True Martial World Chapter 1538

Chapter 1538: Conditions
Chapter 1538: Conditions
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Just as Yi Yun was about to turn around, he suddenly felt the space around him rapidly tighten. He suddenly felt like he was in a cage, completely restrained.


Yi Yun's expression turned cold for this was something he had experienced previously. The person who had conjured it was none other than Imperial Preceptor Kun Xu.

"Punk, Divine General Skyjade has shown a willingness to compromise by negotiating with you. He has offered you excellent conditions, but you aren't able to appreciate his favor. You really overestimate yourself. Do you think that by lingering around here, you will be able to be together with Her Majesty? I'm telling you very clearly that you and her are from two different worlds! The gap between the two of you will only increase with time!"

Imperial Preceptor Kun Xu mocked with an eccentric tone. Divine General Skyjade did not stop him either. He himself was irritated by Yi Yun's attitude.

He said, "Young man, do not think of this as a simple negotiation."

When Divine General Skyjade said that, his tone had turned cold. He released his might and it felt as though an ancient behemoth laying in slumber inside him had awoken.

"Skyjade, do you wish to retain me?" Against Divine General Skyjade's overwhelming repression, Yi Yun turned his head. He did not wish to fight Divine General Skyjade since it would only be a couple of hours until the coronation.

"If you refuse to see the errors of your ways, you will only force me to take action. Tomorrow is the White Lunar Divine Empire's coronation and our White Lunar Divine Empire is the organizer. Participation is naturally decided by us."

As Divine General Skyjade spoke, he took steps forward and closed in on Yi Yun. "Yi Yun, I'll give you two choices. The first is what I just said. Swear upon your Dao heart and immediately leave the White Lunar Divine Empire. That way, I can ensure your safety for ten thousand years. I can even offer you some of my private collection to guarantee you that you have no troubles when cultivating!"

"The second choice is I will permit you to meet Her Majesty once tomorrow!"

"Lord Skyjade" Lingluo was alarmed when she heard Divine General Skyjade's offer.

He waved his hand and sent a voice transmission to her, shutting her up.

"Tomorrow's coronation is the most important ceremony for Her Majesty. I will permit you to attend the ceremony on account of you being her former husband and for the ties you shared with her. It will also help to end your obsession towards her. From that moment forth, I will not interfere with anything that befalls you, be it the Great Cosmic State or the pursuit of other factions. You will be left to your own devices. If you continue clinging to Her Majesty, don't you blame me for executing you!"

"Apart from that, I will seal your soul slave for twenty-four hours! Don't worry, once the twenty-fours pass, your soul slave will be restored to normal. It will not be affected in any way!"

Divine General Skyjade's imposing attitude and tone left no room for doubt.

The sealing of the soul slave was naturally to prevent Yi Yun from causing mayhem at the coronation. If that happened, the coronation would fall into disarray.

Yi Yun had a calm expression. "Your worries of me causing mayhem at the coronation tomorrow are superfluous. My soul slave does not need to be sealed by you. Xintong is the White Lunar Goddess Empress's disciple and she is indebted to the White Lunar Goddess Empress. Since she is willing to inherit the throne, I will naturally be a silent observer during the coronation. If it wasn't for Xintong's wishes, just the restraints you have placed on me time and time again would have long caused me to bring pandemonium on you. Would I be here discussing choices with you?"

"What did you say?" Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, Imperial Preceptor Kun Xu laughed out loud. This was like a mouse running into a tiger's cave to taunt the tiger: I would have long dismantled your tiger cave because of the way you treat me. Yi Yun was way over his head.

"Yi Yun, I mentioned that I have always thought highly of you and think of you as a genius. And based on the Sinkhole's convention, I was the one who guided you into the ancient battlefield's trials, so you are considered half a disciple of mine. I have great hopes for you to amount to something great, but now, I feel that you have gained too many opportunities too easily. It has blinded you to the reality of this world and makes you say such words. I will not waste my breath with you. I will repeat myself one last time. Choose from the two. If you choose the second one, you have to seal your soul slave!"

As Divine General Skyjade spoke, his aura locked onto Yi Yun like an aroused Ancient Fey.

Yi Yun fell silent for a long time before he said slowly, "Skyjade! Fifty years ago, it was you who opened up the path for the White Lunar Divine Empire, allowing me to enter the Ancient Ruins world's ancient battlefield. My gaining of huge opportunities in the ancient battlefield makes me indebted to you."

"Although you opened the path not because of me, I still owe you one. Today, I will return that debt. From this moment forth, I do not owe you. That weak connection that ties us as master and disciples shall also end!"

As Yi Yun spoke, he threw out the green jar in his hand to Divine General Skyjade.

Divine General Skyjade caught the jar and gave Yi Yun a deep, meaningful look. Although the young man in front of him spoke impetuously, his tone gave one a baffling feeling like he had everything under control.

Divine General Skyjade did not say a word as he closed up the jar under multiple layers of seals.

Yi Yun silently watched Divine General Skyjade's actions. He had already sent a voice transmission to Poison Demon to stay put. However, he naturally would object if Divine General Skyjade showed any thoughts of harming Poison Demon.

About a minute later, Divine General Skyjade delivered the final seal on the jar. The seals were done!

From beginning to end, Poison Demon was unharmed. Only the space around the jar itself had been sealed up by Divine General Skyjade.

It appeared that Divine General Skyjade was deliberately trying to show Yi Yun that having a trump card in the form of a soul slave was nothing considering how it took him a mere minute to seal it up. In front of him, the soul slave was unable to produce so much as a stir.

"It's done!" Divine General Skyjade threw the jar back at Yi Yun. "This is the path you chose. Don't you regret it."

Yi Yun did not say a word as he turned and stepped out the hall.

"Lord Skyjade, are you really letting him meet Her Majesty?"

Lingluo was feeling displeased inside the hall. Even though Yi Yun's soul slave had been sealed, and he was unable to do much during the coronation, she felt peeved. She did not wish for Lin Xintong to have any more ties with that man.

"I'm only letting him give up! Since he refuses to see the error of his ways, I'll let him meet Her Majesty. I'll let him see that Her Majesty is no longer that naive girl from his memories." When Divine General Skyjade said that, he snorted coldly. "Tomorrow, he will realize that he might acknowledge Her Majesty, but Her Majesty will not acknowledge him. Then, he will know how much of a joke he is."

"Yes, Lord Skyjade" Lingluo nodded. She had watched Lin Xintong's growth. When she initially entered the White Lunar Divine Empire, she was a young girl who often succumbed to lovesickness, but after one reincarnation, Lin Xintong would experience a transformation. Over the centuries, she slowly severed herself from her mortal ties. She went from a girl who was prone to melancholic sentiments to a person who grew in strength. In addition, her emotional development had rapidly matured, in a way that Lingluo had never seen her entire life. It even exceeded what she thought possible.

How could such a powerful woman acknowledge a husband from the mortal world?

Lingluo believed that her past worries were unnecessary. Perhaps Lin Xintong would never have her heart stirred by a man. The only thing that could do that was the pinnacle of the Martial Dao and the Great Dao of Supremacy!

Now, with the White Lunar Goddess Empress's vanishing, the heavy burden of the White Lunar Divine Empire was resting on Lin Xintong's shoulders. She had never disappointed Lingluo, and instead, given her numerous pleasant surprises. This time, it was simply a test of her romantic emotions. How could Lin Xintong not be able to pass the test?

"If there's nothing else, take your leave. We cannot afford to mess up the coronation tomorrow!"

"Yes!" Lingluo and Kun Xu bowed and took their leave.