True Martial World Chapter 1545

Chapter 1545: Life And Death Red Lotus
Chapter 1545: Life-and-Death Red Lotus
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Millions of rays of nomological light descended down like a massive river of stars. Yi Yun stood just a hundred feet behind Lin Xintong as he trained his eyes on her. However, Lin Xintong's head remained looking up at the sparkling Heavenly Dao.

Both of them remained silent and this scene appeared to be fixed for all eternity.

At that instant, Fairy Yourou's heart hurt for Yi Yun for some baffling reason. This man had overcome numerous obstacles to come so far, but in exchange for a mere look at her back?

There was no need for doubt. What Divine General Skyjade had described was trueLin Xintong's rejection of the Godly Monarch Royal Seals was her own words.

"Xintong, I only want to ask you if you have severed all ties with your past. If you have, I will leave now, and focus my mind on pursuing the Great Dao," said Yi Yun. Although he had come to the White Lunar Divine Empire for Lin Xintong, he did not wish to force his wishes on her.

Lin Xintong remained silent for a long while before she put away her sword. She turned around slowly and at that moment, the memories of her companionship of Yi Yun for centuries amalgamated as everything about her surfaced in Yi Yun's mind.

Their eyes locked, and Yi Yun finally saw Lin Xintong's appearance.

She looked like she was sixteen or seventeen. She had an adolescent look in between her brows, but her eyes appeared distant; they produced a gaze that seemed to tear through the void of the Heavenly Dao. Her teeth was a flawless pearly white, and her legs were long and slender. She stood there tall like a divine crane, appearing like a white lotus blooming on a towering snow-capped mountain. It was suffocating.

Lin Xintong looked at Yi Yun as a confused and longing look appeared in her clear eyes; however, she eventually said softly, "Yes"

The simple word sounded extremely heartless.

Yi Yun stood rooted to his ground, speechless.

Standing behind Yi Yun, Fairy Yourou felt that Yi Yun did not deserve this. From her point of view, Yi Yun was an excellent man. Even if Lin Xintong's halo far triumphed Yi Yun's, his love for her was something that deserved Lin Xintong's cherishing of him.

But all Yi Yun got in exchange was such a cold answer.

Even if there had been a change of heart, the reunion that had taken centuries to happen should not have been a mere glance and a terse answer.

"Young Master Yi, let's go. It's meaningless to continue staying"

Fairy Yourou's Yuan Qi voice transmission sounded in Yi Yun's ears, but he did not seem to hear it. He continued standing right in the middle of the square.

"Yi Yun, you should have heard Her Majesty's answer. Do not disturb our White Lunar Divine Empire's coronation. We have already returned you your Godly Monarch Royal Seals. Please leave immediately, or I would have to make you leave myself."

Lin Xintong took a deep look at Yi Yun, as though she was imprinting Yi Yun's looks deep into her mind. Next, she slowly turned around and looked up once again at the sparkling Heavenly Dao.

"Xintong, why? Do you still have something else to say?"

When his eyes met Lin Xintong's, Yi Yun sensed the sorrow that was contained in them. He had already planned on leaving, but the look in her eyes prompted his question.

"This Yi Yun still doesn't want to leave. He has already been rejected, but he still insists for further clarification."

Many of the people present were gloating when they saw this. Most of them had been repressed by Yi Yun's illustrious might, so they were naturally pleased to see Yi Yun hit a snag.

"He seemed pretty impressive just moments ago, but now, he's so disgraced. When I saw him acting so arrogant in front of the few Sinkhole hegemons, I thought that it was possible that his claim of being Lin Xintong's husband was true. From the looks of it, he was only bragging."

People discussed in private as they watched Yi Yun make a fool of himself.

"Yi Yun!" Divine General Skyjade's voice sounded cold. "I'm giving you one more warning. This is my White Lunar Divine Empire's coronation. Her Majesty is now praying to the Heavenly Dao, and it is the most critical aspect of the coronation. I allowed you to meet Her Majesty because of your sincerity. Now that your wish has been fulfilled, don't you blame me for not keeping up with decorum if you do not leave!"

As Divine General Skyjade spoke, his Yuan Qi raged. His stocky build and flailing hair made him look like a god of war.

"Lord Skyjade, let's attack. This Yi Yun is being utterly shameless. If we don't teach him a lesson, he will not know his place."

A young elite from the White Lunar Divine Empire spoke. In the minds of the young elites, Lin Xintong was a true goddess. She was pure and mighty. How could she be blasphemed by a man?

They had no idea what Yi Yun's relationship with West River Divine Lord and company was, but they had long found him a sore sight.

However, Yi Yun was not fazed by Divine General Skyjade's threat at all. All he did was look at Lin Xintong's back and awaited her reply.

Apart from that, the surrounding sarcasm and mockery, as well as the killing intent from the Sinkhole hegemons seemed to be isolated in another space-time dimension. It was as though nothing in the world had anything to do with him.

"Xintong, I want an answer."

Yi Yun's voice sounded like a whisper that came from deep within his soul as it sounded in Lin Xintong's ears.

Unknowingly, tears streamed down Lin Xintong's cheeks as she held her back towards Yi Yun. She bit her lips as strands of blood seeped out the corners of her lips.

The sword in her hand was clenched so tightly that her joints lost their color. She looked like she was about to shatter the hilt.

