True Martial World Chapter 1539

Chapter 1539: Coronation
Chapter 1539: Coronation
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There were as many factions in the Sinkhole, big or small, as there were grains of sand in the Ganges river. As the Sinkhole was extremely massive, these factions seldom crossed the universe and gathered together. Such a grand meeting that gathered nearly all the major factions in the Sinkhole happened less than once in a hundred thousand years.

A grand meeting of this scale was not something even the millionth or ten millionth year birthday celebrations of certain patriarchs of major factions could match. After all, Lin Xintong had an extremely unique identity. As a future Godly Monarch and someone who had broken a hundred-million-year-old record in the Ancient Ruins world, she was someone everyone in the Sinkhole knew of.

On the day of the coronation, the hundred thousand pavilion palaces' massive array was opened up. An immortal palace that resembled a continent flew into the sky, scattering billions of silky threads that cascaded down to the land. Each thread was the amalgamation of pure Yuan Qi. Many low-ranked warriors who knew that they did not have the requirements to participate in the coronation still came despite the immense distance. They could not ascend up to the hundred thousand pavilion palaces, but just meditating beneath it in cultivation was an immense opportunity.

As for young elites who managed to break through into the Dao Palace realm before turning a thousand years old, or those who reached the cultivation level of a Supremacy, they did not require invitations. They could directly enter the pocket world where the coronation was.

This pocket world was the core of the hundred thousand pavilion palaces. It had been personally set up by Bai Yueyin herself, so the space was extremely stable.

After people entered this world, they saw a huge blue ocean. In the middle of the ocean was an island. To their surprise, they saw a white immortal palace sparkling with divine line floating in the middle of it.

"Oh? That immortal palace"

People were astonished. Someone recognize that the immortal palace was the White Lunar Divine Empire's cornerstone treasure. It was also Bai Yueyin's intrinsic artifact, the White Jade Phoenix Palace.

"What's happening? Hasn't Bai Yueyin perished? Why has this immortal palace appeared again. Furthermore, it's floating in midair?"

Everyone exchanged looks. It would be groundbreaking news in the Sinkhole if Bai Yueyin remained alive. Many had believed that the days of the White Lunar Divine Empire's hegemony over all the major factions in the Sinkhole was over, but from the looks of it, that was no longer the case!

Many Sinkhole overlords did not wish for Bai Yueyin to be alive.

"You must be mistaken. Something untoward must have happened to Bai Yueyin. The White Jade Phoenix Palace was able to float high above the hundred thousand pavilion palaces in the past, with an emitted halo even brighter than this."

A voice suddenly sounded. People turned back and saw that the person who spoke was an elder. His attire indicated that he was an Elder of the First Beginnings Immortal Gate.

"But if Bai Yueyin is dead, how does the White Jade Phoenix Palace have the power to fly again?" someone asked puzzled.

The elder took a deep breath and said slowly, "If the White Jade Phoenix Palace has a new owner, it can naturally be powered. Although it's strength is far from what it was in the past"

When the elder said that, everyone's hearts jolted. Could it be

"Lin Xintong! She must have refined the White Jade Phoenix Palace. It already has a new owner."

"How how is that possible? That's a cherished treasure at the Godly Monarch level!"

People found it unbelievable. Lin Xintong was still young, and with the White Jade Phoenix Palace being Bai Yueyin's intrinsic artifact, it definitely had her soul mark embedded in it. At Lin Xintong's cultivation level, gaining the White Jade Phoenix Palace's recognition was far from easy!

Owning an artifact and powering it were two different things. From the looks of it, Lin Xintong already had the ability to power the White Jade Phoenix Palace!

Was this the new empress

Before even seeing Lin Xintong, everyone felt the pressure that Lin Xintong left on them. People originally believed that the White Lunar Divine Empire was in a predicament. Lin Xintong was young and unable to handle the pressures of empresshood, but now, it appeared that as long as Lin Xintong did not perish, there was no question that the White Lunar Divine Empire would return to peak prominence once again.

Not far off, Yi Yun was silently listening to the discussions of these people. He looked up at the White Jade Phoenix Palace feeling a sense of bafflement. After all these years of separation, Xintong had experienced a few rounds of reincarnation. What would their meeting be like

"Yi Yun, your wife seems to stand on an entirely different plane" Fairy Yourou said worriedly.

Although she believed Yi Yun's take on the matter, the couple had been separated for too long. Now, their statuses stood in stark contrast. There were many major obstacles that reality brought which were difficult to surmount. She was worried that Lin Xintong had changed.

Yi Yun said, "Miss Yourou, you don't have to worry. I know my wife."

"Heh, know your wife? You really live in a dream."

At that moment, a harsh voice sounded. Yi Yun turned to look over and saw a group of people walking towards him. One of them was a youth wearing colorful clothes. He had a jade hairpin on his head.

Yi Yun knew this person. Back when Yi Yun visited Divine General Skyjade, it was this person who had led the way. His name was Kun Ping, a member of the Kun family.

"The person I was talking about is this man, the one who claims that he is the new empress's husband," Kun Ping said to the people beside him. All of these people wore treasured clothes that were the work of refiners. The ornaments they were decked with, such as jade pendants, rings,and life-protection talismans, were all painstakingly created artifacts.

Clearly, they were the elites of various major factions who enjoyed vast amounts of resources.

As for Kun Ping, he had an extraordinary identity. He was the most outstanding youth of the Kun family's younger generation. He had hopes of inheriting Kun Xu's position as Imperial Preceptor.

