True Martial World Chapter 1536

Chapter 1536: Divine General Skyjade
Chapter 1536: Divine General Skyjade
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It was difficult for the huge commotion Yi Yun had stirred up at the guest exchange to not spread. Furthermore, they were in a pocket world within the hundred thousand pavilion palaces. It only took minutes for the news to proliferate the many areas of the hundred thousand pavilion palaces. Yi Yun's Poison Demon also became elevated to a godlike existence. Even maidservants of the White Lunar Divine Empire were discussing what had happened at the Lunar Maple Pavilion. They talked of a powerful ancient Fey that was the size of a mountain which left the entire pocket world trembling when it struck with its tiger claws, as though everything would crumble.

And when Yi Yun became the focus of attention, a rumor began spreading: Yi Yun was the husband of the empress-designate of the White Lunar Divine Empire!

Yi Yun had come to the White Lunar Divine Empire not to congratulate the empress-designate's ascension to the throne, but to seek his wife!

This rumor was quite explosive news!

Lin Xintong was no ordinary figure. She had managed to carve her name at the top of the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith after cultivating for mere centuries. It was something not even Fairy Yourou could compare with!

It could be said that Lin Xintong was basically a woman of god that appeared once in a hundred million years in the Sinkhole. She was a freak of nature that had a high chance of becoming a Godly Monarch! There were people who courted Fairy Yourou, but there were almost none who dared court Lin Xintong. This was because she stood at a pinnacle so high that people did not even dare entertain hopes of marrying her. Just the thought of admiring her left them apprehensive. No matter how outstanding a young elite was, he would pale in comparison when standing in front of Lin Xintong.

How could such a woman of god have a husband?

The first reaction people had was of disbelief. Later, further inquiry gave rise to the knowledge that Yi Yun had entered a conflict at the entrance of the White Lunar Divine Empire when he first came. It was because Yi Yun had claimed that Lin Xintong was his wife. Such claims had infuriated the White Lunar Divine Empire.

"So it's that punk, Yi Yun, who said it himself. I was wondering how was it possible!"

"That's right. That punk is way too thick-skinned. He even dares to brag about such a thing. He will only be mocked by others for being out of his league!"

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. They nearly believed that Lin Xintong really did have some complicated relationship with Yi Yun. If that was the case, Yi Yun would not only be Lin Xintong's husband, but also someone close to Fairy Yourou. He would become the public enemy of every male elite in the Sinkhole.

Although the guests that hailed from various parts of the Sinkhole responded with skepticism, the spread of this news was something distasteful to the upper echelons of the White Lunar Divine Empire.

The guards at the White Lunar Divine Empire's entrance had been made to keep mum and no one dared to risk their lives to speak of it. However, during Yi Yun's fight at the entrance, certain guests had felt it. There was no lack of perceptive people among the guests, and Yi Yun had not taken steps to conceal the battle. It was no wonder that the news spread.

"This punk is disgusting. I really wish to lop his head off."

Imperial Preceptor Kun Xu spoke in frustration to the White Lunar Divine Empire's State Council. With the situation gaining attention, it was no longer something easily resolved. Besides, Yi Yun still had his tiger soul slave!

The White Lunar Divine Empire had also stationed maidservants and guards in the Lunar Maple Pavilion, so these people had produced the complete image of the soul slave to Lingluo and Kun Xu.

Kun Xu was quite alarmed that Poison Demon was able to reduce Hong Feiyu to pulp with just one strike.

Although Hong Feiyu was a junior, he had a cultivation level of a late-stage Supremacy after all. To leave him half-dead by one swat as though he was a young chick, Kun Xu knew that even he could not easily pull that off.

"With things having developed this far, it's already out of our hands. We have indeed underestimated Yi Yun. I never expected that he had gained such opportunities at the ancient battlefield," said Lingluo.

If Yi Yun caused mayhem at the coronation with the tiger, the consequences would be unthinkable. Even if they could repress Yi Yun, the White Lunar Divine Empire would only become the laughing stock of the Sinkhole.

"Yi Yun, so you came to the White Lunar Divine Empire to seek your wife. When I heard that your wife was Lin Xintong, it really gave me a fright."

In the Nethersky Divine World's residence at the Lunar Maple Pavilion, Fairy Yourou was sitting in a tiny yard with Yi Yun. The sun had set, and replacing it was a bright moon hanging high in the sky as it scattered its cold lustrous glow down.

Yi Yun chuckled and said, "That's indeed the case. However, the White Lunar Divine Empire doesn't wish for Xintong to meet me. Besides, Xintong seems to be willing to inherit the throne, so I will only watch as a guest tomorrow. My reunion with Xintong will have to wait until the coronation ends tomorrow."

As Yi Yun spoke, a purple flame flashed in front of him. It was the light that came from a voice transmission talisman.

The message surprisingly came from Imperial Preceptor Lingluo.

"Oh? Imperial Preceptor Lingluo's voice transmission says that Divine General Skyjade wishes to meet me?"

Yi Yun was taken aback. He had met Divine General Skyjade previously. Back when the ancient battlefield began, many White Lunar Divine Empire elites had been gathered together. It was Divine General Skyjade who tore apart the sky and nomologically condensed a seven-colored chain which tore open a passageway into the Ancient Ruins world.

Back then, the strength which Divine General Skyjade displayed as he tore open the passage left people marveling. It also left a deep impression on Yi Yun. Even now, with Yi Yun having broken through to the Divine Lord realm and experiencing a catharsis that spanned decades, he still felt respect for Divine General Skyjade who led him into the ancient battlefield.

"Divine General Skyjade? He actually wishes to meet you" Fairy Yourou was somewhat worried. In terms of strength and standing, he was above the three Imperial Preceptors of the White Lunar Divine Empire. However, rumor had it that Divine General Skyjade was focused on cultivation. He seldom interfered in political matters, so most matters were left to the three Imperial Preceptors. But if Divine General Skyjade ever decided on a matter, the three Imperial Preceptors had no choice but to obey.

"It is likely because of the exchange today. I'll pay him a visit."

"Then Alright. Divine General Skyjade has been famous for years. He likely won't bring harm unto you"

Yi Yun bade Fairy Yourou farewell. There was a White Lunar Divine Empire convoy waiting for Yi Yun outside Lunar Maple Pavilion. Leading them was a youth dressed in cotton clothes and jade headpin.

"I'm Kun Ping. Follow me!"

The cotton-robed youth gave Yi Yun a disdainful glance before turning to leave.

Yi Yun did not mind it. However, Kun Ping's name made him form connections. The White Lunar Divine Empire had only one family with the family name Kun. That was the family clan which Imperial Preceptor Kun Xu belonged to. From the looks of it, Kun Ping was from the Kun family as well.

Kun Ping led Yi Yun into a teleportation array, and Yi Yun found himself in front of a dark valley the next instant.

A thin numinous fog hung over the valley, and in the middle of it was a palace that was dug out of the mountain itself. All the materials used in the construction were rough boulders.

At that moment, a powerful voice sounded from inside the palace

"Is that Yi Yun? Come on in!"

Yi Yun took a deep breath and stepped into the stone palace. In the grand hall, he saw a man dressed in combat armor.

He had crimson hair and had rippling muscles. His dantian appeared deep like the sea, and the lifeblood flowing through him was vibrant. It surged out like billowing flames of war.

Just by standing there he casually made the surrounding laws gather towards him. They would sink into his body and vanish.

This person was none other than Divine General Skyjade!