True Martial World Chapter 1542

Chapter 1542: Havent Seen You In Decades
Chapter 1542: Haven't Seen You In Decades
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Zhu Ningxie and Mu Yun quickly finished their exchange as they sent out their voice transmission talismans. There was still another two hours before the coronation began, so the elder Sinkhole overlords naturally wouldn't be arriving so soon.

At that moment, West River Divine Lord was meditating in a pocket world in the hundred thousand pavilion palaces. As a Sinkhole overlord, he had a pocket world to himself. The other people in the pocket world were his subordinates. This also alluded to his high standing.

At that moment, a purple fiery flash lit up in front of West River Divine Lord. He suddenly opened his eyes.

"Oh!? Someone at the coronation actually gave two Godly Monarch Royal Seals as a congratulatory gift?"

West River Divine Lord was alarmed. Even he himself had only fused with one Godly Monarch Royal Seal.

Godly Monarch Royal Seals could greatly enhance a Divine Lord's combat strength. He had relied on his talent to make up for the rest before he squeezed his way to the ranks of Sinkhole overlord. Now, having heard that someone had given two Godly Monarch Royal Seals as a gift, he was extremely astounded.

"For a junior to give two Godly Monarch Royal Seals without even blinking, Ningxie is certain that he has even more treasures in his interspatial ring. He is hinting for me to take action to vie for them."

The intent in Zhu Ningxie's voice transmission was obvious. Every additional Godly Monarch Royal Seal for the sect meant a higher possibility for Zhu Ningxie to receive a Godly Monarch Royal Seal himself.

"Such benefits do interest me!"

West River Divine Lord suddenly opened his eyes from his meditation as a glint flashed in his eyes. If Bai Yueyin were still around, he would not have dared to take action at her empire's event. But now, the White Lunar Divine Empire was a declawed tiger. With a walking treasure trove of a junior there in front of them, even the First Beginnings Immortal Gate and Great Cosmic State would not turn a blind eye to the treasures, so how could he not take his share of the loot?

If this were in the past, West River Divine Lord would have scruples about targeting a junior, but now, he no longer had such thoughts.

"Forty years ago, I left the ancient battlefield empty handed. I was even heavily injured because of the sudden appearance of that terrifying giant. I managed to barely recuperate after all these years. Now, I can finally see some form of recompense."

West River Divine Lord's body flashed as he vanished from his cultivation.

Meanwhile, in the pocket world where the coronation was being held, the gifting process had seemed to come to a pause due to Yi Yun's Godly Monarch Royal Seals.

Yi Yun obviously knew the value of Godly Monarch Royal Seals, but he was now ridiculously rich. Furthermore, he planned on condensing a Divine Lord Royal Seal himself, so his goals and viewpoint were already higher than most warriors in the Sinkhole. Under such circumstances, he never realized that two Godly Monarch Royal Seals would cause such a huge stir.

"Yi Yun, what did you just say? I seem to recall that you said that you had a debt to settle with my master?" Zhu Ningxie had already received West River Divine Lord's response as he sneered at Yi Yun. He looked at Yi Yun as though he was looking at a corpse.

"Oh? West River is coming?" How could Yi Yun not know what Zhu Ningxie and Mu Yun were up to moments ago. For Zhu Ningxie to begin threatening him like a dog counting on its master's backing, he knew that his master was on the way.

Yi Yun was now the focus of attention and his every action and word was under the intense scrutinization of countless people. When they heard him say that, all of them rolled their eyes. He called out West River Divine Lord's name as though he was calling a neighbor's name.

He had to be out of his mind for him to continue posturing even at this point in time.

"You are gutsy. I'm curious if you'll still speak this way when you meet my master." Zhu Ningxie was no longer envious of Yi Yun; instead, he had the pity of someone superior speaking to someone inferior.

Mu Yun also looked at Yi Yun with a teasing look. Yi Yun was now just like livestock waiting to be slaughtered.

"Yi Yun, West River Divine Lord's reputation is terrible. Quickly return for now. This is the White Lunar Divine Empire after all. Although West River Divine Lord is overbearing, he would not truly abandon all decorum with the White Lunar Divine Empire. Besides, you have just given such a precious gift to the White Lunar Divine Empire, so they will likely protect you. I will also ask Master" Fairy Yourou sent Yi Yun and urgent voice transmission.

"It's fine," said Yi Yun indifferently.

Fairy Yourou sighed. Yi Yun had not heeded a single thing she said today and she had grown accustomed to it. She was also unsure how Yi Yun remained so calm. Was it because his wife was the new White Lunar Goddess Empress? However, the inclination of his wife was still an unknown. Besides, even if the White Lunar Goddess Empress wanted to protect him, she had only just ascended to the throne. Would she really make the entire Sinkhole her enemy because of a single Yi Yun?

At that moment, a sharp oppressive aura descended from the sky.

The aura swept across all the juniors, immediately leaving them stifled. All their flowing Yuan Qi froze!

It was a Sinkhole powerhouse!

And it was not limited to only one!


There was a loud cry as everyone turned their heads in its direction. They saw nine azure-colored Qilins, each with a single horn on their heads, in the sky. They pulled a divine chariot which cruised over loudly. Wherever the chariot passed, there were nomological stirrings that formed resplendent light.

