True Martial World Chapter 1541

Chapter 1541: Covetous Eyes
Chapter 1541: Covetous Eyes
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Mu Yun found it unacceptable. He had been a follower of Sacred Horizon Divine Lord for ages, cultivating arduously in martial arts, never slacking off for a single day. However, Sacred Horizon Divine Lord had never offered to bestow him with a single Godly Monarch Royal Seal. Now that his breakthrough was at hand, he yearned for a Godly Monarch Royal Seal greatly, but was afraid of asking Sacred Horizon Divine Lord for one. He knew he did not deserve one.

But now, two Godly Monarch Royal Seals were right in front of him. What he felt was obvious given how Yi Yun had given them away so casually!

"Impossible, I refuse to believe that someone would give away two Godly Monarch Royal Seals. There must be a mistake somewhere," Zhu Ningxie said.

He was in a similar situation as Mu Yun and shared the same sentiments. But at that moment, a blue and red phantom appeared in the sky. Gigantic wings suddenly appeared behind them. One was burning with roaring flames and the other had Frost Qi that instantly froze.


The high pitch of phoenixes' cries was penetrating and deafening. Everyone felt a sense of reverence towards it as though they were facing gods.

"They are a phoenix pair"

Everyone could tell clearly that the Godly Monarch Royal Seals condensed phantoms which were a ice-and-fire pair of phoenixes! Why would phoenix phantoms appear here?

"I understand. These must be the Godly Monarch Royal Seals left behind after an ancient Fey underwent nirvana. Ice-and-fire phoenixes. A male and female one where the male pursues the female! It's a corresponding pair of Royal Seals!" the azure-clothed elder said with an extremely excited voice.

It was already very rare to obtain a Godly Monarch Royal Seal, much less a corresponding pair of Royal Seals!

Upon seeing this, many people fell silent. Even the ancient Fey's phantom had appeared. There was no doubt that the two Dao patterns were Godly Monarch Royal Seals.

Zhu Ningxie and Mu Yun seemed to have lost their wits. They had worked so hard all these years for something that they dreamed of, and it had been given as a congratulatory gift. It made them feel like all the hard work they had put in was a joke.

"Yi Yun!" Fairy Yourou took one step forward and sent a voice transmission to Yi Yun. "Don't be rash. These Godly Monarch Royal Seals are very useful for you"

Fairy Yourou felt that it would be regretful for Yi Yun if he just gave the Royal Seals away. Even if Lin Xintong was his wife, giving such a valuable gift before knowing Lin Xintong's inclination towards him was too risky.

What if Lin Xintong accepted the gift and disavowed Yi Yun?

After all, her master might have promised her a Godly Monarch Royal Seal, but she needed to complete five main tests before she would be awarded it. She had yet to see the Royal Seal for herself.

Furthermore, on the day of gifting her the Godly Monarch Royal Seal, Patriarch Nethersky's bosom frienda reclusive Godly Monarchwould have to aid her in fusing with the Royal Seal. It was to ensure a perfect fusion, so as to prevent any loss of the Godly Monarch Royal Seal's powers.

To expend a favor of a reclusive Godly Monarch showed how much weight the Nethersky Divine World placed on the Godly Monarch Royal Seal.

Yi Yun shook his head and said nonchalantly, "It's fine. I don't need these."

Back when Yi Yun killed Primordial Chaos Daolord and Fire Cloud Divine Lord in the Chaos Gem mineral vein, he had obtained a total of four Divine Lord Royal Seals. However, the Divine Lord Royal Seals that Primordial Chaos Daolord had were condensed by himself. Before he became a Godly Monarch, the Royal Seals he condensed were nothing of value. However, Fire Cloud Divine Lord's Royal Seals were different. He had found the place where a pair of ancient fire-ice phoenixes got reborn, and as such, obtained the fire-ice dual Godly Monarch Royal Seals.

