True Martial World Chapter 1544

Chapter 1544: Lin Xintong
Chapter 1544: Lin Xintong
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Mu Yun had given a junior's bow because he was completely out of choices. Having seen Zhu Ningxie reduced to such a tragic state and the way West River Divine Lordsomeone who did not allow anyone to slight himhad no intention to back him to the point of even tolerating Yi Yun, what else could a junior like Mu Yun do?

When he saw Mu Yun acting so sensibly, Yi Yun could not be bothered to pay him any mind.

"My dear friend, I have failed to discipline my disciple as well. Here is a little compensation for offending you. Please accept it," Sacred Horizon Divine Lord said while sending a jade box flying out from his interspatial ring and towards Yi Yun.

Upon seeing this scene, the surrounding crowd had turned numb with shock. A group of overlords had originally come with mighty fervor to capture Yi Yun and rob him clean of his treasures, but now, they had actually taken the initiative to gift Yi Yun items.

They felt that their worldview had been overturned.

"Senior Sacred Horizon, very polite of you."

Yi Yun did not even take a look before storing away the item. What the item was did not matter. It represented Sacred Horizon Divine Lord's attitude. In fact, there was no serious feud between Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and Yi Yun. Although he was a partner of Primordial Chaos Daolord, he ultimately did not display too much animosity towards Yi Yun.

It was the same with Eclipse Arhat.

As for Heavenly Cosmic

Yi Yun had noticed him. It was also his first encounter with Heavenly Cosmic. He did not show any emotion from beginning to end, as though he was not related to the world at all. Furthermore, he had a very weak presence. Although he was standing among the Great Cosmic State's disciple like the moon being surrounded by a myriad of stars, Yi Yun felt that he seemed to be located in another alternate space-time. It was easy to miss him when he swept his gaze across him.

This person

Yi Yun could not help but take a few more looks at Heavenly Cosmic, but he did not pay further attention after that. To the present Yi Yun, no one posed a threat to him unless they were a Godly Monarch. Backed by his tremendous power, he showed no fear to anyone at this coronation despite its turnout of powerful existences.

At this moment

Swish! Swish!

Three beams of light flew out of the White Jade Phoenix Palace and headed for Yi Yun.

They were the two Imperial Preceptors, Kun Xu and Lingluo, as well as Divine General Skyjade!

For something as major as Yi Yun's gift of two Godly Monarch Royal Seals, how could Skyjade, Lingluo, and Kun Xu not be informed of it?

"Greetings Divine General and Imperial Preceptors." The azure-clothed elder, Meng Yun, who was in charge of accepting the congratulatory gifts, bowed towards the trio.

"Elder Meng, please rise." Skyjade quickly went forward to help Meng Yun up. Meng Yun was not younger than him.

Meanwhile, Divine General Skyjade also saw the two Godly Monarch Royal Seals in Meng Yun's hands.

After the ice layer melted, the two Godly Monarch Royal Seals had completely released their energies, creating two phantomsa tiny red and a tiny blue phoenix. When one held them in their hands, one could clearly feel the tremendous life force in them as though it was the massive ocean.

With the two Godly Monarch Royal Seals in hand, Divine General Skyjade's face turned pale.

Last night, he had advised Yi Yun to back off due to the overwhelming odds against him, but Yi Yun had remained thickheaded. He had been furious, thinking Yi Yun did not know how to appreciate favors, but now

Yi Yun had given two Godly Monarch Royal Seals. If he were in Yi Yun's shoes, there was no way he would have gifted them. Yi Yun's resoluteness had far exceeded anyone present.

He could tell that Yi Yun was not going beyond his means to look impressive. He really had the deep pockets to back it up, and it was possible that he did not mind losing the two Godly Monarch Royal Seals at all!

For a junior to not even care about two Godly Monarch Royal Seals, what kind of person was he?

Divine General Skyjade realized that he had truly made a wrong appraisal of the situation. Yi Yun now gave him an unfathomable feeling.

"Young Master Yi, I never expected such resoluteness from you, or that you would know West River Divine Lord and Sacred Horizon Divine Lord from before. It's no wonder you thought nothing of me"

Divine General Skyjade had a loud and clear voice. He did not know what had happened between Yi Yun and West River Divine Lord, Sacred Horizon Divine Lord, and company.

"Young Master Yi, I will be thanking you for these two Godly Monarch Royal Seals on behalf of Her Majesty, but Her Majesty said that she plans to condense a Divine Lord Royal Seal herself. Her Majesty appreciates your kind intentions, but has decided to return the two Godly Monarch Royal Seals to you."


Upon hearing Divine General Skyjade's words, Yi Yun was stunned!

Everyone else around Yi Yun was taken aback when they heard that. It was already shocking enough that Yi Yun had given two Godly Monarch Royal Seals, but the White Lunar Divine Empire actually refused it?

Lin Xintong wanted to condense a Divine Lord Royal Seal for herself? She truly had skyward ambitions!

This showed her confidence that a Divine Lord Royal Seal she condensed herself would have a quality that exceeded that of ancient Godly Monarchs!

But didn't Yi Yun say that Lin Xintong was his wife? Even if the gift a husband gave his wife was rejected, the wife would not have said things like 'appreciating your kind intentions.' It appeared too detached.

Instantly, everyone looked at Yi Yun with odd gazes.

Yi Yun remained silent as a strange glint flashed in his eyes. He had thought of such a possibility in the past. Even if Lin Xintong wished to condense a Divine Lord Royal Seal herself, as an empress of an empire, she required large amounts of resources to helm it. If not, how was she to nurture her own loyal line?

