True Martial World Chapter 1547

Chapter 1547: Skyjade Constellation
Chapter 1547: Skyjade Constellation
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Yi Yun's voice resounded across the White Jade Phoenix Palace. And in stark contrast was a silence akin to a cemetery's from the various overlords and elites from the various Sinkhole factions on the coronation grounds.

Whoever stops me shall be killed!

This simple sentence was often shouted by people in a warrior's world, but never had there been once in history where such a sentence was filled with a terrifying suppressive might like Yi Yun's. It was as though a primordial behemoth from hundreds of millions of years ago had growled after being roused from its deep sleep!

And even more unbelievable was the fact that Yi Yun had only cultivated for mere centuries.

Ignoring the Sinkhole, even in the long rivers of martial history, never had there been such a bizarre turn of eventsa junior had sent a major faction's overlord flying with a single slap!

"This Yi Yun is my age? No he's even younger than me!" Mu Yun turned disenchanted. He was an elite among the Sinkhole's younger generation. Although he was far inferior to Lin Xintong and slightly inferior to Fairy Yourou, he still had hopes of becoming an overlord figure in the future.

He thought highly of himself and had born a grudge that Sacred Horizon Divine Lord had not offered him a Godly Monarch Royal Seal, but now, he realized he was nothing but crap when compared to Yi Yun.

He took a glance at Zhu Ningxie whose lips were twitching. His face was extremely pale and it was obvious that he had suffered a tremendous setback. Previously, he was indeed envious that Yi Yun had casually gifted the Godly Monarch Royal Seals, but opportunities were exterior to one's body after all. In a warrior's world, one valued one's strength the most. They felt that they still held advantages over Yi Yun since they had left their names on the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith a century ago.

But now, they realized that Yi Yun's strength had reached a realm incomprehensible to them. And the mere achievement of leaving their names on the World Monolith became a joke in front of Yi Yun.

"Young Master Yi, how did you"

Fairy Yourou looked at Yi Yun in a daze. She knew that Yi Yun's strength was extraordinary, but she never imagined him to be this strong.

"Today, anyone who stops me will be my enemy. Do not blame me for being heartless!"

Yi Yun's voice was stern. The abnormal soul energy within Lin Xintong's soul sea was causing him to burn with fury.

"Punk, you"

At that moment, Imperial Preceptor Kun Xu, who had been sent flying by Yi Yun, struggled to get up as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He was enraged from the embarrassment of being sent flying by a junior. It was the greatest insult in his entire life!

"Ka Ka Ka!"

Kun Xu's lifeblood stirred as his eyes turned bloodshot. He stared at Yi Yun like a feral animal.

"Kun Xu, stand down!"

At that moment, a voice with bold overtones sounded. It was none other than Divine General Skyjade.

"Lord Skyjade, it was just carelessness on my part" Kun Xu was exasperated. "I underestimated the punk's strength and thought it would be an easy capture. Furthermore, I was worried about injuring Her Majesty, so I held back. But this little bastard thought nothing of it. He immediately dealt a lethal blow, allowing him to gain the upper hand. Lord Skyjade, let me continue. I will definitely not be defeated again."

Kun Xu felt that his defeat was way too humiliating. Even if Yi Yun's strength was terrifying and that he was unlikely to defeat Yi Yun, he wanted to show that he would not be inflicted with such terrible injuries at the very least. By attacking again, he felt that he could redeem the situation a little.

However, Divine General Skyjade denied him with a single sentence. "Stand down. Leave the battle to me!"

Skyjade walked towards Yi Yun as his battle armor resounded like an ancient dragon's roar. At that instant, his aura changed. It felt like he was a towering god that was lofty and beyond reach!

This was a true Sacred Horizon Divine Lord powerhouse! Although Kun Xu was a Sinkhole overlord, he was still far inferior to top Sinkhole figures like Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and Eclipse Arhat!

Skyjade was, in ways, Sacred Horizon Divine Lord's equal. He had not fought in tens of thousands of years and he was definitely an enemy who would leave one apprehensive!

Skyjade stared intently at Yi Yun. "Yi Yun, I never imagined that you had such strength. I had made a wrong judgment about you. You are truly an elite that appears once in a billion years in the martial world. It will be a pity if you are slain here, but I will absolutely not allow for you to take Her Majesty away!"

Skyjade had a vague understanding of the secret regarding Bai Yueyin's Grand Reincarnation Technique. Under such circumstances, how could he allow Yi Yun to take Lin Xintong away?

Skyjade waved his right hand as a purple spear appeared in it. The moment the spear appeared, the White Jade Phoenix Palace began to tremble and hum.

"Purple Golden Dragon Patterned Spear. An Ancient Godly Monarch numinous treasure!" someone gasped.

Skyjade was the strongest combat general of the White Lunar Divine Empire. The spear he wielded was not an item that belonged to the White Lunar Divine Empire, but an artifact which had been handed down in his family. It was rumored to be constructed from a dragon bone of an Ancient Godly Monarch. Furthermore, it had been nurtured in the dantian its entire life to create a weapon intrinsic to its owner!

"To even use his Purple Golden Dragon Patterned Spear, it shows that Divine General Skyjade is determined to retain Yi Yun. But Lin Xintong is just beside Yi Yun. Does he not care for Lin Xintong's wishes"

A Sinkhole powerhouse was puzzled. Previously, Lin Xintong appeared to hold an extraordinary and absolute status in the White Lunar Divine Empire. Whatever she said was supposed to be final, but now, it appeared that these old subordinates were not fully in compliance with Lin Xintong's orders.

