True Martial World Chapter 1540

Chapter 1540: Differences Like Night And Day
Chapter 1540: Differences Like Night and Day
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Yi Yun and Zhu Ningxie's conflict attracted the attention of many. Yi Yun was just too famous. Ignoring the fact that he had declared himself to be the husband of the new empress who was out of his league, he was now trampling on several Sinkhole powerhouses. It was as though he was punching Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and kicking Eclipse Arhat.

"So West River Divine Lord will be coming to the coronation as well. I happen to have things to settle with him. It looks like I'll be settling them today," said Yi Yun leisurely as he shot a glance at Zhu Ningxie.

Yi Yun's words left Zhu Ningxie completely dumbfounded.

Zhu Ningxie turned agape as he looked at Yi Yun like he was a mad man. He was going to settle a score with his master, West River Divine Lord? This fellow must be nuts!

Zhu Ningxie was originally mocking Yi Yun, but now, he couldn't even be bothered. With him reaching such a level of bragging, people were now looking at Yi Yun with pity.

"Yi Yun, let's leave!"

Fairy Yourou quickly pulled Yi Yun away. She felt her face burn when she saw the number of people gathering around them increase. Even Fairy Yourou's few maidservants yearned to kneel down to ask Yi Yun to stop bragging. It made their Nethersky Divine World appear to be as much an oddity as Yi Yun.

"Miss, Young Master Yi is probably already mentally unstable. Let's leave first." A maidservant sent Fairy Yourou a voice transmission. Fairy Yourou was also very embarrassed. What was up with Yi Yun today?

At that moment, a series of otherworldly music began to play. Everyone was taken aback as they looked in the direction of the music. They saw a divine ship appear in the sea. It couldn't be considered too big, but its body was filled with a lustrous glow. It appeared to slowly cruise over from an ancient void.

"It's the White Lunar Divine Empire's spirit ship!"

Everyone watched as the spirit ship lifted off from the surface of the sea and flew into the air before entering the White Jade Phoenix Palace and vanishing.

Following that, the numinous light that the White Jade Phoenix Palace emitted increased in intensity. People could feel themselves being bathed in the numinous light even dozens of kilometers away, making them feel refreshed in both body and mind.

"It's the new empress! The new empress has probably entered the White Jade Phoenix Palace while on that ship!"

With the new empress's arrival, it also signaled the unfolding of the coronation's curtains!

At that moment, all the warriors began to offer their well wishes.

The White Lunar Divine Empire's new empress's coronation naturally required them to send gifts. These gifts were also considered diplomatic gifts. Every major faction prepared their gift with painstakingly detail. It would be embarrassing if the items they gave were too shabby.

"Yi Yun, didn't you say that the new empress of the White Lunar Divine Empire is your Dao partner? You must have prepared some impressive gifts, right? How about it? Do you plan to give Her Majesty the Netherworld tree's fruit or the nebulous Primordial Chaos essence?"

Mu Yun suddenly jested when the handing over of gifts began.

What he said instantly attracted the attention of many people. Yi Yun had been bragging previously, with a skin as thick as a city wall's. No matter how they mocked him, Yi Yun appeared impenetrably thickheaded. It made them feel like rushing forward to beat him up; but now, they finally had a chance to see him make a fool of himself.

"That's right, since it's your Dao partner's coronation, you must have prepared some important gifts. I wonder what you brought?"

Zhu Ningxie looked at Yi Yun with a teasing look. The Netherworld tree's fruit or the nebulous Primordial Chaos essence were Yi Yun's cornerstone treasures. He refused to believe that Yi Yun would be willing to hand either of them over.

"What I gift for my wife's coronation depends on my sincerity. It has nothing to do with you," scoffed Yi Yun. He couldn't be bothered to deal with them.

"Even at this stage, when your face has been riddled like a bee's honeycomb, you insist on your facade. How pitiful."

As Mu Yun spoke, he handed over his congratulatory gift.

