True Martial World Chapter 1546

Chapter 1546: Breaking Through The Shackles
Chapter 1546: Breaking Through the Shackles
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"Xintong, I wish for an answer." Yi Yun ignored everything that was happening around him as he approached Lin Xintong one step at a time. "What happened? You can tell me. I will bear the burden together with you."

Yi Yun's words were firm and decisive. He spoke with great confidence, a confidence that stemmed from the strength he possessed.

"Yi Yun, you are not to treat Her Majesty with such disrespect! Since you are acting so preposterously, don't you blame me for being heartless. Take him down!"

At that moment, Divine General Skyjade was already burning with anxiety, but Yi Yun was only causing more trouble for him. When Yi Yun gave the Godly Monarch Royal Seals, Divine General Skyjade was pretty impressed by Yi Yun despite having rejected his gift. But now, Yi Yun was not knowing his place.

"None of you move!" Lin Xintong shouted clearly. Following that, blood trickled down the corner of her mouth. Her face was pale as the sword in her hand trembled.

"Xintong! What happened?"

Yi Yun went forward and sensed the chaotic Yuan Qi in Lin Xintong's body. Waves of energy inundated Lin Xintong's dantian due to the lash back and at the same time, two purple lines stretched down from Lin Xintong's cheeks to her collar.

"This is" Although others might fail to understand Lin Xintong's condition, the symptoms prompted Yi Yun to recall a mystic technique. It was written in the canon which the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had left behindthe Emotion Forgetting Art.

To the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch, the Emotion Forgetting Art was not a profound cultivation formulation. He had only added it into his compendium in passing. Yi Yun obviously did not cultivate in it because it wasn't anything impressive and it required the severing of emotions or he would suffer a lashback from the cultivation technique. Therefore, it was of little value to Yi Yun.

Lin Xintong's present situation resembled the cultivation of the Emotion Forgetting Art!

Bai Yueyin had also obtained Empress Sheng Mei's and the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch's heritage, so it was not odd that she had the manual to the Emotion Forgetting Art. However, with the deep heritage Bai Yueyin had, there was no need for Lin Xintong to cultivate in such a cultivation technique. Besides, she cultivated in a top cultivation technique like the Grand Reincarnation Technique!

The only possibility was that Lin Xintong had been forced!

And the goal of cultivating the Emotion Forgetting Art was clearly to make Lin Xintong completely forget him!

Yi Yun was infuriated when he came to this realization. His bit of respect and gratitude towards Bai Yueyin were completely reduced to nothing!

Perhaps Bai Yueyin's goal was to save all life in the universe, but she was fundamentally a coldblooded and heartless person. She would go to any length to achieve her goals.

"Xintong! Leave with me!"

As Yi Yun spoke, he took a step forward and grabbed Lin Xintong's wrist!


Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw this scene. Yi Yun was actually taking away the White Lunar Divine Empire's empress at her coronation. Furthermore, he had grabbed Lin Xintong's arm directly. That was complete madness!

"Bastard, what audacity!"

Divine General Skyjade raged. After being stopped by Lin Xintong verbally, he had paused his arrest of Yi Yun, but he never expected Yi Yun to go from bad to worse. To think he grabbed Her Majesty's arm directly. That was going too far!

"Clang! Clang!"

All the Elders, guards, and young elites from the White Lunar Divine Empire drew their weapons. In particular, the young elites had bloodshot eyes. Their goddess, Lin Xintong, someone who they did not even dare blaspheme in their dreams had been so easily molested by this man!

"Kill him! Cut his hand off first!" someone shouted. With Lin Xintong around, none of them dared to attack him directly for fear of harming her. After all, the empress was extremely weak for unknown reasons. Even the White Jade Phoenix Palace appeared to be on the brink of plummeting.

"Let me do it!" Imperial Preceptor Kun Xu took a step forward. "Punk, I've been putting up with your antics for a very long time! Her Majesty has told you to scram, but here you are being utterly shameless. You actually molested her while Her Majesty got injured during her prayer. You deserve death!"

Kun Xu held his hands together as the surrounding space around Yi Yun began to close in on him!

This was Kun Xu's best trick. He had previously used this move to restrain Yi Yun back at Bai Shanhe's courtyard. If not for Fairy Yourou's arrival, he would have long thrown Yi Yun into the Blood Moon Sky Dungeon and leave him to die there. This would have saved him all the trouble.

"I'll crush you to meat paste!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Space collapsed as everyone turned solemn. Kun Xu specialized in the spatial dimension laws. Even his name was a description of space itself.

Fairy Yourou wished for her master to stop this development, but at this moment, Imperial Preceptor Lingluo had already stopped her from doing so. With the empress's dignity on the line, Lingluo would ignore any loss of decorum with the Nethersky Divine World.

However, Yi Yun did not seem to notice the spatial cage which was crushing everything. He continued holding Lin Xintong by the wrist.

He looked down at Lin Xintong. Her supple and smooth skin had an indescribable coldness to it. It pained his heart.

"Oh? This is"

At the instant Yi Yun made contact with Lin Xintong's skin, he sensed that there was the energy of another soul contained within Lin Xintong. The soul's energy was completely concealed. If Yi Yun had not broken through to the Divine Lord realm and had possession of the Purple Crystal, he would not have noticed it at all.

