True Martial World Chapter 1543

Chapter 1543: This World Is Just Too Crazy
Chapter 1543: This World Is Just Too Crazy
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With his soul slave sealed, how could Yi Yun be Zhu Ningxie's match? After all, he had left his name on the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith a century ago.

If not for them being situated in the White Lunar Divine Empire, Zhu Ningxie would have long taken action. Now that there were Sinkhole overlords like West River Divine Lord, Sacred Horizon Divine Lord, and Eclipse Arhat backing him, he could ignore the White Lunar Divine Empire. Who would dare punish him when he was representing the wishes of these powerhouses?

"Junior Brother Zhu, why don't you leave Yi Yun to me? I just gained an initial mastery in my Cloud Shield Technique. I do want to have a test of its might."

Noticing that Zhu Ningxie was about to snatch all the credit, Zhu Ningxie immediately spoke out. If he were the one to capture Yi Yun, his master would probably be too embarrassed not to split some of the received benefits with him.

The young elites of the various factions were eager to try. However, the few powerful Divine Lords appeared rooted to their spots. They showed no reaction.

"Master, why aren't you giving the order?"

Zhu Ningxie noticed something amiss. The expression of his master, West River Divine Lord, could even be described as nasty.

West River Divine Lord's gaze was not focused on Yi Yun. Instead, his head was raised skyward at the phantom which had mostly dispersed.

"This is the nomological light of a Godly Monarch Royal Seal?" muttered West River Divine Lord to himself. In fact, he had already confirmed it inwardly.

"Yes, Master. They were apparently obtained by Yi Yun in the ancient battlefield. The items Yi Yun has on him are far more valuable than all of us combined. The opportunities available in the ancient battlefield are limited. If one person gets more, it reduces the number others can receive. He basically snatched those opportunities away from us."

By putting it this way, Zhu Ningxie immediately earned the agreement of several people. Everyone kicks a man who is down, and with Yi Yun appearing to be doomed, many people began looking at Yi Yun with covetous gazes.

West River Divine Lord remained silent.

Fire phoenix! Ice phoenix!

He had seen the two Godly Monarch Royal Seals clearly and he already knew where the two Godly Monarch Royal Seals Yi Yun had gifted stemmed from. It was not something Yi Yun found from the ancient battlefield, but the very seals left behind by Primordial Chaos Daolord and Fire Cloud Divine Lord!

He realized that the Yi Yun whom Primordial Chaos Daolord was searching for in the Fey God Tomb was actually the same junior who made a fool out of them in the primeval universe!

Upon coming to this realization, West River Divine Lord felt astounded. Although they knew the junior back in the primeval universe to be young, they never imagined him to be Yi Yun. Yi Yun did not perish in the Fey God Tomb, and instead had actually entered the primeval universe with them!

How old was Yi Yun!? He had cultivated for mere centuries. Even if he had cultivated by manipulating time, that would only amount to a cultivation period of a few millennia.

In time to come, Yi Yun would definitely become a Godly Monarch! It took hundreds of millions of years for the entire Sinkhole to produce a single Godly Monarch, but now, he was witnessing the rapid growth of a future Godly Monarch.

Upon coming to this realization, West River Divine Lord felt extremely bitter. Godly Monarch that was the realm of his dreams!

He could not afford to offend someone like Yi Yun if he could not kill him. And unfortunately, West River Divine Lord had already offended Yi Yun. Back then, he had attempted to kill Yi Yun in the primeval universe. How could such a vendetta be resolved?

This was a tricky situation!

West River Divine Lord was feeling extremely vexed at that moment in time.

And it was precisely at this moment that Zhu Ningxie was constantly babbling on. "Master, why aren't you giving the order? Just say the word, and I'll"

"Shut up!"

West River Divine Lord roared. Zhu Ningxie felt all of West River Divine Lord's suppression suddenly erupt against him. He found it difficult to resist it as he took several steps back before he managed to barely find his footing. Zhu Ningxie was instantly dumbfounded as he looked at West River Divine Lord in a daze.

"Master, I"

"You are to immediately return to Demon Fiery Tower to enter seclusion for fifty years. Don't make a spectacle of yourself with that cultivation level of yours!"

West River Divine Lord could not help but be enraged when he made the comparison between Yi Yun and his disciple. Compared to Yi Yun, his disciple was utter trash.

And now, he had no intention to enter a conflict with Yi Yun.

Back in the ancient battlefield, Yi Yun was someone who had managed to escape from the hands of the giant. If the giant had failed to kill him, how could he have any confidence of retaining Yi Yun? Besides, he had witnessed Yi Yun's breakthrough to the Divine Lord realm. His memories of how the Primordial Chaos Cloud stirred the entire primeval universe remained vivid in his mind!

Now, Yi Yun could only be described as unfathomable. For him to dare appear here, it was evident that he had what it took to do so!

Besides, Yi Yun had now given precious gifts to the White Lunar Divine Empire. He probably had unknown ties with the White Lunar Divine Empire.

Since he was unable to kill Yi Yun, the only option left was to oblige Yi Yun and improve their relationship. This was the only way to avoid Yi Yun's seeking of revenge in the future.

With this thought in mind, West River Divine Lord's grim expression gradually turned jovial. Finally, he revealed an awkward smile that left everyone baffled

"What's up with West River Divine Lord?" People discussed through voice transmissions. They were confounded by this change in expression.