She did not turn her head. Instead, she hoped to raise her sword again, but her fingers were trembling, making it impossible for her to raise it.


The White Jade Phoenix Palace suddenly quivered.

"What's going on!?"

The White Lunar Divine Empire guards who had begun walking towards Yi Yun could hardly find their footing.

"Your Majesty?"

People were alarmed. The White Jade Phoenix Palace had been refined by Lin Xintong for herself, but it was after all a Godly Monarch's numinous treasure. The difficulty for Lin Xintong to control it with her centuries worth of cultivation was obvious.

Could it be that Lin Xintong's prayers towards the Heavenly Dao had enervated her too much, and that she could not hold on much longer? Everyone from the White Lunar Divine Empire looked at Lin Xintong in worry. After all, this was her coronation, an extremely important moment in her life. All of them were standing on a square in front of the White Jade Phoenix Palace. If Lin Xintong's stamina failed to keep up, it could lead to the White Jade Phoenix Palace's plummet. It would also mean the end of the coronation.

"Xintong!?" At that moment in time, a voice suddenly sounded in Lin Xintong's mind. "What are you doing? Did you forget the agreement we had previously?"

Lin Xintong's mental world was filled with dazzling golden light and crystalline water!

Here, there was a woman with a perfect figure standing stark naked. Her skin was like milky-white jade as she soaked in the crystalline waters. Her arms were bound with silver chains as abstruse purple runes landed again and again on her untainted body. In the middle of her brows was a blooming red lotus. It had eight petals and it was just short of the final petal.


Lin Xintong's mind quivered. The naked woman in her soul sea was none other than her masterBai Yueyin!

"I didn't forget"

"But your Dao heart is wavering. I should have killed him back at the Fey God Tomb!"

"Master!" Lin Xintong's heart tightened. "No!"

"Xintong! If we had another way out, I would not have chosen this method! I do not wish for you to hate me, and I can choose not to kill Yi Yun, but the Ancestor God will not. You have already witnessed His strength. It's not only me. Even Yi Yun's body is marked by His tracing mark! Surely you can sense that mark yourself!?"

When Bai Yueyin finished her sentence, Lin Xintong's heart sank as the color in her face drained.

She had joined Bai Yueyin and witnessed the Ancestor God's strength. To be precise, she had followed Bai Yueyin and saw the intense battle between her master and the Ancestor God.

Decades ago, the Ancestor God had been severely injured for an unknown reason in the primeval universe. Bai Yueyin sensed it and tore through layers of space to launch her attack on Him.

Bai Yueyin was daringly resolute. Against such a powerful godlike figure like the Ancestor God, people would have chosen to avoid Him. Only Bai Yueyin had traveled light years to enter a life-and-death battle with the weakened Ancestor God!

But even so, Bai Yueyin's body was completely destroyed in the battle. It resulted in the Sinkhole believing that Bai Yueyin had perished.

Bai Yueyin had expected this ahead of time. She had brought Lin Xintong with her, so that Bai Yueyin could enter Lin Xintong's soul sea in the form of a soul to recuperate if her body was destroyed.

At the same time, it was also Bai Yueyin's final reincarnation.

The Grand Reincarnation Techniquethe ninth reincarnation!

Bai Yueyin had chosen to reincarnate in Lin Xintong's body for her ninth reincarnation. It was equivalent to fusing as one with Lin Xintong!

This was something Lin Xintong knew all along, and she had mentally prepared herself for it.

The Grand Reincarnation Technique which Empress Sheng Mei left behind were categorized into the Concept of Life and the Concept of Death. Bai Yueyin and Lin Xintong had each cultivated a portion of it. Bai Yueyin had chosen to condense the Lotus of Death, so only by fusing with Lin Xintong's Lotus of Life would it result in perfection.

In fact, Bai Yueyin's recruitment of Lin Xintong as her disciple had been for this very purpose!

However, Bai Yueyin had found Lin Xintong late. She had paid the price of having her body destroyed to severely injure the Ancestor God so as to gain the time needed for her ninth reincarnation.

The coronation was only to allow Lin Xintong to shock the Sinkhole with her might as the new empress, so as to prevent the various factions from encroaching on the empire. After which, Lin Xintong would enter seclusion for a century to perfect the final fusion.

Lin Xintong knew all about Bai Yueyin's arrangements from the very beginning, but she chose to accept it.

She knew Bai Yueyin's sacrifice for the battle and she was indebted to Bai Yueyin. She also respected her. Besides, this was the only way to defeat the Ancestor God.

Furthermore, the Ancestor God had left a tracing mark on Yi Yun. Even if Lin Xintong ignored all the lives in the universe, she could not ignore Yi Yun's impending death.

Under such a situation, she had no other choice.

And since she had agreed to fuse as one with Bai Yueyin, it was impossible for her to continue being with Yi Yun.

For that, she cultivated in the Emotion Forgetting Art to severe her mortal ties, allowing herself to remain emotionless towards everything. However, when Yi Yun really appeared in front of her and awaited for her reply, she felt her Dao heart wavering.

Due to the backlash from the Emotion Forgetting Art, blood had seeped out of her mouth. The blessings from the Heavenly Dao was on the brink of collapse and she had almost lost control of the White Jade Phoenix Palace!