Kun Ping also cherished the rare opportunity of the empress's coronation to befriend the young elites of other factions. For instance, the disciple of the First Beginnings Immortal Gate's sect master, Mu Yun, Nethersword Zhu Ningxie, Konglun, etc. All of them had esteemed statuses.

To acquaint himself with these people, Kun Ping naturally chose something interesting to share. For instance, an oddball like Yi Yun was quite a topic of conversation.

Fairy Yourou frowned when she saw the group of people. Any one of them had a status in no way inferior to hers. At most, it was just a difference in their talent.

"So you are Yi Yun. I've long heard about you!" Mu Yun cupped his fists. "I heard that you obtained quite a sizable amount of opportunities in the Divine Perish Hall. In a few more months, it's my master's birthday celebration. I wish to buy the Netherworld fruit and nebulous Primordial Chaos essence from you as gifts for my master, I will give you a fair price."

"Oh?" Yi Yun gave a faint smile. He immediately realized that it was no coincidence that Kun Ping had brought these people here to him. These people were likely looking for him for his treasures.

"I have already refined the Netherworld fruit and the nebulous Primordial Chaos essence for myself. They were used to improve my time and Primordial Chaos laws."

"Brother Yi, you must be joking. Such rare treasures require a thousand years to refine a tiny portion of it. How could Brother Yi have taken onlu a few decades to refine it clean? Brother Yi, you just have no intentions of selling, am I right? My First Beginnings Immortal Gate is a famous orthodox sect. If we want anything from you, we will pay the required price. If it were some unorthodox sect who had eyed your treasures, the treasures would only bring trouble to you."

Mu Yun had a threatening tone to his words.

Yi Yun said, "A few decades? No, you are mistaken. Those few things I gained from the Divine Perish Hall were refined in a few months."


Mu Yun and company laughed without a word. Yi Yun had made a ridiculous remark that they could not be bothered to expose.

Beside Mu Yun, Konglun gave a Buddhist proclamation as he said slowly, "This Penniless Monk has heard that Young Master Yi has a green bone jar with him. In it is an evil demon who is ruthless in its ways. It managed to maim Patron Hong Feiyu in one strike. Such an inauspicious item might one day attack its owner. Young Master Yi, you should consider handing it to me. This Penniless Monk cultivates the Buddhist Dharma that can subdue the evil demon and allow it to be used by the orthodox. It would result in immense merit."

Yi Yun flicked the dust off his sleeves and said slowly, "How can you two juniors have anything of worth? You wish to use your trash to exchange for my treasures? It's clearly daylight robbery, yet you do so with such dignified airs. I think you are worse than the unorthodox. At least they do not try to erect monuments to celebrate their chastity."


Mu Yun was enraged. Although he did plan on using his sect's might to gain some advantage, Yi Yun would also benefit from it. He never expected Yi Yun to toss aside decorum without any heed, hinting that they were whores!

Kun Ping said coldly, "Yi Yun, you are truly gutsy. Do you know who their masters are? Young Master Mu Yun's master is the First Beginnings Immortal Gate's Sacred Horizon Divine Lord! As for Master Konglun, he is the eldest disciple of Eclipse Arhat. It's your good fortune that they want your items!"

"Sacred Horizon Divine Lord? Eclipse Arhat? So the both of you are their disciples. I couldn't care less even if it were your masters standing in front of me. To think two disciples dare flaunt themselves in front of me. None of you are worthy enough!" Yi Yun said with a scoff.

What he said stunned everyone present. Not only Mu Yun and Konglun, even Fairy Yourou was stunned.

What did Yi Yun just say? He actually said that he couldn't care less even if the First Beginnings Immortal Gate's Sacred Horizon Divine Lord or the Mahayana Monastery's abbot Eclipse Arhat were here in person!?

"Yi Yun cut it out. Both of them are Sinkhole overlords. Furthermore, they were both invited here for the new empress's coronation to bear witness to Lin Xintong's authority. These two seniors are my Master's equal"

Fairy Yourou quickly sent a voice transmission which Yi Yun seem to ignore.

"Hahaha!" Nethersword Zhu Ningxie could not help but roar with laughter. "You couldn't care less about Sacred Horizon Divine Lord or Eclipse Arhat, then wouldn't it mean that my master, West River Divine Lord, would share the same fate?"

"West River Divine Lord?" Yi Yun naturally remembered the name. Back in the primeval universe, West River Divine Lord had the greatest killing intent for him apart from Primordial Chaos Daolord and Fire Cloud Divine Lord!

Now that Primordial Chaos Daolord and Fire Cloud Divine Lord were dead, there was only West River Divine Lord left. However, the bastard had fled.

Yi Yun was someone bent on exacting revenge, but due to the Ancestor God, it was impossible for Yi Yun to pursue West River Divine Lord. It was true that enemies often crossed each other's path.

"So you are West River Divine Lord's disciple."

"That's right!" Zhu Ningxie wore a look of arrogance. West River Divine Lord had numerous disciples, but he was the most outstanding one of them all. If nothing out of the ordinary happened, he would likely inherit West River Divine Lord's mantle in the future.

"To think a beggar who grubs for food would dare show contempt for royal aristocrats in order to flaunt himself. I find it lamentable that you lead a human's life. Sacred Horizon Divine Lord, Eclipse Arhat, and my master will soon arrive. I'm afraid you will only end up kneeling down under their combined might!"