Yi Yun was not afraid that others would recognize that he had produced the two Divine Lord Royal Seals that belonged to Fire Cloud Divine Lord. He was powerful, and he had already killed both Fire Cloud Divine Lord and Primordial Chaos Daolord, so there was no need for him to conceal the matter. Besides, every Divine Lord's Royal Seal was their greatest secret. Within it was condensed the nomological manifestation of their life-long cultivation. If their Royal Seal were to be deciphered, the weaknesses in their attacks would be exposed, allowing them to be surgically targeted. Under such circumstances, no one knew what Fire Cloud Divine Lord's Godly Monarch Royal Seals resembled.

"No need for Godly Monarch Royal Seals?"

Everyone looked at Yi Yun, feeling at a loss for words. Such heavenly treasures were things even a Godly Monarch's personal disciple would require. Yet, Yi Yun though nothing of it.

Could it be that he had spares? When this thought came to mind, everyone exchanged looks. It was not impossible!

Could he spare some for others? How many opportunities did Yi Yun receive in the ancient battlefield, exactly?

They previously believed that things like the Netherworld tree's fruit or the nebulous Primordial Chaos essence were the best treasures on him, but now, they appeared to be trivial. He had just casually given away two Godly Monarch Royal Seals.

"I wonder how wealthy this Yi Yun is! He probably emptied out the ancient battlefield!"

People looked jealously at Yi Yun, each having mixed thoughts.

"By using Godly Monarch Royal Seals as gifts, he has truly stolen the limelight, but he has also completely exposed the wealth he possesses. He had already offended the Great Cosmic State, and now with the allure of all these treasures, Yi Yun is unlikely to survive the night."

The appearance of a Godly Monarch Royal Seal was enough to whip up a bloody storm. Taking into account the treasures that Yi Yun had yet to produce, the coronation was destined to have tempestuous undercurrents! Be it the major factions who would vie with each other or form alliances, Yi Yun, who was in the middle of the storm, would become the sacrificial item in this massive contention!

Upon coming to this realization, many people gave Yi Yun a covetous and sinister look. All the overlords of the major factions would reap the major benefits, but perhaps, they might be able to reap some of the minor benefits!

"Brother Mu Yun, why are you feeling regret? Bai Yueyin is already dead. The White Lunar Divine Empire might appear flashy, but it in a precarious situation! Just Divine General Skyjade alone can hardly prop up a tottering behemoth!" Zhu Ningxie's eyes flashed with killing intent as he sent Mu Yun a voice transmission.

"Oh Are you implying" Mu Yun looked at Zhu Ningxie as an idea came to him.

"Your master and mine are in no way weaker than Divine General Skyjade. Besides, our sects still have people protecting us. The White Lunar Divine Empire is no match for us. Do you think the White Lunar Divine Empire will be able to take the Godly Monarch Royal Seals from Yi Yun and keep them all to themselves? If we were to exert collective pressure, the White Lunar Divine Empire will ultimately have to hand Yi Yun over and let us split the loot!"

"You are right!" Mu Yun's eyes turned dark. How could the various Sinkhole factions watch as the White Lunar Divine Empire gained so many benefits? What kind of figure was Lin Xintong? If she were to fuse with the pair of Godly Monarch Royal Seals, wouldn't she end up a tremendous threat? It might not even take a thousand years before Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and company were unable to restrain her!

"This Yi Yun took out a pair of Godly Monarch Royal Seals to attract Lin Xintong's attention and win her heart. What a fool! Ignoring the fact that Lin Xintong might not even have a liking towards him, his actions are practically inviting trouble on both himself and the White Lunar Divine Empire!"

"Hehe, let's send voice transmissions to our masters. My master was planning on arriving when the coronation officially began, but now, it appears that he will be making an early entrance! Perhaps, with our masters gaining some benefits here, I might really be bestowed with a Godly Monarch Royal Seal!"

When Zhu Ningxie said this, Mu Yun's breathing hastened.

It was not impossible! The reason why they were not offered Godly Monarch Royal Seals wasn't only because they were lacking, but also because Godly Monarch Royal Seals were too rare.