This made Yi Yun's expression change drastically!

What was going on? Why was there a strange soul energy within Lin Xintong's body!?

Yi Yun sensed a flame burning at his chest. He should not have allowed Lin Xintong to stay in the White Lunar Divine Empire alone. What had she gone through over the centuries!?

Back then, his strength was limited. He did not have the ability to effect change, but now, everything was different!

"Leave with me. I do not know what difficulties you might have, but with me here, I'll bear the weight even if the sky crashes down on you!"

Although it was a simple sentence, it was a promise that allowed reliance. Like a breached floodgate, the shackles in Lin Xintong's heart were completely broken. The restraints the Emotion Forgetting Art had on Lin Xintong's soul sea crumbled instantly.

Lin Xintong's petite body quaked. She had been shouldering the burden of having to steel herself for centuries and the responsibility for all life in the universe. She long knew of her fate as Bai Yueyin's ninth reincarnation and that it was the reason why Bai Yueyin had taken her in as a disciple!

However, she only obeyed for she had no choice.

"Yi Yun, I"

Due to Yi Yun's sentence, the frail emotions which were repressed by Lin Xintong erupted. She could no longer resist them as she threw herself into Yi Yun's arms with tears flowing down her cheeks.

She did not wish to think of her future fate, but instead of continuing on in misery, she might as well act as her heart desired and live her days well.

She hugged Yi Yun tightly as though she wanted to fuse her body with Yi Yun's.

"Your Majesty!?"

"Your Majesty!"

Everyone was astounded when they saw Lin Xintong throw herself into Yi Yun's arms!

What was going on? Her Majesty had clearly rejected Yi Yun previously. After she saw Yi Yun, all she did was give him a glance and say a single word. Everyone was certain that Yi Yun's claim that Lin Xintong was his wife was nonsense, but now

Lin Xintong's eyes were welling with tears as she hugged Yi Yun tightly, as though she was afraid that she would lose him the moment she released him. This deep love left everyone stunned.

Lin Xintong was really Yi Yun's wife? Furthermore, Yi Yun appeared to be extremely important to her!

"Impossible! How can Her Majesty love a man? Furthermore, this man did not even leave his name on Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith!"

"Her Majesty is pure and noble, a goddess in the heavens. No one deserves her!"

The young elites of the White Lunar Divine Empire found it unacceptable. In their hearts, Lin Xintong was pure and noble, an unapproachable existence. She was a fairy that had landed in the mortal world and was not to be slighted in any way. They found it unbelievable that Lin Xintong would suddenly undergo such a tremendous change. In Yi Yun's arms, she made them feel tender and protective towards her. Her flowing emotions made her appear like an injured kitten.

How could Her Majesty have such a side to her? What's more, she was showing it to Yi Yun!?

"You bastard! Release our empress!"

Kun Xu was truly infuriated. As Imperial Preceptor, he had guessed from the various signs. It was untenable that Lin Xintong were to suddenly give herself to Yi Yun.

Kun Xu had already taken action, but now, he was using all his strength. With a rapturous roar, his upper garments tore apart, revealing his body that appeared forged like steel. His heart was beating like a war drum as his vessels squirmed like tiny snakes. A powerful and ancient aura gradually awakened in him.

"This is an Ancient Fey bloodline!?"

People looked at Kun Xu in alarm. They never expected Kun Xu to be a descendant of an Ancient Fey. People of this lineage were blessed nomologically. Furthermore, their bodies were extremely powerful, so powerful that they matched that of an Ancient Fey's. Once they dual cultivated in both body and spirit, they were practically invincible!

Furthermore, Kun Xu clearly cultivated in a powerful body tempering art. He was no doubt one of the powerhouses ranked top three in the White Lunar Divine Empire's ranks!

"Little bastard, die!"

Kun Xu threw a punch at Yi Yun's head. As the punch was delivered, the world quaked. At the same time, the spatial cage which enveloped Yi Yun tightened and lodged into Yi Yun's flesh. It was about to crush him to smithereens!


Yi Yun's reply to Kun Xu consisted of only one word. Hugging Lin Xintong with his left hand, he struck out with his right palm!


The spatial cage collapse instantly. Yi Yun's strike came with the potency which shattered the void as it slapped Kun Xu directly in the face!


With a loud bang, Kun Xu flew backward like a meteor. His muscles that were like divine metal and his Yuan Qi protection were reduced to a mess as potent forces surged through him. He spewed out mouthfuls of blood as he slammed into the array formation barrier surrounding the White Jade Phoenix Palace.


The barrier cracked at the spot where Kun Xu made the impact.

Kun Xu's mouth was like a blood fountain as his body slid down the barrier like a piece of paper.

Upon seeing this scene, everyone unknowingly turned agape as the entire square fell silent!

The high and mighty White Lunar Divine Empire Imperial Preceptor had been sent flying by Yi Yun with a slap like he was a flying pig!

This This was Yi Yun's strength?

"I am taking my wife away today. Whoever stops me shall be killed!"

Yi Yun hugged Lin Xintong with one arm as he stood up straight. His eyes were like two bolts of lightning, penetrating whatever it swept past!

His killing intent was like a burning inferno that consumed everything.

At that instant, everyone had the illusion that the person standing before them was not Yi Yun, but a peerless Godly Monarch!