True Martial World Chapter 1537

Chapter 1537: Protection
Chapter 1537: Protection
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While standing in front of Divine General Skyjade, Yi Yun felt like he was facing a primordial behemoth. He took a deep breath and gave him a junior's bow.

In fact, Divine General Skyjade's leading of Yi Yun and company into the ancient battlefield made him a mentor-like figure to Yi Yun in a particular sense. It was just like how aspiring mortal scholars participated in imperial examinations. All the examination candidates had to address the invigilators as teachers. Even in the future, they would still greet them respectfully at various festivals.

"Dispense with the formalities. Have a seat."

Divine General Skyjade had a vigorous-sounding voice. He also had strength that left one's heart palpitating. Beside Divine General Skyjade were the two Imperial Preceptors, Lingluo and Kun Xu. They sat in seats lower in position both figuratively and literally. More than half the upper echelons of the White Lunar Divine Empire were sitting there. The imposing might they formed was like a vast ocean of stars. Most people would find it difficult to stand straight in front of them, but Yi Yun had no trouble strolling over to the three and taking a seat.

"Yi Yun, you are pretty good!" Divine General Skyjade looked at Yi Yun before praising him. "Fifty years ago, I opened the door to the ancient battlefield. Back then, I had wished that those good-for-nothing disciples would amount to something, but I never expected that the most illustrious one would be you. During your trip to the Divine Perish Hall, you obtained treasures that had been buried in it for hundreds of millions of years. The light that providence shines down on you is far beyond what the typical person enjoys."

Yi Yun did not say a word. All he did was listen silently.

"With so much treasure on you, you should know that many people in the Sinkhole wish you dead! No one has really done anything to you at the hundred thousand pavilion palaces, but once you leave, there will likely be people attempting to murder you for your treasure!"

"Senior, what do you wish to say?" Yi Yun lifted his eyelids and looked toward Divine General Skyjade.

"I wish to say that if you are willing, my White Lunar Divine Empire is offering to ensure your safety!"

"Oh?" Yi Yun pricked up his brows. He knew that Divine General Skyjade had more to say beyond that.

"Yi Yun! You are a clever person. At the ancient battlefield, many Sinkhole powerhouses wished you dead, but you managed to lie low for decades. Even if you missed out on the later opportunities, you managed to leave with your life. Your safe return has caught people unawares. Although you failed to leave your name on the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith, I believe you are heads and shoulders above the rest!"

While Divine General Skyjade spoke, his deep eyes looked at Yi Yun, who had a calm reaction. "Senior, you flatter me. For you to say so much, it likely has to do with my wife, right!?"

When Yi Yun said that, Imperial Preceptor Lingluo rebuked him angrily. "How impudent! Who's your wife!? If you continue with your nonsense, you will incur the wrath of my White Lunar Divine Empire. We can vanquish you right here!"

Lingluo had always been loyal to the White Lunar Goddess Empress. She was equally loyal to the inheritor of the throne, Lin Xintong, so there was no way she would allow for Lin Xintong's reputation to be sullied.

"It's alright!" Divine General Skyjade cut off Lingluo. "No one can change the fact that Yi Yun and Her Majesty were husband and wife back in the mortal world."

Since Divine General Skyjade had said so, Lingluo had no choice but to give up. All she did was give Yi Yun a warning glare. It was all because of Lin Xintong's past with Yi Yun that, no matter how talented she was, there were ultimately some imperfections to her.

Yi Yun completely ignored Lingluo. He looked at Divine General Skyjade and waited for him to continue.

"Yi Yun, I believe you have already guessed what I am going to say. That's right. The protection I propose comes with attached conditions. I can guarantee you that in the next ten thousand years, the White Lunar Divine Empire will ensure your safety. The opportunities you gained at the ancient battlefield will be yours to keep. No one shall have any thoughts of taking them from you. However, you will have to swear on your Dao heart to sever all ties with Lin Xintong. You are never to meet her!"

Yi Yun laughed as he shook his head. "So that's how it is. Senior Skyjade, your meeting with me is to make me retreat in the face of difficulties. I am very eager to know how you view my wife's marriage. Does your White Lunar Divine Empire have any rules that require the empress to be single her entire life? Or could it be that you have chosen a husband for the empress? Do you wish to ally with some particular major faction through a so-called marriage alliance?"

Upon hearing Yi Yun's question, Imperial Preceptor Kun Xu sneered. "You are overthinking things. Regardless of the choices available to Her Majesty when it comes to marriage, you will not be one of the choices. How can someone who has not left his name on the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith be worthy of Her Majesty?"

Kun Xu had long wished Yi Yun dead. But now, after hearing Divine General Skyjade's intention to protect Yi Yun, Kun Xu found Yi Yun more and more of a sore sight.

"Enough!" Divine General Skyjade stopped Kun Xu. "Yi Yun, it's not true that the White Lunar Divine Empire's empress cannot marry. However, Her Majesty has hopes of becoming a Godly Monarch in the future. Talk of marriage will be something at least ten thousand years into the future. That someone should be someone who also has a chance of becoming a Godly Monarch in the future. If there isn't any, she will remain single her entire life and focus on her pursuit of the Great Dao. When women cultivate martial arts to the extremum, either they maintain their primordial Yin body, or they dual cultivate with an equally outstanding Dao partner. When placed before the pursuit of the Great Dao, romance is ephemeral, something that will pass in a blink of an eye."

"Oh? What You said primordial Yin body?" Yi Yun was taken aback when he heard Divine General Skyjade. Lin Xintong had long been his. How could she still have a primordial Yin body?

"You shut up!"

Upon hearing Yi Yun, Lingluo fumed. She yearned to wipe Yi Yun out down to the last speck of dust.

Yi Yun rubbed his nose and seemed to understand the situation. Lin Xintong cultivated in the Grand Reincarnation Technique. By reincarnating nine times, each rebirth would be a new person, allowing her to mature again.

Although her first life's primordial Yin was no longer existent, preventing her from perfection, the subsequent lives allowed her to accumulate her primordial Yin, allowing her body to turn extremely pure.

This was the heaven-defying aspect of the Grand Reincarnation Technique.

"Senior Skyjade. You seem to have made a mistake on one point. I do not need your protection. I can handle any assassination attempts."

"Oh!?" Divine General Skyjade furrowed his brows. He had already exercised great restraint to sit down with a junior like Yi Yun and negotiate with him cordially. After all, Lin Xintong had married Yi Yun in the first place. Their White Lunar Divine Empire did have some guilt over separating the two. But now, Yi Yun thought nothing of his promise. One had to know that he had never gone back on his words. Apart from Godly Monarchs, the entire Sinkhole valued his promises.

"You really overestimate your abilities!" Kun Xu lost his patience. "Punk! The ability to "handle" you claim to have is thanks to that soul slave, right? Do you think that soul slave is invincible? It can at best bully a junior like Hong Feiyu!"

"Enough!" Although Divine General Skyjade felt that Yi Yun did not know how to appreciate favors, he still said patiently, "I have seen the combat scenes of that Ancient Fey soul. Your soul slave is indeed powerful, but it is still not the match of a Sinkhole overlord. It's inferior compared to Primordial Chaos Daolord, who perished in the ancient battlefield back then. Under such a situation, you have garnered the attention of countless people. You have also offended the Great Cosmic State. If you were to leave the hundred thousand pavilion palaces, you will not live past three days."

"Senior Skyjade, there's no need for you to worry about it then. I can tell you very frankly that I will not sever my ties with Xintong. I appreciate the White Lunar Divine Empire's intent of protecting me, but I have no need for it."

As Yi Yun spoke, he stood up in preparation to leave!