True Martial World Chapter 154

Chapter 154: The Second Choice
Chapter 154: The Second Choice

“Tempered Body, Dragon Pulse! Together with the training from the Flowing Mercury Gown, you are constantly overcoming its binding strength. So your strength is pretty good.”

Yan Menglong stroked his chin and nodded, “Having given you such a good bow, don’t disappoint me. With this bow, be it out training or to achieving accomplishments in the future, there will be a form of assurance!”

“Thank you General!” Yi Yun gave his heartfelt thanks. He knew he had revealed enough, resulting in Yan Menglong to show such commitment to nurture him.

With the Tai Cang Bow slung around his back, Yi Yun took the quiver.

It was filled with Wind Chasing Arrows that were specially made for the Tai Cang Bow. They were made out of frost metal and their fletchings were made from the bird feathers of a primordial lineage monster bird. Such arrows could not change directions even with a Yuan Qi outburst from an opponent. They were top grade arrows!

Such expensive arrows would be a waste to shoot out. Strong bowmen could attach some Yuan Qi to the arrow’s shaft, retrieving it after shooting it.

After choosing the arrows and bow, next was the melee weapon!

Yi Yun looked through the entire Divine Capital Armory. He touched every weapon to decide on his selection.

This time, Yan Menglong did not say a thing and let Yi Yun choose by himself.

Yi Yun was unhurried. After two hours, he finally stood in front of a large rock.

There was a saber imbedded in this large rock!

Although it was a saber, it looked like a spear.

This saber was six feet in length*. Its handle was one feet two inches, resulting in a total length of seven feet two inches. It was almost equivalent to the height of an adult male and was much taller than Yi Yun.

There were silver-gray lines on the long saber’s blade. They looked like broken ice on a lake in winter and they looked beautiful.

Although the saber was extremely long, it was only two inches wide. The blade’s curvature was extremely mild. Together with its length, it made the saber almost straight, and also feel like a sword.

It was like a saber and a sword at the same time!

It could be used as a saber and it could also be used as a spear!

This saber’s exaggerated look reminded Yi Yun of katanas or miaodaos (苗刀) he had seen before. The word “miao” (苗) had nothing to do with addressing citizens, but described the miaodao’s narrow blade and length, which looked like a sprouted plant.

Of course, compared to the miaodao, katanas or samurai swords, they were much shorter than the saber Yi Yun saw.

The longer the blade was, the stronger each cleave was.

And the narrower the blade, the faster the saber was!

With those two points, a blade master’s saber tends to be long and narrow!

But the narrower and longer a saber was, the easier it was to break! It could be broken by an opponent’s weapon, broken with Yuan Qi, or even broken by bones.

Katanas and samurai swords were considered long, but they were not made too long for fear of breaking in battle.

In this alternate world, the blade crafting masters could push the narrowness and length to the fullest!

This was because they had absolute confidence in the sabers they create!

It was a real Horse Chopping Saber. A saber was given the name “Horse Chopping” because of its length,which allows it to split a horse into two.

And the saber Yi Yun chose could completely split a horse vertically. He could split an opponent and his horse from head to toe!

“This is it!” Yi Yun grabbed the saber’s shaft with both hands and pulled out the saber!

“Weng” When the blade separated from the stone, its blade gave of a low hum of metal. It was like a dragon breaking out of its restraints, giving off an extended roar. A cold chill surged.

“A good saber!” Yi Yun’s eyes lit up and used the saber to demonstrate “Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven”!

Although it was a saber, it was not much different from a sword, hence it suited the “Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven”. In an instant, Yi Yun was covered with flashes of light like a snowstorm.

The blade wind generated by Yi Yun left tiny scratches on the walls and ground.

“Enough, stop messing around!” Yan Menglong grumpily stopped Yi Yun, “The Thousand Army Saber! Kid, you sure have thieving eyes!”

This Thousand Army Saber was also made by a master. Although it was worth less than the Tai Cang Bow, it was also one of the best weapons in the Divine Capital Armory.

The Thousand Army Saber was made of Ice Frost metal. On the Ice Frost metal, there were pretty lines, which looked like a cracked ice surface. These lines were not there originally, but left there from the arduous forging process.

The Ice Frost Metal had a natural coldness to it. Using it to make a saber which could freeze a pond in the summer when immersed in the pond.

Using it to cut through other people’s weapons was as easy as cutting through mud. Not only normal weapons, even Yi Yun’s Yanchi saber would not last more than a few strikes against the Thousand Army Saber before breaking!

“Tai Cang Bow! Wind Chasing Arrows! Thousand Army Saber! Kid, you sure got a windfall!” Yan Menglong heart ached from Yi Yun’s choice of the Tai Cang Bow and the Thousand Army Saber.

Compared to those two weapons, the two inferior grade desolate bone relics had a much lower value.

“Kid, you aren’t even as tall as the saber and you already took away my Thousand Army Saber.” Yan Menglong’s face look pissed. Not even Yi Yun, the Thousand Army Saber was not much shorter than Yan Menglong.

“Thank you for the General’s generosity!” Yi Yun said it from the bottom of heart. He knew that although Yan Menglong hated to part with it verbally, but he still had the intentions to give Yi Yun both the Tai Cang Bow and the Thousand Army Saber. After all, the Tai Cang Bow was Yan Menglong who purposely brought Yi Yun to choose.

“With the weapons chosen, the desolate bone relics are not a problem. Following that… there’s still your land! F**k, I’m seriously bleeding today!” Yan Menglong swore as he spoke. After affirming Yi Yun, he was more relaxed, and no longer gave off a high and mighty feeling.

Yi Yun sheepishly scratched his head saying, “This little one came to the central plains with only a few dozen followers. I wouldn’t need a large piece of land. A small one would do.”

In the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, the monarch had absolute control over a vast piece of land. Below him, there were 108 states that were distributed. Each state was controlled by a duke!

A duke would then split the land further to generals and other state ministers of the vassal state.

The general would then distribute it among the Thousand Households and Kingdom Knights.

Yi Yun was the lowest of the nobles, so his land came from Yan Menglong.

Yan Menglong patted Yi Yun’s shoulders and said, “You will soar in the future. Soon, you will be taking some land from the Divine Capital; and when that happens, this land will come back into my hands.”

“So, I’ll give you a good piece of land. It will make you look good in front of your people and your sister!”

Yan Menglong had been very attentive about Yi Yun. He knew Yi Yun was very close to his sister Jiang Xiaorou.

He took out an animal skin map from his interspatial ring, and circled the land to be given to Yi Yun…

*Translator’s note: The lengths used here are those of ancient China. One feet is 23cm, one zhang is 10 feet, which is 2.3m. Yi Yun’s Thousand Army Saber’s blade is 6 feet long, which is 1.38m. With the hilt, the entire saber is 7 feet 2 inches long, which is 1.65m. It is taller than twelve-year-old Yi Yun’s height.