True Martial World Chapter 1548

Chapter 1548: Unstoppable
Chapter 1548: Unstoppable
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"Lord Skyjade, are you alright!?"

Imperial Preceptor Lingluo's voice trembled. Her body phased away as she appeared by Skyjade's side.

At that moment, Divine General Skyjade's armor was shattered. His hair was disheveled and his body was covered in blood. Although he had an extremely powerful physique, he had fractures and damaged meridians all over his body. He was completely stripped of his ability to continue combat.

It was completely unheard of to have a strength that eliminated Divine General Skyjade's combat ability with one strike!

"Who else wishes to stop me?"

Yi Yun stood as straight and sharp as a spear hovering in midair. He had already stimulated the Dragon Emperor bloodline in him, causing his potent lifeblood to billow out and head straight for the firmaments. A black cauldron was slowly spinning beneath his feet as it emitted a dragon's roar.

Although no one recognized the divine cauldron, they were certain that it was a divine artifact more valuable than a Godly Monarch numinous treasure since it was able to suppress one in a frontal assault.

No one dared to make another sound. Lingluo looked at Yi Yun with clenched teeth. This was what backed his audacity, so it was no wonder he came to the White Lunar Divine Empire alone and showed no fear.

Without Bai Yueyin, no one in the White Lunar Divine Empire could stop Yi Yun.

The shock and awe his strength inspired was exactly the effect Yi Yun wanted. Although he had only delivered one strike, he had done it with full strength. After all, there were so many Sinkhole powerhouses present. If the White Lunar Divine Empire were to promise benefits to them and these numerous Divine Lords joined forces in a bid to kill him, Yi Yun would be in grave danger!

And now, the strength Yi Yun displayed for all to see left everyone apprehensive. Even if they wanted to take action, they had to consider if it was worth the price!

"He's invincible below the Godly Monarch realm"

Sacred Horizon Divine Lord drew a cold gasp as he said with a bitter smile. This also meant that everyone present, including him and Eclipse Arhat, were not Yi Yun's match.

"It appears that Primordial Chaos Daolord and Fire Cloud Divine Lord really perished under Yi Yun's hand about four decades ago. The two Godly Monarch Royal Seals he tried to gift are no doubt from the both of them," West River Divine Lord said with a nasty expression.

He had felt a lingering fear when he saw Yi Yun defeat Divine General Skyjade. He was extremely thankful that he had swallowed his pride to apologize to Yi Yun. Back then, he was afraid that Yi Yun had excellent escaping abilities and that if he was unable to retain him, it would ultimately lead to Yi Yun's revenge one day. But now, he realized that Yi Yun could finish him now!

He had practically avoided death.

While West River Divine Lord was rejoicing, everyone's expression changed when they heard him!

"Primordial Chaos Daolord and Fire Cloud Divine Lord perished under Yi Yun's hand decades ago!?"

This news was astounding!

Everyone had believed that Yi Yun had hidden away in a particular place until the end of the ancient battlefield trials when Primordial Chaos Daolord entered into the ancient battlefield. It caught everyone by surprise that Primordial Chaos Daolord was instead killed by Yi Yun!

Even Fire Cloud Divine Lord had perished. Yi Yun had killed two Sinkhole powerhouses in one go! He had even taken their Godly Monarch Royal Seals and given them out casually as a gift! It was now quite a ridiculous joke that they had believed it was just Yi Yun's luck which resulted in his discovery of the Godly Monarch Royal Seals.

"This Yi Yun killed our sect master."

People from the Great Cosmic State and Fire Cloud Sect were fuming, but none of them dared to say anything aloud. Previously, many people swore to exact vengeance once they confirmed the cause of Primordial Chaos Daolord's and Fire Cloud Divine Lord's deaths.

But to exact revenge on Yi Yun now? That was quite a joke.