"First Beginnings Immortal Gate's congratulatory gift: One block of Blood-Patterned Black Jade! One piece of Soul Nurturing Wood!"

The master of ceremonies in charge of announcing the gifts was an elder dressed in azure-colored clothes. Although he was only a master of ceremonies, he enjoyed a very high standing. He was the White Lunar Divine Empire's best appraiser. Although his cultivation level was at the half-step Divine Lord realm, he had unparalleled eye when it came to appraising items. There were few rare treasures in the world that he hadn't seen.

Upon hearing the azure-clothed elder's words, everyone was secretly amazed. The gifts Mu Yun had given were at least worth a hundred Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli.

However, although these treasures were valuable, they were items that could be bought on the market. This was in line with the tradition of gifts given by major factions. It looked decent, but it was also not a core cultivation resource, making it most suitable. After all, no faction would wish to provide invaluable resources for other factions to nurture their members with.

"Amitabha. My Mahayana Monastery has always been poor. This Penniless Monk will gift a Nine Treasured Lotus on behalf of his master."

Konglun also handed over his gift. Although he claimed to be poor, the Nine Treasure Lotus was similarly worth about a hundred Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli.

Following that, it was Zhu Ningxie. He gifted a sword forged from an ancient divine metal. It's worth was similar to the gifts of the other two major factions. Clearly, the three factions had agreed on this in private.

"It's your turn."

Zhu Ningxie gave Yi Yun a glance as the corners of his mouth curled up. He refused to believe that Yi Yun would produce the Netherworld tree's fruit.

"Yi Yun, did you not prepare some rare item? I forgot to remind you that the coronation requires congratulatory gifts. I have some treasured items here which are worth a hundred or two hundred Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli. Why don't you" Fairy Yourou sent Yi Yun a voice transmission.

"There's no need."

Yi Yun shook his head. He was only there to meet Lin Xintong, and had really forgotten to prepare a gift for the coronation. But speaking of which, even mortal couples would prepare gifts for each other during their wedding anniversaries, so how could he not prepare some gifts, considering how he had not seen his wife for centuries?

Yi Yun thought about it and took out a box from his interspatial ring and placed it in front of the azure-clothed elder.

Without saying a word, he opened the box silently.

The box appeared inconspicuous. There were two irregular-shaped ice crystals in it. They were condensed from the frost ice of Mirage Snow, and sealed within were two tiny Dao patterns.

What was this?

The azure-clothed elder was taken aback. He was very knowledgeable and knew countless treasures. Typically, all he needed was a glance to identify an object, and that also allowed him to give a detailed list of information about it. However, he failed to readily identify the two Dao pattern marks Yi Yun had given.

For it to be something even he could not recognize instantly meant it was definitely rare, even if it was not precious.

"Is it a nomological mark? Yi Yun, are you really so unwilling to produce the Netherworld tree's fruit that you instead condensed two nomological marks for the new empress to study? Hahaha!"

Mu Yun laughed out loud. In the martial world, top mighty figures could condense Dao patterns from their own nomological insights. These Dao patterns could be given to their disciples for studying, and if the person who condensed the Dao patterns was nearing the Godly Monarch realm, the Dao patterns they condensed would be extremely rare and precious. It was equivalent to handing over a portion of their life-long heritage.

However, the Dao patterns condensed by juniors were worth nothing due to their weak nomological insights.

Zhu Ningxie quipped, "He sure made a great calculated move. He does not need to spend a single Spirit Jade by condensing a nomological mark himself. Is this considered a congratulatory gift? That's just too stingy."

When Mu Yun and Zhu Ningxie said this, the people around began to break out in a flurry of discussion. People looked at Yi Yun with contemptuous looks.

