Jade. It was as though he deliberately chose the ones that were most expensive.

The items at the exchange were prepared by the various large factions. When Bai Yanzhuo saw Yi Yun finish half the Lunar Songflower tea himself, he felt the pinch. But at that moment, he was no longer in the mood to eat or drink. He had lost his appetite after being enticed by the treasures on Yi Yun.