The two Godly Monarch Royal Seals were very useful for Lin Xintong as well, but she had rejected them

Furthermore, the rejection had been delivered by Divine General Skyjade

"Senior Skyjade, were those Xintong's actual words?"

"Yes!" Skyjade nodded his head calmly as he looked at Yi Yun. "Young Master Yi, I have already mentioned to you that Her Majesty is focused on the Dao. She has reasons that require her to be as she is"

As Skyjade spoke, the otherworldly music from the White Jade Phoenix Palace resounded. The White Jade Phoenix Palace flew into the sky and emitted divine radiance that pierced through the clouds!


Everyone looked towards the White Jade Phoenix Palace and saw it emit immense radiance. All sorts of mystical nomological Dao patterns surfaced on the palace walls.

This scene left everyone stifled. They all knew that the White Jade Phoenix Palace was controlled by Lin Xintong. To be able to produce such might from a Godly Monarch numinous treasure, had Lin Xintong's strength reached such a tremendous state?

"Impressive. In time to come, she will be another future Godly Monarch," said Sacred Horizon Divine Lord wistfully.

A very small number of people present had the fortune to have seen Lin Xintong in the past. According to them, Lin Xintong appeared as a girl of fifteen or sixteen. She even still looked adolescent. For her to be so terrifying at such a young age, it meant that she had unlimited potential.

"The coronation begins!"

Eclipse Arhat gave a Buddhist proclamation as he spoke leisurely. He had a vague notion that the coronation seemed to announce the coming of a new age.

Originally, people believed that Bai Yueyin's death would invite calamity on the White Lunar Divine Empire, but now, many factions were probably disappointed. Just the mighty stance that Lin Xintong showcased made many resolved. If they failed to kill Lin Xintong, their end would come once Lin Xintong matured to her full strength.

"Guests, we invite all of you to view our White Lunar Goddess Empress's coronation ceremony!" Skyjade said loudly as he led the way up ahead.

Everyone quickly followed behind him, but Yi Yun stayed in his spot.

Skyjade's words were still echoing in his ear, sounding extremely harsh.

"Young Master Yi, don't take it to heart. Perhaps" Fairy Yourou sighed lightly and did not finish her sentence.

She had a vague premonition that Lin Xintong had likely changed.

Yi Yun did not respond to Fairy Yourou. His gaze turned a little hesitant, but he ultimately flew forward. He needed to see Lin Xintong with his own eyes.

"Hehe, this Yi Yun kept bragging that the empress was his wife previously. With the coronation at hand, he must have been embarrassed when the empress rejected his Godly Monarch Royal Seals."

Many people smiled as they looked at Yi Yun's back, many waiting for the good show to play out. Although it was unknown how Yi Yun had ties with the few Sinkhole hegemons which allowed him to bask in the limelight, it appeared that his declaration as Lin Xintong's husband was completely one-sided. Lin Xintong thought nothing of him, and the weighty gifts of two Godly Monarch Royal Seals he gave had been directly rejected.

"Godly Monarch Royal Seals are impressive divine objects to us, yet the new empress thinks nothing of it"

"It's not that she thinks nothing of it. Who wouldn't like Godly Monarch Royal Seals? It's just that the new empress is a proud person. Since she doesn't fancy Yi Yun, she naturally isn't willing to accept the gift."

With various thoughts in mind, people flew towards the White Jade Phoenix Palace.

Auspicious clouds had descended beneath the White Jade Phoenix Palace, forming a cloud staircase that looked like a white dragon flying out of the immortal palace!

Skyjade flew up the cloud staircase, and at the end of it was a massive square. The square's surface had Dao patterns condensed across it. There was not a single tile or brick. And in the middle of the square was a wide red altar.

The altar was in the shape of a lotus flower with nine petals. The lotus seemed to be in full bloom around the altar, as if it was dyed bright red by blood.

And in the middle of the altar, people were stunned to see the back of a girl.

She had a slender figure, and like the descending of a fairy from the heavens, she held a sword in hand. The sword was pointed at the heavens while she prayed to the Heavenly Dao!

Boundless nomological Dao patterns gathered towards her through the altar's nine-petals as they flowed into her body through her feet. Finally, a surge shot out from the tip of her sword and into the high heavens!

And beyond that, the nomological energies had condensed into a cloud layer in the form of a vortex, as though it was the wheel of the Heavenly Dao. It left everyone feeling endless fearful reverence.

Lin Xintong!

This girl was no doubt the new empress of the White Lunar Divine Empire. To see her in person, even just her back, was extremely astounding. This also made people realize why the massive White Lunar Divine Empire, including the three Imperial Preceptors and Divine General Skyjade, would reverently allow Lin Xintong to take up the throne and be willing to be her subordinates.

She was a peerless woman, and unless one was an elite among elites, they would only feel like a speck of dust in front of her. They could not help but feel ashamed of themselves when facing her.

Yi Yun silently looked at Lin Xintong's back and slowly, he proceeded forward.

Upon seeing Yi Yun approach Lin Xintong, even people who were eager to see Yi Yun make a fool of himself felt deep respect.

Because when faced with such a peerless woman, they did not even have the courage to look at her straight on. They could have forgone the fact that Yi Yun had bragged about being Lin Xintong's husband before meeting her, but now, despite having seen Lin Xintonga peerlessly impressive womanhe still went forward.