Even if Yi Yun was unaffiliated with any sects and was poor, and also unwilling to give up a rare treasure like the Netherworld tree's fruit, he should have at the very least taken out something worth slightly more than ten Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli as a gift. That shouldn't have been difficult. As an itinerant cultivator, it was enough for him to present something of that value. However, they never expected Yi Yun to be so stingy. He had bragged so proudly, but now, all he could produce was something worthless. It was likely that Yi Yun would brag about how awesome the item he gave was.

Yi Yun completely ignored the discussions of the people. All he did was look at the azure-clothed elder.

At that moment, the elder had walked close to the box. Although his eyes were wizened, they flickered and produced a glint. He stared intently at the marks that were enclosed in the nomological glow.

Although what Yi Yun had taken out was rare, the azure-clothed elder had seen numerous treasures. Even if it was something rare, he could deduce a thing or two.

"Could this be a Royal Seal? A Divine Lord Royal Seal!?"

This thought suddenly streaked across the azure-clothed elder's mind as he said it out loud subconsciously.

"What? This punk gave a Divine Lord Royal Seal?" Mu Yun was taken aback. It was not that Divine Lord Royal Seals were very rare, but most Divine Lord Royal Seals would dissipate a few years after their owners perished. They were only at best used to study the laws inside. He found it odd. He had seen several Divine Lord Royal Seals in the past, but they were different from the two in front of him.

"That's right! It's a Divine Lord Royal Seal!"

The azure-clothed elder said with certainty. His eyes were lit and indeed, all the Royal Seals he had seen in the past were different from these two!

As he observed them carefully, the azure-clothed elder turned excited. He came to a particular realization as his held his breath. He extended his trembling fingers to slowly approach the two Dao pattern marks. When his fingers touched the two ice crystals, they melted silently.

Immediately, the two Dao pattern marks emitted a dazzling divine beam! They were like the appearance of two suns. All the laws in the pocket world were stirred by the two tiny Dao patterns like a whale sucking in water!


Yuan Qi surged as the two Dao patterns formed a vortex. Everyone who was offering their gifts were stunned by this scene. They looked over in astonishment, unsure of what had just happened.

At that moment, the countless nomological patterns in the sky condensed to form two blurry phantoms. They stood high in the sky, like an Ancient Godly Monarch who stood at the pinnacle of the Martial Dao. They appeared infinitely majestic.

Some of the ones with weaker cultivations only felt an immense pressure bear down on them. They nearly couldn't stand firm. Even Mu Yun and Zhu Ningxie, elites of the younger generation, could not help but take a few steps back because they were just too close.

"What what's happening!?" Mu Yun exclaimed.

At that moment, the azure-clothed elder's face was filled with astonishment and excitement. As an appraiser, the greatest joy in his life was to see heavenly treasures.

"Godly Monarch Royal Seals! Godly Monarch Royal Seals! When Godly Monarchs perished in ancient times, they would leave behind Royal Seals. All my life, I have only seen introductions of Godly Monarch Royal Seals in books, but I never imagined to be able to see them with my very own eyes!"

When the azure-clothed elder said this, all the guests were alarmed. They widened their eyes to look at the two shimmering Royal Seals. All the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi were raging around them, but they had all turned silent.

All of them knew very clearly what a Godly Monarch Royal Seal implied!

However, how could a junior gift two Godly Monarch Royal Seals? One had to know that just one Godly Monarch Royal Seal was enough to create a Sinkhole overlord. Two combined could create a top mighty figure like Sacred Horizon Divine Lord or Eclipse Arhat!

All the riches of many top factions in the Sinkhole would amount to only three or four Godly Monarch Royal Seals. Yet, Yi Yun had casually handed out half the worth of a top Sinkhole faction.

"Im Impossible. There must be a mistake, right?"

Mu Yun looked at Yi Yun like he had seen a ghost. Yi Yun would have to absorb a Divine Lord Royal Seal when he broke through to become a Divine Lord. If he had obtained an ancient Godly Monarch Royal Seal, it was a heavenly opportunity that could only come by luck. How could he casually hand over something he could use for himself?