True Martial World Chapter 1551

Chapter 1551: Sudden Turn Of Events
Chapter 1551: Sudden Turn of Events
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White Lunar Divine Empire's hundred thousand pavilion palaces.

At that moment, the upper echelons of the White Lunar Divine Empire were feeling miserable. The grand coronation had ended with their empress being kidnapped. They had lost their reputation in front of so many guests from all over the Sinkhole.

In truth, losing reputation was a trivial matter. More critically, the new empress had clearly decided on being with Yi Yun. It felt as though their White Lunar Divine Empire had been suddenly robbed off its backbone. All hope was lost. Furthermore, their Divine General Skyjade had been heavily injured by Yi Yun.

It could be foreseen that the White Lunar Divine Empire was facing its greatest crisis since it was first established tens of millions of years ago. If it was not resolved, the White Lunar Divine Empire would only slowly decline.

"Guests, I'm really sorry. Please stay calm and make your way to the banquet in the divine palace. We will slowly discuss a response." With Divine General Skyjade heavily injured, Imperial Preceptor Kun Xu had no choice but to step forward to handle the situation.

"What do you mean by response?" said Sacred Horizon Divine Lord with a deep sigh.

"Everyone, I'm not trying to be an alarmist, but this Yi Yun will likely become a mortal malady for all of you one day! He isn't fully-fledged yet, but he already disparages all of you. In another century, his strength will increase greatly, and he will likely reign supreme over the Sinkhole. When that happens, we will likely have to live our days under the shadow he casts. If anyone were to be the slightest of a sore sight to him, it wouldn't be surprising to see them die by his hand. It seems a few of you have a grudge with him. Who knows when in the future he will decide to settle the grudge?"

As Kun Xu spoke, he gave a knowing look at West River Divine Lord. He had a faint inkling that West River Divine Lord had offended Yi Yun, and it was not over something minor.

West River Divine Lord's expression changed. He naturally knew what Kun Xu was up to. He wished to instigate the entire Sinkhole to gang up on Yi Yun and kill him.

Although Yi Yun was powerful, the various Sinkhole factions had Godly Monarchs backing them. If they truly wanted Yi Yun dead, they could use the favors the Godly Monarchs granted them. It was still possible! After all, even the Godly Monarchs might not wish to see an expert that was destined to surpass them develop themselves.

But the price of doing so was too huge. Was it worth it?

West River Divine Lord was somewhat hesitant as he glanced at Sacred Horizon Divine Lord. Sacred Horizon Divine Lord said slowly, "Imperial Preceptor Kun Xu, there's no need to continue. Yi Yun might not be our enemy."

"Exalted Sacred Horizon, what you say is somewhat problematic. The Sinkhole's present factions are demarcated properly and this balance is beneficial to everyone. Even our White Lunar Divine Empire can offer some benefits. However, once Yi Yun matures to his full strength, he will become the strongest being. He will definitely aim to reap the greatest benefits for himself. To do so, he will be targeting all of you. Do you wish to be at his mercy when the time comes?"

"I believe everyone knows what it means to be meat on a chopping board. I know your scruples over the matter, but don't forget that no major faction has lasted for hundreds of millions of years in the Sinkhole's history. There is always a change of dynasty. If we ignore Yi Yun, we might one day be replaced."

As Kun Xu spoke, his expression changed drastically. His body began to convulse, for at the same time, a terrifying energy fluctuation erupted out of the crowd. It felt like a devil had descended into the mortal world!

"This is"

Everyone turned around abruptly, and at that moment, the terrifying energy had blasted out. A figure burning with black flames threw out two punches. His target was none other than Sacred Horizon Divine Lord!

He attacked so suddenly that it was the perfect sneak attack!


Sacred Horizon Divine Lord roared. A phantom of a bright moon along a horizon appeared behind him. Meanwhile, a blue sword appeared in his hand as he slashed it out!

However, this strike was grabbed by the burning figure's fists that turned into claws!


Sacred Horizon Divine Lord's expression changed drastically. The attacker held the advantage of the first move since it was a sneak attack. And this clash shocked him with the realization that the attacker's strength was greater than his!

The boundless black Yuan Qi raged like a tumultuous demonic sea. It was completely unstoppable.


Sacred Horizon Divine Lord was struck heavily in the chest, causing him to spit a mouthful of blood. His body was sent flying away!

The figure did not lose a bit of momentum. He pursed Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and extended his claw towards Sacred Horizon Divine Lord's head, in a bid to kill Sacred Horizon Divine Lord!

"Vile Spawn! Stop!"

With a thundering boom, Eclipse Arhat flew up. He held a golden staff in hand as countless Sanskrit musical tones surfaced around him. A Buddhist proclamation resounded across the world.

"Sun Subduing Fiend!"

Eclipse Arhat slammed down his staff at the shadow, as Buddhist light flashed above the nine firmaments. A golden buddha descended as it slammed down at the black shadow like a plummeting meteor!

Eclipse Arhat was extremely powerful to begin with. The black shadow had targeted Sacred Horizon Divine Lord, and his attack was a spent force. Eclipse Arhat was attacking a fatigued enemy, and if the shadow continued pursuing Sacred Horizon Divine Lord, he was bound to be struck by Eclipse Arhat!

However, at the instant Eclipse Arhat struck the black shadow with his staff, the shadow scattered into fragments suddenly. These fragments transformed into countless streams of light, but their target was no longer Sacred Horizon Divine Lord. It was Divine General Skyjade!

"Lord Skyjade!"

Lingluo's heart tightened. She wished to interfere, but the black shadow was too fast. In just an instant, he had already appeared in front of Divine General Skyjade!

Divine General Skyjade was already severely injured, so he was unable to retaliate.


The black shadow clawed at Divine General Skyjade's chest!


Divine General Skyjade spat out blood as he grabbed the black shadow's demonic arm. He looked at the black shadow's face with great difficulty as his own face revealed a look of shock and disbelief.

"Heavenly Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord!?"

The person who suddenly took action was Heavenly Cosmic, who had remained silent since the beginning of the coronation!

As Primordial Chaos Daolord's fellow disciple, Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord's whereabouts had always been extremely mysterious. In the recent million years, he had reclused himself, and did not see a single person. Even though Yi Yun had shocked and awed West River Divine Lord and company, he did not reveal any odd expressions.

Yi Yun had paid him greater attention in the beginning, but from beginning to end, Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord did not take any actions. As such, Yi Yun naturally ignored him.

But now, after Yi Yun left, Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord suddenly launched an attack. People were appalled to discover that he possessed such terrifying strength!

Although it was a sneak attack, for him to severely injure Sacred Horizon Divine Lord with one strike, it probably meant that he was only slightly weaker than Yi Yun who had defeated Divine General Skyjade in a frontal assault!

Why did such a terrifying person suddenly appear in this world? If he had such tremendous strength, why did he not show himself during the past million years?

"You are"

Divine General Skyjade's expression was pale. He could sense that his vitality was rapidly declining. He had once met Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord, but compared to the past Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord, the present person exuded a more demonic aura. His eyes had a strange purple color. His body contained surging lifeblood forces as though his body had a devil sealed inside it.

However, Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord did not answer Divine General Skyjade. He directly split out a black psyche that flew straight for the White Jade Phoenix Palace!