True Martial World Chapter 1550

Chapter 1550: Mystery Of The Ancestor God
Chapter 1550: Mystery of the Ancestor God
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Bai Yueyin appeared extremely calm while facing Yi Yun who had severed her Dao. Despite ending with failure after innumerable years of combat, Bai Yueyin did not appear to find it unacceptable.

Yi Yun touched his interspatial ring where Mirage Snow was. As long as he drew it out and slashed, there was no way Bai Yueyin's present state could withstand his blow.

However, Yi Yun was somewhat hesitant delivering that god-slaying strike at Bai Yueyin Bai Yueyin was neither good nor evil. She deserved death, but the reason why she was severely injured had to do with her battle with the Ancestor God.

Decades ago, the Ancestor God appeared to pursue Yi Yun in the primeval universe. Although the Spear of Primordial Chaos had torn through the Ancestor God's body, the divine spear was ownerless. Just a spear alone was unable to rob the Ancestor God of His combat strength. If Bai Yueyin had not tore through layers of space, Yi Yun was unlikely to have evaded the Ancestor God.

It was even possible that the Ancestor God would chase up to him in the spatial storms in the primeval universe, causing him to perish!

Taking a step back, even if Yi Yun escaped back then, he still had the Ancestor God's mark on him. The Ancestor God would ultimately take his life, and if not for Bai Yueyin's injuring of the Ancestor God, would Yi Yun have the chance of meeting Lin Xintong now?

"You are hesitating?" Bai Yueyin looked at Yi Yun and said lightly.

"How are you so unperturbed towards life and death?" returned Yi Yun with a question.

"Since time immemorial, winners are crowned and the losers vilified. My Dao has always been a path of certain death. Taking this path is as difficult as ascending the heavens. I was prepared to fail back when I embarked on this path. Now, to be defeated by your 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence means it was fated, a circulation of karma."

Bai Yueyin's voice was calm and carefree. It impressed Yi Yun.

"I do not like to take advantage of people. If it's possible, I really do not wish to kill you, but there's no way I can change your Dao which you have persisted for hundreds of millions of years. If I don't kill you, you would still wish to fuse with Xintong's soul. When that happens, it will be too late for me to regret."

As Yi Yun spoke, he had already made up his mind as he slowly drew out Mirage Snow.

"Yi Yun!" At that moment, Lin Xintong's Yuan Qi voice transmission sounded in Yi Yun's ears. "Yi Yun, I'm indebted to Master for she saved my life. Although she wants to fuse with me, I had done so willingly. Now, the Ancestor God's mark is still in you. With the enemy before us, all life in the universe are in peril, including you. Yet, you wish to kill the only Ancestor Godly Monarch in the Sinkhole. If you were to kill Master, there's no way for you to defeat the Ancestor God!"

As Lin Xintong spoke, she transformed into a figure of light and appeared in her soul sea. She looked at Bai Yueyin with conflicted emotions.

If it was possible, she naturally did not wish to fuse with Bai Yueyin. But now, it was a choice she did not have. Although Yi Yun was extraordinarily talented, it was unlikely he had the time needed to grow without Bai Yueyin's completion of the nine reincarnations.

What's more, the path of becoming a god had been sealed off by the Ancestor God.

"Yi Yun, although the Ancestor God has been severely injured by Master, His vital force is extremely potent. He will quickly recover from His injuries. Furthermore, there isn't only one Ancestor God!" Lin Xintong spoke again. This sentence left Yi Yun's heart palpitating.

He had long had some ideas about the situation.

Back when Yi Yun headed to the Azure Wood Great World, there had been a bronze giant sealed under the Azure Wood Divine Tree. The giant was much weaker than the Ancestor God which Bai Yueyin had launched an assault on, but he clearly was a member of the entity known as an Ancestor God.

"What is an Ancestor God?" Yi Yun asked.

"They are a race. You can call them Celestials. And the strongest among them are called Ancestor Gods," said Lin Xintong. She knew many secrets which Yi Yun did not know after her many years with Bai Yueyin.