It was West River Divine Lord's chariot.

People recognized the nine azure-colored Qilins. Although they were not real Qilin Ancient Fey, with only a tiny strand of ancient Qilin bloodline, they were still extremely rare. To have such spirit beasts pulling one's chariot was something only a Sinkhole overlord could be capable of.

And in another direction, Sacred Horizon Divine Lord had arrived on a jade spirit boat. He sat alone at the bow, like a fishing old man. He looked carefree and relaxed.

In comparison, Eclipse Arhat's entrance was a lot simpler. He did not use any transportation vehicle. Instead, he walked over on air, but when he descended, a Buddha phantom which produced blinding light behind him flared.

Three powerhouses had arrived!

"Oh? Great Cosmic State's Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord! He's Primordial Chaos Daolord's junior brother. He's here too!"

People did not know too much about Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord as he had a completely opposite character from Primordial Chaos Daolord. He kept an extremely low profile and was even quite an enigma. He had been focusing on cultivation in seclusion and showed no interest in the worldly affairs, but after Primordial Chaos Daolord perished in the ancient battlefield, he was forced to exit reclusion to helm the Great Cosmic State.

Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord had also arrived for Lin Xintong's coronation, but he had yet to make an appearance. He did not appear to denounce Yi Yun even when he crippled Hong Feiyu.

There was all kinds of talk about him, but there was no doubt that he had enough strength to rank him among the Sinkhole overlords.

"Hahaha! Daoist Sacred Horizon, it has been decades since we last separated. I never imagined we would meet each other so soon," West River Divine Lord said with a loud laugh.

It was common for these Sinkhole powerhouses to meet only once every tens of thousands of years. It was indeed quite short for them to meet after only decades.

"I am lucky to be able to meet you here peacefully as well," said Sacred Horizon Divine Lord with a faint smile. Apart from the ones who experienced the destruction the giant brought about in the primeval universe, no one knew what Sacred Horizon Divine Lord was referring to.

The Sinkhole overlords had come to a tacit understanding not to profess the existence of the giant. They had a vague understanding that there was a stunning secret behind the giant.

"Welcome, Master!" Zhu Ningxie hurriedly went forward to bow.

Mu Yun and Konglun also went forward to welcome their own masters. With the few Sinkhole overlords' arrival, everyone felt a powerful suppression. These people combined had nearly total control over the Sinkhole!

"Master, this is the punk who was disrespectful towards you." As Zhu Ningxie spoke, he looked at Yi Yun with a sneer. "My master is here. Everyone here heard him make outlandish remarks previously that he would be settling a debt with my master. Come on, I want to see what debt you would be settling. Hahaha!"

"Master!" Mu Yun also bowed at Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and said, "This person was disrespectful to you. I approached with the intention to buy some things from him. It would have been nothing if he wasn't willing to sell, but he even said that he couldn't care less even if you were here yourself."

Mu Yun rushed to fan the flames. This was naturally a legitimate reason for Sacred Horizon Divine Lord to take action.

People looked pitifully at Yi Yun. With so many Sinkhole powerhouses facing a junior, it was truly like killing a chicken with five to six butcher cleavers.

However, the scene of Yi Yun's capture that Zhu Ningxie and Mu Yun imagined did not happen at all.

The Sinkhole overlords collectively fell silent. West River Divine Lord, Sacred Horizon Divine Lord, and Eclipse Arhat looked at Yi Yun in a daze, especially West River Divine Lord. It was as though he had seen a ghost.

He never imagined that the silly junior his disciple had mentioned was this person!

He's actually not dead!?

West River Divine Lord had witnessed with his own eyes the descending of a giant into the primeval universe. He had strength that matched the Heaven and Earth, and with a single strike, He crushed all the Divine Lords. Thankfully, the giant's target wasn't them, or they would have been long smashed to pulp.

And back then, Yi Yun was trapped in the Chaos Gem mineral vein. Although West River Divine Lord always hoped that Yi Yun would die, he did not even dare turn his head to take a look. He fled frantically with his tail in between his legs. But even so, he had suffered injuries.

Yet, the punk actually survived under such circumstances!?

West River Divine Lord found it unbelievable. Back then, the punk had been pursued by Primordial Chaos Daolord. They imagined the punk to be doomed, but later, it was Primordial Chaos who was being pursued by the punk. Later, the giant appeared; yet again he survived unscathed. Was he immortal?

"Master, what's wrong?"

Upon seeing West River Divine Lord's reaction, Zhu Ningxie felt a little odd. He knew his master's temperament. If anyone dared cross him, he would definitely injure the offender heavily, or even kill the offender immediately. What's more, Yi Yun still had immense treasures on him.

But now, West River Divine Lord seemed to be hesitant. He did not look anything like his unreasonable self because of his powerful strength. Was he taking the White Lunar Divine Empire into account?

With this in mind, Zhu Ningxie said, "Master, this punk is like an ant. For someone like him to dare offend you, the White Lunar Divine Empire would not say a thing as a host even if you were to cripple him. If you do not wish to take action yourself, give the word. I am very willing to do the honors."

Zhu Ningxie knew that Yi Yun had a powerful soul slave, but Kun Ping had mentioned to him that the soul slave had already been sealed by Divine General Skyjade. Yi Yun had no way of using it.