"Yi Yun, the ancestors of my Skyjade family served an Ancient Godly Monarch. This spear was left in my family after an Ancient Godly Monarch perished. This divine spear contains a sliver of power left behind by the Ancient Godly Monarch. Although it's only a sliver, it's not something you can withstand at all!

"This power is not something I would usually use that easily, but I have no other choice today. I'm giving you one last chance. Swear under your Dao heart and leave Her Majesty. If not, I will use this spear to slay you at this coronation and use you as a blood sacrifice to the heavens!"

"Skyjade!" Lin Xintong yelled out.

Although she had cultivated in the Emotion Forgetting Art and had suffered a backlash from her Yuan Qi which injured her meridians, her voice remained daunting!

"Your Majesty, nothing you say today will be of any use. Your humble subordinate can only apologize!"

The person Skyjade was truly loyal to was Bai Yueyin. As for Lin Xintong, she was just a mouthpiece of Bai Yueyin. His respect for Lin Xintong basically stemmed from his respect for Bai Yueyin!

"Yi Yun!"

Lin Xintong gripped with anxiety. The strength Yi Yun demonstrated had astounded her, but Divine General Skyjade was different. Besides, he was now using his ancestral weapon!

The power of a Godly Monarch reduced with every use. For Skyjade to pay such a price showed his determination to kill Yi Yun.

"Xintong, hide first."

As Yi Yun spoke, a spiritual light flashed in his hand as a suction force transmitted over.

"Yi Yun, you"

"I will definitely take you away with me today."

Yi Yun placed Lin Xintong into the God Advent Tower.

Upon seeing this scene, everyone was alarmed. Kun Xu had previously mentioned that he had held back because of Lin Xintong's presence since he was afraid of injuring her. Although it was just talk to redeem himself after being defeated, it was not necessarily false! If Lin Xintong had not been there, Kun Xu could have been wary of Yi Yun's strength from the beginning and used all his strength. Although it was still possible that he was not Yi Yun's match, he would not be utterly defeated with a single strike at the very least.

Under such circumstances, wasn't Yi Yun courting death to let Lin Xintong hide away in his artifact?

Although it was shameless to fight while holding Lin Xintong hostage, how old was Yi Yun? He should have been proud that he could match a Sinkhole powerhouse. Yet, here he was giving an opportunity to his enemy.

"Yi Yun, I'm impressed! It's very rare for me to be impressed by someone. The departed empress was one, and you are another one. But unfortunately, you will die today!"

As Skyjade spoke, what appeared to be a boundless cosmic background appeared behind him. In the starry background, there were nine stars in a constellation which were especially bright. The nine-starred constellation produced a mysterious arrangement as though they were drawing out an ancient totem.

This was a phenomenon unique to Divine General Skyjade. The Skyjade family clan's heritage was special. The moment the phenomenon appeared, a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood would appear!

"Skyjade Constellation, Immortal Annihilation Spear Thrust!"

Just as Skyjade was about to attack, the boundless Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was sucked into Skyjade's spear, leaving a vacuum behind. The Godly Monarch power that laid asleep in the Purple Golden Dragon Patterned Spear roused as it appeared to overturn the cosmos!

All the elites present, including a large number of Divine Lords, felt as though all their lifeblood was being sucked away by the spear. It was extremely uncomfortable. Although the spear was not trained at them, they still felt like they were being slain by the spear!

"Yi Yun is in trouble. How is he to withstand this strike?" Sacred Horizon Divine Lord's expression changed. He believed that even he would be severely injured if he were to face the strike!

"Even if a Godly Monarch were here, I would still be able to cause bloodshed! As for you, you are just too weak!"

Yi Yun bellowed as a black cauldron, which was bathed in a divine light that radiated throughout the world, flew out of his dantian.

The cauldron produced a might that seemed to render the world asunder. People clearly saw a gigantic black dragon phantom appear from the cauldron as it roared!

"This is"

Upon seeing the divine dragon's phantom, everyone felt a jolt through their hearts. Even Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and Eclipse Arhat retreated several steps back. The black dragon's might was just too horrifying. It was no ordinary Ancient Fey; it appeared to be a legendary Ancient Fey God!

"A mere spear forged from a dragon bone wishes to compete with the Dragon Emperor? Shatter!"

Yi Yun roared out loud as the black Ascending Dragon Cauldron crashed down like it would overturn the world. And at the same time, the ground which Yi Yun's feet were on produced the shadows of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. It was as though thousands of demons and gods had descended upon the world as they struck at Skyjade!

This strike had unimaginable might. Yi Yun had also used all his strength.


The White Jade Phoenix Palace quaked as the surrounding void shattered. Endless spatial storms swept over as all the Divine Lords present had drastic changes in expressions. They quickly retreated and used their Yuan Qi barriers to protect the younger generation. Amid this terrifying spatial storms, even a Supremacy would be torn to shreds!

It was too powerful. It was as though a Godly Monarch had appeared, invincible and indomitable.


Skyjade spat out a mouthful of blood. His protective Yuan Qi, along with his golden battle armor, tore apart like paper. Nearly all his ribs fractured as his organs were damaged. He was severely injured!


The protective barriers around the White Jade Phoenix Palace failed to withstand the blast as they began cracking. Countless beams of light tore through the barriers as they shot towards the high heavens.

This scene left everyone alarmed. Mu Yun's and Zhu Ningxie's bodies were trembling. They did not dare believe what had happened before their very eyes.

Divine General Skyjade had used a sliver of the Godly Monarch powers sealed within the Godly Monarch numinous treasure, but still, he had been defeated by Yi Yun. What level of strength did this Yi Yun have!?