Furthermore, they also noticed that Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and Eclipse Arhat had calm expressions. They did not appear to have any intention to target Yi Yun.

"My dear friend, I did not discipline this disciple of mine well. I'll apologize on his behalf for crossing you," said West River Divine Lord as he cupped his hands at Yi Yun.

His statement nearly popped the eyes out of everyone's sockets.

What was happening!? West River Divine Lord actually cupped his hands at Yi Yun to apologize? Furthermore, his tone was so amiable. Had West River Divine Lord's brain being squashed to nothingness?

"Oh? You didn't discipline him well?" The corners of Yi Yun's mouth curled up. He naturally knew what was on West River Divine Lord's mind, but he was someone who bore grudges. West River Divine Lord wanted to resolve the grudge from before? How could it be that simple?

"This disciple of yours does come across as quite unlikable. Most importantly, he's a little stupid. It's best you take him back and educate him well. If he continues being so improper in the future, he might get smacked to death by others. Not everyone has as good a temperament as me."

Yi Yun had said that slowly, and it nearly made Zhu Ningxie vomit blood. The crowd was nearly left picking their jaws off the ground. Motionlessly, they looked at Yi Yun agape as though they had been petrified.

This world was just too crazy. West River Divine Lord had already made a public apology. Despite his status as a Sinkhole overlord, not only had he made a public apology, but Yi Yun had not accepted it. Yi Yun had even gone from bad to worse by saying such words.

Most importantly, he's a little stupid

Wasn't this equivalent of scolding the master, West River Divine Lord, as well?

There was the saying that one did not slap a smiling person, but Yi Yun had already figuratively slapped a Sinkhole overlord in such a manner; yet, he claimed that he had a good temperament?

At that moment, a huge vein popped on West River Divine Lord's forehead. He had lost all his face in front of everyone, but he had no choice but to tolerate it. There was no other thing he could do. He was the one who had offended Yi Yun in the first place, and now, he was afraid of Yi Yun.

"My dear friend"

"Master! What's wrong with you!?" Zhu Ningxie was nearly out of his mind! First, he had been reprimanded by his master in front of everybody, and next, Yi Yun had ridiculed his master right to his face. Yet, his master was still addressing Yi Yun as a 'dear friend!'

"You arrogant little bastard. Who do you think you are!? How dare you reciprocate my master's grace in this manner? Die!" Zhu Ningxie's eyes turned bloodshot as he suddenly threw a punch at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun sneered, but he did not make a single move despite seeing Zhu Ningxie's punch coming for him, for at that moment


With a loud boom, West River Divine Lord had struck out with his palm. He hit Zhu Ningxie in the back, causing Zhu Ningxie to convulse before being sent flying hundreds of feet away like a kite that had its string cut. He crashed heavily into the ground.

"Cough, cough!"

Zhu Ningxie coughed violently as his throat was filled with blood. He was on the brink of a mental breakdown. Yi Yun, who had constantly ridiculed him, was fine, and the person who had heavily injured him was none other than his master, West River Divine Lord!

The development that played out before everyone's eyes already left them speechless. Fairy Yourou found that her brain was insufficient to comprehend the scenes before her. Did Yi Yun have some background that made West River Divine Lord make such severe compromises?

"You vile disciple. I told you to enter seclusion, but you insist on embarrassing yourself!" rebuked West River Divine Lord angrily. He really wished to smack the idiot to death. If his disciple had not summoned him here, he could have privately apologized to Yi Yun. Would he need to embarrass himself in public?

"My dear friend, this disciple of mine is not very sensible. Please forgive him."

West River Divine Lord tried his best to appear amiable while saying that. He had taken action to protect Zhu Ningxie, for if Yi Yun took action, Zhu Ningxie would be crippled if not dead.

"Your disciple is a little stupid, so I can't be bothered to fuss over him. However, I still need to settle our old scores."

Although West River Divine Lord had already gone to great lengths to apologize, Yi Yun had no intentions to let him pass. Their vendetta was the result of West River Divine Lord wanting him dead. Although Yi Yun eventually got away unscathed, it was not something that could be disregarded with a few apologies.

When Yi Yun said that, everyone looked at Yi Yun as though he was a supernatural existence. It was then that they recalled Yi Yun having said that he had a score to settle with West River Divine Lord. Back then, they wrote it off as Yi Yun bragging, but now, it appeared like he really had a score to settle!

"What else do you want?" West River Divine Lord had a nasty expression. He had wanted to lose decorum several times, but he had put up with it. Primordial Chaos Daolord and Fire Cloud Divine Lord were clear precedents, and Yi Yun back then was even weaker than he was now.

"It can wait." As Yi Yun said that, he looked towards Mu Yun with a faint smile.

Mu Yun's expression changed drastically. To him, Yi Yun was clearly a trivial figure who had lucked out on a massive treasure trove, someone who did not leave his name on the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith. But now, he faced Yi Yun like he was facing a demon king. He even began to tremble.

This Yi Yun was definitely not simple! If he did not have a background, it meant that he had something he could count on. Furthermore he clearly knew West River Divine Lord, his master and the others!

Zhu Ningxie had turned irrational from his rage, but Mu Yun remained sharp. He knew very well that if he did not wise up, he would be following in the footsteps of Zhu Ningxie.

"Young Master Yi, I have been entertaining angels unawares. I'm truly sorry for offending you previously." Mu Yun cupped his hands and bowed. He had surprisingly given a junior's bow.