The martial world operated under the law of the jungle. Back then, Primordial Chaos Daolord killed countless, but no one had dared to seek revenge on the Great Cosmic State.

They knew very well that Yi Yun would definitely become a Godly Monarch in the future. It was even possible that it would not take long for a junior like him to stand at a spot which required them to look up in reverence, with a stature far exceeding Sacred Horizon Divine Lord's and Eclipse Arhat's.

"Yi Yi Yun" At that moment, the severely injured Divine General Skyjade stood up. "You can't take Her Majesty away" Skyjade said with a trembling voice.

When everyone heard that, they were taken aback. Divine General Skyjade was already in such a wretched state; yet, he still dared to stand in Yi Yun's way? What right did he have to make such a demand?

"Oh?" Yi Yun sneered. "And why should I listen to you?"

"A day Give me a day, and you can take Lin Xintong away," Divine General Skyjade said through clenched teeth. Everyone was stunned when they heard that, uncertain what was on Divine General Skyjade's mind.

Yi Yun laughed. He knew that Divine General Skyjade was doing it for the abnormal soul energy in Lin Xintong's body!

It was impossible for Skyjade to stop him from taking Lin Xintong away, so he was hoping to separate the soul energy from Lin Xintong's body.

"When you planted the soul fire in Xintong's body, did you not think such a day would come? I will be taking Xintong away today; yet, you still want to retain the soul energy within her? You are living in dreams. I'm already being nice by not massacring your entire White Lunar Divine Empire!"

As Yi Yun spoke, he put away the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and flew up.

No one present dared to stop him. Divine General Skyjade's expression was pale, but no matter how anxious he was, no one heeded his commands to advance. It would practically be sending themselves to their deaths.

"Miss Yourou, thank you for the help you have provided me in the past few days. This is for you!"

As Yi Yun spoke, he flicked his finger as an interspatial ring flew towards Fairy Yourou.

Fairy Yourou subconsciously caught it as she probed it. She was instantly alarmed for there were the ingredients her master had been seeking for the refinement of the Divine Breakage Pill. Furthermore, the ones Yi Yun had provided were of extremely rare and of top quality!

Yi Yun actually knew that she required the Divine Breakage Pill?

"We shall meet again if fate wishes so."

After Yi Yun said that, he casually tore open the void and took a wide stride in!

There was a deafening silence. Everyone watched Yi Yun leave as the people from the White Lunar Divine Empire felt utterly disgraced.

The White Lunar Divine Empress's coronation had been looked forward to by thousands. All sorts of cream of the crop elites were here, but in the end, the empress who was to ascend the throne had been taken away! It was a ludicrous joke!

"I never expected that we would witness the birth of a Godly Monarch Lin Xintong is already a future Godly Monarch. As for Yi Yun, he's just short of becoming one. In the future, who is to stop them if the couple joins forces?"

Sacred Horizon Divine Lord let out a long sigh. He had come to the realization that changes were coming to the Sinkhole.

Yi Yun's actions that day were destined to spread throughout the Sinkhole in an extremely short period of time, making his name known across the Sinkhole!

Meanwhile, Yi Yun had already flown with Lin Xintong for tens of millions of kilometers. He tore open the void above a mountain, making a hole that stretched as far as the eyes could see, before walking out of it.

Beneath Yi Yun's feet was a primordial forest without a single person.


Lin Xintong had already walked out of the God Advent Tower. Her white clothes resembled snow and her face remained pale; however, her Yuan Qi was slowly recovering.

Lin Xintong's cultivation foundation was robust after all. Even if she cultivated the Emotion Forgetting Art and suffered a backlash from it, her tempered meridians were still able to withstand it.

"Yi Yun, I made you suffer today. Speaking of which, how did you become so strong?"

"It's a long story. That's not important. Xintong, let me ask you. Who or what is the abnormal soul energy in your soul sea? Is it Bai Yueyin?"

After leaving the White Lunar Divine Empire, it was time to settle everything.