"Compared to humans, Celestials are too terrifying. They have powerful bodies and astonishingly long lives. The moment they are born, their strength will constantly grow without the need to cultivate. If they cultivate, that would even be more astounding. And once they cultivate to the Ancestor God realm, there is only one special but extremely horrifying way to continue cultivating to increase their strength"

"Oh?" Yi Yun pricked up his brows. "What is it?"

Lin Xintong took a deep breath as she enunciated her sentence, "They do so by devouring the Heavenly Dao. They devour the Heavenly Dao of different universes to enhance themselves. When that happens, they are no different from gods!"

Devouring of the Heavenly Dao!

Yi Yun felt his heart thump. It was no wonder that particular Ancestor God had chipped away a portion of the Sinkhole's Heavenly Dao.

Such a terrifying race existed in this universe? Then, if they were to head to other universes, wouldn't it be a catastrophe? Even the universe was food to them!

Lin Xintong continued, "This is something the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch told Master years ago which she then informed me Back then, the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had personally killed an extremely powerful Ancestor God, almost no different to that of a god. He was split into 33 parts and each part was suppressed with a Small World. One of his eyes is being suppressed in the Tian Yuan world."

"So that is the origin of the Eye of Destruction inside the eternal whirlpool beneath the Tian Yuan world!"

Yi Yun naturally remembered. In that mortal world, he had entered the God Advent Tower to retrieve Azure Yang Lord's heritage. The entrance was situated by an eternal whirlpool in the Untraversable Sea. Anyone that entered the whirlpool by mistake met with certain death.

Back then, Yi Yun had also witnessed a scene that he found unforgettable. Inside the whirlpool was a gigantic eye. Just one look at it from tens of thousands of kilometers away made one's soul feel like shattering!

So that extremely powerful Ancestor God was suppressed by the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch!

Up to this point in time, Yi Yun already knew the existence of four Celestials.

One of them had been sealed by the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch, and another had been heavily injured by the collective forces of the eight Godly Monarchs. It was also the one that was pursuing both Bai Yueyin and himself.

The other two were weaker. One of them had been beheaded by Pure Yang Sword Palace's owner, and the other was suppressed by the Azure Wood Divine Tree!

This meant that in the ancient war hundreds of millions of years ago, apart from the Ancestor God which the eight Godly Monarchs attacked, they had also killed several weaker Celestials. He only knew two, but they were definitely not all of them.

"How many people belong to this race?" Yi Yun asked with a frown.

"Very few." Bai Yueyin suddenly spoke out. "The world where the Celestials live in are mostly a variety of races. There are demonic servants, the Soul race, the Ancient Fey, and even humans There, the Celestials reign supreme. They are like gods in that world and even the weakest Celestial enjoys a supernatural standing. I have once been to their world. All the Celestials added up do not number more than 10,000."

"What? You actually went to their world before?" Yi Yun was astonished.

"Senior Lin brought me there. Back then, he established my foundation, and that was my cultivation ground. I broke through to the Godly Monarch realm there"

As Bai Yueyin spoke, she let out a light sigh.

Yi Yun understood certain things from what he heard. From the looks of it, the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had done many things for Bai Yueyin. The time they spent together was relatively long. After all, for Bai Yueyin to cultivate all the way to a Godly Monarch, it probably meant tens of thousands of years!

To spend time together for tens of thousands of years, it was obvious that, with the build up of feelings, Bai Yueyin had strong feelings towards the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch.

The potency of the Celestials gave tremendous pressure to Yi Yun. But at the same time, he did not feel inferior. After all, the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch was also human!

The Dao Originator Celestial Thearch could seal the strongest Ancestor God of the Celestials, and he could travel the various universes. He sealed the Sinkhole off from the Celestial's world. Such means was practically beyond godlike.

Since humans could cultivate to that level, Yi Yun thought nothing about the natural advantages the Celestials had.

"Oh This is" Lin Xintong's voice suddenly changed. "Yi Yun, something happened!"

Yi Yun's heart palpitated. "What?"

"It's the White Jade Phoenix Palace. I sense that something abnormal has happened to the White Jade Phoenix Palace!"

The present owner of the White Jade Phoenix Palace was Bai Yueyin, but Lin Xintong had fused her blood essence into the White Jade Phoenix Palace, so she had a special connection with it.